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[08:21] <blindcoder> moin
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[12:05] <fake> moin
[12:05] <fake> Error logs from crystal-TRUNK-x86-pentium-mmx-32-crystal-expert:
[12:05] <fake> 341 builds total, 341 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[12:05] <fake> rev 7469
[12:05] <blindcoder> moin fake 
[12:06] <fake> moin blindcoder!
[12:06] <fake> hey, the generic build finished!
[12:06] <fake> 3225 builds total, 2875 completed fine, 350 with errors.
[12:06] <fake> woohoo. lots of fixing to be done
[12:06] <blindcoder> heh
[12:06] <blindcoder> I stopped mine
[12:06] <blindcoder> too much stuff broken to be installable
[12:07] <blindcoder> anyway
[12:07] <fake> blindcoder: i'll fix the most ugly errors
[12:07] <blindcoder> time to get rid of fungus in bath and bedroom
[12:07] <blindcoder> let's see what it says about 70% alcohol :D
[12:07] <fake> blindcoder: no details _please_
[12:07] <fake> blindcoder: ;-)
[12:07] <blindcoder> the rest'll be for me
[12:08] <fake> yummy, vergaellter alkohol
[12:08] <fake> one sip and you puke
[12:08] <blindcoder> a bulemists dream
[12:08] <fake> it isn't healthy, either - methanol makes you go blind
[12:09] <blindcoder> methanol... methanol...
[12:09] <blindcoder> wasn't there something about a huge methonal cloud in space recently?
[12:10] <fake> i guess that was either star trek or star gate ;)
[12:10] <blindcoder> neither
[12:10] <blindcoder> http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/weltraum/0,1518,409623,00.html
[12:11] <blindcoder> anyway
[12:11] <blindcoder> fungizid time
[12:11] <blindcoder> first the wall
[12:12] <blindcoder> then certain body parts
[12:12] <blindcoder> bbl
[12:30] <blindcoder> re
[12:30] <blindcoder> okay, now to wait an hour or so
[12:43] <daja77_> blindcoder: that's what an astronomer told me some time ago, if we find dust in the universe nobody cares but if we find alcohol every newspaper is reporting about it
[12:44] <blindcoder> daja77_: priorities!
[12:45] <netrunner> nice, ntfs mounted through fuse and works :)
[12:45] <netrunner> let's install rock on ntfs :)
[12:46] <daja77_> why, do you need a slow fs? ;)
[13:53] <fake> okay, bootdisk & crystal of current trunk build w/o errors
[13:53] Action: fake testing
[13:54] <fake> clifford: i would need smng now ;)
[13:55] <daja77_> ^^
[14:05] <fake> damn alsa driver package...
[14:07] <daja77_> you still haven't killed it?
[14:07] <fake> patch just went into sm
[14:07] <fake> i forgot
[14:32] <clifford> fake: I plan to roll it out today.
[14:33] <fake> clifford: great!
[14:33] <fake> clifford: then i can put all gnome2 update patches in a queue - that's great
[14:33] <clifford> its still not perfect - but I think it can replace the old server already..
[14:34] <fake> clifford: a thing that came to my mind: why don't we use the [M]aintainer tag for vote checking?
[14:34] <th> great
[14:34] <fake> (for package/*/*)
[14:34] <th> i think that might be a good idea ([M])
[14:34] <th> the whole move to base of the core packages is way too redundant
[14:34] <th> we have [M] and [F]
[14:35] <daja77_> so we can have just one huge repo
[14:35] Action: daja77_ hides
[14:35] <fake> th: i think that's got nothing to do with this
[14:35] <fake> th: no CORE packages in *personal* repositories is a good think imho
[14:35] <fake> th: but nothing keeps us from creating package/core
[14:35] <fake> and putting non-base core stuff that's neither x11- not kde- nor gnome2 related there
[14:36] <fake> th: why is my vmware player only doing 640x480 ?
[14:36] <th> fake: because you did not install vmware tools?
[14:37] <fake> th: i have the vmware x.org drivers...
[14:37] <th> i'd hate package/core
[14:37] <fake> th: package/anyname
[14:38] <th> anyname is fine
[14:41] <fake> th: i think we could even release now, with the alsa-driver removal applied
[14:41] <fake> th: i have a test ISO here, should i upload?
[14:41] <fake> th: otoh, there are 350 failed packages in a generic build
[14:42] <fake> th: should i fix those first? (at least the important ones)
[14:42] <clifford> WARNING: Please don't make any changes to submaster now!
[14:42] <fake> clifford: ACK
[14:42] <clifford> .. migration to submaster NG is in progres.
[14:42] <fake> clifford: stop apache
[14:43] <clifford> I can replacte some changes in submaster manually to smng
[14:43] <daja77_> and update mediawiki ..
