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[00:13] <owl> *lol*
[00:13] <owl> hi Nigg 
[00:14] <Nigg> ich hab n geiles lag
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[00:44] <owl> gn8
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[06:45] <blindcoder> moin
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[07:09] <netrunner> moin, 2
[07:38] <ubijtsa> moin, 3
[08:11] <blindcoder> re
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[09:45] <owl> moin
[09:46] <blindcoder> moin moin owl
[09:46] <owl> hi blindy
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[10:25] <owl> note to self: don't try to identify on wrong server... 
[10:28] <th> is this server here wrong?
[10:29] <owl> for this nickname? - yeah... ;) 
[10:29] <owl> nah, i still had not my cup of cappuccinyet.  'morgendliche verplantheit'
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[11:09] <esden> moin
[11:10] <owl> hi esden 
[12:04] <esden> hi owl 
[12:37] <nookie> hey esden, owl 
[12:37] <owl> hi nookie 
[12:40] <blindcoder> moin everyone :)
[12:45] <owl> this goddamned eclipse drives me crazy
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[13:28] <esden> moin blindcoder 
[13:29] <esden> blindcoder: have you found a solution to the problems we have on pallas?
[14:09] <esden> waaaahhhh I hate C!!! argl
[14:11] <nookie> printf("Hello World\n");
[14:11] <nookie> =)
[14:16] <owl> nookie: you're a hero :P
[14:25] <nookie> I am the best.
[14:32] <th> While installing GEM file /mnt/cd/TRUNK-x86-pentium-mmx-32-crystal/pkgs/TRANS.TBL: Unknown error
[14:32] <th> perhaps mine should be smart enough to answer "this is no gem file"
[14:32] <nookie> lol
[14:35] <esden> (format t "Hello World~%")
[14:35] <esden> that is cooler ;)
[14:39] <blindcoder> cout << "Hello World\n";
[14:40] <blindcoder> esden: I have not yet found the reason, much less a solution
[14:40] <blindcoder> esden: but I've got some surveillance in place
[14:42] <esden> or even (format t "~{~a ~}~%" '("Hello" "World")
[14:42] <esden> )
[14:42] <esden> blindcoder: very well!
[14:42] <esden> blindcoder: I hope your surveillance will not be needed anymore :)
[14:44] <esden> blindcoder: you should write ::std::cout << "Hello World" << ::std::endl;
[14:45] <blindcoder> esden: ::std:: is overrated :)
[14:45] <esden> otherwise you have to use the std namespace what sucks ...
[14:45] <esden> ;)
[14:45] <blindcoder> and endl is only interesting for portability
[14:45] <esden> portability is good!!!
[14:45] <esden> 1eleven
[14:45] <blindcoder> http://www.fefe.de/nowindows/
[14:46] <esden> :P
[14:46] <daja77> he wrote sw for windows himself :)
[14:47] <blindcoder> hehe, yeah :)
[14:48] <blindcoder> fefe is a funny gu
[14:48] <blindcoder> y
[14:48] <blindcoder> sveng sometimes has interesting stories about him :)
[14:49] <esden> lol
[14:49] <daja77> he has stories about everything
[14:49] <blindcoder> yeah, and he never stops telling them
[14:49] <daja77> :D
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[15:38] <esden> wargh ... I want lisp on M16C!!! *schluchts* I want lisp macros! *cry*
[15:40] Action: daja77 gives esden a pill
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[15:41] <blindcoder> esden: http://greyfire.org/picture_library/go-cry.jpg
[15:48] <nookie> lol
[15:48] <nookie> I need a bigger harddisk
[15:48] <nookie> und 417Megs free
[15:49] <blindcoder> /dev/md/5             431G  101G  330G  24% /data
[15:50] <blindcoder> I feel your pain
[15:50] <nookie> I understand
[15:50] <nookie> :P
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[17:50] <madtux> moin
[17:51] <daja77> hi miguel
[17:51] <madtux> hello danny
[17:56] <owl> hi madtux ! *hug*
[17:57] <madtux> my favorite singer in the universe!
