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[00:09] <daja77> stf^rocklinux: openal has releases now?
[00:12] <daja77> wow that's a sensation
[00:12] <daja77> feb 11th :)
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[00:14] <stf^rocklinux> daja: yeah, and it's already at 0.0.8 ^^
[00:16] <daja77> yeah rocks
[00:17] <daja77> couldn't believe it, had to check their websote 
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[01:48] <wild_one> hiya all
[01:48] <wild_one> anyone home
[01:49] Action: wild_one knocks on the screens....
[01:51] <stf^rocklinux> hi wild_one
[01:52] <stf^rocklinux> still there? ^^
[01:52] <wild_one> yeppers
[01:52] <wild_one> :P
[01:53] <wild_one> you?
[01:53] <stf^rocklinux> you mean now?
[01:53] <wild_one> yep :P
[01:54] <wild_one> need some advice
[01:54] <wild_one> :-)
[01:54] <stf^rocklinux> how can I help you? :)
[01:54] <wild_one> I just installed suse ver 10.0 and i am unable to get vnc running
[01:55] <wild_one> wondering if you ever played with it
[01:55] <wild_one> i also tried installing webmin and had no luck externally
[01:55] <wild_one> internally it worked fine
[01:55] <stf^rocklinux> I used some vnc server once
[01:55] <wild_one> but couldnt connect from the outside
[01:56] <wild_one> I dont care what i use as long as i can remote to it...
[01:56] <stf^rocklinux> there are lot's of vnc servers and clients, you know
[01:56] <wild_one> agree's
[01:56] <wild_one> i use real vnc
[01:56] <stf^rocklinux> there's even one integrated in kde
[01:56] <wild_one> and suse comes with tight vnc
[01:56] <wild_one> correct
[01:57] <wild_one> i was trying to enable that one
[01:58] <wild_one> I plan on setting it up as a mail relay and my buddy need to get access to it to set it up
[01:59] <stf^rocklinux> iirc it only allows one-time access by default (that is all but the first remote login are rejected)
[01:59] <stf^rocklinux> it might even use one-time keywords (it has an option to send 'invite' emails)
[02:01] <wild_one> i also tried that, but when i typed the server ip the connect button wouldnt highlight
[02:01] <wild_one> been working on this for 4 days :-(
[02:02] <wild_one> normally i can figure stuff out but this one stmps me
[02:02] <stf^rocklinux> did you read the documentation?
[02:02] <wild_one> yes, and i google the problem
[02:02] <stf^rocklinux> you could ask at the #kde channel
[02:02] <stf^rocklinux> they should know more about that than I do
[02:03] <wild_one> ok, asking now
[02:05] <stf^rocklinux> well, of course you should be sure that it's not a network problem
[02:06] <stf^rocklinux> like a firewall blocking the connection, etc..
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[06:16] <Demian> hi
[08:04] <netrunner> fake: thx, now my laptop does not boot any more with the new initrd
[08:41] <blindcoder> moin
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[14:23] <th> fake: ping
[14:24] <th> fake: wake up
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[14:36] <netrunner> th: why do you want to update to a rc and not wait for the release?
[14:46] <fake> netrunner: go cry ;)
[14:46] <fake> th: pong
[14:47] <fake> th: build is through. kdegraphics failed due to an old patch
[14:47] <fake> th: fixing & testing it
[14:57] <netrunner> fake: just removing helps?
[15:00] <fake> netrunner: yes. it's called post-3.5.1
[15:00] <fake> netrunner: what's wrong with your initrd?
[15:02] <fake> i'm afraid this livecd won't fit on one cd-r
[15:02] <fake> with all kde packages enabled ;-)
[15:03] <netrunner> fake: it has empty /etc/conf for example. and complains about something in /etc/hotplug missing 30 times
[15:03] <netrunner> fake: maybe it is old sysfiles
[15:04] <fake> netrunner: i guess so.... it uses /etc/conf/initrd/initrd_base for a list of files included...
[15:18] <fake> can rockbot do anything useful, or is he/it just for logging?
[15:24] <th> netrunner: because i know what i'm doing. ;-)
[15:25] <th> fake: can you put an kde update into sm as soon as possible?
[15:29] <daja77_> my build is at kdepim
[15:31] <fake> th: mksquashfs is just running
[15:32] <fake> daja77_: already finished ;P
[15:32] <daja77_> fake: cheat0r
[15:32] <fake> th: that means no build errors left
[15:35] <fake> daja77_: hehe
[15:35] <fake> daja77_: *bllll* :P
[15:35] <daja77_> :D
[15:35] <th> fake: you know you can put patches in sm even if they are not fully tested, right?
[15:35] <th> fake: my build machine is idling. i want to start a journal
[15:35] <th> fake: or do you have a journal which will result in commits soon?
[15:36] <fake> th: a runtime test will only take a few minutes more
[15:36] <fake> th: like, 30 or so
[15:36] <th> fake: ok - cool. that means you're going to commit the update pretty soon?
[15:36] <th> with pretty soon being within 60 minutes
[15:36] <fake> th: i'd like you to run a journal with it
[15:37] <th> ok
[15:37] <fake> th: because of the sasl/gpgme missing in livecd thing (sorry - didn't think about that)
[15:37] <th> fake: i start putting together the journal now.
[15:37] <fake> th: cool
[15:37] <fake> th: please move hal/dbus/pmount/libidn to base and flag CORE
[15:38] <th> ok
[15:38] Action: fake off for a sec
[15:38] <th> are the issues resolved you were talking about in the last days?
