[00:49] <esden> wooot ... all right ... so far so good ... most things work now ;)
[00:49] <esden> now I can start with fun things ... like installing rock in parallels
[00:49] <th> do they all come with parallelis now?
[00:50] <esden> no ... you can download paralells Desktop from the site ... it is currently a beta so they do not charge for the software yet
[00:51] <th> ah ok cool
[00:51] <th> and it uses CPU's hardware support?
[00:51] <esden> dunno ... I do not think so ...
[00:52] <esden> I think it works the same way VMWare works
[00:52] <th> hmm
[00:52] <th> :-/
[00:57] <stf^rocklinux> "MagSafe power connector" ... sounds like fun :)
[00:57] Action: stf^rocklinux just reading the Apple MacBook Pro entry in wikipedia...
[00:58] <esden> hehe ;)
[00:59] <esden> till now the connector works as good as a connector could work ... it provides power and even glows green as it should when my battery is charged
[01:00] <stf^rocklinux> do these notebooks also have a PC-compatible BIOS?
[01:00] <stf^rocklinux> e.g. could you boot an x86 distro on it?
[01:01] <esden> stf^rocklinux: humm ... that is a good question ... but using bootcamp it seems to be able to at least emulate bios for windows
[01:02] <esden> and I read that it should be possible to start a linux installation using bootcamp too
[01:02] <icelbox> macbooks use EFI
[01:02] <esden> icelbox: sure ... I know
[01:03] <stf^rocklinux> wikipedia says something about that Apple updated the firmware with a BIOS for Boot Camp
[01:03] <esden> but IIRC the new firmware contains a bios too that is being switched on when you have installed windows using bootcamp
[01:03] <esden> stf^rocklinux: exactly
[01:03] <icelbox> oh my...
[01:04] <icelbox> soon apple will sell Mac OS Vista or so
[01:04] <stf^rocklinux> PC-BIOS forever ^^
[01:04] <stf^rocklinux> hey, it's only a little more than 25 years old :)
[01:05] <icelbox> ofcourse intel needed to invent the wheel again instead of using open firmware for the 64bit machines
[01:53] Action: esden hat gerade gelesen was da so in kommentaren auf pro-linux los war
[01:53] <esden> aiaiaiaiai
[01:54] <esden> blindy hat mal wieder in die vollen gegriffen *FG*
[01:54] <esden> naja ... ich bin gespannt auf das stable release von rock ;)
[01:55] <esden> aja ... das mit t2 war der hammer *ROFL* "wenn man mit renes Temperament zurecht kommt..." lol!
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[08:39] <blindcoder> esden: is doch wahr... *schmoll*
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[12:35] <esden> moin
[12:35] <esden> blindcoder: ja ... ich meine nicht das du nicht recht hast ...
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[13:27] <blindcoder> hehe
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[18:23] <th> netrunner: 2006051109432731480 could you explain your vote please?
[18:34] <blindcoder> th: he means the rock package version minor number
[18:34] <blindcoder> [V] 090 0
[18:34] <blindcoder>         ^-- this one
[18:34] <th> ahhh
[18:35] <th> ok. point taken, but thats not needed if we just combine it with the 091 update ;)
[18:36] <blindcoder> *nod*
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[19:00] <daja77_> the suse meissner?
[19:00] <blindcoder>   never seen him say anything
[19:03] <netrunner> th: sorry for being picky about that, but I supply binaries to end systems, and they don't update if they already have a package with the same version
[19:04] <th> netrunner: yes. you were right.
[19:05] <th> thanks for pointing that out
[19:07] <blindcoder> we should finally create a post-commit hook for that
[19:08] <netrunner> blindcoder: that might help.
[19:09] <netrunner> blindcoder: maybe with a keyword to forbit it. but it would be useful for most commits.
[21:16] <esden> hi ho everyone
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