[00:04] <fake> http://www.linuxsir.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=246581
[00:04] <fake> great
[00:18] <fake> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=323853
[00:36] <th> fake: i'm impressed!!
[00:37] <th> fake: the first time, i can see all my partitions in the installer
[00:37] <th> fake: i guess that's a thanks to kubuntu ;)
[00:38] <fake> th: i just finished fetching the iso
[00:38] <fake> burning it now...
[00:39] <th> still a glitch: no ohci-hcd loaded. so i have to plugin ps2 keyboard and load it manually
[00:39] <th> machines in my office dont have ps2.
[00:45] <th> this gen_init_cpio rocks.
[00:46] <th> you can create an archive including devices, arbitrary ownership/permissions
[00:47] <th> and all this as unprivileged user
[00:47] <th> fake: btw - the udev rules seem to be missing some helper script like "/sbin/vol_id"
[00:50] <fake> th: should be part of udev
[00:50] <th> true.
[00:50] <fake> udev: sbin/vol_id
[00:50] <th> so it's a bug of rockinitrd
[00:50] <fake> no
[00:50] <fake> that's intended
[00:51] <th> it's error messages to the user
[00:51] <fake> correct solution would be not to copy 60-persistent-storage.rule from /etc/udev/rules.d to the initrd
[00:51] <fake> oh
[00:51] <fake> i dind't notice, have my udev set to 'debug'... so it's too noisy
[00:53] <th> alias rm='rm -i'
[00:54] <th> damn
[00:54] <th> where does this come from?
[00:54] <th> it's still in /etc/conf/profile
[00:54] <th> i thought i removed that
[00:55] <th> no i did not?
[00:55] <th> strange
[01:00] <th> nice. i'm in a initramfs.
[01:00] <th> with a bash
[01:08] <th> feels great
[01:11] <th>     Netfilter Xtables support (required for ip_tables) (NETFILTER_XTABLES) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) ?
[01:11] <th> This is required if you intend to use any of ip_tables,
[01:11] <th> ip6_tables or arp_tables.
[01:14] <fake> (NEW) ?
[01:15] <th> i copied my config to 2.6.16 kernel and run oldconfig
[01:17] <fake> weird
[01:17] <mnemoc> i thought the 'New' were marks on the Kconfig file
[01:18] <th> more warnings while compiling kernel with gcc4
[01:18] <th> NEW is everything that is not yet in your .config
[01:21] <fake> ah... ok
[01:21] <fake> makes sense
[01:22] <th> root@localhost:/dev# l -d dis*
[01:22] <th> drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 0 Mar 27 03:51 discs
[01:22] <th> drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 0 Mar 27 03:48 disk
[01:22] <th> disk has by-{id,path,uid}
[01:22] <th> discs has disc{0,1}
[01:23] <fake> yes?
[01:24] <th> yes.
[01:24] <fake> that's fine, isn't it?
[01:24] <th> yes.
[01:24] <fake> ;)
[01:25] <th> btw - our default kernel is SMP
[01:29] <fake> yes
[01:29] <th> do we like that?
[01:30] <fake> i guess the argument was 'why not'
[01:31] <th> ERROR: Unable to build the NVIDIA kernel module.
[01:32] <fake> th: 2.6.16? patch applied?
[01:32] <th> which patch?
[01:32] <th> yea 2.6.16
[01:32] <fake> th: you'll need a patch to get the nvidia kernel module to compile with newer kernels
[01:33] <th> it worked without one for
[01:33] <fake> i needed one for 2.6.16
[01:34] <fake> what's the error again?
[01:34] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/nvidia-installer.log
[01:36] <th>    include/asm/io.h: In function 'check_signature':
[01:36] <th>    include/asm/io.h:258: warning: wrong type argument to increment
[01:37] <fake> error: 'struct task_struct' has no member named 'rlim'
[01:37] <th> http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/attachment.php?attachmentid=15794&d=1137942929
[01:37] <th> found this
[01:38] <fake> http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/attachment.php?attachmentid=15794&d=1137942929
[01:38] <fake> exactly.