[15:40] <fake> the hal issues?
[15:40] <fake> kde is built without hal support
[15:40] <th> oh
[15:40] <th> i thought it would use it if it's available
[15:40] <th> didn't you say so?
[15:40] <fake> you can check: control panel -> peripherals -> storage media -> 2nd tab
[15:40] <fake> stf^rocklinux did ;)
[15:40] <th> oh ;)
[15:40] <th> ok
[15:41] <th> did kasc show any action in the last 3 months?
[15:41] <fake> kasc: ping
[15:41] <th> even in this channel
[15:41] <th> wow
[15:41] <fake> wow, a livecd with all kde packages takes only 531092 kb
[15:41] <th> with all translations?
[15:42] <th> stf^rocklinux: ping
[15:42] <daja77_> th: iirc he voted on some patches
[15:42] <th> ok so - i should not apply his 2006032923495613858 without his vote
[15:42] <th> it's non core anyways
[15:42] <th> no matter this
[15:44] <fake> burner is spinning, brb
[15:44] <th> uhh
[15:44] <th> base/emacs is not core
[15:47] <netrunner> does not need to be. we already have vi core
[15:48] <th> hehehe
[15:48] <th> i knew that would be the answer
[15:50] <kasc> fake: pong
[15:50] <th> kasc: hey cool.
[15:50] <fake> kasc: th needs your votes ;)
[15:51] <th> kasc: i was just unsure if you're still activly with us. ;-)
[15:51] <th> kasc: there is a vote waiting for you on https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2006032923495613858
[15:51] Action: fake trying kde 352 with a cigarette, brb
[15:51] <kasc> i just did an svn up and added your patches. 
[15:52] <kasc> did you thoroughly test them?
[15:52] <kasc> doing a complete build might take me about a week or so
[15:53] <th> kasc: i would add it to my journal if you like
[15:53] <th> kasc: so it will be tested in a complete crystal build
[15:54] <th> kasc: btw - your vote is only general acceptance. and not a "i fully tested it"
[15:54] <th> kasc: it's more like a "i like it in general"
[15:59] <fake> snd_intel8x0 oopses the kernel here
[15:59] Action: fake rebooting other machine... brb
[16:00] <stf^rocklinux> th: pong
[16:01] <th> stf^rocklinux: ah hi
[16:01] <stf^rocklinux> hi th
[16:01] <th> stf^rocklinux: obviously our patches (your import for translation / my koffice) collide a bit
[16:01] <th> stf^rocklinux: would you give me a hand putting all together?
[16:02] <stf^rocklinux> th: sure. which patches?
[16:02] <stf^rocklinux> th: ah, I see
[16:03] <th> basically i think your patch is missing disabling/removing the old koffice-l10n packages
[16:03] <th> is that correct?
[16:04] <stf^rocklinux> th: no, it doesn't do anything to the old l10n/i18n packages, they have to be removed by hand
[16:05] <stf^rocklinux> th: I can update the koffice-l10n package so it matches your koffice version
[16:15] <stf^rocklinux> th: a replacement of the kde import package patch is in 2006033016122313195
[16:18] <stf^rocklinux> bbs
[16:19] <fake> kde update looking good, now sm sending
[16:23] <fake> th: https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2006033016213313656
[16:28] <fake> th: the multimedia category is still b0rken, and the home and konqueror buttons still don't work. btw.
[16:29] <fake> th: so no regression there 8)
[16:30] <th> stf^rocklinux: yea updating l10n to match 1.5-rc1 would be good
[16:31] <th> fake: still broken?
[16:31] <th> fake: are you sure?
[16:31] <th> fake: show me your misc/desktop/parse-config
[16:31] <fake> th: you bet i'm sure
[16:31] <th> it WAS fixed. as my dirty fix was in
[16:32] <fake> th: what should be in misc/desktop/parse-config ?
[16:32] <th> a if clause
[16:32] <th> instead of ||continue
[16:33] <th> while checking this desktop variable
[16:33] <fake> isc/desktop/parse-config:95:           [ ! -f "${desktop}" ] && continue
[16:33] <th> thas not trunk??
[16:33] <fake> th: let me check
[16:34] Action: fake updating his direct trunk checkout...
[16:34] <fake> th: yes, it is ;D
[16:34] <fake> this is funny
[16:35] <th> this must not be
[16:35] <th> if [ $desktopauto = 1 ] ; then
[16:35] <th> ahhh
[16:35] <th> look above
[16:35] <th> wait
[16:36] <fake> misc/desktop/parse-config:95:           [ ! -f "${desktop}" ] && continue
[16:36] <th> yes i found it
[16:36] <th>      24 if [ $desktopauto = 1 ] ; then
[16:36] <th> i think that's my fault
[16:36] <th> cause i manually applied that when i was too tired
[16:37] <fake> ;-)
[16:37] <th> shit i still dont get it
[16:38] <fake> hush! no curse-words!
[16:44] <clifford> http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=26942
[16:44] <clifford> .. and I just wanted to create a gcc 4.1.0 package.  ;-)
[16:50] <th> stf^rocklinux: why does the 'if [ $desktopauto = 1 ] ; then' still not work?