[17:57] <madtux> :)
[17:57] <owl> hehe
[17:57] Action: madtux hugs owlita back
[17:57] <owl> currently i am just a bird with identiy-crisis... *kraaaah* :)
[17:58] <madtux> we all are..
[17:58] <madtux> ;-)
[17:58] <owl> why? tux counts as bird? thought it was with many plush? :P
[17:58] <madtux> specially daja77 ... hey birdy birdy
[17:59] Action: madtux hides
[17:59] <owl> *lol*
[18:03] <daja77> O_o
[18:40] <esden> daja77: what pill? blue one or a red one? ;)
[18:41] <daja77> both
[18:43] <madtux> esden: he is selfish... he won't share pills wih no one.. he want's everything for himself
[18:43] <madtux> same with woman... daja77 shame on u.
[18:43] <owl> might i should let play my female charme? :P
[18:43] <esden> daja77: that would be pretty interesting ... I think
[18:44] <madtux> owl: i'd like to see that
[18:44] <esden> I see dead people ... wrong movie?
[18:44] <owl> madtux: you mean the 'female charme' or the same together with me? :P
[18:45] <madtux> all of it :)
[18:45] <owl> *giggle*
[18:45] <owl> heh, i am always a charming girl *looking in madtux 's eyes* :P
[18:45] Action: madtux melting..
[18:45] <owl> you  see ? :P
[18:46] <madtux> :)
[18:47] Action: esden 20 mins to go untill the WWDC Keynote starts
[18:47] Action: esden getting nervous
[18:48] <madtux> esden: go get some coffee..
[18:48] <esden> madtux: I already had two club mate ... I do not need coffee
[18:48] <owl> might you shouild try baldrianh
[18:48] <madtux> yeah u are right... need something stronger.. go get some vodka :)
[18:49] <esden> madtux: that is a good idea ;)
[18:49] <madtux> owl: what's baldrianh 
[18:49] <madtux> esden: worst case escenario.. you will be too wasted to remember
[18:49] <owl> baeh. without  the typos of course... baldrian. 
[18:49] <madtux> owl: still what is baldrian ?
[18:49] <madtux> :)
[18:49] <owl> it's a plant which makes you more calm... or better: your nerves... 
[18:50] <madtux> mm... i've heard of some nice "weeds" that are good for that..
[18:50] <nookie_> jo mike
[18:50] <nookie_> how's life? :)
[18:50] <madtux> hey chris... not bad u?
[18:50] <nookie_> I'm daniel
[18:50] <owl> not weed :P
[18:50] <nookie_> ;)
[18:50] <madtux> nookie_: daniel pis something yeah remember
[18:50] <madtux> sorry
[18:50] <madtux> :0
[18:51] <nookie_> lol
[18:51] <nookie_> pis sounds nasty
[18:51] <nookie_> :P
[18:51] <daja77> one link for esden http://www.engadget.com/2006/08/06/another-powerbook-violently-explodes/
[18:51] <madtux> nookie_: well i forgot how to spell the rest of ur last name
[18:51] <nookie_> pischl :)
[18:51] <madtux> yeah that
[18:51] <madtux> :)
[18:51] <madtux> he i did not forgot about the whole n00kie thing did i? :)
[18:52] <nookie_> haha
[18:52] <madtux> esden: so we have ur cure.. vodka and weed... have as much as u can quick
[18:52] <owl> no vodka, no weed. ^^
[18:52] <madtux> morphine?
[18:52] <owl> *kick*
[18:53] <esden> lol
[18:53] <madtux> hey i'm just trying to be nice with poor esdy
[18:53] <nookie_> vodka - connecting people 
[18:53] <nookie_> :)
[18:53] <esden> nooo ... I want to know what stevie has to say ;)
[18:54] <madtux> who's stevie?
[18:54] <nookie_> I have this shirt :)
[18:54] <nookie_> http://www.comboutique.com/shop/products/thumb/USR2758/54116.jpg
[18:54] <madtux> nookie_: aren't u still too young for vodka? :)
[18:54] <madtux> have no clue of ur age anymore..
