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[01:19] <th> is our dev-gallery still somewhere?
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[03:30] <daja77> th: iirc yes the old typo3 page is still there
[03:30] Action: daja77 dances into bed
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[11:13] <blindcoder> moin
[11:37] <owl> moin
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[16:43] <fake> moin
[16:43] <daja77_> hi fake 
[16:46] <th> moin
[16:47] <[raphael]> moin
[16:49] <fake> th: i'm currently doing test buils with almost all patches in sm
[16:49] <fake> http://f4k3.net/~fake/journal.txt
[16:50] <fake> one crystal + bootdisk and one generic with stage 9 to get the priorities straight
[16:50] <fake> Error logs from crystal-TRUNK-x86-pentium-mmx-32-crystal-expert:
[16:50] <fake> 340 builds total, 319 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[16:51] <fake> Error logs from general-TRUNK-x86-pentium-mmx-32-generic-expert:
[16:51] <fake> 3225 builds total, 535 completed fine, 18 with errors.
[16:51] <fake> mostly stuff stf^rocklinux had in his mail
[16:51] <fake> though modplug-xmms needs to be priority-adjusted, now that the xmms plugin is actually built, it should build *after* xmms ;-))
[16:52] <fake> th: btw, that url above, that's the file you get when you use -a journal.txt as additional parameter in smap.cfg
[17:07] <fake> damn
[17:08] <fake> there's a new mail delivery guy at my parent's place, and he doesn't know that mail for me (i have a different surname) is supposed to get to them
[17:09] <fake> now my mom is wondering why her DSL doesn't work anymore - it was registered to my name ...
[17:09] <fake> they cut the line 4:30 this morning
[17:09] <fake> she is also wondering, why she didn't get any invoices anymore since january ;)
[17:14] <th> heh
[17:30] <fake> http://freshmeat.net/articles/view/2140/
[17:31] <fake> omg: http://slashdot.org/
[17:32] <daja77_> yeah saw that ..
[17:35] <blindcoder> did I miss something today?
[17:35] <fake> blindcoder: noooo
[17:35] <blindcoder> oh, first of april... yeah, there was that
[17:36] <fake> anybody seen the RFC yet?
[17:36] <blindcoder> guess that means that noone will believe me that I'll hang out with two cute girls yesterday evening, all day today and will again do so tonight after I had something to eat and some sleep
[17:37] <blindcoder> anyway, see you tomorrow
[17:42] <fake> blindcoder: spozerl and?
[17:42] <fake> th: i have been wondering, why don't we use the [M]aintainer tag to determine required votes?
[17:43] <th> good question
[17:43] <daja77_> lots of them are outdated
[17:43] <th> that would make the base-moving unnecessary
[17:44] <fake> th: btw, qca should i.e. not be moved to base but to kde/
[17:44] <fake> err, to x11/
[17:45] <fake> because qt is in x11 and qca is a plugin/provider for qt
[17:45] <th> ok
[17:46] <th> fake: btw - would you commit the plugdev group?
[17:47] <fake> th: as part of pmount?
[17:48] <th> i've not looked into the details
[17:48] <th> but if it only relates to pmount - so yes.
[17:49] <fake> hmm
[17:49] Action: fake just grepped for plugdev in pmount src, no match
[17:49] <th> hal perhaps
[17:50] <fake> hm
[17:50] <fake> hal mentions it in a TODO file
[17:50] <fake> but it's not in dbus either
[17:51] <fake> though it's somewhat pmount specific
[17:51] <th> grepping..
[17:53] <fake> hmmm
[17:53] <fake> seems like udev
[17:54] <fake> no
[17:54] <fake> grml
[17:54] <fake> i'll create it in pmount
[17:54] <fake> http://ftp.qilinux.it/devel/SPECS/pmount.spec
[17:55] <fake> %define        plugdev_gid  29
[17:55] <th> the id is specified?
[17:56] <fake> th: th: i think that's dist-specific
[17:56] <fake> ha!
[17:56] <fake> messagebus and haldaemon are not entered in Documentation/Developers/README!
[17:56] <fake> err, REGISTER
[17:57] Action: fake slaps netrunner with a trout
[17:57] <th> netrunner: you stink like fish
[17:57] <fake> bitlbee 28
[17:57] <fake> ARRGH!
[17:57] <fake> we have a dubly defined ID!!
[17:57] <th> nice
[17:57] Action: fake slaps netrunner with a whale
[17:58] <th> which one?
[17:58] <fake> the big ones, humpback whale, iirc
[17:58] <th> which ID
[17:58] <fake> 28
[17:58] <th> clown!