[16:52] <fake> clifford: it's needed for glibc24 on ppc
[16:53] <fake> clifford: there is a flaw in the buildscript btw
[16:53] <fake> clifford: in line 269 of gcc.conf you call the build gcc
[16:53] <fake> clifford: built gcc, that is
[16:53] <fake> clifford: this should not be done before stage 2
[16:54] <fake> clifford: think glibc version in build host != glibc version being built
[16:54] <daja77_> hm i should check if glibc24 has hppa support
[16:55] <fake> clifford: and, btw, the aforementioned bug does not appear on ppc ;-)
[16:56] <fake> clifford: i added -a $stagelevel -gt 1 in the line above
[17:00] <stf^rocklinux> re
[17:01] <stf^rocklinux> th: doesn't it work? I'll have to check it thoroughly, then...
[17:06] <th> stf^rocklinux: well. fake said it wouldn't
[17:06] <th> stf^rocklinux: i know that my dirty fix worked. but that was a slight different approach of course
[17:06] <stf^rocklinux> th: doesn't seem to work here either, I
[17:06] <stf^rocklinux> I'll have a look
[17:10] <netrunner> fake: so I have a problem with the initrd here ... the directory /etc/conf on the initrd is empty
[17:10] <fake> netrunner: it should be copied by mkinitrd
[17:11] <fake> clifford: you still reading?\
[17:11] <clifford> fake: hi
[17:11] <th> stf^rocklinux: is 2006032916175421556 a dep of 2006033016122313195?
[17:11] <fake> clifford: hi, did you read above?
[17:12] <stf^rocklinux> th: yes
[17:12] <clifford> fake: now I did.
[17:12] <esden> hi ho 
[17:12] <esden> ping blindcoder 
[17:12] <th> stf^rocklinux: could you add it there?
[17:12] <fake> esden: hi!
[17:12] <netrunner> hi esdo
[17:12] <esden> hi fake, netrunner 
[17:12] <th> stf^rocklinux: anyways - you need to rediff
[17:13] <fake> clifford: do you agree - is the -dumpsecs needed in stage 1, too?
[17:13] <th> stf^rocklinux: that's -p-2
[17:14] <netrunner> hehe, that mkinitrd won't work with my conf/kernel :)
[17:14] <stf^rocklinux> th: ah, thanks, will rediff both (the other one has some quotes missing)
[17:14] Action: netrunner has a for i in mod1 mod2 mod3; do modprobe $i; done there :)
[17:15] <clifford> I'm not sure. Did you test it already? How does do build go when there is no specs file in the very beginning of stage 2?
[17:19] <clifford> however: I agree that the code as it is now is broken.
[17:27] <netrunner> argl!
[17:27] <netrunner> grmpf!
[17:27] <netrunner> who had the idea of using find to look for library names? and did not think about caching, so I see the libc.so.6 now searched 6 times for?
[17:28] Action: netrunner swinging big club with rusty nail
[17:29] Action: netrunner beating blindcoder 
[17:30] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: I guess that was one of my changes... It's not optimal wrt. to performance, but should give correct results
[17:35] <netrunner> stf^rocklinux: what's wrong with using the result of ldd? it does not less with an uptodate db
[17:36] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: ldd cannot be cross-compiled (e.g. to process ARM binaries on x86)
[17:37] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: with readelf instead of ldd, you can create initrds for one architecture on another :)
[17:38] <fake> clifford: the packages built fine
[17:38] <netrunner> stf^rocklinux: so please just use readelf-find on archs that want the pain
[17:38] <fake> netrunner: mkinitrd is a one-time thing
[17:38] <fake> netrunner: no constantly used tool
[17:39] <netrunner> fake: not for me currently, as it produces broken initrds
[17:39] <fake> netrunner: so, you agree that it shouldn't be that way ;)
[17:39] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: that would be possible. however I wanted to keep my changes simple in the beginning
[17:39] <fake> netrunner: (it being a commonly called program)
[17:41] <netrunner> fake: still, if there is an obvious optimization, it should be used.
[17:49] <fake> netrunner: i think you've got the job!
[17:49] <fake> ;-)
[17:51] <netrunner> there are parts I don't understand. what does it help to call find on a filename─?
[17:53] <netrunner> and then using the result after removing the filename at the beginning
[17:53] <netrunner> won't this always be empty?
[17:54] <fake> netrunner: you can assume that every line in mkinitrd has it's purpose.
[17:56] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: the filename can be a file or a directory
[17:56] <netrunner> understood. the variable name is bad. $file can contain directory name :)
[17:57] <netrunner> that's like storing ham in $potatosalad to trick my vegetarian gf :)
[17:59] <netrunner> aaaarg. now I have split the for-modprobe thing and put /sbin/modprobe in every line ... now I see it expects ^modprobe
[18:00] <netrunner> who was drunk while coding that
[18:00] <th> yea that's sick
[18:01] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: maybe you want to check blindcoders initrd cleanups which followed my changes (2006032315545510217)
[18:01] <fake> netrunner: that's rene
[18:01] <fake> netrunner: he came up with that, iirc
[18:01] <fake> netrunner: also with the # no-initrd thing ;-)
[18:01] <fake> aaaaages ago
[18:01] <fake> however.
[18:02] Action: fake just fell in love with xfce4
[18:02] <stf^rocklinux> th: I've rediffed the LINGUAS and kde i18n/l10n patches now
[18:03] <stf^rocklinux> 2006033017523803630 and 2006033017530503697
[18:04] <th> cool
[18:04] <th> btw - my girlfriend just tried `sudo rocket emerge rdesktop`
[18:04] <th> which failed with "rocket: command not found"
[18:05] <th> i adviced to use `sudo /usr/sbin/rocket emerge rdesktop`
[18:05] <th> which worked partly but ended in "postinstall: command not found"
[18:07] <stf^rocklinux> th: so her path does not contain /usr/sbin? postinstall should be in there, too.