[18:54] <madtux> damn i've been away for so long
[18:55] <madtux> nookie_: _NICE_ pic
[18:55] <madtux> and nice shirt obviously
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[18:58] nookie (n=nookie@M194P011.adsl.highway.telekom.at) joined #rocklinux.
[18:58] <nookie> madtux: no, I'm not too young ;)
[18:59] <madtux> hehe
[19:00] <madtux> so how is ur life doing Daniel ?
[19:00] <owl> how old is 'too young'?
[19:00] <nookie> 17
[19:00] <nookie> oh
[19:00] <nookie> quite good :)
[19:00] <nookie> just finished working
[19:00] <nookie> now I have holidays
[19:01] <madtux> hehe
[19:10] <nookie> I want car :(
[19:11] <blindcoder> re
[19:11] <blindcoder> cars are great
[19:11] <owl> wb blindcoder 
[19:11] <blindcoder> they transport stuff from one place to another
[19:11] <blindcoder> and I JUST payed the last lease for mine :D
[19:12] <nookie> what car do you have?
[19:12] Action: nookie just passed last driving license test on last tuesday
[19:13] <nookie> I want subaru impreza :D
[19:14] <nookie> http://www.edmunds.com/media/seo/500/2006.subaru.impreza.wrx.sti.jpg
[19:14] <nookie> looks so cute
[19:14] <owl> cute?
[19:14] <owl> cute cars? 
[19:14] <blindcoder> seat ibiza
[19:14] <owl> boys... 
[19:14] <blindcoder> built 2003
[19:14] <nookie> nice
[19:19] <nookie> http://img66.imageshack.us/img66/5968/u752529lq.gif
[19:20] <owl> must i comment that?
[19:20] <owl> .oO( "schw***verlaengerung" *mumble* )
[19:21] <nookie> I have big cock, owl :)
[19:21] <nookie> you want to try?
[19:21] <owl> *cough* no, thx
[19:21] <nookie> see.. you're not brave enough :D
[19:22] <owl> well... let mue use other words: i am not a bitch... 
[19:22] <nookie> I never said it or meaned it
[19:22] <nookie> ;)
[19:23] <owl> good. so your question must be a pseudo-question :P
[19:23] <nookie> nah.. just htought you want to try...
[19:23] <nookie> :P
[19:23] <owl> just bitches are trying boys they don't know ^^
[19:25] <nookie> Zillertaler Schuerzenjaeger - Der Jodelautomat
[19:25] <nookie> I bet you'd like this song owl ;)
[19:25] <owl> yeah, i 'm sure about that *cough*
[19:26] <owl> narf..... i wonder if this guy ever tested his software... 
[19:30] Action: blindcoder ? no
[19:30] <owl> good... looks like it :(
[19:31] <blindcoder> I never test software
[19:31] <blindcoder> that's what users are there fo
[19:31] <blindcoder> r
[19:31] <nookie> in school we have to program :)
[19:31] <nookie> my programs never work
[19:31] <nookie> I give them to teacher
[19:31] <nookie> and he gives me good mark
[19:31] <nookie> that's cool :)
[19:31] <owl> *kick* *meow* *scratch* *bite*
[19:32] <owl> baeh!
[19:32] <madtux> nookie: so your philosopy is make then look as complicated as possible so that they teacher doesn't bother?
[19:32] <owl> line per code -> mark?
[19:32] <nookie> yep madtux :)
[19:32] <nookie> last time
[19:32] <nookie> I copied program from friend
[19:32] <nookie> just made 4 functions
[19:32] Action: owl paints nookie 's nose in pink
[19:32] <madtux> owl: oh yeah BABY... BITE ME ! BITE ME! ... HARDER HARDER
[19:32] <nookie> so it looked different
[19:32] <owl> *rofl*
[19:32] <nookie> and I got better mark than friend
[19:32] <nookie> lol
[19:32] <owl> O_o ouch
[19:32] <madtux> hehe
[19:33] <owl> might the teacher has 'alzheimer' or something
[19:33] <nookie> madtux: you like sadomaso?
