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[07:10] <blindcoder> moin
[07:13] <blindcoder> YAY!
[07:13] <blindcoder> A few minutes ago the CLT-Crystal build finished :D
[07:59] [raphael] (n=raphael@raphael.netpark.at) joined #rocklinux.
[07:59] <[raphael]> morning all
[09:06] <netrunner> moin
[09:10] <icelbox> moin
[09:16] <blindcoder> moin moin
[09:51] <daja77> 1606 builds total, 919 completed fine, 14 with errors.
[09:51] <daja77> *sigh*
[09:59] <blindcoder> heh
[09:59] <blindcoder> generic?
[10:01] <blindcoder> O -----5---- 126.700 x11 qt=qt33 0000 / extra/development CORE 0
[10:01] <blindcoder> O -----5---- 126.700 x11 qt=qt40 0000 / extra/development CORE 0
[10:01] <blindcoder> <_"
[10:01] <blindcoder> >_<
[10:33] <th> blindcoder: you still dont have cut, basename, sed in bootdisk target
[10:33] <th> blindcoder: i just built a bootdisk target and tried to boot.
[10:33] <blindcoder> doesn't work?
[10:33] <th> it spits like 30 errors that the above tools are not found
[10:34] <blindcoder> bootdisk?
[10:34] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:34] <th> yes
[10:34] <blindcoder> bin/cut is in binutils
[10:34] <blindcoder> should be in bootdisk
[10:35] <blindcoder> ehh
[10:35] <blindcoder> coreutils
[10:35] <th> yes it's coreutils
[10:35] <blindcoder> coreutils is extracted into the bootdisk
[10:36] <blindcoder> let me guess
[10:36] <blindcoder> udev?
[10:36] <th> but not copied in stage1
[10:36] <th> of course it is udev
[10:36] <th> well
[10:36] <th> it's one of our udev scripts
[10:36] <th> it's not udev's fault. but our script depends on some helpers
[10:37] <blindcoder> great >_<
[10:37] <blindcoder> can you add it to boootdisk or should I do it?
[10:39] <th> that would be build_stage1.sh, no?
[10:39] <blindcoder> right
[10:39] <th> for file in ../2nd_stage/bin/{tar,gzip,bash2,bash,sh,mount,umount,ls,cat,uname,rm,ln,mkdir,rmdir,gawk,awk,grep,sleep} \
[10:39] <th>         ../2nd_stage/sbin/{ip,hwscan,pivot_root,swapon,swapoff,udevd} \
[10:39] <th>         ../2nd_stage/usr/bin/{wget,find,expand,readlink} \
[10:39] <th>         ../2nd_stage/usr/sbin/lspci ; do
[10:39] <blindcoder> yes, that's where it should be added
[10:39] <th> <irony>hey we saved some lines here! that's great</irony>
[10:41] <th> +sed +cut +basename +one_new_line
[10:43] <th> the community svn repo is pretty slow :-/
[10:43] <th> we should really move it to our main machine
[10:43] <blindcoder> it's just a 3 mbit DSL line >_<
[10:43] <th> and 3mbit is the downstream ;)
[10:44] <blindcoder> indeed
[10:44] <blindcoder> 48 kB/sec upstream
[10:45] <th> would that be easy to move to another machine?
[10:46] <blindcoder> sure
[10:46] <th> i could put it on a faster machine (speaking of cpu and network connection)
[10:46] <blindcoder> svnadmin dump && svnadmin restore :)
[10:46] <th> is it fsfs backend?
[10:46] <blindcoder> well, I could do that, too (pallas, former doc.rocklinux.org)
[10:46] <blindcoder> yes
[10:47] <th> i've a dual xeon 3GHz machine with 2GB ram which is basically idle
[10:49] <th> blindcoder: is your cpu on that machine busy?
[10:49] <blindcoder> problem is rather the bandwidth
[10:49] <th> ok
[10:50] <blindcoder> load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00
[10:50] <blindcoder> dual P3 800
[10:52] <th> ok so that's fine then
[10:53] <th> btw
[10:53] <th> !> `- Not found in $package_map: rockinitrd
[10:53] <th> !>     ... fix target/bootdisk/build.sh
[10:56] <th> should we add -rockinitrd here?
