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[00:25] <stf^rocklinux> re
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[07:09] <netrunner> moin
[08:30] <blindcoder> moin
[08:45] <netrunner> top - 17:33:43 up 57 days,  1:14,  8 users,  load average: 89.98, 66.04, 31.08
[08:45] <netrunner> nice :)
[08:45] <blindcoder> o_O
[08:45] <blindcoder> rogue processes?
[08:46] <netrunner> spamassassin after starting atd last friday
[08:47] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[08:48] <blindcoder> what does spamassassin do with atd?
[08:50] <netrunner> atd sends mails for each job ...
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[09:12] <blindcoder> so?
[09:12] <blindcoder> my spamassassin runs by procmail
[09:16] <netrunner> yes, mine also. and it ran for all of the hundreds of mails atd sent after completion. in parallel
[09:17] <blindcoder> ah
[09:17] Action: netrunner now thinks about running sa as daemon
[09:17] <blindcoder> your at jobs
[09:17] <netrunner> yes. they were submitted but atd was not running.
[09:17] <netrunner> and it ran them all when it was started.
[09:17] <blindcoder> what created the at jobs? block.pl?
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[09:28] <netrunner> blindcoder: yes.
[09:31] <blindcoder> heh
[09:31] <blindcoder> machines DoS'd: 3
[09:31] <fake> 3225 builds total, 1757 completed fine, 181 with errors.
[09:32] <blindcoder> sounds like my generic build here :)
[09:32] <fake> alread hit stage9 - many related to missing updated gnome2 packages.
[09:33] <fake> or wrongly included kernel header files (config.h et alas)
[09:33] <blindcoder> 3227 builds total, 1835 completed fine, 117 with errors.
[09:33] <blindcoder> Revision: 7371
[09:33] <fake> blindcoder: you don't have all my update patches from friday applied, do you?
[09:33] <fake> ah, ok
[09:34] <blindcoder> no, I just want a working overloaded ROCK installation :)
[09:34] <blindcoder> as in: build generic, build bootdisk, try to install, try to have fun
[09:35] <fake> blindcoder: that will need a little more work (shared files kdelibs <-> hicolor-icon-theme and so)
[09:35] <blindcoder> yeah
[09:35] <blindcoder> already saw that
[09:36] <blindcoder> several of my packages also fail :(
[09:36] <blindcoder> acerhk tries to include kernel headers (obviously)
[09:36] <fake> is the hicolor-icon-theme still worth anything?
[09:37] <blindcoder> other stuff missing cairo in g[dt]k
[09:37] <fake> blindcoder: it needs to be patched not to expect them in /usr/include
[09:37] <blindcoder> /usr/src/linux/include?
[09:37] <fake> blindcoder: no, ./include 
[09:37] <fake> blindcoder: (i assume it uses kbuild)
[09:38] <blindcoder> yeah
[09:38] <fake> then the include dir should already be in -I
[09:41] <blindcoder> In file included from acerhk.c:38:
[09:41] <blindcoder> /usr/include/linux/config.h:1:2: #error "Compilation aborted. Please read the FAQ for linux-libc-headers package."
[09:41] <blindcoder> yeah :)
[09:41] <fake> blindcoder: uuh
[09:41] <fake> blindcoder: what makes a kernel module think it should use /usr/include/{linux,asm} ?
[09:41] <fake> weird
[09:42] <blindcoder> it checks if the configuration is sane for this module
[09:42] <blindcoder> otherwise it exits with #error "<missing kernel configuration options>"
[09:42] <fake> blindcoder: linux-libc-headers suggests to create an empty config.h file
[09:42] <blindcoder> won't work without patching around acerhk
[09:43] <fake> blindcoder: it probably just needs /usr/include removed - or maybe a -nostdinc
[09:43] <fake> (though kbuild should pass that)
[09:44] <blindcoder> oh, there's more fun:
[09:44] <blindcoder> Creating /usr/<..> if required ...
[09:44] <blindcoder> awk: cmd. line:1: fatal: cannot open file `/usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h' for reading (No such file or directory)
[09:44] <blindcoder> gcc-34 -I/usr/src/linux/include -c -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -pipe -DMODVERSIONS -DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -o acerhk.o acerhk.c
[09:44] <fake> there is no  /usr/src/linux
[09:45] <blindcoder> doesn't seem to care :)
[09:48] <fake> uuuh, make 3.81 makes psmisc fail ;)
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[10:01] <fake> moin daja77 
[10:01] <daja77> oin
[10:02] <daja77> bl
[10:02] <fake> oinbl?