[01:38] <th> k
[01:40] <th> works
[01:40] <th> i remember needing a patch some kernel releases ago
[01:40] <th> like 2.6.9 or something
[01:40] <fake> damn, why is this phracking line in ptp mode?
[01:46] <th> DAMN what's this?
[01:46] <th> i think the desktop files issue is fixed?
[01:46] <th> *snif*
[01:47] <th> damn i was too tired while applying the patch :-(
[01:48] <th> no wait
[01:48] <th> this IS applied
[01:49] <fake> the konqueror/help thing?
[01:49] <fake> it was fixed in your last iso
[01:49] <th> and the multimedia menu thing
[01:49] Action: fake installing
[01:49] <th> yes
[01:49] <fake> yes
[01:49] <th> it was fixed
[01:49] Action: fake having a cigarette
[01:49] <th> and my last thing was a vanilla one
[01:50] <th> ahh
[01:50] <th> yea the difference now removes my dirty quickfix and introduces stf new approach
[01:50] <th> and he said that there is some issue i think
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[01:53] <th> 2006032520043030871 fixes the broken fix
[01:53] <th> (desktop files)
[01:57] <th> hmmm that would need a big rebuild
[01:58] <th> the problem with the fix is known. and the fix to the fix looks promising. i think i will not rebuild everything because of this.
[01:59] <th> i'll hotfix it and commit the journal
[01:59] <th> fake: objections?
[01:59] <fake> no
[01:59] <fake> (hell, like i care about desktop files ;)
[02:00] <th> it's a big kde showstopper ;)
[02:00] <th> mutt works
[02:02] <th> xterm works
[02:08] <fake> nice!
[02:08] <fake> have you noticed?
[02:08] <fake> if you su - in an xterm, an xauth file is automatically created for the user 'su'-ed to!
[02:08] <fake> s/file/token/
[02:09] <th> hmm
[02:09] <th> that's nice
[02:09] <fake> seems to be a new su feature
[02:09] <th> hmmm my usb-stick does not work
[02:09] <th> usb 1-4.2: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 12
[02:09] <th> usb 1-4.2: not running at top speed; connect to a high speed hub
[02:09] <th> usb 1-4.2: no configuration chosen from 1 choice
[02:10] <fake> kernel related...
[02:10] kasc (n=kasc@dslb-084-060-105-012.pools.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[02:10] <th> works in the other usb-hcd
[02:10] <fake> works here
[02:10] <fake> on uhci...
[02:10] <th> i've all modules loaded
[02:10] <th> [eoh]hci
[02:10] <th> now i replugged it
[02:10] <th> from my keyboard
[02:10] <th> to the front
[02:11] <th> (of the machine)
[02:11] <th> root@companion:/dev/disk/by-label# ls -l
[02:11] <th> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 40 Mar 27 05:12 VOLUME -> ../../scsi/host4/bus0/target0/lun0/part1
[02:12] <fake> Volume is the default windoze label
[02:12] <th> well
[02:13] <th> i dont know who owns this stick
[02:13] <th> i dont see any kde-interaction with this stick
[02:14] <fake> btw, i get 'unable to handle kernel paging request' messages when loading snd_intel8x0
[02:14] <fake> me neither
[02:14] <th> hmm
[02:14] <th> 02:12:34 < fake> kernel related...
[02:15] <th> who made the dbus/hal patches?
[02:15] <fake> avm, but your hald is probably not running anyways
[02:15] <th> Setting up D-Bus. ............................................................................................................ :-)
[02:15] <fake> type rc hal start
[02:15] <th> Setting up Hardware Abstraction Layer. ....................................................................................... :-)
[02:15] <th> i did that before
[02:16] <th> do i need to restart my kde session for this?