[19:33] <nookie> I think so :P
[19:36] <owl> i love this song: nofx - murder the government *smiles*
[19:36] Action: nookie np: Dima Bilan - Never let you go
[19:37] <owl> i don't need to know that?
[19:37] <nookie> it was second place at song contest 2006
[19:37] <nookie> it was russia :)
[19:38] <owl> song contest? do i watch song contests? no. ^^
[19:38] <madtux> nookie: perhaps
[19:38] <nookie> owl: well
[19:38] <nookie> it's cool :)
[19:39] <nookie> moldova had hot singer :D
[19:39] <owl> the song or the contest?
[19:39] <owl> tits don't sing... 
[19:39] <madtux> but they sure cause an impact
[19:39] <madtux> :P
[19:39] <owl> men... 
[19:39] Action: owl makes three crosses ;)
[19:40] <madtux> lol
[19:40] <blindcoder> women just don't appreciate the beauty of wellformed breasts
[19:40] <nookie> madtux: fullack! ;)
[19:41] <nookie> http://heavymetalesc.ueuo.com/2006/mol.htm
[19:41] <nookie> gnah
[19:41] <owl> even that would make breasts not able to sing ^^
[19:41] <blindcoder> no, but nice to look at and touch
[19:41] <nookie> she is just one year older than me :)
[19:41] <owl> do you need to look and touch at music? O_o
[19:41] <owl> or are you grabbing your tv-set? O_O
[19:41] <blindcoder> no, but i want to do so with well-formed breasts
[19:42] <owl> on tv? - yeah, that helps a lot *ggg*
[19:42] <madtux> owl blindy is in horny-mode by default remember
[19:43] <owl> yeah... i guess i don't really want to know what he defines as 'interactive tv'... ^^
[19:43] <madtux> owl: hehe
[19:44] <owl> .oO( that was not too much coffee powder, it was pure cynism in my cup of coffee  i guess )
[19:45] <blindcoder> owl: don't worry, I've had some nice interaction this weekend
[19:45] <blindcoder> not enough for my taste, but hey, I just moved :)
[19:45] <owl> blindcoder: ok. you had interaction with your tv, hugging it while moving from one flat to another?
[19:46] <madtux> blindcoder: how is tht new flat doing btw?
[19:46] <blindcoder> madtux: doing great :D
[19:46] <blindcoder> madtux: yesterday there was a literal beerfestival down the street
[19:46] <blindcoder> madtux: 250 different breweries on 2.2 km length
[19:47] <owl> .oO( how many litres / person? *hrrrm* )
[19:47] <blindcoder> madtux: the local clubs also have strip dancing every first saturday in the month
[19:48] <blindcoder> owl: I had 2.5 liters
[19:48] <owl> O_O
[19:48] <owl> strip. beer. blindy. interaction. -> *puzzling the story together*
[19:48] <blindcoder> there was some good beer and some very bad beer
[19:49] <blindcoder> owl: no, I did NOT strip while drunk and got arrested by the police!
[19:49] <madtux> blindcoder: dang... can i visit you for the next first saturday of the month ?
[19:49] <madtux> :)
[19:49] <owl> *gggg*
[19:49] <owl> there's another story possible
[19:49] <madtux> owl: do u really want to put all the pizzle pieces together?
[19:49] <madtux> :0
[19:49] <owl> now we know where you spend your money *cough*
[19:49] <madtux> :)
[19:49] <blindcoder> madtux: just bring a sleeping bag :)
[19:49] <madtux> blindcoder: hehe right on :)
[19:50] <owl> nah, you don't need that... guess those aeh - "dancers" - have a warm place for you both 
[19:50] <owl> (at least if you pay enough) 
[19:50] <madtux> owl: i'm too charming to actually need to pay
[19:50] <madtux> *GRIN*
[19:50] <blindcoder> prince charming, huh?