[10:56] <blindcoder> +
[10:56] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:56] <blindcoder> -
[10:56] <blindcoder> we don't need it in the bootdisk
[10:58] <icelbox> hm, great, I doubt my rock notebook will be finished until clt ^^
[10:59] <blindcoder> icelbox: then we can install it there :)
[11:00] <icelbox> stone seems to hang in an endless loop... I let it copy everything onto the harddrive and now it hangs in "Password 1 and 2 are not the same", if I galdly accept that message with "OK" it appears again and again ^^
[11:00] <blindcoder> humm
[11:00] <blindcoder> I remember that error
[11:00] <blindcoder> change to another console, chroot into the installed system and run:
[11:01] <blindcoder> find /sys -name uevent | while read x ; do echo 1 > $x ; done
[11:01] <blindcoder> IIRC that message stems from a missing /dev/console
[11:01] <blindcoder> did I mention that I hate udev?
[11:02] <icelbox> hehe, hm, now I rebooted anyways... but I will do that when I encouter it again soon
[11:03] Action: blindcoder suggests going back to a static /dev directory
[11:03] <blindcoder> until udev becomes usable in a few hundred releases
[11:04] <icelbox> hm, thought I need udev for encrypted root
[11:05] <blindcoder> devicemapper
[11:27] <th> hmmm i fear bootdisk misses some kernel module
[11:27] <th> propably not configure
[11:27] <th> d
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[11:44] <icelbox> hm, what find / sys -uevent did not help, even after chmod 755 /etc/udev/scripts/inputdev.sh
[11:46] <owl> moin
[12:02] <blindcoder> moin owl
[12:09] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[12:13] <th> /sbin/mkinitrd: line 80: file: command not found
[12:14] <th> (while building linux=linux26[5] in bootdisk target
[12:15] <blindcoder> cool
[12:15] <blindcoder> == 02/28/06 12:39:21 =[5]=> Finished building package linux26.
[12:15] <th> == 02/28/06 11:17:12 =[5]=> Finished building package linux26.
[12:15] <blindcoder> in bootdisk target
[12:15] <th> same here
[12:15] <th> it finishes without error
[12:15] <blindcoder> heh
[12:15] <blindcoder> well, we don't need the initrd in bootdisk anyway
[12:15] <th> but it spits 33 errors
[12:15] <th> like this above
[12:15] <th> in lines 61, 80, and 91
[12:16] <th> perhaps we should remove it then?
[12:16] <blindcoder> not here
[12:16] <blindcoder> ehm... linux26 package calls mkinitrd
[12:16] <blindcoder> so we need the package
[12:16] <blindcoder> otherwise 5-linux26 fails with mkinitrd: command not foind
[12:16] <blindcoder> and I don't get errors here
[12:17] <blindcoder> cliffords tree, though
[12:17] <th> community tree here
[12:17] <blindcoder> hmm
[12:17] <blindcoder> let me have a look after CLT
[12:17] <blindcoder> I'm currently dizzy because of it
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[12:33] <th> blindcoder: is it even possible to state patch dependencies in community tree?
[12:38] <netrunner> th: history of the respective files?
[12:40] <th> netrunner: submaster dependencies
[12:51] <blindcoder> th: not from within the commits
[12:51] <blindcoder> th: you have to use the webfrontend for that
[12:52] <th> ok - not a problem just wanted to know
[12:52] <th> would be too much syntax anyways
[12:52] <blindcoder> ARGH
[12:53] <blindcoder> arts needs qt33 and I just spent two hours building qt40
[12:53] <netrunner> blindcoder: nothing but dbus needs qt40, and there it is wise to disable it.
[12:54] <blindcoder> so why do we have qt40 in the first place if it is near useless >_<
[12:55] <netrunner> well, feel free to fix dbus :)
[12:55] <netrunner> or better not fix, it is just that it always finds the qt3 first...
[12:56] <netrunner> installation issue maybe
[12:56] <netrunner> and I needed qt4 for a project.
[12:56] <netrunner> next kde will be based on it.
