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[00:25] <daja77> blindy wtf are you doing http://www.berlin.de/polizei/presse-fahndung/archiv/38084/index.html
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[00:34] <nookie_> kranke Leute
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[00:55] <stf^rocklinux> daja: what does it have to do with blindcoder? (and why do you read police press releases???)
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[08:29] <blindcoder> daja77: Der offenbar geistig verwirrte Wilmersdorfer hatte ohne erkennbaren Grund gegen 2 Uhr 30 in der Emser Straße auf die beiden Männer mit einem Messer eingestochen
[08:30] <blindcoder> daja77: I'm living in _Spandau_, not _Wilmersdorf_
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[09:33] <daja77> blindcoder: just thought about your latest blog entry ;)
[09:36] Action: blindcoder whistles innocently
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[11:52] <daja77> .oO (daily userfriendly strip, daily dilbert strip, daily kernel release)
[11:55] <nookie_> I still use
[11:55] <nookie_> when I use 2.6.15 ipw doesn't compiles correct.
[11:56] <nookie_> huh
[11:56] <nookie_> already
[11:56] <daja77> see
[12:24] <esden> moin
[12:35] <netrunner> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2006/04/09/do0907.xml&sSheet=/news/2006/04/09/ixworld.html
[12:44] <nookie_> anyone of you ever smelled ammoniak?
[12:45] <nookie_> http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8794309820#ebayphotohosting
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[13:13] <stf^rocklinux> moin
[13:18] <blindcoder> unameblindcoder@ceres:~$ uname -r
[13:18] <blindcoder>
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[13:28] Action: stf^rocklinux using, xorg 6.9.0 and ati proprietary driver :)
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[13:34] <blindcoder> above kernel, xfree86 and nvidia proprietary driver plus ndiswrapper and ipw2100 firmware
[14:09] <stf^rocklinux> kewl! Linux Weekly News lists ROCK Linux as an "also well-known" Distribution/DBK, see http://lwn.net/Distributions/
[14:11] <daja77> nice
[14:17] <stf^rocklinux> hi daja
[14:18] <stf^rocklinux> we still have to decide what to do with the hermes package...
[14:18] <stf^rocklinux> or with the hermes gcc4 patch, to be more precise
[14:19] <daja77> stf^rocklinux: iirc the old hermes worked with gcc4, no?
[14:19] <daja77> if so, i'd just keep it
[14:19] <stf^rocklinux> daja: no, iirc hermes never built with gcc4
[14:19] <daja77> it is needed by old clanlib and pingus only anway
[14:19] <daja77> hm
[14:19] <stf^rocklinux> daja: there's this tricky C array that gcc4 won't choke
[14:20] <daja77> stf^rocklinux: the new on pingus say they are trying to create a release
[14:21] <daja77> i think after that we don't need clanlib06 and hermes ...
[14:21] <stf^rocklinux> daja: the more general problem is that we have ~50 packages which don't build with gcc4 right now, but gcc4 as default compiler
[14:21] <daja77> are they all at the latest version?
[14:22] <stf^rocklinux> daja: the last time I checked, they were
[14:22] <daja77> do you have a list online?
[14:22] <stf^rocklinux> daja: sooner or later most of them will incorporate gcc4 fixes
[14:23] <stf^rocklinux> daja: sorry, don't have a list anymore, but it would probably be outdated by now anyways
[14:23] <daja77> OK
[14:23] <daja77> d'oh
[14:28] <stf^rocklinux> daja: I just started reading "Building the whole Debian archive with GCC 4.1: a summary" (http://lwn.net/Articles/177353/)
[14:29] <stf^rocklinux> daja: the output of this exercise are about 200 gcc 4.1 specific patches :)
[14:31] <daja77> ^^
[14:31] <stf^rocklinux> daja: currently I'm mostly interested in building qemu on a Crystal built with gcc4
[14:32] <daja77> ic
[14:32] <daja77> bug fabrice ;)
[14:32] <stf^rocklinux> daja: either I find a suitable patch on the net or I'll try to make the qemu build use a gcc34 compiler (and not the gcc4 default)
[14:33] <netrunner> do gcc34 compiled binaries work in a system compiled with gcc4?
