[00:37] Action: fake boooooooored
[00:37] <fake> i'm so busy being bored, i don't even have time to think about what i could do to stop being bored
[00:37] <fake> what a tragedy.
[00:38] <fake> owl: who's chili addicted? you?
[00:49] Action: netrunner enjoying a banana-cocos-baileys-milkshake
[00:51] <madtux> hey netty
[00:52] <netrunner> hey maddy
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[01:12] <madtux> n00kie!
[01:13] <netrunner> madtux: you have a greeting-reflex :)
[01:14] <madtux> netrunner: haha... not really just kinda bored and i have not been around for a while so its nice to say hello to old friends
[01:15] <netrunner> hey, I am not that old :)
[01:19] <madtux> lol
[01:19] <madtux> u are older than me
[01:19] <madtux> :)
[01:19] <madtux> i think
[01:19] <madtux> its very possible that only nookie is younger... and blindcoder for a few hours
[01:21] Action: netrunner suddenly becomes tired
[01:22] <netrunner> hm, cleanup desk now or tomorrow ... now or tomorrow ... sleep or work ... nice dreams or dirty hands ... 
[01:22] <fake> mmh... banana-cocos-baileys... sounds good
[01:22] <netrunner> fake: it was good :)
[01:22] Action: fake austrian beer...
[01:22] <fake> yuck
[01:23] <netrunner> n8
[01:23] <fake> n8!
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[01:34] Action: fake off, too
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[07:52] <blindcoder> moin
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[09:56] Action: blindcoder installing ROCK3 on a FSC Celsius Mobile H
[10:19] <blindcoder> Warning: File <blah> has modification timestamp 9.4e+06 seconds in the future
[10:19] <blindcoder> err...
[11:31] <owl> fake: nah, ah friendorsomethinglikethat... ^^
[11:31] <owl> moin btw
[11:55] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[11:57] <owl> hi blindy
[12:50] <netrunner> moin blindy & owl
[12:50] <owl> hi netrunner 
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[15:05] <esdentem> huhu
[15:05] Action: esdentem waiting for pallas to come back ... :(
[15:05] Action: esdentem missing pallas
[15:06] Action: esdentem continuing to read pcl ...
[15:06] <owl> hi esdentem 
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[17:51] <fake> moin
[17:52] <owl> hi fake 
[18:02] <nookie__> 5 to 6
[18:02] <nookie__> time to get up :)
[18:03] <owl> hi nookie__ ;)
[18:03] <nookie__> hi owl 
[18:04] <owl> how are you?
[18:31] <nookie__> quite good thanks :)
[18:31] <nookie__> a little bit tired but ok
[18:31] <nookie__> you owl?
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[18:33] <owl> alive. bored like hell. ill. 
[18:35] <nookie__> yeah
[18:35] <nookie__> it's really boring
[18:35] <nookie__> fucking weather
[18:35] <nookie__> you cannot do anything
[18:35] <owl> yeah, especially if you need to stay on your couch... :(
[18:36] <nookie__> what have you?
[18:37] <owl> influenca or shit. at least many small men sitting in my head and making 'tock, tock' from inside... and my throat hurts, my ears are - strange, my nose... and i am just dead
[18:37] <nookie__> ohh
[18:37] <nookie__> gute besserung!
[18:37] <nookie__> influenca is very bad
[18:37] <nookie__> I had last year
[18:37] <owl> thx
[18:37] <owl> yeah, i have often normally. buuuuut... :/
[18:38] <owl> i am so hyperactive that i am almost getting insane... 
[18:38] <nookie__> why hyperactive
[18:38] <nookie__> ?
[18:38] <owl> and: the fscking "glas meiner brille" broke ... *grmpf*
[18:38] <nookie__> you need to buy contanct linses :)
[18:39] <owl> oh, i am always kinda hyperactive. especially if i can't compensate it with doing things... 
[18:39] <owl> nah.. i dislike contacts... have them, but i prefer glasses ;)
[18:39] <nookie__> maybe do sports?
[18:39] <owl> not allowed to... :/
[18:40] <owl> you know 'no sports during illness'
[18:40] <nookie__> ah ok
[18:40] <owl> hrm :/
[18:42] muxx (n=muxx@muxxik.force9.co.uk) joined #rocklinux.
[18:44] <muxx> hi guys. is it possible to build rock without gcc/makeinfo/... ending up in the resulting image ?
[18:45] <owl> hi muxx 
[18:46] <muxx> hi
[18:47] <muxx> I tried to create a cut-down wersion of the router but gcc is still there
[18:47] <muxx> Version even
[18:48] <fake> muxx: it's a very good idea keeping gcc
[18:48] <fake> muxx: any C++ program will need it's libraries
[18:50] <muxx> I don't mind keeping the libraries. but I don't need all this stuff in my resulting image
[18:51] <muxx> I mean intermediate packages that are required for the build
[18:54] <muxx> also, afaik, c++ progs require libstc++ and libgcc. any chance of installing just the library, not the whole gcc package ?