[13:01] <blindcoder> at least something
[13:01] <blindcoder> I hope CLT will be over soon >_<
[13:05] <daja77> it will
[13:09] <blindcoder> thank god
[13:09] <blindcoder> btw
[13:09] <blindcoder> who will bring ROCK posters?
[13:10] <daja77> i don't have any
[13:15] <blindcoder> neither have I
[13:19] <daja77> who got them?
[13:21] <blindcoder> I always went to the printing store to have some printed
[13:22] <daja77> and threw away the others?
[13:23] <blindcoder> which others?
[13:23] <blindcoder> for C3 I printed one
[13:23] <blindcoder> for LIT-DD I gave them to giftnuss
[13:23] <daja77> why that
[13:23] <blindcoder> and last year's CLT posters went to LT-Karlsruhe and were ruined afterwards
[13:23] <daja77> i mean that guy never was at any event apart from litdd
[13:23] <blindcoder> he said he has a place to put them up at their LUG
[13:24] <daja77> hm
[13:24] <blindcoder> besides, it was only two posters which were in bad shape after LIT-DD anyway
[13:24] <blindcoder> could hardly be reused for another event
[13:24] <blindcoder> guess I'll have to go print some more again >_<
[13:31] <blindcoder> hmm
[13:31] <blindcoder> something is fucked up in the bootdisk
[13:32] <daja77> already built one
[13:33] <blindcoder> no free loopdevice found
[13:34] <blindcoder> ^[[35;1mCreating floppy disk images:^[[0m
[13:34] <blindcoder> mount: could not find any free loop device
[13:34] <blindcoder> umount: /tmp/mdlbl_11741: not mounted
[13:34] <blindcoder> mount: could not find any free loop device
[13:34] <blindcoder> umount: /tmp/mdlbl_11741: not mounted
[13:34] <blindcoder> rmdir: /tmp/mdlbl_11741: Directory not empty
[13:34] <blindcoder> ^[[32;1m->^[[0m 1.5M floppy1.img
[13:34] <blindcoder> ^[[32;1m->^[[0m 1.5M floppy2.img
[13:34] <blindcoder> ^[[32;1m->^[[0m 1.5M floppy3.img
[13:34] <blindcoder> ^[[32;1m->^[[0m 1.5M floppy4.img
[13:34] <blindcoder> ^[[32;1m->^[[0m 1.5M floppy5.img
[13:41] <daja77> hm
[13:50] <blindcoder> cool
[13:50] <blindcoder> umount no longer frees loopdevices allocated with mount -o loop
[13:51] <blindcoder> root@localhost:/usr/src/rock-clifford# file foo
[13:51] <blindcoder> foo: Linux rev 1.0 ext2 filesystem data
[13:51] <blindcoder> root@localhost:/usr/src/rock-clifford# losetup /dev/loop/0
[13:51] <blindcoder> loop: can't get info on device /dev/loop/0: No such device or address
[13:51] <blindcoder> root@localhost:/usr/src/rock-clifford# mount -o loop foo /mnt/
[13:51] <blindcoder> root@localhost:/usr/src/rock-clifford# umount /mnt
[13:51] <blindcoder> root@localhost:/usr/src/rock-clifford# losetup /dev/loop/0
[13:51] <blindcoder> /dev/loop/0: [fd00]:589680 (foo)
[13:52] <clifford> blindcoder: 'umount -d' should free the loop device
[13:52] <daja77> hi clifford 
[13:53] <blindcoder> clifford: then mdlbl must be fixed
[13:53] <blindcoder> root@localhost:/usr/src/rock-clifford# umount -d /mnt/
[13:53] <blindcoder> root@localhost:/usr/src/rock-clifford# losetup /dev/loop/0
[13:53] <blindcoder> loop: can't get info on device /dev/loop/0: No such device or address
[13:58] <clifford> blindcoder: just s/umount/umount -d/ in makedisks.sh or is there anything else?
[13:59] <blindcoder> clifford: should be all
[13:59] <blindcoder> clifford: still trying
[14:00] <clifford> let me know when you tested it. I'll make a mdlbl-0.1b.tar.bz2 then.
