[00:01] <owl> soooo. i am off for today, enjoying impressive talks of fleas and co... gn8. bye ;)
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[04:50] <fake> oooh great.
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[07:12] <blindcod1r> moin
[07:12] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
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[08:14] <blindcoder> Subject: [RTLWS8-CFP] Eighth Real-Time Linux Workshop 2nd CFP
[08:15] <blindcoder> I really have to wonder why I get these mails
[09:12] <owl> moin
[09:14] <fake> moin owl
[09:15] <owl> hi fake ;)
[09:16] <fake> 9 hours of sleep? luxury ;)
[09:17] <owl> nah, shower too. but: got up at 0830 or something... (after half an hour of boot-time *smile* )
[09:22] <owl> .oO( so about - 7 hours? dunno )
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[10:48] <esden> huhu ... 
[10:48] <esden> moin
[10:50] <netrunner> Ÿmoinmoin
[10:51] <owl> hi esden , netrunner 
[11:20] <stf^rocklinux_> moin all
[11:45] Action: fake falling asleep
[11:45] <owl> hum? timeshift again?
[11:45] <owl> hi stf^rocklinux_ 
[12:04] <fake> ok
[12:04] <fake> -final build is running
[12:05] <fake> i'm off to bed.
[12:05] <fake> n8!
[12:11] <owl> gn8 fake ^^
[12:48] <mnemoc> what will be the version of -final? ROCK v3?
[12:48] <blindcoder> ROCK 3
[12:49] <mnemoc> ROCK III :p
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[13:01] <mnemoc> somehow it reminds me the upcomming rocky VI
[13:05] <blindcoder> maybe we should name it ROCK 6 to get some free advertising
[13:06] Action: netrunner is for rock 30, then we can use ROCK XXX
[13:06] <th> ROCK 2006
[13:06] <owl> O_O
[13:06] <th> ROCK 2006.03
[13:06] <owl> sounds like 'rock am ring 2006'
[13:07] <owl> i am not sure if there comes out music... 
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[13:51] <netrunner> aha, once I move from ECP to EPP my server does not crash :)
[13:58] <owl> someone has the R.E.M.-leave chords lying arround...?
[14:09] <blindcoder> re
[14:09] <owl> wb blindcoder 
[14:16] <blindcoder> tnx
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[15:31] drafz (n=drafz@ALagny-151-1-80-87.w81-249.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[15:31] <drafz> hello
[15:32] <drafz> i would like to know if there is some precompiled package for rocklinux 
[15:32] <drafz> i think i will need GCC3.3 because the file libstdc++.so.5 is missing 
[15:34] <drafz> i have a driver wich need gcc 3.3 , i tried to symlink libstdc++.so.6.0.7 to the needed file , but driver report me a GLIBCPP3_2 error
[15:34] <drafz> :)
[15:38] <blindcoder> symlinking usually doesn't work
[15:38] <blindcoder> have you tried compiling gcc3.3?
[15:38] <blindcoder> basically there are precompiled binaries on iso.rocklinux.de, but that site's down atm
[15:39] <blindcoder> how about using a newer driver?
[15:41] <drafz> :/
[15:41] <drafz> dont beat i was trying to get ATI fglrx working :D
[15:41] <drafz> so 
[15:42] <drafz> i have the last official drivers i think ... hmm ..8.26.18
[15:42] <drafz> xorg 6.8 compliant , at least ... 