[10:02] <fake> ;-)
[10:03] <blindcoder> daja77: that's oin'k'
[10:04] Action: fake off for a meeting, cya
[10:09] <blindcoder> hf
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[11:00] <netrunner> we should reconsider the check for kdelibs from kde-3.conf, since artsd is supposed to go away at kde 4
[11:47] <daja77_> re
[11:48] <daja77_> i was in a hurry, just turned the machine on again, the girl who stayed here the night didn't like the noise ..
[11:51] <blindcoder> girl? do I know her? should I? three sizes?
[11:51] <daja77_> yes, no, dunno, dunno
[11:52] <blindcoder> damn
[11:52] <blindcoder> guess I need to get karo to move to berlin somehow after all :)
[12:01] <netrunner> daja77_: [X] upload pix :)
[12:35] <netrunner> hm, the kde-i18n is at 3.5.1
[12:41] <daja77_> wtf heise is reporting *today* about the mediawiki security issues? ..
[12:42] <blindcoder> yes, why?
[12:42] <blindcoder> how old is it?
[12:42] <daja77_> days
[12:42] <daja77_> # 2006-03-26
[12:43] <blindcoder> heh
[12:43] <blindcoder> oh
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[14:03] <clifford> # /bin/ps
[14:03] <clifford> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[14:03] <clifford> .. is this bad?
[14:03] <clifford> ;-)
[14:04] Action: blindcoder throws a coin
[14:04] <blindcoder> tails
[14:05] <blindcoder> so no
[14:05] <clifford> .. that heppens when I build 'ps' with gcc-4.1
[14:05] <clifford> happens
[14:07] <blindcoder> more optimisation problems?
[14:08] <stf^rocklinux> clifford: happens here, too (with glibc23 and glibc24, build optimized for athlonxp) ...
[14:08] <clifford> blindcoder: "-Os -pipe". not more.
[14:08] <blindcoder> athlonxp? wasn't that optimisation as buggy as pentium4?
[14:09] <blindcoder> heh
[14:09] <blindcoder> ./scripts/Config: line 143: enable: dynamic loading not available
[14:09] <blindcoder> one of these days I gotta fix that
[14:09] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: not that I know of (and I've used it quite some times)
[14:13] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: btw. it recently came to my mind that you could use UML to build ROCK on the POWER machine without root privileges :)
[14:13] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: I don't have any experience with UML right now, but I'd be interested to take a look
[14:18] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: in 100 MB?
[14:18] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: it's just not nearly enough
[14:19] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: you mean you only have 100 MB of disk space on that machine?
[14:19] <blindcoder> yes
[14:20] <daja77> pretty useles
[14:20] <daja77> +s
[14:20] <blindcoder> indeed
[14:20] <blindcoder> might work for small applications
[14:20] <blindcoder> but not for ROCK
[14:20] <daja77> for embedded rock perhaps
[14:20] Action: blindcoder currently experimenting with upx2
[14:21] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: o_O would using a NFS share be of practical help?
[14:21] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: I'm reluctant to open my NFS to the net at large
[14:21] <daja77> nfs over inet?
[14:22] <daja77> wimp!
[14:22] Action: daja77 hides
[14:22] <stf^rocklinux> daja: something like that
[14:23] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: I would do it
[14:25] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: or maybe the admins can be talked into giving away a few gigabytes of disk space...
[14:25] <stf^rocklinux> :)
[14:26] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: gimme your PGP public key then I'll send the login data over
[14:26] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: are you sure you are allowed to share the login data? I don't want you to get in trouble
[14:27] <blindcoder> you could ask for a login yourself
[14:28] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: I'll do that. 
[14:33] <blindcoder> !> WARNING! usr/bin/xterm is NOT linked statically!
[14:33] <blindcoder> grmpf
[14:46] <stf^rocklinux> "Each time you use or have access to the provided services, you agree to these Terms of Use. Please be aware that these may change without the user being notified."
[14:47] <stf^rocklinux> (sic) does that mean I have to read the ToU each time before I log in? ...