[19:50] <owl> *lol* oh, i forgot :P
[19:51] <madtux> owl: well i learned from the best.
[19:51] <owl> .oO( that reminds me on the last meeting with security on a concert... while the guy inspected my bag... 'might it could happen that i 'll be biten by a python?') 
[19:52] <blindcoder> It might happen, but she's surely not coming out of my bag
[19:52] <owl> *cough*
[19:52] <owl> out of your head?
[19:53] <blindcoder> that reminds ME about when I ordered my backpack and some mugs and t-shirts and stuff at thinkgeek
[19:53] <owl> your're a 3-headed-dragon with a snake arround your throut?
[19:53] <blindcoder> I placed the order a few days before the iraq bombing started
[19:53] <blindcoder> then some secus called me: Hello, are you expecting a shipment from USA?
[19:54] <blindcoder> Me: Err... yes, why?
[19:54] <blindcoder> Secu: What's in there?
[19:54] <blindcoder> Me: .oO( Bomb-parts, howtos and a Koran)
[19:54] <owl> tnt, c4, and a "fernzuender"?
[19:54] <blindcoder> Me: (loud) a backpack, mugs and a few t-shirts. Is there a problem?
[19:55] <blindcoder> damn, I was _so_ tempted at that moment, but I had developed a liking to my un-demolished house which I'm going to inherit some day.
[19:56] <blindcoder> btw, so far there has never ever been a Berlin <-> Munich flight where my baggage was NOT opened by security
[19:56] <blindcoder> you get a nice yellow A4 sheet informing you of the opening and stuff
[19:57] <owl> O_o
[19:57] <owl> aeh, yeah, your hair is long... "bombenleger" :)
[19:57] <blindcoder> I guess next time I'll be putting a bag of Haribo in there with a little note attached: Thanks for your continued attention to my safety. Have these Haribo as a token of my appreciation.
[19:58] <owl> *rofl* yeah, and install a cam in this bag which makes pics, when the bag is opened :)
[19:58] <blindcoder> hehe
[19:58] <blindcoder> nah, that'd be evil
[19:58] <blindcoder> the nice security officers might get in trouble then
[19:58] <owl> why? :)
[19:58] <madtux> http://fotos.michelazzo.com.br/manaus_out04/dsc02526
[19:58] <owl> oh, those pooooooooor boys... 
[19:58] <madtux> mmm... wrong channel sorry.
[19:58] <nookie> my bags always get opened too blindcoder :)
[19:58] <owl> hihi. 
[19:59] <nookie> they think I smugle drugs or so
[19:59] <nookie> lo
[19:59] <nookie> lol
[19:59] <owl> i normally need to do the security-body-check twice... but just onece opened my suitcase... 
[20:00] <blindcoder> nookie: meanwhile I always remove my belt immediately
[20:00] <blindcoder> nookie: because the detector always beeps at it
[20:00] <nookie> yep
[20:00] <blindcoder> as well as half a dozen other things
[20:00] <blindcoder> it never did NOT beep
[20:00] <nookie> well
[20:01] <nookie> sometimes the metalthingies on the trousers beep
[20:01] <owl> *cough* don't wear army boots.. the metal beeps, too... ever had scanned army boots? ... ;)
[20:01] <blindcoder> the best thing was the explosive check on my laptop
[20:01] <nookie> lol
[20:01] <blindcoder> nookie: you mean the button that holds the trousers together at the top?
[20:01] <owl> <- top terrorist. .oO( hello echelon ) 
[20:01] <blindcoder> yeah, I had to walk through half the airport(!) with the gnome of a secu
[20:02] <blindcoder> where they then used a vacuum cleaner (little one) to sniff the keyboard
[20:02] <blindcoder> I asked if I could have that thing for a minute later to throughly clean the laptop
[20:02] <blindcoder> but they refused
[20:02] <owl> also funny: you're standing there without your shooes which are in security check - and two guys with machine gun are passing by... O_O
[20:02] <owl> *rofl* blindcoder 
[20:03] <nookie> I never have a notebook with me :)
[20:03] <owl> neither do i... ;) not while holiday... 
