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[07:01] <netrunner> moin
[07:38] <blindcoder> moin
[09:44] <netrunner> there are packages in trunk missing others ... I wonder how they ever built without.
[09:44] <blindcoder> which?
[09:50] <netrunner> e.g. straw wants python-gtkhtml. which we don't have.
[09:51] <netrunner> now I tried to add python-gtkhtml, but it looks for a gtkhtml-config, which none of our gtkhtml packages provides.
[09:55] <blindcoder> what is straw?
[10:00] <netrunner> gnome news aggregator
[10:00] <netrunner> damn, I am already hungry.
[10:01] <blindcoder> same here
[10:01] <blindcoder> but only because breakfast only consisted of a cup of coffee
[10:48] Action: blindcoder gives up building a livecd with current trunk
[10:49] <netrunner> blindcoder: why? I built one fine some time ago, just that it didn't boot because of old udev stuff
[10:49] <blindcoder> netrunner: because there are changes already in that depend on others that are not yet in
[10:49] <blindcoder> so I just wait for cliffords next apply storm
[10:50] <netrunner> blindcoder: don't you build on rock-community?
[10:50] <blindcoder> no, on cliffords trunk
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[10:51] <blindcoder> come to think of it, crystal doesn't build in current rock-linux trunk, either
[10:51] <blindcoder> netrunner: I wanted to prepare the CLT discs
[10:51] <blindcoder> netrunner: I think we should hand out official builds there
[10:51] <blindcoder> moin stf^rocklinux 
[10:52] <stf^rocklinux> hi blindcoder
[10:54] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: is it possible to parse multiletter options with getopts (like --help)?
[10:55] <stf^rocklinux> the man pages doesn
[10:55] <stf^rocklinux> doesn't mention it...
[10:56] <blindcoder> don't think so
[10:56] <blindcoder> at least not in bash
[10:57] <blindcoder> it is in C, however
[10:57] <blindcoder> you can do something like this:
[10:58] <blindcoder> while getopts 'vh' OPTION ; do
[10:58] <blindcoder> case ${OPTION} in
[10:58] <blindcoder> v) VERBOSE=1 ;;
[10:58] <blindcoder> h) usage ;;
[10:59] <blindcoder> -help) usage ;; # don't know if that works
[10:59] <blindcoder> \?) error ;;
[10:59] <blindcoder> *) impossible ;;
[10:59] <blindcoder> esac
[10:59] <blindcoder> done
[11:09] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: doesn't work... but GNU getopt should be able to parse long options.
[11:11] <daja77> iirc getopts is for long and short options
[11:12] <blindcoder> daja77: in C, yes
[11:12] <daja77> yep
[11:12] <stf^rocklinux> daja77: I was refering to shell getopts
[11:14] <daja77> kk
[11:14] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: what did you mean when you wrote that my shell script depends on being called directly?
[11:15] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: huh?
[11:15] <netrunner> hoeh?
[11:15] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: when did I say that in what context?
[11:16] <stf^rocklinux> You replied to the patch dependency tracking script: "But it would be even more helpful if it wouldn't just assume a sane environment and being called directly."
[11:16] <stf^rocklinux> I don
[11:16] <blindcoder> correctly, not directry
[11:17] <blindcoder> directly
[11:17] <netrunner> ah, that mplayer is from cvs ...
[11:17] <stf^rocklinux> ah, thanks
[11:18] <blindcoder> so, I'm off for lunch
[11:18] <blindcoder> bbl
[11:18] <stf^rocklinux> cu
[11:32] <netrunner> what can it be when cvs checkout always stalls at 32K?
[11:33] <stf^rocklinux> slow cvs server, maybe?
[11:34] <stf^rocklinux> or slow connection to server
[11:34] <netrunner> hm. I have more a feeling that it is related to masquerading somehow
[11:35] Action: netrunner wats to update mplayer cvs as there seems to be a problem once again ...
[11:36] <stf^rocklinux> if you already have an older checkout, you could try to cvs update it...
[11:37] <netrunner> stf^rocklinux: that doesn't help scripts/Download to work :)
[11:38] <stf^rocklinux> yes, but if cvs up works, I'd suppose it's a temporary problem with the server/connection
[11:40] <stf^rocklinux> gotta walk the dogs now... and then go swimming.
[11:40] <stf^rocklinux> cya
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[12:00] <blindcoder> re
[12:33] <th> !> sed: can't read /etc/pam.d/login: No such file or direct ..
