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[06:59] <netrunner> moin
[07:31] <blindcoder> moin
[07:31] <blindcoder> netrunner: done relaxing? :)
[07:32] <netrunner> I meant the tart is relaxing on the balcony. now I started eating it :)
[07:33] <netrunner> 3194 builds total, 1776 completed fine, 113 with errors.
[07:33] Action: netrunner wonders if he is going to install that build :)
[07:36] <blindcoder> ah, I see
[07:36] <blindcoder> with 113 errors? sure, no problem :)
[07:38] Action: blindcoder off to work
[10:10] <netrunner> building mono hangs at unpredictable points 
[10:36] Action: daja77 kicking nvidia
[10:49] Action: daja77 screams randomly
[11:04] <netrunner> daja77: what game are you fighting with?
[11:06] <daja77> the nvidia driver ..
[11:07] <daja77> they kicked out support for geforce2 and telling me to use older version which do not compile with 2.6.15.x
[11:32] Action: netrunner now has suddenly an opportunity to come to clt
[11:55] <blindcoder> then move your lazy ass :)
[11:57] <netrunner> yeah, now organizing transport. hope daja still offers hosting :)
[11:57] <netrunner> how can I reach the 11th window in a screen?
[11:57] <blindcoder> ^A "
[11:57] <blindcoder> also: ^A"
[11:58] <blindcoder> ^A0^A<space>
[11:58] <blindcoder> ehm
[11:58] <blindcoder> backspace
[11:58] <blindcoder> whatever :)
[11:58] <netrunner> ah :)
[12:10] <owl> moin
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[13:42] <blindcoder> hmm
[13:42] <blindcoder> grub failing because it's build before lzo
[13:42] <blindcoder> same for something else and libevent
[13:43] <blindcoder> quota and man-pages have a shared files conflict, removing the man-page from man-pages
[13:44] <blindcoder> ah yeah, net-tools
[13:45] <blindcoder> brb, going home
[13:50] <daja77_> re
[14:09] <netrunner> blindcoder: that's why I build with rebuild stage
[14:21] <netrunner> http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/mstrandm/temp/scene.org.jpg
[14:22] <blindcoder> netrunner: yes, but it shouldn't happen in the first place
[14:22] <blindcoder> netrunner: the 'can you code' thing?
[14:24] <netrunner> yes
[14:52] <blindcoder> okay
[14:52] <blindcoder> w3m, ifplugd and php failing
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[16:03] <blindcoder> netrunner: thanks :)
[16:07] <daja77_> hi blindcoder 
[16:08] <netrunner> daja77_: have you removed me from the clt db?
[16:08] <daja77_> no
[16:08] <daja77_> you weren't added
[16:09] <daja77_> I was told that you can't come
[16:09] <netrunner> daja77_: is it already ro?
[16:09] <daja77_> we are about to finalize 
[16:09] <daja77_> so you'll come?
[16:10] <netrunner> daja77_: yes. things have moved a bit.
[16:13] <blindcoder> hmm
[16:13] <blindcoder> is it bad if 'sys/types.h' and 'linux/types.h' have different definitions?
[16:15] <daja77_> yep
[16:15] <blindcoder> well, damn
[16:16] <blindcoder> glibc and linux differ on what they think dev_t gid_t mode_t nlink_t uid_t timer_t  and fd_set should look like
[16:18] <netrunner> blindcoder: applications shouldn't use linux includes anyway.
[16:18] <daja77_> hr
[16:18] <blindcoder> netrunner: tell that ifplugd
[16:22] <blindcoder> HAH
[16:22] <blindcoder> BEAT YOU!
[16:23] <daja77_> .oO (blindy scares me)
[16:24] <blindcoder> daja77_: oh, just fixed ifplugd
[16:24] <daja77_> nice
[16:24] <blindcoder> it only includes a file which includes linux/types.h to get one stinking #define
[16:24] <blindcoder> #defin ETH_ALEN 6
[16:25] <daja77_> ..
[16:25] <blindcoder> ack :)
[16:26] <blindcoder> WEE
[16:26] <blindcoder> my openpgp cards are ready to be picked up :)
[16:26] <daja77_> cool
[16:26] <blindcoder> just need to go cross two corners to the packastation :)
[16:27] <blindcoder> just want to fix the remaining packages (w3m and php)
[16:28] <daja77_> hm could we sitch to php5 as default?
[16:31] <blindcoder> == 02/17/06 16:30:43 =[5]=> Finished building package ifplugd.
[16:31] <blindcoder> :D
[16:32] <blindcoder> I'll try
[16:39] <netrunner> blindcoder: I had no shared files here with man-pages ...
[16:43] <daja77_> netrunner: added your data from last year's db
[16:55] <netrunner> daja77_: thx. do you have a free corner on your carpet?
[16:59] <blindcoder> daja77_: I'm now trying a crystal with php5
[17:00] <blindcoder> and while that's running I'm going to get my openpgp cards
[17:00] <blindcoder> brb
[17:04] <netrunner> openpgp card?
[17:04] <daja77_> netrunner: think so, but it is a bit crowded
[17:06] <netrunner> daja77_: s/crowded/cozy/ :)
[17:06] Action: netrunner could try couchsurfing ...
[17:07] <netrunner> daja77_: what state is chemnitz? *duck*
[17:10] <daja77_> saxony?
[17:11] Action: daja77_ dancing on the chan table
[17:11] <blindcoder> re
[17:12] <daja77_> I successfully patched the old nvidia driver to compile against ^^
[17:14] <netrunner> *clapclap*
[17:15] Action: netrunner waving with a dollar note to tablee-dancing daja
[17:15] <netrunner> s/dollar/rubel/
[17:15] <netrunner> :)
[17:15] <daja77_> pah
[17:16] <netrunner> oh, today is friday?
[17:16] Action: netrunner -> home
[17:17] <daja77_> :D
[17:25] <blindcoder> narf
[17:25] <blindcoder> why does Linux suck so much...
[17:26] <blindcoder> remove a pcmcia card without killing all processes and they all become zombies
[17:26] <blindcoder> to use the pcmcia slot again --> reboot
[17:33] <blindcoder> *rebooting*
[17:36] <blindcoder> re
[17:37] <daja77_> :)
[18:49] <blindcoder> php5 builds fine :)
[18:49] <daja77_> yep :)
[19:30] <netrunner> http://fun.drno.de/movies/scanjet-elise2.mpg
[20:44] <netrunner> hm, I have many broken downloaded files ... files are there with correct extension, but contain no files
[20:44] <daja77_> netrunner: perhaps you have the czech mirror active ..
[20:45] <netrunner> yes, why?
[20:46] <netrunner> how can it be that the files are checksummed properly but are broken?
[20:46] <daja77_> because that mirror is broken
[20:47] <netrunner> weird.
[20:47] <daja77_> yep
[20:52] <netrunner> hm. now the download was fine. checkin more ...
[20:56] <netrunner> I think many of my build errors are related to those failed core packages of enlightenment.
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[22:18] <daja77_> that libusb bug made me a red head ;)
[22:18] <blindcoder> libusb bug?
[22:18] <daja77_> see submaster ;)
[22:20] <daja77_> i flagged sane-backends as core, should have noticed it earlier
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[23:02] <daja77_> blindcoder: ?
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[00:00] --- Sat Feb 18 2006