[15:42] <drafz> i have 6.9 , but the main pb is the gcc version i think 
[15:42] <drafz> nice distro bewteen 
[15:42] <drafz> :)
[15:44] <drafz> i got hard pb for get it working , i had a kernel so i needed to start linux with pci=nommconf flag
[15:44] <drafz> ha ! and another stuff
[15:44] <blindcoder> compiling gcc 3.3 into the running system should work, though
[15:44] <drafz> i can't use "su" with my user
[15:44] <drafz> :D
[15:45] <drafz> i will grab the source so ? but i'm a beginner 
[15:45] <drafz> i dont know why i think pam refuse to let my user use su 
[15:45] <blindcoder> because he's not in the 'wheel' group
[15:45] <drafz> Jul 25 17:20:19 localhost su[11030]: pam_authenticate: Autorisation refusée
[15:45] <drafz> okay :)
[15:46] <drafz> i saw the wheel stuff in a man page :)
[15:46] <drafz> or a file , because i was looking everywhere since 3 hours 
[15:46] <drafz> thanks
[15:46] <drafz> i replace %wheel by %users
[15:46] <drafz> i replaced*
[15:47] <drafz> i though wheel was just a common example , but after that, i saw "wheel" group in my /etc/group file ,so i presume i need to re replace it again
[15:47] <blindcoder> check /etc/pam.d/su
[15:49] <drafz> thx
[15:51] <drafz> i found , it was /etc/sudoers
[15:51] <drafz> i will be back
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[16:05] drafz (n=drafz@ALagny-151-1-80-87.w81-249.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[16:07] <drafz> im here
[16:07] <drafz> so
[16:07] <stf^rocklinux_> hi drafz
[16:07] <drafz> what do i need for GCC3.3 ?
[16:07] <drafz> (my  su doesnt work)
[16:07] <drafz> im a part of wheel but i cant su 
[16:07] <drafz> so i sue <_<
[16:08] <stf^rocklinux_> you can do: rocket emerge gcc33
[16:08] <drafz> rocket ? 
[16:08] <drafz> is it the main rocket software ?
[16:08] <drafz> rock linux i mena
[16:08] <stf^rocklinux_> yes, that's a network installer (but also does local installs)
[16:09] <drafz> is there any concurence problem between 4.03 and 3.3 ?
[16:09] <stf^rocklinux_> it's more like a simple convenience script
[16:09] <drafz> and where do i must install it ? wich path ?
[16:09] <stf^rocklinux_> concurrence? You can have both installed at the same time, if that's what you mean.
[16:09] <drafz> wich prefixe ? :)
[16:10] <stf^rocklinux_> don't worry about that, it's always installed in /usr.
[16:10] <drafz> okay , so, that's rock
[16:10] <drafz> any optimization ?
[16:10] <drafz> avaible ? 
[16:10] <drafz> i have a K8 
[16:11] <stf^rocklinux_> rocket uses the same optimizations and other settings used for building the distro you have installed, e.g. if your distro was compiled for Pentium-MMX, then rocket uses that optimization.
[16:12] <drafz> yup it is i think
[16:12] <stf^rocklinux_> specifically, rocket uses the config stored in /etc/ROCK-CONFIG
[16:12] <drafz> why not use more advanced compile flag ??
[16:12] <drafz> pentium mmx is old isnt it ?
[16:13] <stf^rocklinux_> yes, it's old, but it also works on old machines ;)
[16:13] <drafz> i think i need to re specify a new location for package
[16:13] Action: mnemoc is using one as desktop currently
[16:13] <drafz> :)
[16:13] <drafz> when i do a "rocket update" nothing happens 
[16:13] <stf^rocklinux_> and if you have a fast machine you can recompile the whole distro with higher optimizations within less than 24 hours.
[16:13] <drafz> lol
[16:13] <drafz> haha
[16:13] <drafz> hu 
[16:13] <drafz> less than 24 hour :p
[16:13] <drafz> i dont have all this time 
[16:14] <drafz> i wouldnt compile too many package
[16:14] <drafz> i choose rocket linux for get a quite brute distro , but i think i will not lose hours and hours with compilation 
[16:15] <drafz> anyway mplayer and noatune are here ;)
[16:15] <drafz> emerge started
[16:16] <stf^rocklinux_> drafz: remember the build process is fully automated, you can e.g. leave it running in the background over night.
[16:16] <drafz> yup
[16:17] <drafz> do you think it will run all the night ? :-S (emerge just stop , cant find the file gcc-3.3.6-blabla)
[16:17] <stf^rocklinux_> rocket update is for installing packages from a network, iirc. Before you can use it, you must enter one or more remote .gem pools in /etc/rocket.conf.
[16:17] <drafz> it tell me "did you run .Script/download for this package ?"
[16:18] <drafz> where can i find these gem mirror ? 