[14:33] <stf^rocklinux> daja: by setting CC in qemu.conf or something equivalent
[14:33] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: never had problems with mixing the two
[14:34] <netrunner> aha
[14:35] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: afaik it's more important to use the same binutils and glibc
[14:39] <stf^rocklinux> netrunner: I mean "more important for binary compatibility"
[14:42] <clifford> stf^rocklinux: binutils shouldn't make any difference.
[14:42] <clifford> gcc version is important for C++ ABI compatibility.
[14:42] <clifford> .. but I'm not sure if there were any ABI breaks in gcc3.4 -> ggc4.0 migration.
[14:50] <stf^rocklinux> clifford: ok
[14:52] <daja77> hi clifford 
[15:05] <clifford> hi daja77 
[15:09] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: also well-known. SWEET :D
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[16:26] <daja77> mnemoc: what happens to your conn?
[16:27] <mnemoc> the new DSL line there is too noisy :(
[16:27] Action: clifford hates grub2..
[16:28] <clifford> root
[16:28] <clifford> oops
[16:28] <th> i loved the prior grub
[16:34] <[raphael]> clifford: compiled C++ binaries are not compatible between gcc34 and gcc4
[16:36] <daja77> qemu is no c++ fortunately ;)
[16:50] Action: clifford downgrading grub ..
[16:52] <daja77> it is easy to make a lot of people happy ;)
[17:07] <clifford> https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/?mode=patch&uid=2006041117050726972
[17:07] <fake> moin
[17:08] <fake> clifford: ack!
[17:08] <daja77> hi fake
[17:08] Action: fake back in town
[17:09] <clifford> *lol*
[17:11] <daja77> th: the clamav security warning from suse came two hours ago ;)
[17:14] <th> daja77: nice
[17:25] <fake> did anyone test $topic?
[17:35] <fake> i get svn commit mails, but no 'sm applied' mails?
[17:52] <clifford> fake: a bug in the new smadm.cgi, fixed.
[17:53] <fake> clifford: can you apply the ppc stuff while you're at it?
[17:53] <fake> clifford: or... wait.
[17:53] <fake> clifford: i'll need to test it on an x86 build first
[17:54] <fake> though yaboot doesn't matter, and the xorg patch is surrounded by #ifdef __powerpc__
[17:54] <fake> *the part of the file in xorg i changed in the patch
[17:55] <stf^rocklinux> fake: I installed $topic on a second partition, but haven't booted it yet
[17:55] <fake> stf^rocklinux: oh.
[17:55] <fake> stf^rocklinux: please also test booting without an initrd
[17:55] Action: daja77 needs more testmachines
[17:56] Action: fake needs more time
[17:56] <stf^rocklinux> fake: will do
[17:56] <fake> stf^rocklinux: cool
[17:57] <daja77> fake: 48h days?
[17:58] <fake> daja77: as long as there are still 7 in a week and 52 weeks per year, sure, why not ;)
[17:58] <daja77> :)
[18:06] <blindcoder> fake: ping
[18:08] <blindcoder> anyone else here know how to force mksquashfs to create a squashfs filesystem version 2.[01] or 1.x?
[18:13] <blindcoder> nevermind
[18:13] <blindcoder> just downgraded squashfs-tools
[18:19] <fake> here
[18:20] Action: daja77 checking xscreensaver version
[18:21] <fake> clifford: thanks!
[18:22] <daja77> hah! we are not affected
[18:24] Action: fake updated xscreensave not too long ago
[18:25] <daja77> fake: ubuntu ships 4.16 with a critical bug that was fixed in 2004 ...
[18:25] <fake> *rolls eyes*
[18:29] <blindcoder> fake: see my question above
[18:29] <fake> blindcoder: there should be an option for mksquashfs
[18:30] <blindcoder> fake: well, I didn't find it
[18:30] <blindcoder> at least not in the 3.0 version
[18:30] <fake> it was there in 2.0... still at your livecd?
[18:30] <blindcoder> fake: yeah
[18:31] <blindcoder> fake: currently writing them
[18:31] <blindcoder> fake: and the linuxrc couldn't mount it
[18:31] <blindcoder> fake: because the squashfs was version 3.0
[18:31] <blindcoder> fake: but the livecd only supports up to squashfs version 2.1
[18:31] <blindcoder> brb, testing the latest cd
[18:32] <fake> blindcoder: sigh. sorry...