[17:58] <th> i only see it for bitlbee
[17:58] <fake> bitlbee == messagebus
[17:59] <th> messagebus is not in registry
[17:59] <fake> messagebus (dbus) and haldaemon (hal) are not in REGISTRY
[17:59] <th> so it's not defined
[17:59] <fake> th: but they are created.
[17:59] <fake> see getent group messagebus
[18:00] <fake> BitlBee: An IRC to other chat networks gateway
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[18:00] <fake> i'd say we move bitlbee
[18:00] <fake> can we do that?
[18:01] <fake> i mean, if someone has bitlbee running.. and upgrades sysfiles...
[18:01] <th> i use bitlbee daily
[18:02] <th> ivman
[18:03] <th> [I] A flexible userspace HAL front-end for Linux.
[18:03] <fake> ivman?
[18:03] <th> /usr/src/rock-src/package/avm/ivman/postsysfiles.in:safe_groupadd plugdev 32
[18:03] <th> safe_groupadd plugdev 32
[18:03] <th> safe_useradd ivman 32 32 "ivman user" / /bin/false "*"
[18:03] <fake> narf. that's wrong, it belongs into pmount. ivman uses pmount.
[18:04] Action: th hands fake another whale
[18:04] <fake> but ivman is in REGISTER...
[18:04] <th> uid=1004(bitlbee) gid=1004(bitlbee) groups=1004(bitlbee)
[18:04] <fake> but the group is called ivman there, not plugdev
[18:04] <th> 18:06:14 < th> safe_groupadd plugdev 32
[18:05] <fake> th: yeah, but in REGISTER it's state 32 = ivman
[18:05] <th> yea
[18:05] <th> even for the group
[18:05] <th> so we know the gid
[18:05] <th> do we need a ivman user?
[18:05] <th> doesn't matter
[18:06] <fake> i don't care, it's not base
[18:07] <th> you mean it's not core ;)
[18:07] <fake> th: so i move the messagebus and haldaemon to, say, 50 and 51
[18:08] <fake> th: and pmount to 52 ?
[18:08] <fake> th: *douh*, sure
[18:08] <th> i dont really care
[18:08] <fake> postsysfiles.in should be handeled like config.in in the smng
[18:08] <fake> they need a lookover
[18:13] <th> yea
[18:20] <fake> https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2006040118194000782
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[18:24] Action: fake relocating
[18:26] <fake> uuuh, kaffeine failed with my journal because cdparanoia isn't cored
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[19:48] <netrunner> fake: I sent a patch once to add them to REGISTER, I am sure.
[19:51] <th> vlc seems to have no desktop file
[19:52] <th> mplayer is in the menus but not in multimedia category
[19:57] Action: netrunner really wonders what happened to the registration ... I especially sent a patch for this after being asked for.
[19:59] <fake> netrunner: np, it's fixed now
[20:00] Action: netrunner removing stinking fish from his forehead and throws it back to the river
[20:02] <fake> (where it floats beely-up)
[20:02] <fake> *belly
[20:03] <stf^rocklinux> hi all
[20:03] <fake> stf^rocklinux: hi ;)
[20:04] Action: netrunner trying to bake buchteln
[20:04] <stf^rocklinux> fake: is udev device file creation fixed in trunk?
[20:04] <fake> stf^rocklinux: hum? more details, please
[20:04] <stf^rocklinux> fake: e.g. /dev/hda (I'm using test build r7368 atm)
[20:05] <fake> stf^rocklinux: what about hda ?
[20:05] <th> there was a problem?
[20:05] <fake> root@localhost:~# ls -la /dev/hda
[20:05] <fake> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 32 Apr  1  2006 /dev/hda -> ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc
[20:05] <stf^rocklinux> fake: all /dev/hda* files here point to some strange files
[20:05] <fake> strange like /dev/ide/... ?
[20:05] <stf^rocklinux> ls /dev/hda -l
[20:05] <stf^rocklinux> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 2006-04-02 20:43 /dev/hda -> Tj__?__________
[20:06] <stf^rocklinux> ls /dev/Tj* -l
[20:06] <stf^rocklinux> brw-rw---- 1 root disk 3, 0 2006-04-02 20:43 /dev/Tj__?__________
[20:06] <stf^rocklinux> brw-rw---- 1 root disk 3, 7 2006-04-02 20:43 /dev/Tj__?__________H___10_____________t
[20:06] <th> outch
[20:06] <fake> oerks!
[20:06] <fake> aiaiai
[20:07] <fake> how can that happen?