[18:07] <fake> th: if the sysfiles package is too old, it can't run postinstall
[18:07] <fake> th: that shouldn't really matter
[18:07] <th> fake: that's one of my latest crystals
[18:07] <stf^rocklinux> fake: yeah, most packages don't have postinstall scripts
[18:08] <th> stf^rocklinux: right. she's logged in as user and does not have sbin in path
[18:08] <fake> th: then it's stf^rocklinux's reason
[18:08] <th> but this sucks.
[18:08] <stf^rocklinux> th: of course, users don't have sbin :D
[18:08] <netrunner> cool, knightrider, airwulf on 4th :)
[18:08] Action: netrunner feeling younger
[18:08] <fake> netrunner: that channel rocks
[18:09] <th> i thought sudo would add sbin to path
[18:09] <stf^rocklinux> no idea... I always use su, not sudo
[18:11] <netrunner> /sbin/init: line 82: /etc/conf/▄*: No such file or directory
[18:12] <netrunner> /etc/hotplug.d/default/default.hotplug: line 26: /dev/null: no such file or directory (a whole screenfull)
[18:13] <fake> netrunner: your system is broken
[18:16] <netrunner> fake: that's what initrd did.
[18:16] <fake> netrunner: /dev/null is created on start of udevd. it seems it doesn't get that far.
[18:17] <fake> netrunner: /etc/hotplug.d is not used anywhere anymore (at least not as far as i know).
[18:17] <fake> netrunner: and i don't think it should be too hard to find out why /etc/conf/* is missing on your initrd.
[18:17] <netrunner> fake: I cannot find the line where it should be copied.
[18:18] <fake> netrunner: w8
[18:18] <fake> "/sbin/mkinitrd" line 67 of 224 --29%-- col 28
[18:19] <fake> mkdir -p $targetdir/etc/conf
[18:19] <fake> the lines below that ... blabla, then
[18:19] <fake> echo "/sbin/insmod $b $c" >> $targetdir/etc/conf/kernel
[18:19] <netrunner> aha.
[18:19] <fake> line 78
[18:20] <fake> it's not problem if it's not there.
[18:20] <fake> then just no modules are loaded.
[18:20] <netrunner> still, dev is not mounted.
[18:20] <fake> do you see 'can't mount ramfs' in the output?
[18:21] <fake> brb
[18:22] <fake> netrunner: there should be symlinks in /lib/udev/devices
[18:22] <fake> netrunner: do you have those?
[18:22] <fake> for stdin, stdout, stderr, fd, and i-forgot
[18:23] <fake> core
[18:23] <fake> and the pts and shm directories
[18:23] <fake> (with an .empty file in them ... ahem.)
[18:27] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: could it be that /lib/udev/devices on your build system is a symlink? That would certainly break the initrd...
[18:28] <netrunner> stf^rocklinux: no it is not. 
[18:28] <netrunner> stf^rocklinux: it contains a few symlinks and dirs, but no device files.
[18:29] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: initial devices like console and null are copied from this directory on initrd boot
[18:30] <netrunner> stf^rocklinux: but it does not contain device files.
[18:31] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: my fault, mkinitrd creates those device files 
[18:31] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: have you loop-mounted the initrd to see what files it contains?
[18:31] <th> which automatic xorg configuration will work in qemu?
[18:34] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: still that might be the reason for the errors. Try to copy console and null to /lib/udev/devices, and recreate the initrd
[18:34] <netrunner> hm, my initrd contains the files mknod'ed by mkinitrd but not the ones from lib/udev/devices
[18:35] <fake> stf^rocklinux: NO
[18:35] <fake> stf^rocklinux: null is not copied!
[18:35] <fake> stf^rocklinux: /lib/udev/devices should NOT contain real device nodes
[18:35] <fake> netrunner: that's ok
[18:35] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/2006-03-30-journal.txt
[18:35] <th> comments on this?
[18:35] <th> did if forget anything?
[18:36] <th> of course i need to wait for the final fix for the desktop files from stf^rocklinux 
[18:36] <fake> netrunner: /lib/udev/devices' content is copied to the ramfs mounted over the /dev/ in the initrd shortly before udev is started
[18:36] <netrunner> ah, that is normal.
[18:38] <netrunner> hm. when we mount ramfs to /dev, there will be the ramfs and not the device nodes created before..
[18:39] Action: netrunner adding -x to the shebang and hopes the buffer is long enough
[18:40] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: yes, that seems strange, but somehow it really works
[18:41] <th> fake: is that screensaver update tested?
[18:42] <fake> th: yes, i just did it
[18:42] <th> cool
[18:42] <th> will add it to my journal then
[18:42] <fake> netrunner, stf^rocklinux: thats intentional.
[18:43] <stf^rocklinux> fake: so udev creates console and friends as well?
[18:43] <fake> netrunner, stf^rocklinux: the initial device nodes are for the time before udevd is started, udevd then creates the essential device nodes instantly.
[18:43] <fake> yes.
[18:44] <th> stf^rocklinux: have you had time for the desktopfiles thing yet?
[18:44] <stf^rocklinux> th: yes, it works now
[18:45] <fake> do you promise? ;-)
[18:45] Action: fake re-building kde here
[18:45] <th> stf^rocklinux: with which patch?