[14:43] <clifford> but if anyone is applying a journal now I'm getting in troubles. ;-)
[14:43] Action: fake standing still
[14:43] <th> clifford: stop apache
[14:44] Action: daja77_ salutes
[14:44] <fake> (all ppl with commit rights are here, so...)
[14:44] <fake> svn ci -m 'fake: un-core alsa driver package' package/alsa-driver
[14:44] <fake> oops, wrong window
[14:44] <fake> ;-))
[14:47] <th> fake: well - fixing the generic errors sounds fine to me. for the release i'd like to do a vanilla build...
[14:47] <fake> th: i just finished one.
[14:47] <fake> th: and after crystal + bootdisk built with no errors, i removed the alsa-driver package
[14:47] <fake> th: because it oopsed my laptop again
[14:49] <th> do we have the eject thing yet?
[14:49] <fake> no
[14:49] <th> showstopper
[14:49] <th> at least for kde users
[14:49] <fake> really, do you think?
[14:49] <fake> it *never* worked
[14:49] <th> they cant eject cdroms
[14:49] <fake> by software
[14:49] <th> there is the "eject" menu-entry which just not works
[14:49] <fake> but you can unmount, and then press eject on the drive
[14:49] <th> if the eject has privileges - then it owrks
[14:52] <th> so it's a small fix to make it behave in a sane way
[14:56] <fake> th: still waiting for your patch ;)
[14:57] <netrunner> th: isn't it sufficient for the users to have the necessary rights on the devices?
[14:58] <netrunner> th: I prefer to avoid setuid as often as possible
[14:58] <th> fake: i' lost somewhere in france till end of week ;)
[14:58] <fake> netrunner: if he had, we wouldn't need pmount
[14:58] <th> netrunner: setgid is sufficient
[14:59] <fake> setgid disk
[14:59] <th> netrunner: yes - i think that's enough for eject to work. i'm not too sure
[14:59] <clifford> ok - we are now running smng
[15:00] <th> clifford: could you make a redirection at the old submaster place?
[15:00] <netrunner> fake: rights on a device do not help for mounting
[15:00] <clifford> th: the url did not change.
[15:00] <clifford> (so noone needs to change any configurations)
[15:01] <th> clifford: ok nice.
[15:01] <netrunner> aaaa colors! :)
[15:01] <th> netrunner: cliff will propably make this themeable.
[15:05] <clifford> its all in a CSS
[15:05] <clifford> (you could even overwrite it in your browser.. ;-)
[15:05] <daja77_> yeah a metal chrome theme
[15:06] <fake> netrunner: but for eject
[15:06] <clifford> oh fuck.
[15:06] <clifford> smap tries to download the .stat file directly...
[15:07] <fake> the [] tags for all the mails changed! arghl! ;)
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[15:07] <clifford> fake: you should use the list id for filtering anyways
[15:07] <fake> clifford: i knoooow... i'm just sooo lazy
[15:07] <netrunner> fake: in this case I would prefer adding the user to the disk group, which is what it is for :)
[15:09] <fake> netrunner: but pmount is handling the mounting, and that's setuid root, which is ok for you??
[15:09] <fake> netrunner: but eject (~80 lines of code) is not??
[15:12] <fake> (i was guessing that number, don't nail me there)
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[15:13] <stf^rocklinux> re
[15:13] <fake> stf^rocklinux: hi!
[15:13] <stf^rocklinux> hi fake. another psu decided to drop dead...
[15:14] <fake> stf^rocklinux: damn hardware
[15:14] <stf^rocklinux> fake: thank god I guessed right about which part of my PC needed to be replaced :)
[15:14] <stf^rocklinux> fake: didn't have any chance to test each component separately here...
[15:15] <fake> clifford: can you add postsysfiles.in to the user- strong votecheck class?
[15:15] <clifford> fake: you have permissions to do it yourself..
[15:15] <fake> clifford: sw33t
[15:18] <fake> clifford: oops
[15:18] <clifford> fake: what?
[15:18] <fake> clifford: i just tried to move my gtk patch to the gnome update queue 
[15:22] <th> clifford: can we change the background color for a patch depending on if all votes are given?
[15:30] <fake> new test iso will be up in around 1 hour
[15:31] <fake> or 2
[15:31] <fake> http://iso.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/unofficial/fake/test-releases/
[15:31] <fake> the finali size is 607MB
[15:31] <fake> *final
[15:32] <fake> so if it stops growing, it's finished ;)
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[15:32] <fake> please test then, i have to leave now
[15:32] <fake> (eject setgid not yet included)
[15:34] <fake> see ya
[15:35] <daja77_> cu
[15:46] <netrunner> fake: for mounting, being member of the group is not sufficient.