[16:19] <stf^rocklinux_> rocket emerge does try to download the required files for that package (see the DOWNLOAD LOG console output), but if that fails, you will get that message above.
[16:20] <drafz> no man pages for rocket ? :-p
[16:22] <drafz> the main problem actually is i cant use "su" command 
[16:22] <stf^rocklinux_> see gems.rocklinux.org for gem mirrors. it's only a few days old, though, and I haven't tried it yet...
[16:22] <drafz> wheel:x:10:drafz
[16:22] <drafz> is in my /etc/group file
[16:22] <stf^rocklinux_> drafz: which distro are you using? RC3?
[16:22] <drafz> RC3 yeah
[16:23] <drafz> Linux localhost #1 PREEMPT Tue Jul 25 13:37:51 CEST 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
[16:23] <stf^rocklinux_> did you log out the drafz user and login again? else your group memberships are not updated.
[16:23] <drafz> yup i logout all session , even root
[16:23] <drafz> drafz@localhost:~$ cat /etc/group | grep drafz
[16:23] <drafz> video:x:16:drafz
[16:23] <drafz> cdrom:x:29:drafz
[16:23] <drafz> users:x:100:drafz
[16:23] <drafz> wheel:x:10:drafz
[16:23] <drafz> sound:x:17:drafz
[16:24] <drafz> i dont have any drafz group
[16:24] <drafz> drafz is a part of few goup , i dont find my UID :-/
[16:24] <drafz> i creat it with a kde tools 
[16:25] <stf^rocklinux_> what are the last lines of /var/log/messages after trying to su?
[16:27] <drafz> Jul 25 18:21:57 localhost su[15983]: pam_authenticate: Autorisation refusée
[16:27] <drafz> Jul 25 18:21:57 localhost su[15983]: FAILED su for root by drafz
[16:27] <drafz> Jul 25 18:21:57 localhost su[15983]: - pts/1 drafz:root
[16:29] <stf^rocklinux_> hm, what's in your /etc/pam.d/su ?
[16:29] <drafz> drafz@localhost:/etc/pam.d$ cat su
[16:29] <drafz> #%PAM-1.0
[16:29] <drafz> auth            sufficient      pam_rootok.so
[16:29] <drafz> # Uncomment the following line to implicitly trust users in the "wheel" group.
[16:29] <drafz> #auth           sufficient      pam_wheel.so trust use_uid
[16:29] <drafz> # Uncomment the following line to require a user to be in the "wheel" group.
[16:29] <drafz> auth            required        pam_wheel.so use_uid
[16:29] <drafz> auth            include         system-auth
[16:29] <drafz> account         include         system-auth
[16:29] <drafz> password        include         system-auth
[16:29] <drafz> #session                required        pam_selinux.so close
[16:29] <drafz> session         include         system-auth
[16:29] <drafz> #session                required        pam_selinux.so open multiple
[16:29] <drafz> session         optional        pam_xauth.so
[16:30] <stf^rocklinux_> it works here, so I'm just making wild guesses :/
[16:30] <drafz> sorry for flooding
[16:30] <stf^rocklinux_> no problem
[16:30] <drafz> i dont have the command addusers
[16:31] <stf^rocklinux_> have you installed all packages from the CD, and have you modified any other configuration files?
[16:31] <stf^rocklinux_> it's called adduser
[16:31] <drafz> so i used kde users tool
[16:31] <stf^rocklinux_> err, useradd :)
[16:31] <drafz> i modified some file , but not many
[16:31] <drafz> mainly /etc/X11/xorg.conf
[16:31] <drafz> and ,... /Etc/fstab 
[16:31] <drafz> for noatime mount flag
[16:32] <stf^rocklinux_> ok, that's not related to pam...
[16:32] <drafz> hmm , i modified a thinkg
[16:32] <drafz> a thing 
[16:32] <drafz> maybe it's the cause 
[16:32] <drafz> i replace %wheel in /etc/sudoers by %users
[16:32] <drafz> then , i just replaced %wheel
[16:32] <drafz> but i dont restarted any service
[16:33] <drafz> maybe the file need to be re read ?
[16:33] <stf^rocklinux_> I guess no, since all lines containing %wheel are commented out anyways.