[20:07] <th> lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root       30 Apr  1 19:12 hda -> ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/cd
[20:07] <th> lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root       32 Apr  1 19:12 hdc -> ide/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/disc
[20:07] <th> lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root       33 Apr  1 19:12 hdc1 -> ide/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/part1
[20:07] <th> lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root       33 Apr  1 19:12 hdc2 -> ide/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/part2
[20:08] <stf^rocklinux> fake: no idea. all hda? point to the same (root) partition...
[20:08] <fake> stf^rocklinux: can you run /lib/udev/ide-devfs.sh 0:0:0:0 0
[20:09] <fake> stf^rocklinux: it should output: ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part discs/disc0/part
[20:09] <fake> (that's wrong input, but in you case, i bet it's totaly crippled)
[20:09] <stf^rocklinux> bash-2.05b# /lib/udev/ide-devfs.sh 0:0:0:0:0
[20:09] <stf^rocklinux> ide/host-1/bus1/target/lun0/part discs/disc0/part
[20:09] <fake> you're missing a 0 at the end
[20:09] <stf^rocklinux> ok
[20:10] <stf^rocklinux> ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part discs/disc0/part
[20:10] <fake> weird
[20:10] <stf^rocklinux> fake: I boot without initrd...
[20:10] <fake> you didn't by chance do anything weird related to utf-8 or so?
[20:11] <stf^rocklinux> fake: it's a clean installation, with the same kind of settings I normally use
[20:11] <fake> stf^rocklinux: generic or crystal ?
[20:12] <stf^rocklinux> fake: crystal-r7368 test release
[20:12] <fake> hey cool, just update my motherboards bios, now i can boot without "pci=noacpi acpi=off routeirq"
[20:12] <fake> stf^rocklinux: the one from th? 20060331 ?
[20:13] <stf^rocklinux> fake: no the one before that
[20:13] <fake> stf^rocklinux: hmm
[20:13] <stf^rocklinux> fake: I'll install 20060331 on monday or so
[20:14] <fake> stf^rocklinux: please check if you can reproduce it there - haven't seen this so far
[20:16] <th> stf^rocklinux: what? that was a binary install from crystal-r7368 iso?
[20:18] <stf^rocklinux> th: yes
[20:19] <th> stf^rocklinux: was there some magic attached?
[20:19] <stf^rocklinux> th: I'm booting without initrd, though
[20:19] <th> hmm
[20:19] <th> w/o initrd. hmmm
[20:19] <th> which means bootstrapping /dev later
[20:19] <fake> th: regarding /proc/config.gz: there actually is /boot/kconfig_$treever
[20:19] <stf^rocklinux> th: I didn't install from the boot-CD, but from HD
[20:23] <th> fake: doesn't matter
[20:27] <fake> th: just because you and i agreed it would be useful. it's there.
[20:28] <th> fake: no. i need it in kernel ;)
[20:30] <th> stf^rocklinux: did you use theinstaller at all?
[20:32] <stf^rocklinux> th: no, only mine, postinstall and stone
[20:32] <th> stf^rocklinux: that's how i installed all rocks some months ago.
[20:32] <th> hmm
[20:35] Action: fake using the installer
[20:35] <th> same here. and i curse everytime about another glitch
[20:36] <th> the best thing was my `root (hd0,34)` in grub.cfg last time.
[20:41] Action: fake off to get some food now
[20:41] <fake> asian, yummy ;)
[20:41] <th> send some
[20:44] <stf^rocklinux> I'll be afk until tomorrow evening, cya
[20:44] <th> bye 
[20:47] <fake> i get the same /dev/sda* weirdness if i boot without initrd
[20:47] <fake> i'll look into it later
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[20:48] <th> that's bad
[20:48] <th> i've always been the biggest fan of booting without initrd
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[23:08] <fake> hrm
[23:09] <fake> initrd extends beyond end of memory (... > 0x38000000)
[23:09] <fake> initrd disabled
[23:10] <th> is that qemu?
[23:10] <th> fake?
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[23:44] <netrunner> pop3.cc:87: error: `SASL_CB_CANON_USER' was not declared in this scope
[23:44] <netrunner> have I missed something related to sasl and kde=
[23:44] <netrunner> ?
[23:58] <fake> wohhoo...
[23:58] <fake> th: no, on my amd64 with your latest iso
[23:59] <th> model name      : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+
[23:59] <th> would that qualify for this hardware description of yours?
[23:59] <fake> th: if you don't use an initrd, and enable 'debug' log in udev.conf, you'll notice it starts about 512000 processes. at least i stopped counting after the processids got lower again for the 8th time.
[23:59] <fake> th: 3700+ in my case
[23:59] <fake> th: with sata_nv as boot/root disk
[00:00] --- Sun Apr  2 2006