[18:45] <stf^rocklinux> th: the problem was that misc/desktop/parse-config was sourced before kde-3.conf, so desktopauto was always seen as set to 1
[18:45] <th> ahhhh
[18:45] <th> ok
[18:46] <th> so what's the solution?
[18:46] <th> fake: do we want to add a wheel group?
[18:47] <fake> yes!
[18:48] <stf^rocklinux> th: the solution is to defer $desktopauto evaluation
[18:48] <th> stf^rocklinux: do you have a patch for this yet, so i can see and understand?
[18:49] <fake> does anyone of you have a fax machine?
[18:49] <th> fake: ack
[18:49] <netrunner> fake: ack
[18:49] <netrunner> well, in software :)
[18:49] <fake> but i guess you all have ISDN or a non-analog line of some sort
[18:49] <th> fake: would you mind adding a patch to sm adding a wheel group?
[18:49] <fake> th: not at all
[18:49] <stf^rocklinux> th: sure. see 2006033018493219296 
[18:50] <th> fake: i have one which is ISDN->a/b->analog fax machine
[18:50] <netrunner> fake: I have a modem on an analog changer
[18:50] <th> stf^rocklinux: thanks!
[18:50] <fake> can you send me a test fax?
[18:50] <netrunner> aaaah
[18:50] <netrunner> rofl
[18:51] <netrunner> stupid mkinitrd
[18:51] <netrunner> stupid init
[18:51] <th> fake: target #?
[18:51] <fake> i'll send you a certificate you can put into a frame and hang up your wall back, if you like ;)
[18:51] <fake> no pr0n please
[18:51] <fake> i can't delete the messages, they go to a mailinglist
[18:52] <fake> (company-internal)
[18:53] <fake> th: should it be added by pam?
[18:53] <th> fake: on it's way
[18:53] <th> fake: i dont know
[18:53] <th> fake: i think it could be always available
[18:53] <fake> stf^rocklinux: what do you think?
[18:54] <stf^rocklinux> fake: I think the wheel group is only useful with pam, so it should be package-specific
[18:55] <th> stf^rocklinux: that patch makes sense ;)
[18:55] <fake> i agree
[18:55] <th> i dont think that it's only usefull with pam
[18:55] <th> a wheel group is a well known thing in unix systems ;)
[18:56] <th> even without pam
[18:56] <th> fake: 17 seconds. STD G3.
[18:56] <fake> th: thanks!
[18:57] <stf^rocklinux> th: ok, then better make it generally available :)
[18:57] <th> my words
[18:58] <netrunner> oh, no pr0n? *duck*
[18:58] <th> tool late for me.
[18:58] <th> s/tool/too/
[19:00] <netrunner> the stupid init tries to use commented lines in my fstab
[19:00] <fake> netrunner: now that's crying for a fix
[19:00] <netrunner> FaxSend[24070]: SEND FAX: JOB 2 SENT in 1:48
[19:01] <fake> th: LOL
[19:01] <fake> netrunner, th: thanks!!
[19:01] <th> any last comments for the journal?
[19:01] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/2006-03-30-journal.patch
[19:02] <fake> th: wait for the wheel group patch
[19:02] <th> ahh of course
[19:03] <fake> which gid should wheel have, anyways?
[19:04] <th> the lowest available
[19:04] <th> 9?
[19:04] <th>                             log      9
[19:04] <th> hmm
[19:04] <fake> 9 is log
[19:05] <fake> see Documentation/Developer/REGISTER
[19:05] <th> that's from where i pasted
[19:05] <th> so make it 10 then i'd say
[19:05] <fake> 10
[19:05] <fake> ok
[19:06] <fake> it's in
[19:07] <th> hehe
[19:07] <fake> netrunner: what's that - your manual?
[19:08] <fake> Tex... omg
[19:08] <fake> but thanks, anyway ;)
[19:09] <netrunner> fake: you said no pr0n, so I sent some latex :)
[19:09] <th> netrunner: that's the same category
[19:09] <fake> your secret fetish
[19:09] <fake> th: you're so right.
[19:09] <th> i'll add an incremental
[19:09] <stf^rocklinux> th: we should also make w32codec CORE
[19:10] <th> hmm
[19:11] <fake> 2006033019114001069
[19:11] <fake> sorry
[19:11] <fake> i already rediffed
[19:12] <th> k
[19:12] <fake> stf^rocklinux: we can't
[19:12] <fake> stf^rocklinux: licensing nightmare
[19:13] <fake> 54 patches
[19:31] <th> btw - our loopback device is still setup twice
[19:31] <th> causing a ":-(" in bootup
[19:31] <fake> yes, i just can't see why
[19:32] <netrunner> fake: we could build it but not include it in isos, so it can be installed later 
[19:32] <fake> maybe it's set up automagically now?
[19:32] <netrunner> fake: or does it work if it is not present at build and added later?
[19:32] <fake> netrunner: you mean 'nodist' ?
[19:32] <fake> netrunner: it also works if it's not present at build
[19:32] <fake> netrunner: at least afaik
[19:32] <netrunner> ok.
[19:32] <netrunner> fake: thx for supporting my network patch :)
[19:33] <fake> netrunner: i see no reasons why it shouldn't be applied
[19:33] <fake> and with reasons i mean contra-votes ;)
[19:33] <netrunner> :)
[19:33] Action: netrunner has this on his russian outpost
[19:33] <fake> .oO( <- using run-up / run-down like a moron for this stuff )
[19:35] <fake> netrunner: you know what'd really rock? if you could write a page about the /etc/network/config file in the wiki
[19:35] <fake> netrunner: or (if one exists, im not sure) extend it with the functionality added by your patch
[19:39] <th> stf^rocklinux: can i really rm -rf all the i18n files for kde? it will still be build with your import package now?