[20:03] <owl> but cams... 'please power on the cam' - no explosion followed - 'ok, check passed'
[20:04] <blindcoder> I always have my laptop with me
[20:04] <blindcoder> never go anywhere without it
[20:04] Action: nookie np: Bangbros - Bangjoy the music (Picco vs. Jens O Remix)
[20:04] <owl> girl-replacement? :P
[20:04] <nookie> blindcoder: even in disco?
[20:04] <blindcoder> funny thing was, I had a fork and knife in my backpack for no less than three flights
[20:05] <blindcoder> nookie: haven't been to a disco in some time
[20:05] <nookie> lol
[20:05] <nookie> I just read
[20:05] <nookie> for no less than three figts
[20:05] <nookie> fights
[20:05] <nookie> :D
[20:05] <owl> *lol*
[20:06] <blindcoder> I prefer longswords for those
[20:07] <blindcoder> wooden longswords operated by two hands
[20:07] <nookie> I always have senklot with me :)
[20:07] <nookie> innsbruck is dangerous city
[20:07] <nookie> lol
[20:07] <blindcoder> err
[20:07] <blindcoder> senklot
[20:08] <blindcoder> what kind of damage can you inflict with THAT?
[20:09] <nookie> http://www.wiener-berufsschulen.at/MGT/senklot.JPG
[20:09] <nookie> just use it like schlagring
[20:09] <nookie> and it isn't even a weapon
[20:10] <blindcoder> ah, okay
[20:10] <blindcoder> http://www.wooden-swords.com/images/products/b-shinai.jpg
[20:10] <blindcoder> that's what I use
[20:10] <blindcoder> but I also have a steel one
[20:10] <nookie> looks dangerous
[20:10] <nookie> lol
[20:11] <blindcoder> http://scavenger.homeip.net/bilder/2006-02-16_Sword/size/640x480_dscf0001.jpg.jpg
[20:13] <nookie> cool
[20:13] <nookie> you always have it with you?
[20:13] <nookie> ain't you
[20:14] <blindcoder> I wish :-)
[20:14] <blindcoder> thing is, it doesn't even fall under the german weapon laws
[20:14] <blindcoder> since those define only "Hieb und Stichwaffen"
[20:14] <madtux> nookie: no worries even with it .. blindcoder is as dangerous as kittie.
[20:14] <blindcoder> whereas my sword is not for piercing but for cutting
[20:14] <blindcoder> madtux: do you know the word 'catfight'?
[20:15] <nookie> catfight
[20:15] <madtux> do u know the expression... "silly rabbit"?
[20:15] <nookie> there was some pornsite
[20:15] <nookie> dunno the adress
[20:15] <nookie> www.catfights.com
[20:15] <nookie> :D
[20:15] <madtux> nookie: hahaha
[20:15] <blindcoder> *cough*
[20:16] <madtux> blindcoder: our 17 year old nookie not only drinks vodka but its a pr0n psycho 
[20:16] <madtux> interesting
[20:17] <blindcoder> ewww
[20:17] <blindcoder> vodka
[20:17] <madtux> i bet he keeps a "machete" under his bed.
[20:17] <blindcoder> now a fine Rum would be something different
[20:17] <blindcoder> I still have this fine absinth here
[20:18] <madtux> owl how would u like som Rum sponsored by blindcoder ?
[20:18] <owl> hmmm. i don't drink alk... so... 
[20:19] <madtux> how about some coffee?
[20:19] <blindcoder> owl: LIAR!
[20:19] <blindcoder> You do!
[20:19] <owl> nah, not at this time
[20:19] <nookie> I don't drink much alcohol too
[20:19] <nookie> only on some special events
[20:19] <nookie> birthday
[20:19] <nookie> new years eve
[20:19] <nookie> 3 weeks in holiday :)
[20:19] <nookie> that's enough for a year
[20:19] <owl> blindcoder: nope. not the last month... (expect the "i founded my own company"-schampus )
[20:19] <blindcoder> every day ending in '*day'
[20:19] <madtux> ok lunch time bbl
[20:20] <owl> enjoy the food, madtux ! 