[02:16] <fake> no
[02:16] <fake> just plugin you usb stick again
[02:16] <th> i did
[02:16] <th> starting hal/dbus was the first thing i did 
[02:16] <fake> i think
[02:16] kasc (n=kasc@dslb-084-060-099-228.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[02:16] <fake> i just got 2 notices, one for my internal hd and one for my internal cdrom
[02:16] <th> oh
[02:17] <th> i restarted hal
[02:17] <th> now i got those two
[02:17] <th> but nothing for my usb-stick
[02:18] <th> oh
[02:18] <th> wrong
[02:18] <th> it's not been my internal hd
[02:18] <th> it was the stick
[02:18] <th> but it fails to mount
[02:19] <th> loading vfat
[02:20] <th> no new message on replug
[02:20] <fake> hm
[02:20] <fake> maybe udev needs to do something
[02:20] <fake> let me check our suse box
[02:21] <fake> == 03/27/06 01:09:06 =[5]=> Finished building package firefox.
[02:21] <fake> ha!
[02:23] <th> ah restarting hal repeats the dialog
[02:24] <th> hmmm clicking "Open in new Window" does not mount the stick but shows "wrong fs type, bad optionm bad superbloc on /dev/scsi/host7/.../part1
[02:25] <th> mounting manually works
[02:25] <th> ahhh
[02:25] <th> Mar 27 05:25:41 companion fstab-sync[28733]: removed all generated mount points
[02:25] <th> Mar 27 05:25:42 companion fstab-sync[28750]: added mount point /media/VOLUME for /dev/scsi/host7/bus0/target0/lun0/part1
[02:25] <th> Mar 27 05:26:34 companion kernel: FAT: Unrecognized mount option "pamconsole" or missing value
[02:26] <th> would you mind if i only commit my log tomorrow?
[02:26] <th> tomorrow morning that is.
[02:31] <th> i take this as a yes
[02:31] <th> cya later then
[02:32] <th> $ /usr/bin/nvidia-settings
[02:32] <th> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[02:33] <fake> of course i don't mind
[02:33] <th> i'm off
[02:33] <fake> have a good night sleep!
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[07:47] <[raphael]> moin
[07:48] <owl> hi [raphael] 
[08:39] <blindcoder> moin
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[09:39] <netrunner> th: there are 2 things that need to be disabled in one of the hal policy files, one is the pamconsole option.
[10:41] <th> and the other?
[10:44] <blindcoder> th scares me...
[10:44] <th> blindcoder: why so?
[10:44] <blindcoder> you've gota strange character next to your name
[10:45] <th> ah
[10:45] #rocklinux: mode change '-o th' by th!n=th@montana.hbsn.de
[10:45] <th> topic changing sucks
[10:46] <blindcoder> yeah
[10:46] <blindcoder> there should be a chanserv command
[10:46] <th> no
[10:47] <th> you can lock the topic
[10:47] <blindcoder> that's what +t is for
[10:47] <th> that enables everyone to set topics
[10:47] <th> disables!
[10:49] <blindcoder> yes
[10:49] <blindcoder> effectively a topic lock
[10:50] <netrunner> th: I actually thought I added some policy definition that overwrote those settings ...
[10:51] <th> hmm
[10:51] <netrunner> th: in trunk it is ...
[10:52] <th> whut?
[10:52] <th> i not even added hal+dbus to trunk yet
[10:52] <netrunner> th: hal and dbus are in trunk for a long time.
[10:52] <th> i not even added hal+dbus to CORE yet
[10:52] <th> i'm sorry
[10:53] <th> i just flagged them core in my current journal
[10:53] <netrunner> th: but the problem you quoted (pamconsole) comes from hal
[10:53] <netrunner> which installs fstab-sync
[10:53] <th> ack
[10:54] <netrunner> which should not be used ...
[10:56] <th> oh
[10:56] <th> i just flagged dbus+hal as core and they got use
[10:56] <th> d
[10:56] <th> netrunner: so what do you suggest?
[10:57] <netrunner> th: if I find the time I will add something that disables the fstab-sync thing.
[10:58] <netrunner> th: or maybe it could just be commented out.
[10:58] <netrunner> it is only useful if you don't use kde/gnome and even then you can use ivman.
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[11:34] <fake> mornin'
[11:35] <th> morning fake
[11:35] <blindcoder> fake? at this time? what happened?