[12:33] <th> the directory does not exist
[12:33] <th> /etc/pam.d
[12:34] <th> config.in:/ gdbm /      { s/^X /O /; p; d; };   / pam /         { s/^X /O /; p; d; };
[12:34] <th> pam is disabled.
[12:35] <blindcoder> o_O
[12:35] <blindcoder> which target and why?
[12:35] <th> target/bootdisk
[12:36] <th> it's in the category # Disable even more packages we do not need
[12:36] <blindcoder> I see
[12:37] <blindcoder> So we should create /etc/pam.d in shadow if it doesn't exist
[12:37] <th> well.
[12:37] <th> if we build WITHOUT pam..
[12:37] <th> why does shadow want to place a file in pam.d?
[12:38] <blindcoder> [ -d ${root}/etc/pam.d ] || mkdir -p ${root}/etc/pam.d
[12:38] <th> mkdir -pv   sounds better
[12:38] <blindcoder> why do we need shadow if we don't have pam?
[12:38] <blindcoder> whatever
[12:48] <th> Removing unsupported '--without-pam' from configure option string.
[12:48] <th> i really thought shadow is usable without pam
[12:48] <th> indeed i'm pretty sure
[12:48] <th> strange
[12:49] <th> however...
[12:49] <th> will you add the above thing, or shall i?
[12:50] <blindcoder> doesn't look like a package that makes sense without pam
[12:50] <SMP> eh
[12:50] <blindcoder> go ahead
[12:50] <th> i dont believe this
[12:50] <th> hey SMP
[12:50] <blindcoder> moin SMP 
[12:51] <SMP> in fact, it's rather an anomaly that shadow uses pam at all
[12:51] <SMP> sure, it's intended, but nontheless
[12:52] <th> we even have some pam patches in the shadow package
[12:53] <blindcoder> well, it's not like I've looked hard intto it
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[12:53] <blindcoder> I just hacked up a rather useless pam module that opens more security problems than it solves
[12:54] <SMP> blindcoder: huh?
[12:54] <th> anyways. installing files into pam.d should be possible without pam installed
[12:54] <th> perhaps one wants to switch to pam later
[12:54] <th> sounds crazy
[12:54] <th> but i think creating the directory would be ok
[12:54] <blindcoder> SMP: a module that passed username and password to an external program for further validating
[12:55] <blindcoder> SMP: simply because I'm better at writing shell scripts than C code 
[12:55] <blindcoder> SMP: and I wanted authentication agains my openpgp card
[12:55] <SMP> yuck
[12:56] <blindcoder> indeed ;)
[12:57] <th> we already have a `if [ -d $root/etc/pam.d ]`
[12:57] <th> the mistake seems to be that the sed on etc/pam.d/login is outside that if
[12:58] <SMP> th: "switching to pam" involves much more than just installing the pam package. especially one would have to install a pamified shadow package to get a pamified /bin/login
[12:58] <th> SMP: that's why i added "sounds crazy"
[12:59] <SMP> shame and blame to the one who put that in ouside the if block
[12:59] <th> ok - i just put the 'sed' which currently fails inside this if-branch
[12:59] <th> ok i'll commit it to submaster
[13:00] <blindcoder> netrunner: uploaded your block.pl changes to shellscripts.org
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[13:52] <owl> moin
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[14:09] <owl> re
[14:22] <daja77_> blindcoder: ?
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[14:30] <blindcoder> daja77_: !
[14:33] <daja77_> just got a question from a paranoid who needs a linux system installer that installs on encrypted filesystems and I thought that this is your resort
[14:33] <daja77_> btw poop is active again
[14:36] <daja77_> oh i am sysop in the wiki, like you
[14:37] <blindcoder> :)
[14:37] <blindcoder> daja77_: sure, forward him to mne
[14:37] <blindcoder> actually, we don't "install" on encrypted filesystems
[14:37] <blindcoder> we encrypt existing filesystems
[14:37] <blindcoder> which is even better :D
[14:39] <daja77_> how do i block this poop idiot
[14:39] <blindcoder> lock his account, block the word poop on the blacklist, stuff like this
[14:42] <daja77_> done
[14:43] <blindcoder> how?
[14:43] <blindcoder> I'm currently looking but can't find the pages
[14:44] <daja77_> d'oh the create_iso page is still defaced
[14:44] <daja77_> blindcoder: special_pages -> restricted_special_pages -> block user
[14:44] <daja77_> or ip
[14:45] <blindcoder> ah
[14:46] <daja77_> we should check all pages
[14:46] <daja77_> rolled back this one
[14:46] <blindcoder> submaster, too
[14:46] <blindcoder> ralling it back
[14:47] <daja77_> ok
[14:47] <blindcoder> is it possible to completely delete a change?