[18:37] <blindcoder> okay, almost there
[18:37] <blindcoder> fake: why are the files I put into the 2nd_stage's 'root directory' not available after I boot the livecd?
[18:37] <blindcoder> fake: they are in /mnt/cowfs_ro and in /mnt/cowfs_rw
[18:37] <blindcoder> fake: but not in /
[18:38] <fake> blindcoder: because they're not link to to / ?
[18:38] <fake> *linked
[18:39] <blindcoder> yes
[18:39] <blindcoder> why?
[18:39] <stf^rocklinux> blindcoder: you could place the files in a subdirectory of the root directory
[18:39] <fake> it's done in linuxrc.sh, around line 230
[18:40] <fake> blindcoder: prepare_root()
[18:40] <fake> no, it isn't
[18:40] <fake> damn, who wrote that shit
[18:41] <blindcoder> linuxrc: ELF 32-bit LSB executable
[18:41] <stf^rocklinux> fake: if you mean the latest livecd update, that's me ;)
[18:41] <daja77> wtf? why is sm instant not opening an editor for the commit message
[18:41] <fake> stf^rocklinux: i was referring to me, so, sorry ;-)
[18:42] <fake> daja77: .svnrc file with a default message of '.' ? ;-)
[18:42] <blindcoder> fake: linuxrc is a ELF binary here
[18:42] <fake> blindcoder: argh...
[18:42] <fake> blindcoder: right, of course it is
[18:43] <fake> for d in etc home bin sbin opt usr tmp var lib ; do
[18:43] <fake>         ln -s /mnt/cowfs_rw/$d $d
[18:43] <fake>         ln -s /mnt/cowfs_ro/$d mnt/cowfs_rw/$d
[18:43] <fake> done
[18:43] <fake> build_stage1.sh
[18:43] <blindcoder> humm
[18:43] <blindcoder> why not just symlink everything?
[18:44] <daja77> fake: and it created an empty patch .. weird
[18:44] <fake> daja77: then either 'filterdiff' (from patchutils or diffutils, i always forget) is missing, or you didn't change anything *g*
[18:45] <daja77> i didn't
[18:45] <daja77> in my setup
[18:45] <daja77> but I updated pspresent ...
[18:45] <stf^rocklinux> fake: np :)
[18:45] <fake> and svn st shows modified files?
[18:46] <blindcoder> okay, I hope this'll be the last test
[18:46] <blindcoder> but things are looking good
[18:46] <blindcoder> I changed isolinux.cfg
[18:46] <blindcoder> I fixed the last few bugs in my clone scripts
[18:46] <blindcoder> so everything should be fine :)
[18:46] <daja77> fake: no 
[18:46] <fake> daja77: then nothing changed compared to svn
[18:46] <daja77> yes but i don't see why
[18:46] <fake> or you ran svn commit somewhen - can you check with svn log pspresent.desc or so?
[18:47] <blindcoder> fake: we should really add scripts 'unpackiso' 'packiso' to the livecd
[18:47] <daja77> interesting sm made an empty commit
[18:47] <blindcoder> fake: these mkisofs calls are _terrible_
[18:49] <daja77> have to go 
[18:49] <daja77> cu
[18:49] <fake> bye daja77 !
[18:49] <fake> blindcoder: i'd be very interested in these scripts, too.
[18:50] <daja77> pspresent works now on the laptop so I can give my talk tomorrow
[18:50] <daja77> :)
[18:50] <fake> talk about last minute... ;)
[18:58] <blindcoder> fake: unpackiso.sh created
[18:58] <blindcoder> fake: as of now, it assumes that everything works fine :)
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[18:58] <maffro> hi folks
[18:59] <blindcoder> hi maffro 
[18:59] <maffro> Please excuse me whilst I lurk :-)
[19:00] Action: blindcoder excuses maffro 
[19:00] <blindcoder> fake: I'll polish it a bit, create the packiso.sh complement, and send it to the mailinglist for further discussion
[19:01] <th> hmmmm how would i update to $topic version?