[11:35] <th> fake: now i feel like i should use your gcc/qt updates before releasing
[11:35] <th> blindcoder: DST propably screw him totally
[11:39] <th> fake: could we make gcc4 default now?
[11:42] <fake> th: i think so
[11:42] <fake> th: no regressions with either gcc 4.0.2 and gcc 4.0.3
[11:42] <fake> th: also, the qt update caused no regressions
[11:42] <th> would you do this?
[11:42] <th> ahh you tested the qt?
[11:42] <fake> yes.
[11:42] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[11:42] <th> with crystal build?
[11:42] <fake> yes.
[11:42] <th> oh nice
[11:42] <fake> with glibc-24, gcc 4.0.3.
[11:42] <fake> no problems besides the desktop file issue
[11:43] <fake> and
[11:43] <fake> my bootdisk is, my systems' kernel is 2.6.16
[11:43] <th> i planned a mini-journal with qt/gcc updates now. but if you already tested...
[11:43] <fake> mkinitrd postinstallscript will create an initrd for on install
[11:43] <fake> that sucks.
[11:43] <fake> i did.
[11:43] <blindcoder> bootdisk shouldn't differ from crystal kernel
[11:43] <fake> the only really bad thing is the mkinitrd creation
[11:43] <th> why is your bootdisk still
[11:44] <fake> th: because i didn't have the time to re-build it
[11:44] <blindcoder> "Not a bug."
[11:44] <th> ack
[11:50] <th> fake: shall i commit your qt+gcc update?
[11:50] <th> fake: or are you only delaying cause of the freeze?
[11:51] <fake> th: i wasn't committing anything because you told me to ;)
[11:51] Action: fake off for a meeting now
[11:52] <fake> commit away, th ;)
[11:52] <th> k
[11:56] <th> building r7368-vanilla now
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[13:02] <stf^rocklinux> th: You'll need 2006032712571623151 for the sasl2 header location change
[13:03] <stf^rocklinux> th: but I haven't tested the patch yet
[13:05] <th> ugh
[13:05] <th> stf^rocklinux: but there were no build errors?
[13:07] <stf^rocklinux> th: sorry, I should have added that the header location change is not tested in a full build
[13:08] <th> well i did a full build
[13:09] <th> 20060326-crystal.iso was built without errors
[13:09] <th> and is now completly applied to turnk
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[15:19] <th> ahhh
[15:19] <th> Error logs from boot-TRUNK-x86-i486-32-bootdisk-expert:
[15:19] <th>  [5] public/raidtools                    
[15:19] <daja77> moin th
[15:19] <th> moin daja77 
[15:19] <th> raidlib.c:66: error: redefinition of 'getpageshift'
[15:19] <th> /usr/include/asm/page.h:8: error: previous definition of 'getpageshift' was here
[15:19] <th> that's propably because of the gcc update
[15:20] ija (n=ija@ left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[15:20] <daja77> ah perhaps one of these extern in header and static in c file definitions
[15:20] <daja77> gcc4 doesn't like it
[15:21] <th> we were about to drop raidtools from core anyways, no?
[15:21] <th> perhaps we can remove it from bootdisk as well
[15:21] <daja77> don't need them for raids?
[15:21] <th> mdadm
[15:21] <th> is the way to go
[15:21] <daja77> ic
[15:23] <th> X -----5---- 195.200 base mdadm 2.2 / base/system extra/filesystem CORE 0
[15:23] <th> it's already in there in boot
[15:23] <th> perhaps we only need to drop the old one
[15:24] <th> anyone has a flist of raidtools for me?
[15:24] <th> or can check if it's needed in bootdisk?
[15:25] <th> it's in stage2 package-map
[15:26] ija (n=ija@ joined #rocklinux.
