[00:05] <fake> https://www.rocklinux.org/wiki/ROCK3#Changelog
[00:46] <fake> ok, so now i'm off to the housing provider.
[00:46] <fake> bbl.
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[01:58] <fake> ... and hello from the housing center.
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[06:52] <blindcoder> fake: moving phoenix?
[07:38] <blindcoder> http://bash.pilgerer.org/rid/3787
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[08:57] <fake> moin
[08:58] <fake> blindcoder: no, work stuff
[09:02] <blindcoder> ah, I see
[09:46] <owl> jesus christ... my dreams are a bit weird nowadays... O_O
[09:46] <owl> moin
[10:21] <fake> stf^rocklinux_: the importand vs. important typo was intended
[10:22] <fake> stf^rocklinux_: clifford used to always write importand instead of important
[10:28] <blindcoder> fake: go to yigg.de and digg.com and vote up the ROCK news :P
[10:28] <blindcoder> freshmeat already lists ROCK 3
[10:33] Action: esden digging ;)
[10:39] <esden> blindcoder: dugg
[11:12] <esden> soo ... yigged auch ;)
[11:14] <owl> hi esden 
[11:31] <esden> huhu owl
[11:32] <esden> ahh dich koennte ich auch bei digg einladen ;)
[11:32] <esden> owl: wann lernst du lisp? ;)
[11:32] <owl> never ;)
[11:32] <esden> warum?
[11:32] <esden> why?
[11:32] <owl> cuz i have no need for it?
[11:33] <esden> you only learn what you have to?
[11:33] <esden> and what you need? ... 
[11:33] <owl> yeah. 
[11:33] <owl> what i need... 
[11:33] <esden> ok ... you lost
[11:33] <owl> *g* why?
[11:34] <blindcoder> re
[11:34] <esden> ahh finally ... blindcoder back
[11:34] <esden> blindcoder: I dugg and yigged
[11:34] <esden> but still ... we need more people
[11:34] <blindcoder> good boy *pat*
[11:34] <owl> heh, i know now, that there is a life without computers, too... i am more into music, into photography etc. and i'm normally working 12 hours or something / day for my own company or better: for my products etc.
[11:35] <esden> blindcoder: invite owl to digg ;)
[11:41] <blindcoder> http://www.symlink.ch/article.pl?sid=06/07/27/0929234
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[11:51] <blindcoder> http://brains.mine.nu/temp/revenge-is-sweet.jpg
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[12:07] <ripclaw> ehlo world
[12:07] <blindcoder> hello n=DE43741@blueice1n1.de.ibm.com, nice to meet you
[12:07] <ripclaw> :D
[12:07] <ripclaw> hi blindcoder
[12:08] <blindcoder> ripclaw: know some more places to announce ROCK 3-final to?
[12:08] <ripclaw> i have seen that R3 was released :) 
[12:08] <blindcoder> ripclaw: so far I tried /., symlink, yigg, digg, osnews, freshmeat, newsforge, pro-linux
[12:09] <ripclaw> the usual is almost all of the above... maybe berlios, linuxmagazin or ct
[12:09] <ripclaw> aka heise
[12:09] <ripclaw> theregister.co.uk
[12:09] <blindcoder> heise will probably want a whole 500 words arcticle
[12:09] <blindcoder> oh yeah, el reg
[12:09] <ripclaw> oh yeah, probably better to not :D
[12:11] <owl> hi ripclaw 
[12:11] <ripclaw> hi owl !
[12:11] <ripclaw> blindcoder - maybe sourceforge too.
[12:12] <blindcoder> ripclaw: we're hosted at neither berlios nor sf
[12:13] <ripclaw> ok, maybe tricked by brain again... at one point we had sf accounts for the project
[12:13] <blindcoder> we had a 'sourceforge' repository in 1.5
[12:15] <ripclaw> test
[12:15] <blindcoder> failed
[12:15] <ripclaw> test
[12:15] <ripclaw> i got hibernated by the bloody M$ O$
[12:16] <ripclaw> sorry.