[14:48] <stf^rocklinux> whatever ^^
[15:27] <daja77> d'oh the shakespeare programming language is abbreviated as spl -.-
[15:27] <blindcoder> nothing new
[15:28] <blindcoder> IIRC that's even mentioned on clifford.at/spl/
[15:28] <daja77> just figured out while googling for spl stuff
[15:30] <stf^rocklinux> bbs
[15:34] <netrunner> argl. scripts/Config just replaced my default compiler gcc34 by gcc40
[15:36] <blindcoder> hehe
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[16:57] <fake> moin
[16:58] <fake> stf^rocklinux: i have a big big favour to ask off you
[16:59] <fake> stf^rocklinux: could you employ the same uber-leet readelf magic you showed us in mkinitrd in the bootdisk?
[17:00] <fake> stf^rocklinux: build_stage2.sh was missing ld-linux.so in a test build of mine lately, because the glibc version of the host system didn't match the bootdisk one
[17:01] <th> i thought that was blindys magick
[17:01] <fake> th: no, blindy used the same as was in the build_stage2.sh (please correct me if i'm wrong)
[17:01] <fake> th: based on ldd
[17:02] <th> i see
[17:02] <th> i adapted this for my (yet unpublished (due to lack of time)) initramfs creation architecture
[17:02] <fake> th: 3225 builds total, 1999 completed fine, 198 with errors.
[17:02] <th> 198 with errors.
[17:02] <th> ??
[17:02] <th> what the hell
[17:02] <fake> th: gnome packages not liking the half-update i did ;)
[17:02] <fake> including rebuild errors, btw
[17:03] <fake> == 16:07:06 =[9]=> Building gnome2/devhelp [0.8.1 0].
[17:03] <fake> currently building that
[17:03] <fake> (it's 17:07, the clock is not yet adopted to summer time)
[17:04] <fake> th: also, some packages need to be fixed wrt. to the linux-libc-header changes
[17:04] <fake> and quite a few shared files errors
[17:05] <fake> th: but none of your packages faild so far ;)
[17:05] <th> i have packages?
[17:05] <fake> package/teha
[17:05] <th> ah oh
[17:05] <th> yea
[17:05] <fake> acpi  e2fsimage  fluxbox  fmtools  grip  lighttpd  openobex-apps  pekwm  rescue-stage1-init  supertux  .svn  xosview
[17:05] <th> small stuffs
[17:05] <th> so many?
[17:05] <fake> .svn is a funny name for a package, i admit
[17:06] <daja77> fake: yeah one with many maintainers ;)
[17:06] <th> i should update pekwm
[17:06] <blindcoder> no, it's a multiple package
[17:06] <blindcoder> and should therefore be removed according to evil P
[17:06] <th> what's fmtools?
[17:06] <th> [I] programs for Video for Linux radio cards
[17:07] <th> i did not know that
[17:07] <th> but e2fsimage rocks!!
[17:07] <th> should be really used instead of loopback mounting
[17:08] <fake> and nothing important in base failed
[17:08] <th> well everything in base should be core
[17:08] <blindcoder> you don't know your own packages?
[17:08] <fake> Found shared files with other packages:
[17:08] <fake> usr/X11R6/include/X11/extensions/vldXvMC.h: xorg:dev xvmc-wrapper:dev
[17:08] <fake> usr/X11R6/lib/libXvMCW.so: xorg xvmc-wrapper
[17:08] <fake> usr/X11R6/lib/libXvMCW.so.1: xorg xvmc-wrapper
[17:08] <th> blindcoder: i propably only forget about them
[17:08] <fake> th: it isn't
[17:08] <th> fake: that's a bug then
[17:09] <fake> th: the big move of packages is still yet to come
[17:09] <fake> hm, how could we fix xvmc-wrapper ?
[17:13] <daja77> wtf is going on on mozilla.org
[17:14] <fake> daja77: post that in a few more channels and it will be down soon ;-))
[17:14] <blindcoder> nothing, why?
[17:14] <th> daja77: what's the matter?
[17:15] <daja77> they are moving the ff and tb home to mozilla.org, they release mimimo a browser for pocketpcs and i don't find the src ...
[17:15] <daja77> stuff like that
[17:16] <th> s/org/com/
[17:16] <daja77> erh yep that's what I meant
[17:19] <fake> http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/minimo
[17:20] <fake> ;)
[17:20] <fake> bottom of the minimo page, "Developer Info"
[17:20] <daja77> -.-
[17:21] <daja77> would be interesting to port it to the zaurus
[17:21] <daja77> to kickout opera
[17:22] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:22] <blindcoder> what do you guys think?
[17:22] <blindcoder> will ECC RAM work in non-ECC slots?
[17:23] <fake> honestly, i have no idea.