[16:34] <drafz> ?
[16:34] <drafz> commented out so read and considered ? 
[16:34] <stf^rocklinux_> all lines beginning with # are considered comments and ignored, I guess.
[16:34] <drafz> but it was uncommented
[16:35] <drafz> yup it's uncommented
[16:36] <drafz> ok i reboot so ?
[16:36] <stf^rocklinux_> that file is for sudo, not for su, I guess it's not related to your problem.
[16:36] <drafz> okay
[16:36] <drafz> ... 
[16:36] <stf^rocklinux_> maybe try to create another user, this time with "stone".
[16:36] <drafz> it's a pain , i can't even copy past from the terminal :p
[16:37] <drafz> a backdoor :O
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[16:39] <drafz> hahahha
[16:39] <stf^rocklinux_> ... and just add the user to the wheel group.
[16:40] <stf^rocklinux_> ?
[16:40] <drafz> i just typed sudo shutdown -h now , and terminal spoke to me about responsabilities :D
[16:40] <drafz> best distro ever
[16:40] <blindcoder> that's sudo, doesn't have to do with ROCK specifically
[16:40] <drafz> omg
[16:40] <drafz> i found a thing
[16:40] <drafz> # Uncomment the following line to implicitly trust users in the "wheel" group.
[16:40] <drafz> #auth           sufficient      pam_wheel.so trust use_uid
[16:40] <drafz> so o?
[16:40] <drafz> is this it ?
[16:41] <drafz> i uncommented and all wheel users will be trusted
[16:41] <drafz> so it 's the cause of my problem maybe ?
[16:41] <drafz> tell me 
[16:41] <stf^rocklinux_> it's commented here, too, and su still works, so it's not the primary cause...
[16:42] <drafz> <_> okay 
[16:42] <drafz> i think i will not be able to find the solving anyway
[16:42] <stf^rocklinux_> but if that makes su work for you, you may consider to uncomment that line...
[16:43] <stf^rocklinux_> well, did you try to create another user with stone and use su from that login?
[16:43] <drafz> nope
[16:43] <drafz> i didnt
[16:43] <drafz> i dont want "stone" user
[16:43] <drafz> i want drafz :-o
[16:43] <drafz> the song remain the same
[16:44] <drafz> ..i think
[16:47] <stf^rocklinux_> hm, too bad I can't reproduce your problem, that would make finding a fix easier.
[16:48] <drafz> yup
[16:48] <blindcoder> just add the user to the group 'wheel'
[16:48] <drafz> i will try to close all my "drafz" session and relog
[16:48] <drafz> hi blind
[16:48] <drafz> but drafz is in wheel group
[16:48] <drafz> in /etc/group
[16:49] <drafz> brb
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[16:49] <blindcoder> did you relogin after changing that?
[16:49] <blindcoder> anyway, gotta run
[16:49] <blindcoder> bbl
[16:49] <stf^rocklinux_> blindcoder: he did...
[16:49] <stf^rocklinux_> c u
[18:05] drafz (n=drafz@ALagny-151-1-80-87.w81-249.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[18:06] <drafz> here again
[18:06] <drafz> where is the web page where i can grab mirror for gcc33? 
[18:38] <drafz> okay , gcc 3.3.6 is builded and installed in /usr/local
[18:38] <drafz> hat must i do now for my fglrx drivers ? 
[18:39] <drafz> should i make a symlink from /usr/local/lib/libstdcc++.so to /usr/lib/xxxx ?
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[19:00] drafz (n=drafz@ALagny-151-1-80-87.w81-249.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[19:01] <drafz> ok 
[19:01] <drafz> incredible but it works
[19:01] <drafz> i have my xorg DRI working 
[19:01] <drafz> :D
[19:01] <drafz> i only build c and c++ langague for GCC
[19:01] <drafz> bulding take only 6 7 minutes
[19:15] <stf^rocklinux_> nice :)
[19:18] <drafz> 50000 frame/sec on glxgears 
[19:18] <drafz> oops
[19:18] <drafz> nearly 10K sorry
[19:19] <drafz> it's from far better than previous drivers 
[19:19] <drafz> i will need to test TA:spring and maybe unreal or doom xD 
[19:21] <stf^rocklinux_> well, glxgears is not a benchmark, but anyway, have fun :)
[19:24] <stf^rocklinux_> I mean glxgears is far too simple to be useful as a real-world benchmark...