[14:00] <blindcoder> clifford: I'd prefer to use losetup -d though for compliance with older coreutils
[14:01] <blindcoder> clifford: okay, works fine
[14:01] <blindcoder> So I finally have Crystal built for CLT
[14:01] <blindcoder> just have to test it now
[14:01] <daja77> nice
[14:01] <daja77> unfortunately I have not
[14:01] <blindcoder> daja77: are you building them, too?
[14:02] <daja77> yes a complete build with the games
[14:02] <daja77> btw i don't get why code which is enclosed in
[14:02] <daja77> if [ $ROCKCFG_DEFAULT_CC="gcc40" ]; then
[14:02] <daja77> is executed when gcc34 is chosen
[14:05] <blindcoder> because that code doesn't do what you think it doesn
[14:05] <blindcoder> if [ "${ROCKCFG_DEFAULT_CC}" == "gcc40" ] ; then
[14:05] <blindcoder> is what you want
[14:06] <blindcoder> in your code you set the value of the variable ${gcc34} to "gcc40"
[14:06] <blindcoder> ie:
[14:06] <blindcoder> echo ${gcc34}
[14:06] <blindcoder> gcc40
[14:06] <daja77> I should not copy'n'paste from code I never tried ;)
[14:07] <blindcoder> or stick to syntax known to work :)
[14:21] <th> bootdisk stage1 is even complaining about missing /etc/fstab
[14:21] <th> and there is a "ls /dev/discs/: no such file or directory"
[14:23] <blindcoder> udevstart prloblem?
[14:24] <blindcoder> or rule problem?
[14:24] <th> i bet it's udevstart
[14:24] <th> dont know it yet
[14:27] <blindcoder> I guess I'll have an allnighter today to get the CLT discs done >_<
[14:33] <blindcoder> okay
[14:33] <blindcoder> sso why does arts still fail with qt33 not found?
[14:33] <daja77> arts built fine here
[14:34] <blindcoder> it complains that it needs qt33 but it's there!!!!11!
[14:34] <daja77> hm
[14:35] <blindcoder> can you give me your /etc/profile.d/qt33 please
[14:35] <daja77> have you checked the config log?
[14:35] <blindcoder> yes, it complains about missing include files
[14:35] <daja77> from the build?
[14:35] <blindcoder> yes
[14:35] <blindcoder> conftest.cc:2:21: qglobal.h: No such file or directory
[14:36] <daja77> http://lospalmso.homelinux.net/rock
[14:36] <blindcoder> Forbidden
[14:36] <blindcoder> ah
[14:37] <blindcoder> QTDIR=/opt/qt33
[14:37] <blindcoder> that's empty here >_<
[14:37] <blindcoder> QTDIR=
[14:37] <blindcoder> guess that means I have to rebuild qt33 after I remove qt40
[14:37] <blindcoder> not before I do so >_<
[14:38] <daja77> qt4 failed here ;)
[14:39] <daja77> hm no it did not
[14:39] <blindcoder> worked fine
[14:39] <blindcoder> sigh
[14:39] <blindcoder> another three hours to waste
[14:40] <blindcoder> mine -r -s qt33
[16:02] <blindcoder> AAARRRGGGHHH
[16:02] <blindcoder>         cat > $root/etc/profile.d/qt33 <<-EOT
[16:02] <blindcoder> QT33DIR=$root/opt/qt33
[16:02] <blindcoder> QTDIR=$QT33DIR
[16:02] <blindcoder> export QT33DIR QTDIR
[16:02] <blindcoder> EOT
[16:02] <blindcoder> WHO
[16:02] <blindcoder> IS
[16:02] <blindcoder> RESPONSIBLE
[16:02] <blindcoder> FOR
[16:02] <blindcoder> THAT?
[16:02] <blindcoder> NETRUNNER!
[16:03] Action: daja77 gives blindcoder some pills
[16:04] Action: blindcoder gulps down a few of them
[16:04] <th> what's the problem with the above
[16:04] <th> ?