[17:23] <th> depends on the wage
[17:24] <blindcoder> wage?
[17:24] <th> yea
[17:24] <blindcoder> ?? wage
[17:24] <th> yea
[17:24] <blindcoder> wtf wage
[17:25] <fake> i think he said 'wage'
[17:25] <th> did i?
[17:25] <th> oh yea.
[17:25] <fake> wage.
[17:25] <blindcoder> and what does he mean by that?
[17:25] Action: blindcoder feels like he's being made fun of
[17:25] <th> that's still unknown.
[17:25] <fake> *gg*
[17:26] <fake> it depends on how much you pay the RAM
[17:26] <th> blindcoder: would _you_ work in a non-ECC slot?
[17:26] <fake> *lol*
[17:26] <blindcoder> it gets air conditioning and a lullaby each sunday
[17:26] <th> sounds nice
[17:26] <blindcoder> th: yes
[17:27] <fake> what about the dust?
[17:27] <th> how's the wage in there?
[17:27] <blindcoder> th: because I usually don't correct my errors :)
[17:27] <blindcoder> that's what 'the open source community' is for
[17:27] <th> blindcoder: yea - we all know thaty.
[17:28] <fake> (i think the extracted information here is: "th has no idea, too")
[17:28] <blindcoder> fake: the case is opened every odd year on the 53rd sunday of the year
[17:28] <fake> blindcoder: but that's a national holiday in hardware land
[17:28] <th> fake: you've exams in some knowledge engineering science?
[17:28] <th> fake: you're just too good
[17:29] <blindcoder> fake: german word for holiday: feiertag. feier == celebration. I celebrate the holiday by dusting off my hardware
[17:29] <fake> th: i invented the word 'good'!
[17:29] <blindcoder> speaking of dust in hardware
[17:29] <blindcoder> I should dust off the interior of the indigo2
[17:30] <fake> blindcoder: and throw away that harddisk it came with it and put a bigger and faster one in
[17:30] <fake> -it
[17:30] <blindcoder> heh
[17:30] <blindcoder> it's 4GB
[17:30] <blindcoder> that's plenty :)
[17:30] <th> plenty of space
[17:30] <fake> but it's slooooow
[17:30] <th> at least our kernel would fit.
[17:31] <blindcoder> th: if we squeeze a bit the initrd will sit next to it
[17:31] <th> blindcoder: so we should better do root on NFS then
[17:31] <blindcoder> *nodnod*
[17:31] <blindcoder> anyway
[17:31] <blindcoder> there's a card in that looks suspiciously like a serial port
[17:32] <blindcoder> and the gfx card is about a kilometer long
[17:32] <fake> blindcoder: the serial port is a round one, it's also used for oldworld macs
[17:32] <blindcoder> yes
[17:32] <blindcoder> and then there's this 9-pin thingie
[17:32] <fake> blindcoder: next to the ps2 mouse/kb connectors, iirc
[17:33] <blindcoder> as seen on PC hardware
[17:33] <fake> blindcoder: whatever it is, i woulnd't plug anything in there before i knew what it was
[17:33] <blindcoder> yeah, neither would I
[17:33] <fake> blindcoder: i've never heard of a pc-compatible serial port before
[17:33] <fake> blindcoder: (for the indigo2)
[17:33] <blindcoder> too bad my dad got me a 13w3->vga cable instead of a 13w3->13w3 cable
[17:33] <blindcoder> now I can't use this heavy SGI monitor with remote control I had been keeping all these year
[17:34] <blindcoder> s
[17:34] Action: daja77 connecting to the local quad opteron
[17:34] <blindcoder> poser
[17:35] <fake> i think with a quad-opteron you're supposed to pose
[17:35] <blindcoder> hehe
[17:35] <daja77> it isn't mine ;)
[17:35] <th> lamer
[17:35] <fake> we'll be buying a brand new IBM xSeries 336 exclusively for testing rock builds 8)
[17:35] <daja77> hehe
[17:35] <blindcoder> schweet
[17:36] <fake> (and, of course, for building)
[17:37] <blindcoder> that reminds me
[17:37] <blindcoder> xterm is still linked dynamically
[17:37] <blindcoder> I can't do a lvp release like that
[17:43] <th> fake: btw - after upgrading eject i had to setuid it to make the cd-button work
[17:44] <th> blindcoder: btw - your user/group manager can't delete users
[17:44] <blindcoder> correct
[17:44] <blindcoder> it's a feature :)
[17:44] <th> i see
[17:44] <blindcoder> actually, it's a feature request
[17:45] <fake> blindcoder: i'd like to redesign it...