[15:46] <th> netrunner: but for ejecting.
[15:46] <netrunner> th: yes :)
[15:46] <th> netrunner: mounting/unmounting already works
[15:46] <netrunner> th: and you need to be member of that group anyway for cd writing.
[15:50] <clifford> any CSS gurus here?
[15:50] <clifford> th?
[15:50] <th> not at all
[15:50] <th> look at rl.org to see my mess ;)
[15:51] <clifford> how do I select an element of the ".patch" class which does (or does not) contain an element of the ".votecheck_error" class?
[15:51] <th> sounds like a xslt job to me
[15:51] <th> perhaps use xsl only
[15:51] <clifford> can CSS select nodes using xpath?
[15:52] <th> i dont know
[15:52] <th> would be cool
[15:55] <clifford> but I don't think so..
[15:55] <clifford> in that case: no, I can't change the bg color of patches with this or that voteckeck status
[15:55] <clifford> ;-)
[15:56] <th> hmmm sucks
[15:57] <th> but xsl should be able too
[15:57] <clifford> I'm not going to pass the entire document thru xsl just for this.. ;-)
[15:58] <th> the browser would do it
[15:58] <th> just like the browser is doing it now with css
[15:58] <clifford> most browsers won't do it.
[15:58] <th> i see
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[16:44] <netrunner> clifford: you mean like .outer .inner { background-color: red; } ?
[16:47] <clifford> netrunner: this matches .inner
[16:47] <netrunner> clifford: only inside .outer
[16:48] <clifford> yes.
[16:48] <clifford> but I want to match the .outer if it contains a .inner.
[16:48] <clifford> (please read my messages above)
[16:49] <netrunner> I misread.
[16:57] <clifford> netrunner: https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/index.websplb?mode=patch&uid=2006032912532025028
[16:57] <clifford> what's up with this patch?
[16:57] <clifford> it doesn't even have a pro-vote from you (the author)
[17:00] <clifford> netrunner: ping! do you still read?
[17:00] <netrunner> clifford: yes
[17:01] <netrunner> clifford: I cannot check if it breaks something as boost fails due to other errors.
[17:01] <netrunner> clifford: it seems to work though :)
[17:06] <th> clifford: still. can i anyhow see if vote-pattern obligations are fulfilled?
[17:07] <clifford> th: "Votecheck Status:" in the search bar
[17:08] <th> ah ok
[17:08] <clifford> netrunner: ic. its in 'public' - so I will simply apply it now.. ;-)
[17:15] <blindcoder> clifford: will the mails with 'applied', 'rejected', 'voted' and so on have the "In-Reply-To" header anytime soon?
[17:16] <clifford> hmm...
[17:19] <daja77_> oh that patch ...
[17:20] <daja77_> i'd suggest to remove the HAVE_ICU switch at all, i just had it in for testing the unresolved libicu references i had with gcc4
[17:23] <netrunner> daja77_: in boost regex they say you should set it to 1 if you have icu
[17:24] <daja77_> yeah and if you don't have it they try to link against it anyway
[17:24] <daja77_> well just keep it like that, it doesn't really matter
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[17:32] <stf^rocklinux> re
[17:33] <stf^rocklinux> had to get yet another psu because the fan of the previous was scraping in it's cage, making a hell of a noise -.-
[17:43] <clifford> netrunner: 2006040314553714742
[17:44] <clifford> hosted.cfg has been generated already by 2006033020300717214
[18:16] <clifford> blindcoder: added threading info to mails again now.
[18:21] <stf^rocklinux> clifford: nice work :)
[18:22] <clifford> stf^rocklinux: thanks.
[18:22] <stf^rocklinux> clifford: is the source code of smng available? I'd like to fix some typos in the help text.
[18:22] <stf^rocklinux> s/text/texts
[18:22] <clifford> http://www.rocklinux.net/svn/submaster/trunk/smng_server/
[18:23] <clifford> .. just 'svn co' it and send me the diff.
[18:23] <stf^rocklinux> clifford: will do
[18:23] <clifford> thx.
[18:23] <stf^rocklinux> clifford: can you add the link to http://www.rocklinux.net/svn.html ?
[18:24] <clifford> it is there.
[18:24] <clifford> always has been.
[18:24] <stf^rocklinux> ah, in a subdirectory ^^
[18:32] <clifford> afk.
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[22:51] <daja77_> Dear user daja@rocklinux.org,
[22:52] <daja77_> Your email account has been used to send a huge amount of spam messages during the last week.
[22:52] <daja77_> Have a nice day,
[22:52] <daja77_> The rocklinux.org support team.
[22:52] <daja77_> rofl
[22:52] <daja77_> my computer is infected ^^
[00:00] --- Thu Apr  6 2006