[19:39] <stf^rocklinux> th: err, they are not flagged CORE atm...
[19:40] <netrunner> fake: no problem, I'd just paste the mail I sent to ml :)
[19:40] <netrunner> I think I described it excessively there
[19:40] <stf^rocklinux> th: so you'd have to use "build add-on packages"
[19:40] <fake> netrunner: i must have missed that mail
[19:40] <th> stf^rocklinux: oh. cool i thought they were.
[19:40] <fake> netrunner: were there any reactions?
[19:40] <th> stf^rocklinux: ahh you mean the import.
[19:40] <th> stf^rocklinux: but the old were CORE, right
[19:40] <th> ?
[19:41] <stf^rocklinux> th: yes
[19:41] <netrunner> fake: I now linked it. no, no reactions
[19:41] <fake> netrunner: okay, thanks
[19:41] <th> stf^rocklinux: so we should have at least those from ROCKCFG_LINGUA be CORE
[19:41] <fake> netrunner: as always with geeks, no reaction is a good sign ;)
[19:41] <netrunner> fake: I guess too much text for most people
[19:41] <stf^rocklinux> th: making all kde import packages core is obviously not a good idea
[19:41] <th> stf^rocklinux: no.
[19:41] <fake> why not? *G*
[19:42] <th> stf^rocklinux: but for some few languages
[19:42] <fake> th: you racist...
[19:42] <th> fake: go away
[19:42] <stf^rocklinux> th: they'd have to be hardcoded, because ROCKCFG_LINGUAS is not know when pkgforking is done...
[19:42] <th> stf^rocklinux: oh damn
[19:42] <th> hmm
[19:42] <th> so no i18n by default?
[19:42] Action: fake goes away
[19:43] <th> that would save us a good set of space
[19:43] <th> fake: come back. contribute ;)
[19:43] <fake> nooo, i want i18n in!
[19:43] Action: fake just beginning the wxwidgets upgrade
[19:44] <th> fake: so what shall we do?
[19:45] <fake> th: de was in core
[19:45] <th> if i understand this right, my current journal would remove i18n
[19:45] <netrunner> still a lot of errors, but my laptop now boots again :)
[19:45] <fake> th: and a few others
[19:45] <th> fake: that's racism.
[19:46] <fake> th: no, just reproducing clifford's racism ;-))
[19:46] <th> so do we want to hardcore some of this racism?
[19:46] <fake> hardcore eacism
[19:47] <th> de,es,fr,it,ru was core
[19:49] <th> well
[19:49] <th> it was hardcoded before
[19:50] <th> lets not change this for now.
[19:50] <th> stf^rocklinux: could you create an incremental patch hardcoding these langs?
[19:51] <stf^rocklinux> th: yes
[19:52] owl (n=owl@ joined #rocklinux.
[19:52] <th> koffice update is now runtime tested.
[19:52] <owl> moin
[19:57] <fake> th: n1c3
[20:00] <th> ok - so only waiting for stf's patch then i can start my journal i think
[20:01] <fake> stf^rocklinux: gogogo
[20:01] <th> brb in 20 minutes
[20:21] <th> back
[20:25] <th> dum di dum
[20:25] <fake> stf^rocklinux takes his time?
[20:26] <th> yea
[20:26] <stf^rocklinux> sure ;)
[20:26] <th> but no problem
[20:26] <th> we want quality
[20:26] <fake> stf^rocklinux: is modplug-xmms intended to provide a xmms plugin?
[20:27] <stf^rocklinux> fake: yes
[20:27] <fake> stf^rocklinux: stf^rocklinux: then i broke it.
[20:27] <fake> stf^rocklinux: there is a newer version of libmodplug (0.8)
[20:27] <fake> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1275
[20:30] <stf^rocklinux> th: 2006_03_3020300717214
[20:32] <stf^rocklinux> fake: how so? with an xmms update?
[20:33] <fake> stf^rocklinux: no, i updated just the version of the libmodplug download, no xmms plugin is created, just usr/lib/libmodplug.so (or so)
[20:34] <fake> stf^rocklinux: (of course not in trunk, just here locally)
[20:35] <stf^rocklinux> fake: the package was broken before, or so it seems. The modplugxmms tar file is never extracted or built...
[20:37] <th> uh that patch is touching many files.
[20:37] <th> but it applies
[20:37] <th> change ROCKCFG_LINGUAS default to "de es fr it ru"
[20:37] <th> +       text 'Linguas (translations)' ROCKCFG_LINGUAS 'de es fr it'
[20:38] <th> no ru?
[20:38] <th> shall i add it?
[20:38] <th> ah wait
[20:38] <th> that's before applyingyour patch
[20:38] <th> +       text 'Linguas (translations)' ROCKCFG_LINGUAS 'de es fr it ru'
[20:38] <th> i said NOTHING
[20:40] <fake> stf^rocklinux: oh. hehe ;)
[20:41] <stf^rocklinux> fake: I'll add a [SRC] . ;)
[20:44] <stf^rocklinux> fake: or maybe you can while you're at it?
[20:45] <fake> stf^rocklinux: sure
[20:45] <netrunner> aah http://www.sprittwoch.de/sprittforfun/knightrider.html
[20:45] <netrunner> I was looking for this page for long :)
[20:46] <stf^rocklinux> fake: thanks
[20:49] <fake> netrunner: this is hilarious
[20:57] <netrunner> fake: you knew it?