[17:45] <th> i'd like to have it redesigned.
[17:45] <fake> blindcoder: like it is done in the postgresql stone module
[17:46] <fake> the options 'Add User' 'Edit User' 'Remove User' -- 'Add Group' 'Edit Group' 'Remove Group' should be visible first
[17:47] <fake> and the user/group list should only be shown in the edit/remove 'submenues'
[17:47] <fake> but that's just my opinion
[17:47] <th> i second that
[17:48] <fake> maybe we should event not show users with a id < 1000
[17:48] <blindcoder> fake: be my guest :)
[17:49] <fake> if i want to remove such a user, i either know how to use groupdel/userdel, or i shouldn't be doing it ;)
[17:49] <th> "root?" what the heck is that user doing on MY system?
[17:49] <blindcoder> hehe
[17:49] <fake> th: NOT funny
[17:49] <th> fake: NOT?
[17:50] <fake> th: no.
[17:50] <fake> th: guess what my mom did -_-
[17:50] <fake> th:
[17:50] <blindcoder> fake: btdt?
[17:50] <th> hmm - she made dinner for you?
[17:50] <blindcoder> hehe
[17:50] <fake> th: "I didn't know all these people, and i didn't want them to read my mails!"
[17:50] <th> hehehe
[17:52] <daja77> wtf this xeon is doing here
[17:53] <daja77> needed 70s to multiply two 500x500 matrices
[17:53] <th> i can do better
[17:53] <daja77> *gg*
[17:54] <daja77> prove it :P
[17:54] <th> no
[17:54] <fake> xeon - optimized for specInt
[17:54] <th> proving takes longer
[17:54] <daja77> the quad opteron needed 3s for the same task ;)
[17:54] <blindcoder> benchmark optimised
[17:55] <fake> hehe, like the ati driver that acted differently if the executable name was 'doom3.exe'
[17:55] <blindcoder> http://www.spiegel.de/img/0,1020,604668,00.jpg
[17:55] <blindcoder> hehe
[17:55] <blindcoder> fake: o_O
[17:56] <blindcoder> yay!
[17:56] <blindcoder> -static is enough to link xterm statically
[17:58] <fake> n1c3
[18:02] Action: netrunner h0m@
[18:02] <fake> homa?
[18:02] <fake> h0m@ s1mpz0n
[18:03] <daja77> hm the athlon 650mhz is faster than the xeon O_o
[18:03] <blindcoder> pwned!
[18:25] Action: fake off to the office again
[18:25] <blindcoder> huh?
[18:25] <blindcoder> at this time?
[18:25] <fake> i worked at home for a few hours
[18:25] <blindcoder> it's relaxing time!
[18:25] <fake> re-what?
[18:25] <fake> ;-)
[18:25] <blindcoder> RE-LA-KSU!
[18:26] <fake> IIE!
[18:26] <blindcoder> it's what a beer, peanuts, anime and a couch are for
[18:26] <blindcoder> and a beamer of course :D
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[18:53] <fake> re
[18:53] <blindcoder> wb, working fake
[18:54] <fake> aye!
[18:54] <blindcoder> why do you have to be at work at this time, anyway?
[18:55] <fake> i don't have to, i just have work to do ;)
[18:57] <blindcoder> I see
[18:57] <fake> .oO( i like installation guides for hardware that contain cvs checkout instructions for drivers ;)
[18:57] <blindcoder> heh
[18:59] <blindcoder> I like the things I pointed out above
[18:59] <blindcoder> *sigh*
[19:00] <blindcoder> kendo training starts right now :(
[19:27] <fake> what, you're not going?
[19:29] <blindcoder> big fat hematome on the right hip
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[21:44] <stf^rocklinux> so... booting with initrd fixes the wrong hd* symlinks in /dev here
[21:50] SMP (n=stefanp@vanessa.wronline.net) joined #rocklinux.
[22:45] <fake> stf^rocklinux: there is a patch in submaster already ;-)
[22:45] Action: fake off for some sleep
[22:45] <daja77> n8 fake 
[22:46] <stf^rocklinux> fake: yeah, I'll test it asap
[22:46] <stf^rocklinux> cu
[22:50] stf^rocklinux_ (n=user@heim-035-37.raab-heim.uni-linz.ac.at) joined #rocklinux.
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[00:00] --- Tue Apr  4 2006