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[19:43] <stf^rocklinux_> <-- afk
[20:07] <blindcoder> re
[20:36] <owl> re
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[23:13] <fake> hi
[23:13] <fake> daja's safe and sound in his hotel room
[23:13] <fake> which is more like 3 hotel rooms
[23:16] <blindcoder> hoeh?
[23:17] <blindcoder> so he's really going to move to .at?
[23:18] <fake> looks like it. he'll look at flats this week
[23:18] <blindcoder> heh, another lost cause
[23:19] <fake> 338 builds total, 303 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[23:26] <blindcoder> why is he moving to .at, anyway?
[23:27] <esden> everyone moving to at
[23:28] <esden> is there some job containing lisp in it's description ... if yes I also will move there ;)
[23:28] <esden> or are they giving something for free?
[23:30] <fake> esden: they offer jobs for free, you even get paid ;)
[23:30] <fake> blindcoder: he'll start working at the company i work at, too, on August 1st
[23:31] <blindcoder> ah, I see
[23:31] <esden> fake: what company is it?
[23:31] <fake> esden: www.hpc.at
[23:31] <esden> fake: I heard you are coding windows stuff ... ;)
[23:31] <blindcoder> hpc, the employer that ROCKs
[23:31] <fake> esden: as windows stuff as you do.
[23:31] <fake> esden: you know the toolchain stuff
[23:32] <fake> esden: symbian toolchain is only really usable under windows.
[23:32] <fake> esden: though the code is for ARM / Symbian
[23:32] <fake> http://www.hpcdual.at/index.php?curPage=dz_technik
[23:32] <fake> that's a way more interesting page
[23:32] <blindcoder> fake: so I guess you'll be hosting the devmeeting
[23:33] <fake> we have a rock-linux based product.
[23:33] <blindcoder> fake: and think about the rl.net site :-)
[23:33] <blindcoder> I'm off for today, bye
[23:33] <esden> fake: ohh ... I see ... so you do funny embedded stuff
[23:33] <fake> esden: if you define pentium IVs as 'embedded' ;)
[23:34] <fake> esden: 'server applicance' would be a fitting name
[23:35] <esden> fake: I see
[23:36] <fake> esden: the symbian thing is embedded of course. it's just nokia/series60/series80/uiq phone app development
[23:36] <fake> esden: the server appliance is referring to the web page i posted
[23:37] <fake> esden: and then there are the java/jsp apps, the php solutions...
[23:37] <fake> esden: we're really only specialized in problem solving ;)
[23:37] <esden> yes I see ... no comment on the java/jsp and php stuff ;)
[23:37] <esden> but the other things sound pretty nice
[23:38] <esden> in contrary to the front page ;)
[23:38] <fake> i don't like them that much either, but the effort/revenue quota makes them undeniable ;)
[23:39] <fake> s/quota/quote/
[23:39] <esden> fake: that is a topic one can discuss if java/jsp and php are really the solutions that give you the best effort/revenue quota ... but I would not like to start this discussion now and here ... because I should go home ... :)
[23:40] <fake> esden: that depends from case to case and can't be decided on a per-language basic in general ;P
[23:40] <esden> yes quote ... right
[23:40] <fake> esden: allright, see ya
[23:40] <fake> s/basic/basis/ damn what is up with my typing
[23:41] <esden> fake: I have another view of that topic (the language specific) but you may be right in your specific field ... (only on the basis of the avalilable libraries ...)
[23:41] <fake> esden: no, it's generic
[23:41] <esden> but as I said ... we can discuss it some day we see each other
[23:41] <fake> esden: there is no such thing as a 'bad language'
[23:41] <fake> esden: agreed ;)
[23:42] <esden> nice ... I look forward to it ;)
[23:42] <esden> cu
[23:42] <fake> en garde!
[00:00] --- Wed Jul 26 2006