[12:16] <blindcoder> heh
[12:16] <blindcoder> well, the /. story is not yet rejected :)
[12:17] <ripclaw> :D cool
[12:20] <ripclaw> by the way - the release 3 was out the door amazingly fast ! (after a bit of dragging and screamin)
[12:20] <blindcoder> yeah
[12:21] <blindcoder> took roughly two weeks from (announced) feature freeze to -final
[12:23] <ripclaw> ouch. fast
[12:24] <blindcoder> yeah, but the feature freeze was roughly 3 weeks longer semi-active
[12:24] <blindcoder> anyway, gota get back to work
[12:24] <blindcoder> bbl
[12:29] <ripclaw> bbl blindy
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[12:39] <ripclaw> dot
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[13:46] <blindcoder> oh, fuck
[13:47] <blindcoder> the pro-linux.de entry for ROCK 3 is... eww
[13:47] <daja77_> erh hi blindcoder 
[13:47] <blindcoder> http://www.pro-linux.de/news/2006/10013.html
[13:47] <blindcoder> moin daja77_ 
[13:47] <blindcoder> golem.de even got the version number wrong >_<
[13:48] <daja77_> hm they wrote crap about the init system
[13:49] <blindcoder> pro-linux? yeah
[13:49] <blindcoder> the /. submission is still pending
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[15:01] <esden> blindcoder: cool symlink already posted
[15:06] <esden> hehe ... rocklinux 3.0 ... yes ... 
[15:06] Action: daja77_ likes to freeze his features
[15:07] <esden> daja77_: you have a bottle of liquid azote?
[15:07] <ripclaw_afk_meet> deep fried features anyone ? me i`m off to coffee after that narco-meet.
[15:08] <esden> s/azote/nitrogen/
[15:09] <th> http://www.pro-linux.de/cgi-bin/DBApp/check.cgi?ShowApp..7209.100
[15:09] <th> changelog link broken
[15:09] <daja77_> moin th
[15:10] <netrunner> oh, it is rumpeling
[15:20] <fake> blindcoder: how can i vote them up?
[15:21] <fake> i don't get the voting system on yigg.de
[15:21] <daja77_> btw wireshark sucks
[15:33] <fake> http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=03597#0
[15:40] <stf^rocklinux_> moin
[15:54] <esden> rock release blogged
[15:57] <fake> hm
[15:57] <fake> that's odd
[15:59] Nick change: ripclaw_afk_meet -> ripclaw
[16:00] Action: fake mirroring images
[16:00] <ripclaw> hi fake !
[16:01] <ripclaw> i was without workin inet for a while... sorry for the delay. currently setting up a rockdev box again.
[16:01] <ripclaw> installing the RC was uneventful in vmware, didnt notice anything strange, but i didnt setup x anyways
[16:02] <ripclaw> btw it would have been to late anyway...
[16:02] <ripclaw> anyone any experience with rock on soekris boxen ? i need a pocket-developerbox.
[16:06] <fake> i got 2 soekris boxen running rock
[16:09] <ripclaw> sufficient as a compile-box if you have seom time ?
[16:09] <ripclaw> i plan using a 4801+GDT Raidyne with 2 disk
[16:10] <ripclaw> very good package size, good  reliability, fast IO. small enough to take with me on travel
[16:10] <ripclaw> but i havent had any bus-width tests... 
[16:11] <ripclaw> my old gdt card is faster than the bus on the 4801 i assume.
[16:29] <esden> guys how is the release going? ... download stats?
[16:31] <ripclaw> i downloaded one iso :)
[16:31] <ripclaw> will start another download soon *grin*
[16:39] <ripclaw> threee things in life are certain: death, taxes and 404 page not found. you victim of one - favourite error msg
[16:47] <ripclaw> cu - changing location
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[18:07] <blindcoder> fake: click on the 'play' icon
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[18:17] <ripclaw> rehi
[18:18] <blindcoder> wb
[18:18] <blindcoder> 2006-07-27 04:58:04 ROCK 3 released (Linux,Software) (rejected)
[18:18] <blindcoder> heh, as usual :-)
[18:18] <ripclaw> try without --reject :)
[18:31] <ripclaw> l
[18:48] <owl> re
[18:52] <ripclaw> wb owl
[18:55] <owl> thx
[19:44] <blindcoder> YAY! osnews now also carries the ROCK 3 announcement :D
[19:58] <owl> congrats
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[20:27] <ripclaw> congrats
[20:27] <fake> wee, http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=15301
[20:27] <ripclaw> note: never trust /usr/local to be a directory under solaris. install may crush symlinks.
