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[02:59] <ringo> re
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[08:53] <netrunner> http://www.purescore.com/pure4.html ... So, admit your score :)
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[10:52] <th> daja77: hey security guy!
[10:52] <th> daja77: i heared of problems with clamav-0.88
[11:43] <netrunner> *rofl* go to quelle.de and search for "Buch"
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[13:30] <blindcoder> moin
[14:02] <daja77> th: yeah me too ..
[14:03] <th> i tested s/0.88/0.88.1/ with Emerge and it worked
[14:03] <th> freshclam will happen in 6 minutes so i can tell you if the update is without problems
[14:04] <daja77> ok
[14:14] <daja77> th: if you have an sm patch, i'd commit that one and writing an advisory 
[14:14] <th> hmmmmmm
[14:14] <th> i forgot to restart clamd after upgrading
[14:15] <th> in theory build-pkg should stop clamd before building
[14:18] <daja77> .oO (in therory there is no difference between theory and practice, in pratice there is)
[14:19] <th> yea
[15:27] <daja77> th: any news?
[15:27] <th> daja77: i will have news at 16:13h
[15:28] <daja77> k.
[15:29] <daja77> netrunner: rofl
[16:11] <th> daja77: success
[16:15] <daja77> great
[16:35] <daja77> th: sm id?
[16:36] <th> made no patch yet
[16:36] <th> but it was only s/88/88.1/
[16:36] <daja77> should I?
[16:36] <th> please
[16:36] <daja77> ok
[16:36] <th> -[V] 0.88
[16:36] <th> +[V] 0.88.1
[16:36] <th> -[D] 4146539870 clamav-0.88.tar.gz http://download.sf.net/clamav/
[16:36] <th> +[D] 0 clamav-0.88.1.tar.gz http://download.sf.net/clamav/
[16:37] <th> # bzip2 -dc download/mirror/c/clamav-0.88.1.tar.bz2|cksum
[16:37] <th> 1748558429 9953280
[16:37] <daja77> already done ;)
[16:37] <daja77> scripts/Download -cksumpatch rules ;)
[16:46] <daja77> th: i guess one has to restart clamav after update?
[16:49] <fake> wee, i'm getting a cobalt qube2 today
[16:49] <fake> mips powered! ;)
[16:49] <daja77> nice
[16:51] <th> daja77: yes.
[17:02] <th> hey cool the first .eu domains are in my name servers now
[17:02] <th> the first from landrush that is.
[17:13] <blindcoder> YAY
[17:13] <daja77> th.eu?
[17:13] <blindcoder> lifebook power cables work in acer travelmates :D
[17:16] <th> daja77: is blocked.
[17:16] <th> daja77: th is a top-level-domain thus illegal as 2nd level for .eu
[17:16] <daja77> ic
[17:17] <blindcoder> hehe
[17:17] <blindcoder> de.eu :)
[17:17] <daja77> btw some ppl use th to abbreviate tokyo hotel
[17:17] Action: daja77 hides
[17:17] <th> 23rd.eu is free
[17:17] <th> anyone wants?
[17:18] <blindcoder> I already have enough domains
[17:19] <blindcoder> c-o.net, shellscripts org, anderdonau de and one or two I forgot
[17:19] <th> Domain:      blindy
[17:19] <th> Status:      FREE
[17:19] <th> hehe
[17:19] <blindcoder> heh
[17:19] <blindcoder> blindcoder.eu maybe
[17:19] <th> Domain:      blindcoder
[17:19] <th> Status:      FREE
[17:20] <daja77> guess daja is already gone
[17:20] <blindcoder> or schieder.eu
[17:20] <th> Domain:      daja
[17:20] <th> Status:      APPLICATION PENDING
[17:20] <daja77> ic
[17:20] <blindcoder> schieder is probably long gone ;)
[17:20] <th> already registered.
[17:20] <blindcoder> (being a city, a moving company, and my name, too)
[17:20] <th> (no longer pending i mean)
[17:20] <blindcoder> *shrug*
[17:21] <th> and now foo.eu got registered of course
[17:21] <blindcoder> I don't think this whole .eu thing is worth it at all
[17:22] <th> .eu does not sound so nice.
[17:22] <blindcoder> that, too
[17:22] <blindcoder> hmm
[17:22] Action: blindcoder ponders
[17:23] <blindcoder> what would happen should the members of the EU decide to just knock it all off because it's been  stupid idea from the start
[17:23] <blindcoder> what'll happen to .eu?
[17:23] <th> what would happen if that happens to .us?
[17:24] <blindcoder> nobody uses and even less people even know about .us
[17:24] <daja77> .oO (nobody-cares-about.us)
[17:24] <daja77> <- off
[17:28] <blindcoder> gotta get ready for kendo
[17:28] <blindcoder> see you lot tomorrow
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[21:03] <fake> ppc build coming along fine now
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