[20:57] <fake> netrunner: no, just reading a little
[20:57] <netrunner> hehe
[21:03] <fake> netrunner: about easterhegg: i could offer you some floor space
[21:03] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/2006-03-30-journal.patch
[21:03] <netrunner> fake: sufficient. need to think about it on saturday.
[21:09] <th> stf^rocklinux: i must use " " for empty string in linguas?
[21:11] <stf^rocklinux> th: when LINGUAS is empty, no translations will be installed, when it is unset, all will be installed
[21:11] <th> stf^rocklinux: i know that
[21:11] <th> stf^rocklinux: but making the string empty in config tool. makes it the default
[21:11] <th> stf^rocklinux: so i have to put in at least a space for it
[21:15] <stf^rocklinux> th: ok, so ROCKCFG_LINGUAS should have another special value, "none"
[21:23] <th> stf^rocklinux: i totally agree
[21:24] <th> but if you dont mind - let's do that in a later journal. that's not critical
[21:25] <stf^rocklinux> th: ok
[21:25] <th> oh well
[21:25] <th> +if [ "$ROCKCFG_LINGUAS" == "all" ] ; then
[21:25] <th> +       unset LINGUAS
[21:26] <th> that would be a simple elif, right?
[21:30] <stf^rocklinux> th: yes
[21:31] <th> well we dont tell the user about these possible special values. 
[21:31] <th> so we can add the elif when we do
[21:35] <fake> libcdio depends on vcdimager, vcdimager on libcdio
[22:03] <th> journal started
[22:03] <th> crystal+boot
[22:09] Action: daja77_ waits for pizza
[22:09] <fake> grmbl
[22:09] Action: fake hungry, too
[22:09] <daja77_> :)
[22:10] <owl> *offering pasta* 
[22:10] <fake> yummy...
[22:10] <th> would take some
[22:10] <th> owl: can you deliver?
[22:10] <owl> th: nah, sorry :p 
[22:11] <th> what a mess
[22:11] <owl> that's life ;)
[22:11] <th> sucks
[22:11] <fake> www.pizzamann.{at,cz,de}
[22:11] <owl> O_o you have a wife... might you should ask her? ;) 
[22:14] <netrunner> owl: who has a wife?
[22:15] <owl> netrunner: not you :)
[22:15] <netrunner> owl: you?
[22:15] <owl> netrunner: aaaaaaaaaaaaehm. not me! aaargh. 
[22:15] <owl> .oO( evil netrunner *kick* )
[22:20] <fake> owl is lesbian?
[22:20] <owl> fake: aaaargh. no! 
[22:20] <fake> what a loss for the male world... *sigh*.
[22:21] Action: stf^rocklinux sees people being whacked over the head...
[22:21] Action: netrunner having sex with ms access
[22:22] <owl> .oO( having sex with ms access... that must be pain! )
[22:23] <fake> latex and ms access
[22:23] <fake> ...
[22:25] <owl> O_o 
[22:31] <fake> http://www.sprittwoch.de/downloads/knightrider/fritten.mp3
[22:32] <fake> http://www.sprittwoch.de/downloads/knightrider/fritten2.mp3
[22:33] <fake> *rofl*
[22:33] <fake> frrrrrrrrrrrrriten
[22:34] <th> hehe
[22:44] <owl> O_O
[22:45] <Demian> hi
[22:45] <owl> hi Demian 
[22:46] <Demian> Miss owl, what a pleasure to see you around.
[22:46] <owl> sometimes i feel like someone really misses me ^^
[22:47] <Demian> :)
[22:48] <fake> stf^rocklinux: i'm updating gpac to 0.4.0rc2 (which is newer than 0.4.0, see http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=485752)
[22:48] <owl> .oO( if my ex would feel that... nah, dark thoughts, go away! )
[22:48] <fake> stf^rocklinux: so i can update x264: http://trac.videolan.org/x264/changeset/299
[22:49] <Demian> owl: so you end up with the boy..
[22:49] <fake> Demian: no, she's lesbian
[22:49] <owl> Demian: no, to be exact he ended it... or something. or whatever. ^^ at least i am single now :/
[22:49] <owl> fake: aaarh, don't tell lies :)
[22:50] <fake> ;-)
[22:50] <daja77_> lol fake
[22:50] <daja77_> and thx, i've signed all pending keys now ;)
[22:50] Action: Demian thinks who would be the next victim in the owl's claws
[22:50] <Demian> poor one.
[22:51] <owl> heh, why 'next victim'? - at least my last relationship leasted almost 2 3/4 years... 
[22:51] <owl> .oO( and this idiot preferred playing games. NARF )
[22:51] <Demian> good choice.
[22:52] <fake> daja77_: streber ;)
[22:52] <owl> .oO( Demian wants to be killed? :)
[22:52] <Demian> no, maybe the one with you desire that.
[22:52] <th> love is in the air
[22:52] <fake> owl: WoW or Guild Wars ?
[22:52] <owl> fake: WoW... 
[22:52] <fake> ha! what a looser.
[22:53] <owl> fake: why? 
[22:53] <fake> WoW sucks. Guild Wars rocks. that's why.
[22:53] <owl> men ....
[22:53] <owl> šould someone please explain my what are games for?
[22:53] <fake> owl: i would quit my relationship for guild wars, but in my case, it's more the other way round. she's playing it more than me...