[20:27] <fake> and the 1 comment is like oil running down my throat ;)
[20:28] <ripclaw> plus note to self - i`ll charge the guy a whole shipload of coffee for that
[20:28] <ripclaw> whats it saying, fake ?
[20:28] <fake> that rock rocks ;)
[20:28] <ripclaw> *evilhoernchen mach*
[20:28] <fake> and f4k3.net/~fake/rock seems to be hard to reach - though i don't have problems with either load nor bandwidth...
[20:28] <fake> weird.
[20:29] <fake> *neither
[20:29] <ripclaw> dns problems ?
[20:29] <fake> TX bytes:87459507239 (81.4 GiB)
[20:29] <fake> oops...
[20:29] <ripclaw> how about www.linuxiso.org ?
[20:29] <fake> ;-)
[20:29] <ripclaw> TX looks a bit high, so to say
[20:29] <fake> ripclaw: my irssi is running on f4k3.net, i'm currently using it
[20:30] <ripclaw> ack - but if you have similar load with e.g. a box where only ssh connect goes in, its weirdo...
[20:30] <fake>  20:26:54 up 22 days,  2:55,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.04
[20:31] <fake> can you reach http://f4k3.net/ ?
[20:32] <ripclaw> from behind these walls of evil ?
[20:32] <fake> it's just http... ?
[20:33] <ripclaw> not right now. neither with www. prefix nor without
[20:33] <ripclaw> timeout
[20:33] <ripclaw> three things are for sure - death, taxes and host unreachable. you victim of one :)
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[20:41] <fake> woohoo...
[20:42] <fake> let me count this...
[20:43] <fake> 349 crystal downloads
[20:43] <fake> 60 bootdisk
[20:44] <fake> 127 source tarball downloads!
[20:44] <fake> on this machine.
[20:44] <fake> there is the mirror now...
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[20:44] Topic changed on #rocklinux by fake!n=fake@f4k3.net:  http://gems.rocklinux.org/release/ROCK3-crystal-r7770.iso || http://www.rocklinux.org/wiki/ROCK_Developer_Meeting_2006
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[20:45] <fake> manual load balancing ;-)
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[21:16] <ripclaw> hey fake - any idea when the rockdev meet is going to happen ?
[21:19] <ripclaw> i`ll be near munich in mid august for sports reasons anyway
[21:26] <fake> ripclaw: the poll is still running
[21:32] <ripclaw> yes, but i am somewhat limited with my time shedule right now. i`ll turn up if its munich or nearby, hopefully. cannot guarantee that. if its berlin, i could also show up
[21:32] <ripclaw> it doesnt make sense to take me in the poll. worst case, i`ll skype in.
[21:32] <ripclaw> _somebody_ surely is going to have skype or such
[21:34] <ripclaw> the interesting part is putting it into my calendar items 2 weeks before, else it gets floated.
[21:35] <fake> skype is evil.
[21:35] <ripclaw> i so dearly hope this crappy patchcluster i install since 1600hrs local is finally going to finish or die.
[21:35] <ripclaw> maybe. sipgate is evil to. show me usable voip tool that isnt and i am off skype
[21:38] <fake> asterisk ?
[21:38] <fake> fwd?
[21:38] <ripclaw> ok - working on mac ? dont know them
[21:38] <fake> freeworlddialup.com or so
[21:38] <fake> it's all just SIP
[21:38] <fake> industry-standard
[21:38] <ripclaw> dont invest much time in anything not related fixin broken stuff lately.
[21:38] <ripclaw> ok.
[21:39] <ripclaw> btw. for skype theres some phil zimmermann broken crypto again... dont think its goin to help muhc
[21:39] <ripclaw> i`ll have to see how much effort it takes. cant put more than 1h in tools these days. buried in stuff, it all takes time away from life.
[21:40] <ripclaw> and i`ld need to see a doc with my backbones more urgently than fix another piece of stuff to work on my pc.
[21:40] <ripclaw> i was close to giving up internet connect this year anyway.
[21:41] <ripclaw> i`ll check out the dial things.
[21:51] <ripclaw> ok, folks, i am outta here for the day. the damn patchcounter is down to 2. packing up n stuff.
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[00:00] --- Fri Jul 28 2006