[00:01] <mnemoc> o.o
[00:01] <owl> mnemoc: please don't bite me :P
[00:03] <mnemoc> ok, not tonight
[00:03] <owl> thx a lot :)
[00:04] <owl> guess not-toasted owl-meat tastes much better *smiling*
[00:04] <mnemoc> :)
[00:04] <owl> how are you?
[00:06] <mnemoc> good, and how is the toasted-owl today?
[00:06] <owl> well, toasted :) toooo hyperaktive and waiting for the pills to make me thinkin slower again
[00:07] <mnemoc> -_-
[00:07] <owl> yes? :)
[00:08] <owl> heh, i want to sleep before arround 5 o'clock or something :)
[00:08] <mnemoc> i don't like pills
[00:08] <owl> dito. 
[00:08] <mnemoc> go out and run until you get tired enough, so you will sleep
[00:08] <mnemoc> without pills
[00:09] <owl> nah, already did. also did some hours of exessive writing... buuuuut... 
[00:09] <owl> impossible... 
[00:09] <owl> it's just sometimes that i need them, but if they're needed, then there's no way arround them :)
[00:10] <mnemoc> -_-
[00:10] <owl> hm?
[00:11] <mnemoc> nothing
[00:11] <owl> ^^
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[02:07] <owl> gn8 folks
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[08:54] <blindcoder> moin
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[09:43] <blindcoder> esden: ping
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[12:41] <esden> blindcoder: pong
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[13:15] <owl> moin
[13:28] <blindcoder> esden: seen the mail on rock-devel?
[13:28] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[13:30] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[15:16] <th> xpdf failed in my livecd target build in rc3-revision
[15:16] <th> freetype issue
[15:21] <stf^rocklinux_> th: have you tried http://www.freetype.org/freetype2/patches/xpdf-3.01-noftinternals.patch yet?
[15:23] <th> i dont patch vanilla builds ;)
[15:24] <th> it did not fail in crystal
[15:24] <th> i'll test the build sunday or monday
[15:33] Action: ubijtsa is recovering from the exam yesterday...
[15:34] Action: ubijtsa == [anders]
[15:59] <fake> th: yes, i saw that - but it's not CORE, so i didn't care.
[16:00] <fake> th: xpdf is CORE?
[16:00] <fake> hi ubijtsa aka [anders] ;)
[16:03] <th> ahh no it's not. but it's in livecd target
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[17:56] <fake> netrunner: thanks for adding your bugs to the wiki, anyways!
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[19:49] <ubijtsa> fake: lo
[19:50] Action: ubijtsa passed the RHCE exam this Friday gone
[19:50] <ubijtsa> I'll probably try and sneak in a few of the RHCA courses as well
[19:57] <daja77_> clifford has a RHCE too iirc
[20:07] <ubijtsa> daja77_: the rhce is harder than I thought
[20:34] <blindcoder> moin
[20:38] <fake> moin blindcoder 
[20:40] <blindcoder> moin fake 
[20:40] <blindcoder> fake: how is -final coming along? :-)
[20:47] <fake> blindcoder: i got word from th that he will test RC3 sunday + monday
[20:47] <fake> becaus he gets home then.
[20:47] <fake> we'll agree on the remaining patches to apply, the result will be -final
[20:48] <fake> then we can finally lift the freeze.
[20:49] <blindcoder> YAY \o/ :)
[20:50] Action: fake currently fixing mozilla build
[20:50] Action: blindcoder is looking forward to wild patch application and breaking stuff!!
[20:51] Action: fake too
[20:51] <fake> i'm especially eager to switch to gcc 4.1, glibc 2.4 and xorg r7
[20:51] <fake> it will break so much *glowing eyes*
[20:56] <blindcoder> so much stuff to play with :D
[20:57] <daja77_> + new freetype ^^
[20:57] Action: blindcoder now takes his ben and jerry's, the couch and some comedy to watch
[20:57] <blindcoder> not to forget the booze after the b&j
[21:09] <fake> == 07/22/06 21:04:57 =[5]=> Finished building package mozilla.
[21:09] <fake> finally
[21:09] <fake> blindcoder: have fun ;)
[21:10] <daja77_> hm we should kick it out anyway
[21:11] <fake> why?
[21:11] <fake> thunderbird and firefox rely on the .conf file ;)
[21:11] <daja77_> yeah that's the bad news
[21:12] <daja77_> but iirc it is not developed anymore and got replaced by seamonkey
[21:19] <blindcoder> yeah, and seamonkey and mozilla can't live next to each other
[21:19] <blindcoder> but our FF and TB aren't integrated into each other
[21:19] <blindcoder> ie: clicking on URLs in TB doesn't go to FF, and clicking on mailto: links in FF doesn't bring up TB
[21:39] <owl> re
[23:24] <netrunner> fake: np, but it was just what I saw, at least I cannot configure X in qemu so I cannot test more.
[23:24] <netrunner> fake: I can maybe do a real installation on thursday or so
[23:28] <mnemoc> blindcoder: you have to add some extra lines of config into firefox to get thunderbird on mailto:
[23:30] <mnemoc> into ff's libdir/${pkg}-${ver}/defaults/pref/firefox.js  add pref("network.protocol-handler.app.mailto", "some_script_handling_the_spawn_of_thunderbird");
[23:31] <mnemoc> something similar to get http:// out of tb
[00:00] --- Sun Jul 23 2006