[22:54] <stf^rocklinux> fake: ok, update as you like :)
[22:54] <fake> stf^rocklinux: aye ;)
[22:54] <owl> fake: O_O i knew that you're a strange person, but i didn't know till now, that you are that strange ^^
[22:54] <th> fake: is there a native linux client?
[22:56] <fake> th: no
[22:56] <fake> owl: believe, i'm even stranger.
[22:56] <owl> fake is running windows? O_O
[22:56] <Demian> owl: so what are you doign now, going to uni?
[22:57] <fake> yes, from time to time.
[22:57] <th> fake: but it works in cedega, right?
[22:57] <fake> th: not sure
[22:57] <fake> th: i play it on windows
[22:57] <th> fake: i think i read an annoucement
[22:57] <fake> th: that would be nice!
[22:57] <daja77_> fake: nah i waited 9 months now ;)
[22:57] <owl> Demian: aehm, no. being unemployed, doing some personal projects and hunting lots of photos, writing much, meeting friends and so. 
[22:57] <th> fake: well - if i'd play it with my gf than i would need two windows machines. that's inacceptable
[22:57] <fake> th: ack.
[22:57] <fake> th: my gf has her own laptop...
[22:58] <owl> .oO( at least something ^^ hopefully it's not pink )
[22:58] <Demian> not so bad, sound funny owl. just what i am looking for at this moment.. i need a vacation now for at least one week.
[22:59] <owl> Demian: yep, it is... hmm. maybe my pics are not that funny, but - aehm - at least shooting and so is fun ;) .oO( might some nice men are willed to run in front... nah, damn thoughts... :P )
[22:59] <fake> naughty owl
[23:00] <fake> stf^rocklinux: gpac sucks
[23:00] <owl> hah, is that not the person, i always was? *smile*
[23:00] <daja77_> gpac?
[23:00] <Demian> yeah.. damn thoughs!
[23:00] <owl> Demian: why? :)
[23:00] <fake> wxWidgets support: no
[23:00] <fake> OpenGL support: no
[23:01] <daja77_> .oO (i deleted a mail from my father in which he worte that he wanted to send me money as spam )
[23:01] <daja77_> fake: what are you compiling?
[23:01] <th> fake: http://transgaming.org/gamesdb/games/view.mhtml?game_id=3370
[23:01] <fake> daja77_: see backlog, gpac 0.4.0rc2
[23:01] <Demian> owl: that feeling to be hunting men shooting to them..
[23:02] <daja77_> whoa am I lazy
[23:02] <daja77_> lol gpac .. give peace a chance, counter strike
[23:02] <fake> th: woohoo!
[23:02] <owl> Demian: well. at least i shot one men, sitting in the city with an dog, playing guitar. 
[23:03] <Demian> yesterday i saw a movie that made me plan a new project today :)
[23:03] <th> fake: and you propably know what "officially supported" means ;)
[23:03] <fake> th: it means?
[23:03] <daja77_> ah that reminds me, i wanted to test space civ with wine
[23:03] <daja77_> erh galatic civ
[23:03] <daja77_> whatever
[23:04] <th> fake: that you get all of it!
[23:04] <fake> sexy
[23:04] <Demian> Memento, cool movie.
[23:05] <daja77_> fake: have you noted my fwd number?
[23:07] <fake> daja77_: no :(
[23:07] <fake> daja77_: shoot
[23:07] <daja77_> shoot?
[23:08] shawn_work (n=spstarr@ joined #rocklinux.
[23:08] <shawn_work> I hope your aware that rocksclusters.org is trying to trademark Rocks(tm) for Linux
[23:08] <shawn_work> I dont think they've threatened you guys?
[23:09] <daja77_> i wasn't aware
[23:11] <fake> how could they? prior arts
[23:11] <fake> shawn_work: we're here since 1996 - or - so
[23:11] <shawn_work> well heads up if they 'try', fake: I know, Rock Linux has been around along time
[23:12] <fake> shawn_work: we'd sue their asses off ;)
[23:12] <shawn_work> heh
[23:12] <shawn_work> im sure they know of you
[23:12] Demian (n=demian@ left irc: "leaving"
[23:15] Demian (n=demian@ joined #rocklinux.
[23:22] <fake> daja77_: btw - shoot = go ahead, tell me
[23:23] <daja77_> ah ok
[23:23] <daja77_> otherwise i'd just lookup a nazi and shoot ;)
[23:23] <daja77_> hah and telling the police, fake told me
[23:24] <daja77_> boy am I tired
[23:42] Action: fake going home
[23:42] <fake> cya
[23:46] <fake> th: kde + hal is working *nicely* !
[23:46] <fake> th: especially with pmount and the user in the plugdev group
[23:46] <fake> okay, now i'm off.
[23:47] <th> fake: coool
[23:50] <stf^rocklinux> th: btw. "X -configure" in qemu stops with a black screen, but creates a usable xorg.conf in /root
[23:50] <th> oh
[23:51] <th> i only noticed the blank screen
[23:51] <stf^rocklinux> th: reboot and copy the xorg.conf to /etc/X11, then you should be able to "startx"
[23:51] <th> hmm ok
[23:51] <stf^rocklinux> th: I found out by reading the Xorg.log
[23:51] <th> i did the manual config
[23:52] <stf^rocklinux> th: Some time ago, my LiveCD build worked without problems in qemu... maybe it has to do with LiveCD using the fb driver for X
[23:52] <th> might be
[00:00] --- Fri Mar 31 2006