[14:47] <blindcoder> instead of just getting the last normal one back
[14:48] <daja77_> is there a difference
[14:48] <blindcoder> yes
[14:48] <blindcoder> once it appeares in the history and once it doesn't
[14:48] <daja77_> the crap is in the log?
[14:48] <daja77_> well don't care
[14:50] <blindcoder> submaster also fixed
[14:52] <daja77_> you never mentioned the pic from lay
[14:53] <blindcoder> humm
[14:53] <blindcoder> she gave it to me a few days ago
[14:53] <blindcoder> two or three
[14:53] <blindcoder> I'll print it on a  poster for CLT
[14:53] <daja77_> 4 :P
[14:53] <daja77_> :)
[14:54] <daja77_> nice
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[14:57] <blindcoder> >_<
[14:57] <blindcoder> my server just went down
[14:57] <blindcoder> along with all of hetzner, it seems
[14:58] <daja77_> d'oh
[15:08] <netrunner> when should I arrive to ltc? fr or sa?
[15:08] <blindcoder> sa is fine
[15:09] <daja77_> and fr is ok either
[15:10] <blindcoder> daja77_: I just hope that lay won't kill me for turning her pic into a poster ;)
[15:10] <daja77_> ask her
[15:11] <blindcoder> no, she said he gave me the pic as a preseent! 
[15:11] <blindcoder> And that I could do with it what I want ;)
[15:12] <daja77_> if she wants to kill me, please tell me, I don't want to miss that
[15:12] <blindcoder> heh, I sure you wouldn't ;)
[15:12] <daja77_> hm can you give the url for the community tree again?
[15:13] <blindcoder> https://scavenger.homeip.net/svn/rock-community/
[15:13] <blindcoder> glad I didn't move that one onto my server, too ;)
[15:15] <daja77_> *gg*
[15:18] <blindcoder> ARGH! THE LAG!
[15:37] <netrunner> WTF does this stupid cvs stall so badly? :(
[15:37] <netrunner> maybe I should try a simpler firewall config
[15:38] <daja77_> yep let everything in ;)
[15:38] <netrunner> daja77_: I ask myself why shouldn't I? processes that are not for external use don't listen on external if anyway.
[15:39] <daja77_> netrunner: i don't have a firewall ..
[15:40] <netrunner> daja77_: see, that's what I am talking about :)
[15:41] <daja77_> :)
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[17:20] <th> the last libtool update broke xfsprogs i think
[17:21] <th> and the last initrd thing broke rockinitrd
[17:22] <th> and shadow now fails because of a libtoolize problem ( ./scripts/Build-Pkg: line 25: libtoolize: command not fo .. )
[17:25] <blindcoder> th: how is the initrd broken?
[17:26] <blindcoder> I have an installed rock-community here
[17:27] <th> expr: non-numeric argument
[17:27] <th> blindcoder: i tried to build bootdisk target with community HEAD revision
[17:28] <th> blindcoder: it only took 3 seconds
[17:28] <th> == 13:49:43 =[5]=> Building blindcoder/rockinitrd [20050720 0].
[17:28] <th> !> xsrctar=none
[17:28] <th> !> xtrace=0
[17:28] <th> !> y=g77-34
[17:28] <th> !> z='g77 g77-34'
[17:28] <th> ...
[17:29] <th> !>     eval "$1=\"\`echo \"\$$1\" | awk -- ' { split(\$0, a ..
[17:29] <th> !> }
[17:29] <th> !> expr: non-numeric argument
[17:29] <th> -> $root/var/adm/logs/5-rockinitrd.out -> 5-rockinitrd.err
[17:29] <th> == 02/21/06 13:49:46 =[5]=> Aborted building package rockinitrd.
[17:29] <blindcoder> huh?
[17:29] <blindcoder> where's that line from?
[17:33] <th> i pasted build output
[17:33] <blindcoder> the error log would be more interesting ;)
[17:34] <th> contains the same
[17:34] <th>     eval "$1=\"\`echo \"\$$1\" | awk -- ' { split(\$0, a, \"$2\"); for (c1=c2=1; c1 in a; c1++) if ( a[c1] !~ /^$3\\\$/ ) b[c2++]=a[c1]; for (c1=1; c1 i
[17:34] <th> n b; c1++) printf \"%s%s\", (c1 > 0 ? \"$2\" : \"\"), b[c1]; }'\`\""
[17:34] <th> }
[17:34] <th> expr: non-numeric argument
[17:34] <th> i can send it to you
[17:34] <th> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[17:34] <th> wait i make it public
[17:35] <th> http://rocklinux.net/people/teha/5-rockinitrd.err
[17:37] <th> libtool[3] failed. that causes some other failures
[17:37] <th> libtool failes because ./scripts/Build-Pkg: line 1: aclocal: command not found
[17:40] <blindcoder> you know...