[15:26] <th> ah have it
[15:34] <blindcoder> hmm
[15:34] <blindcoder> guess I'll need linux-libc-headers in lvp now
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[17:47] <stf^rocklinux> re
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[18:38] <fake> th: drop it
[18:39] <fake> stf^rocklinux: i'm gonna build a livecd now - after updating squasfs to 3.0 ;)
[18:39] <fake> and after installing my shiny glibc24 crystal build
[18:39] <fake> no problems with that, btw
[18:40] <th> 18:41:30 < fake> th: drop it
[18:40] <th> raidtools
[18:40] <th> ?
[18:40] <th> 2006032715325029860
[18:40] <fake> ack
[18:40] <th> VOTECHECK: Needs a positive vote from (fake), (clifford) or (stefanp).
[18:40] <th> ;-)
[18:41] <th> 338 builds total, 166 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[18:41] <th> with qt/gcc update
[18:41] <th> a vanilla build, still!
[18:42] <th> btw - how is our gcc41 status?
[18:42] <stf^rocklinux> fake: nice! You might want to adapt build_stage1.sh, it behaves very much like the bootdisk target right now.
[18:42] <th> stf^rocklinux: btw - i still dont understand your comment from some hours ago
[18:42] <stf^rocklinux> th: untested here...
[18:42] <th> 13:04:38 < stf^rocklinux> th: You'll need 2006032712571623151 for the sasl2 header location change
[18:43] <stf^rocklinux> th: I had expected some package  failures because of the header move...
[18:44] <th> stf^rocklinux: no failures.
[18:44] <th> stf^rocklinux: $topic built without errors.
[18:44] <stf^rocklinux> th: then the patch is only needed to clean up  :)
[18:44] <th> stf^rocklinux: very good
[18:45] <stf^rocklinux> th: can you check that sasl2 headers are really in usr/include/sasl?
[18:46] <th> cyrus-sasl2:dev: usr/lib/sasl2/libplain.la
[18:46] <th> cyrus-sasl2:dev: usr/lib/sasl2/libsasldb.la
[18:46] <th> this?
[18:46] <th> cyrus-sasl2:dev: usr/include/sasl/sasl.h
[18:46] <stf^rocklinux> th: good :)
[18:48] <fake> let me check wether kmail works now...
[18:48] <th> it didn't?
[18:49] <fake> i had a 'no mechs' problem
[18:53] ija (n=ija@ joined #rocklinux.
[18:54] <stf^rocklinux> fake: mechs would be cool!
[18:55] <stf^rocklinux> (whatever it's supposed to mean in kmail)
[18:55] <fake> sasl authentication mechanisms ;)
[18:55] <fake> booooring
[19:13] <th> 338 builds total, 198 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[19:13] <th> vanilla crystal r7368
[20:41] Action: fake building vanilla r7368 on ppc
[20:42] <fake> th: kopete has no jabber capability on crystal
[21:44] [bTz]Gurilla (n=Stub@cpc3-addl1-3-0-cust96.hers.cable.ntl.com) joined #rocklinux.
[21:44] <[bTz]Gurilla> blindcoder
[21:44] <[bTz]Gurilla> yo
[21:46] Nick change: [bTz]Gurilla -> slm
[21:47] Nick change: slm -> SlmIcro
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[21:54] <SlmIcro> anyone here?
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[21:56] <fake> sure
[21:57] <SlmIcro> sup?
[21:57] <fake> th: sasl authentication is not compiled into kio_imap4
[21:58] <fake> th: when i try to connect to my imap server
[21:58] <fake> th: guess kde isn't too noisy if it can't find sasl...
[21:58] <fake> SlmIcro: nothing special
[21:59] <SlmIcro> do u use fedora core?
[21:59] <fake> i'm in a channel called 'ROCK Linux'. Guess again.
[21:59] <SlmIcro> my bad
[22:15] Action: fake off, hunting for food 
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[22:27] <th> re
[22:27] <th> hmm
[22:28] <th> fake: so no release with this revision
[23:16] <th> 22:00:24 < fake> th: sasl authentication is not compiled into kio_imap4
[23:16] <th> which pkg is that?
[23:16] <th> kmail?
[23:16] <th> kdelibs?
[23:16] <th> kdepim?
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[00:00] --- Tue Mar 28 2006