[16:04] <blindcoder> easy
[16:04] <daja77> good boy
[16:05] <blindcoder> QTDIR=$QT33DIR
[16:05] <blindcoder> that's the problem
[16:05] <th> ahh
[16:05] <th> hehe
[16:05] <blindcoder> $QT33DIR will be expanded
[16:05] <th> yea
[16:05] <blindcoder> and because that is missing arts won't find it
[16:05] <th> better escape that $ sign
[16:05] Action: blindcoder wonders why this patch has ever been applied.
[16:05] <blindcoder> it can never have worked in a reference build
[17:07] <netrunner> blindcoder: it was like that before. I only added the qt33 thingie
[17:07] <netrunner> cat /etc/profile.d/qt33
[17:07] <netrunner> QT33DIR=/opt/qt33
[17:07] <netrunner> QTDIR=/opt/qt33
[17:07] <netrunner> export QT33DIR QTDIR
[17:07] <netrunner> as it should be.
[17:17] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:17] <blindcoder> okay, someone else come and get his kick in the balls then
[17:25] <netrunner> blindcoder: I made it that way, so qt4 does not interfere, which only exports QT40DIR
[17:26] <blindcoder> netrunner: yes, but the $ at $QT33DIR must be escaped
[17:26] <blindcoder> netrunner: or it will be expanded to an empty string
[17:29] <netrunner> blindcoder: so why does it work here?
[17:29] <blindcoder> it quite possibly doesn't
[17:30] <blindcoder> try building a crystal from cliffords tree and tell
[17:30] <blindcoder> me
[17:47] <clifford> blindcoder: qt33 and qt40 build both fine in trunk.
[17:47] <clifford> qt40 has a dependency problem with postgres. but that is a different story.
[17:48] <blindcoder> clifford: not in a crystal build
[17:49] <blindcoder> besides
[17:49] <blindcoder> qt33 and qt40 _do_ build fine
[17:49] <blindcoder> but arts won't find qt33 without the adjustment to /etc/profile.d/qt33
[17:49] <blindcoder> and if you look at qt.conf you will see why
[17:51] <blindcoder> and don't even get me started on the livecd
[17:52] <clifford> blindcoder: I was talking about a crystal build.
[17:53] <blindcoder> Revision: 7103
[17:53] <clifford> # cat build/crystal0223-TRUNK-x86-crystal/etc/profile.d/qt33
[17:53] <clifford> QT33DIR=/opt/qt33
[17:53] <clifford> QTDIR=/opt/qt33
[17:53] <clifford> export QT33DIR QTDIR
[17:53] <blindcoder> no way
[17:53] <clifford> .. whats wrong with that?
[17:53] <blindcoder> that it doesn't look like that here
[17:53] <clifford> then you are not using trunk.
[17:53] <blindcoder> actually, I am
[17:54] <blindcoder> with a bunch of hotfixes to get it to build
[17:54] <blindcoder> let me run a svn stat and I can tell you which
[17:54] <clifford> I'm building trunk without hotfixes. And it looks good.
[17:55] <blindcoder> only ifplugd, actually
[17:55] <blindcoder> package/x11/qt/qt.conf lines 94 - 98
[17:56] <blindcoder> that _cannot_ work
[17:56] <blindcoder> as a matter of fact, it also did not work
[17:56] <blindcoder> at least not here
[17:57] <blindcoder> HUH?
[17:57] <blindcoder> waitaminute
[17:57] <blindcoder> give me a second here...
[18:00] <blindcoder> for some strange reason it actually _does_ work in crystal, but it failed in the livecd
[18:00] <blindcoder> clifford: sorry, my mistake
[18:01] <blindcoder> when building the livecd $QT33DIR is empty during the build
[18:01] <blindcoder> still, the ifplugd hotfix stays
[18:03] <clifford> blindcoder: yes. ifplugd is broken in trunk right now.
[18:03] <clifford> I've added your patch already to my test bench
[18:03] <blindcoder> YAY! At least I'm right on something :)
[18:03] Action: blindcoder test-installing current trunk-crystal
[18:06] <blindcoder> hmm
[18:06] <blindcoder> do the sources fit on a DVD together with crystal?
[18:14] <blindcoder> I just realise that the X stone module still says 'KDE 3.4'
[18:15] <blindcoder> looks good otherwise
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