[17:40] <blindcoder> I really don't get what thta err log is
[17:40] <blindcoder> my err logs usually look different
[17:41] <th> coreutils bitch as well
[17:41] <th> WARNING: `automake-1.9' is missing on your system....
[17:41] <th> configure.ac:252: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_FUNC_XATTR
[17:43] <blindcoder> o_O
[17:45] <th> my build-systems is your crysta
[17:45] <th> l
[17:45] <th> only checked out. run config (selected only mmx and boot-target)
[17:45] <th> ran download
[17:45] <th> and started build-target
[17:45] <th> i cant see what i could've made wrong
[17:45] <blindcoder> guess I'll start a build myself because I can't make heads nor tails from this
[17:47] <blindcoder> neither can I
[17:47] <th> btw - where is the overall-build-log gone? in stable it was in the dir "build/build-id/" now this is the root system already
[17:48] <blindcoder> build/id/ROCK/logs
[17:48] <th> ahh i missed that dir
[17:49] <th> i uploaded that as well. please have a look
[17:49] <blindcoder> the general build log only contains what is also visible on the terminal
[17:50] <th> yes
[17:50] <th> but i cant scp what i see ;)
[17:58] <th> so this seems like a priority problem to me
[17:58] <th> automake.desc:
[17:58] <th> [P] X -?-3-----9 109.600
[17:58] <th> libtool.desc:
[17:58] <th> [P] X -?-3-----9 105.203
[17:58] <th> and[P] X -?-3-----9 105.203
[17:59] <th>  libtool complains about aclocal missing
[18:00] <th> svn diff -r 52:53 https://scavenger.homeip.net/svn/rock-community/trunk/package/base/libtool/libtool.desc
[18:00] <th> -[P] X -?-3-----9 109.700
[18:00] <th> +[P] X -?-3-----9 105.203
[18:00] <blindcoder> that's the priority patch clifford submitted today
[18:00] <th> and i bet that caused libtool failing
[18:01] <th> with this patch libtool is built without automake
[18:01] <th> what trunk revision is that patch from cliff you are referring to?
[18:03] <th> 2006022110041515377
[18:03] <th> Clifford Wolf:
[18:03] <th>        Moved acl and attr to stage 3
[18:03] <th>        Fixed priorities of acl, attr, libtool, autoconf and automake
[18:03] <th> blindcoder: and your r53 did not change automake
[18:04] <th> -[P] X -?-3-----9 109.600
[18:04] <th> +[P] X -?-3-----9 105.202
[18:04] <blindcoder> oops
[18:04] <th> (automake)
[18:04] <th> lemme fix that
[18:04] <blindcoder> sorry >_<
[18:06] <th> what was the syntax if i dont want a patch to appear in submaster?
[18:06] <blindcoder> -SM
[18:06] <blindcoder> don't worry, you'd get a commit error if the first line contains something else than -SM or valid submaster user/password
[18:07] <th> that's good
[18:07] <th> and later we can add things like sm=wip or something
[18:08] <th> ahh no that wont work easily
[18:08] <th> ok - fixed in r57
[18:10] <th> == 02/21/06 17:12:55 =[3]=> Finished building package libtool.
[18:15] <th> ok this did not fix the rockinitrd error
[18:16] <th> but it fixed all the acl/attr/shadow errors
[18:16] <th> propably caused by your r45 'WARNING: This is still untested! Please wait for a comment from me :)'
[18:18] <blindcoder> hardly
[18:18] <blindcoder> that only causes runtime problems
[18:19] <th> i meant r55 of cause
[18:19] <th> course
[18:22] <blindcoder> sure :)
[18:29] <th> why do you do `such' quoting instead of 'such' ?
[18:29] <th> in initrd.init
[18:29] <th> that's confusing me
[18:32] <th> bbl
[18:32] <blindcoder> because that's done everywhere else, too
[18:32] <blindcoder> m4
[19:39] Action: blindcoder starts rendering the main part of the rock promo video. duration of the video: ~ 2 minutes
[19:45] Action: daja77_ curses
[20:10] Action: netrunner also
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[22:34] <netrunner> hokus pokus fixdibus
[23:13] <netrunner> stats becoming better ... 3194 builds total, 3025 completed fine, 149 with errors.
[00:00] --- Wed Feb 22 2006