[19:02] <th> with binary packages
[19:02] <th> just extracting the new gems would keep old files i guess
[19:03] <blindcoder> brb, testing again
[19:10] <blindcoder> Can't access 2nd stage init: no such file or directory
[19:10] <blindcoder> this looks _BAD_
[19:11] <blindcoder> ah
[19:11] <blindcoder> wrong call to mksquashfs
[19:12] <blindcoder> though I don't know how I triggered it
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[19:17] <stf^rocklinux> th: updating packages with mine will keep modified files and update all others
[19:19] <stf^rocklinux> th: 'mine' however will miss files that are in the old but not in the new package
[19:19] <stf^rocklinux> th: you'd have to mine -r each package before installing to do a 'clean' update
[19:19] <th> doing that manually sucks
[19:19] <th> hmm
[19:19] <th> cause after mine -r * i would not have mine ;)
[19:20] <stf^rocklinux> th: yeah, it's a known bug in 'mine'
[19:20] <stf^rocklinux> th: of course you can't do that with a running system ^^
[19:21] <th> but i want to ;)
[19:21] <th> i want to update the running system
[19:22] <stf^rocklinux> th: then just use mine -i, I suppose there aren't many files that 'disappeared' in newer-version packages
[19:22] <stf^rocklinux> th: ... if any
[19:22] <th> hmm
[19:22] <th> might be true
[19:23] <blindcoder> fake: packiso.sh also looking good ;)
[19:23] <stf^rocklinux> th: it's more of a cosmetic problem afaics
[19:23] Action: blindcoder off hunting
[19:23] <blindcoder> brb
[19:24] <th> stf^rocklinux: i think it's not cosmetic to have old files in place.
[19:24] <th> mine should have an update option which removes non-modified files which dont exist in new version
[19:26] <stf^rocklinux> th: clifford suggested that mine places 'obsolete' files in ':purgeme' packages during updates so they can be removed easily
[19:26] <th> that would be cool
[19:27] <th> i think that would be the best solution
[19:27] <th> and even putting modified files in a :modified package sounds good to me
[19:31] <stf^rocklinux> th: hmm, :modified packages would be difficult to keep up-to-date 
[19:31] <stf^rocklinux> th: I'll try to add :purgeme packages to mine, let's see how easily it can be done
[19:32] <th> that would rock
[19:36] <SMP> yeah, something like that should be done
[19:40] <blindcoder> re
[19:42] <blindcoder> hmm
[19:42] <blindcoder> it version 2.2-r2 mksquashfs doesn't behave as it is documented
[19:42] <blindcoder> mksquashfs <directory> 2nd_stage.img.z
[19:42] <blindcoder> creates a 2nd_stage.img.z looking like this:
[19:43] <blindcoder> <directory>
[19:43] <blindcoder> |-bin
[19:43] <blindcoder> |-etc
[19:43] <blindcoder> and so on
[19:44] <blindcoder> so you have to type
[19:44] <blindcoder> mksquashfs <directory>/* 2nd_stage.img.z
[19:44] <blindcoder> to get what the livecd expects
[19:59] <blindcoder> testing again
[20:03] <blindcoder> YAY
[20:04] <blindcoder> finally it works like I want it to :)
[20:12] <blindcoder> now the only drawback is that I have to wait for the mksquashfs to finish for changing exactly one byte before writing the next CD
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[21:44] <blindcoder> fake: ping
[22:04] <blindcoder> almost forgot to put the link into the mail...
[22:17] Action: daja77 applauds blindy for his scripts
[22:18] <blindcoder> ^^
[22:18] Action: blindcoder bows humbly
[22:18] <daja77> now we need a wallpaper outside the image and stuff like that ..
[22:19] <blindcoder> your turn :)
[22:19] <daja77> :)
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[23:24] <th> http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/opsys/linux/ROCK/ROCK-2.1/
[23:24] <th> some problem with that mirror?
[23:33] <stf^rocklinux> th: "This subdirectory is currently empty.
[23:33] <stf^rocklinux>  Let me know in case you think it should't be. Tks.
[23:33] <stf^rocklinux> th: seems so
[23:36] <stf^rocklinux> th: btw. 'obsolete files feature' of mine basically works :)
[23:37] <th> cooool
[23:37] <th> i wanna test that
[23:38] <th> i would try to update even kde from /opt/kde to /usr ;)
[23:38] <th> that should have many "obsolete" files
[23:41] <stf^rocklinux> th: I need some more time to clean it up (like half an hour)
[23:49] <th> stf^rocklinux: no problem
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[00:00] --- Wed Apr 12 2006