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[06:30] <erhart> i am wondering if the installation of rock os on a macG3 for someone with basic linux knowledge is gonna be extremely difficult? main purpose is for web server, ftp
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[09:24] <blindcoder> moin
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[10:58] <owl> moin
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[21:27] <feistel> hi
[21:27] <feistel> someone here?
[21:27] <feistel> anybody to talk about Rock Linux?
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[21:28] <mnemoc> feistel: just talk, ask and be patient
[21:28] <feistel> ok
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[21:29] <feistel> I need build my own distribution
[21:29] <feistel> is Rock Linux good for that?
[21:29] <blindcoder> everyone should do that once in his life :)
[21:29] <blindcoder> feistel: it's been designed for that purpose
[21:29] <feistel> god
[21:29] <feistel> good
[21:29] <feistel> blindcoder, but
[21:29] <feistel> I am reading now a LinuxDevCenter.com artitle
[21:30] <feistel> article
[21:30] <feistel> and
[21:30] <feistel> my own distribution is target to end-user
[21:30] <blindcoder> and?
[21:30] <blindcoder> yes. so?
[21:30] <feistel> whait
[21:30] <blindcoder> okay :)
[21:31] <feistel> "ROCK Linux aims to be admin-friendly"
[21:31] <feistel> The ROCK Linux Philosophy
[21:31] <feistel>  by Clifford Wolf
[21:31] <blindcoder> yes, that is correct
[21:31] <feistel> I like Rock linux
[21:31] <mnemoc> :)
[21:32] <blindcoder> ROCK Linux - the toolkit - is meant to be and still is admin friendly
[21:32] <feistel> but, is good for make my own Desktop distribution?
[21:32] <mnemoc> sure
[21:32] <feistel> is full KDE supported
[21:32] <blindcoder> the product that comes out at the end of the process can be anything you like
[21:32] <feistel> good
[21:32] <mnemoc> even a video player :)
[21:32] <blindcoder> feistel: will you by any chance be at the Chemnitzer Linux Tage?
[21:33] <blindcoder> mnemoc: :)
[21:33] <feistel> blindcoder, what?
[21:33] <blindcoder> feistel: a Linux event in Chemnitz next weekend
[21:34] <blindcoder> feistel: I'll be holding a presentation about ROCK Linux there
[21:34] <feistel> but, I living on Argentina 
[21:34] <blindcoder> oh
[21:34] <feistel> is in Germany?
[21:34] <mnemoc> feistel: where on argentina?
[21:34] <blindcoder> yes
[21:34] <feistel> mnemoc, Buenos Aires
[21:35] <blindcoder> I'm just too used to it since most ROCK developers are from the german speaking parts of the world
[21:35] <feistel> blindcoder, I see
[21:35] <feistel> mnemoc, you know Buenos Aires?
[21:36] <mnemoc> feistel: just the airport :p
[21:36] <feistel> ahh 
[21:36] <feistel> question
[21:36] <blindcoder> feistel: there's already a good portion of documentation on www.rocklinux.org/wiki/Manual
[21:37] <blindcoder> feistel: even though there's still lacking a lot of it :(
[21:37] <blindcoder> answer :)
[21:38] <feistel> I can build my own distribuition using Rock Linux, but inside another Linux?
[21:38] <feistel> o I need install Rock Linux
[21:38] <mnemoc> what's your host os?
[21:38] <blindcoder> it should be possible given some prerequisites
[21:39] <blindcoder> mostly gcc34, linux 2.6 and root access
[21:39] <feistel> ok
[21:39] <feistel> license?
[21:39] <blindcoder> GPL
[21:39] <blindcoder> well, it's mostly a bunch of shell scripts anyway :)
[21:41] <feistel> last question
[21:41] <feistel> for now :)
[21:42] <feistel> what is Crystal ROCK?
[21:42] <blindcoder> Crystal ROCK is an "example distribution"
[21:42] <feistel> god
[21:42] <feistel> good
[21:42] <blindcoder> basically, it's what runs on my four machines :)
[21:42] <feistel> I can then make my own distribution from Crystal?
[21:42] <blindcoder> that's a good start
[21:43] <feistel> ok
[21:43] <feistel> what about 64 bit support?
[21:43] <blindcoder> untested at best lacking hardware on the developers side
[21:45] <feistel> ok, thanks!
[21:45] <feistel> I test Crystal ROCK
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[21:46] <blindcoder> godspeed and don't hesitate to ask here or on the mailinglist
[21:46] <blindcoder> heh, can't wait to get started :)
[00:00] --- Sun Feb 26 2006