[18:55] <fake> muxx: you could create a split-package for the libraries, we've been wanting to do that since long
[18:56] <muxx> won't it make the build >
[18:56] <muxx> won't it BREAK the build even
[18:56] <muxx> because I tried disabling gcc at first, and it breaks
[18:57] <fake> muxx: why? split-packages just put the binaries created by the gcc build in different packages, called gcc:something
[18:57] <fake> muxx: then you could only put, for example gcc:libstdc++ and gcc:libgcc on the media
[18:58] <fake> muxx: or maybe call it gcc:runtime
[18:58] <muxx> how do I achieve this ?
[18:58] <fake> muxx: on how to create split packages, see package/base/apache/apache.conf
[18:58] <fake> muxx: a apache:apr split package is created there
[18:59] <fake> muxx: or package/base/subversion/subversion.conf, there's the subversion:server example
[18:59] <muxx> can't I just sort of cross-compile, to separate the intermediate packages and what is put in the result ?
[19:00] <fake> muxx: you can of course selected what gets put on the install media. take a look at the bootdisk tatget's build_stage2.sh
[19:01] <fake> muxx: though the bootdisk uses tar.bz2 without package splits, so you have the advantage of just ignoring all :dev and :doc packages for a start.
[19:02] <fake> muxx: the bootdisk is from a time before split packages, and will get a major rewrite soon.
[19:03] <muxx> basically, I need an absolute minimum, to fit a ramdisk. basic binaries, libraries + ssh. what's the most sensible way of achieving this with rock ?
[19:05] <fake> muxx: see target/router/build.sh
[19:05] <fake> muxx: it creates a initrd-like image to burn on cd.
[19:05] <fake> muxx: you can adopt that for your own target.
[19:06] <fake> muxx: looking up required libraries automatically is done for example in target/bootdisk/build_stage1.sh, line 142 to 155
[19:07] <muxx> so there's no way of achieving this using package selection rules ?
[19:07] <fake> muxx: creating symlinks for required files automatically is done in the same file as above
[19:07] <fake> muxx: selecting the packages' parts to put in the image in build.sh is a package selection?
[19:08] <muxx> no, I mean using Config's "package selection rules" section
[19:09] <fake> muxx: with the package selection rules, you define which packages get built. in your target/mydistro dir, you can do everything else.
[19:10] <muxx> is it not possible to build gcc for intermediate use, but not to put it in the resulting filesystem tree ?
[19:11] <muxx> seems to me like a clear distinction between something that is required for build and what is put in the result
[19:11] <fake> of course it is!
[19:11] <muxx> build.sh ?
[19:12] <fake> yes!
[19:12] <muxx> ok, sorry. I am being stupid
[19:12] <fake> the 'generic' target you probably used just assumes that you want everything built on the media
[19:12] <muxx> I just could not believe that this option is not readily available already
[19:12] <fake> it is - it's the 'your distribution' part ;-)
[19:13] <fake> you create your own target/* subdirectory for that and other purposes
[19:13] <fake> for example, in target/mydistro you can create pkg_<packagename>.conf files, that replace <packagename>'s .conf file
[19:14] <fake> for building your distrbution, target/mydistro/build.sh gets called
[19:14] <fake> from there, you kick off the package build loop
[19:14] <fake> but what you do after that and/or before that is up to you!
[19:17] <fake> creating bootable cd ISOs, package indexes, etc, are just services offered, not enforced.
[19:19] <muxx> I understand that it is flexible through scripting
[19:20] <muxx> I just don't quite get why there is no _easy_ way of telling the build system what packages should not be put in the resulting tree. for example, a flag against gcc telling not to copy it there, would help. rather than having to edit the scripts manually
[19:22] <fake> muxx: there are implementations doing what you want. just take a look.
[19:23] <muxx> what particular implementations ?
[19:23] <fake> muxx: bootdisk?
[19:23] <muxx> allright
[19:23] <fake> muxx: you are more than welcome to create an API offering the functionality in a generic way
[19:23] <muxx> 8)
[19:24] <fake> ;)
[19:24] <fake> sorry i'm so harsh today
[19:24] <muxx> just giving you an idea, you know. there is X and O, maybe there can be I which means that the package should not be put there
[19:25] <muxx> you are helping, this is the most importnt thing
[19:25] <fake> i don't think that would be a fitting place
[19:25] <fake> the X and O are build instructions. at that point, what should get installed where is absolutley irrelevant.
[19:27] <muxx> of course you know the concept better
[19:29] <muxx> sorry, I know how annoying it is when someone who did not grasp the concept comes and starts to give suggestions 8)
[19:35] <fake> ah, nevermind
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[21:37] <owl> re
[21:48] <nookie__> http://german-bash.org/10445
[21:48] <nookie__> lol
[21:48] <nookie__> wb owl 
[21:49] <owl> thx
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