[20:20] <nookie> mahlzeit
[20:43] stf^rocklinux (n=user@M1245P004.adsl.highway.telekom.at) joined #rocklinux.
[20:44] <stf^rocklinux> hi all
[20:44] <blindcoder> moin stf^rocklinux 
[20:44] <stf^rocklinux> how are you?
[20:44] <stf^rocklinux> moin blindcoder :)
[20:45] <owl> hi stf^rocklinux 
[20:45] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: fine, looknig forward to a two-week vacaiotn
[20:45] <stf^rocklinux> moin owl :)
[20:54] <nookie> blindcoder: do you go on holiday in a country?
[20:56] <blindcoder> nookie: nah, just two weeks at my parents
[20:59] <nookie> ah
[20:59] <nookie> oks :)
[20:59] <nookie> I go to kebaps :D
[21:00] <nookie> jk
[21:00] <nookie> on friday
[21:15] Action: madtux returns
[21:18] <nookie> wb mda
[21:19] <nookie> wb madtux 
[21:19] <nookie> :D
[21:20] <madtux> thx nudekid..
[21:20] <madtux> thx nookie 
[21:20] <nookie> .oO(wtf?)
[21:20] Action: madtux runs quick
[21:21] <madtux> PING eule
[21:21] Action: nookie slaps madtux with a 50lbs linux manual
[21:21] <madtux> OUTCH!
[21:22] <madtux> sorry... i swear its this damn autocomplete playing tricks on me
[21:22] <madtux> *g*
[21:22] <nookie> hmm
[21:22] <nookie> n<tab> nookie netrunner 
[21:22] <nookie> :P
[21:25] <madtux> :P
[21:26] Action: netrunner shakes his had, wondering
[21:30] <nookie> can someone please highlight me?
[21:30] <nookie> madtux: netrunner owl 
[21:31] <madtux> nudekit
[21:31] <madtux> damn here it is again
[21:31] <madtux> nookie: 
[21:31] <nookie> jo man
[21:31] <nookie> it works :)
[21:31] <madtux> hehe
[21:42] <fake> hu
[22:36] owl (n=owl@ left irc: Nick collision from services.
[22:36] <nookie> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd1kdeL7baU
[22:38] <madtux> http://www.gsolcolombia.com/media/books/buku/
[22:39] <th> sun-jdk15 package: [M] Stefan Fiedler <stefan.fiedler@students.jku.at>
[22:39] <th> stf^rocklinux: hey - i just built sun-jdk15 on my fresh ROCK3-r7770 install..
[22:39] <th> it built fine
[22:39] <th> but "java -version" shows:
[22:39] <th> Error occurred during initialization of VM
[22:39] <th> java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object
[22:39] <th> any clue?
[23:05] <fake> th: . /etc/profile
[23:05] <th> /etc/profile:25: no matches found: /opt/*/games
[23:05] ija_ (n=ija@ joined #rocklinux.
[23:05] <fake> echo $JAVA_HOME
[23:06] <th> the error above is zsh specific of course.
[23:06] <th> but even in bash...
[23:06] <th> /etc/profile does not set my $JAVA_HOME
[23:06] <fake> th: /etc/profile.d/jdk should
[23:06] <fake> th: at least iirc
[23:07] <th> mine -l sun-jdk15|grep profile   shows nothing
[23:07] <th> ls: jdk: No such file or directory
[23:07] <th> there is no  /etc/profile.d/j*
[23:07] <fake> th: well, then it doesn't
[23:07] <th> i never needed JAVA_HOME env before
[23:07] <th> when i was using the binary distribution
[23:07] <fake> th: you need it there, too
[23:08] <th> nope
[23:08] <fake> at least if you don't put it in /usr/lib/java or so
[23:08] <th> i always extracted the tar ball to /opt
[23:08] <th> i only set the PATH
[23:08] <th> and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
[23:08] <th> using /opt/*/bin and /opt/*/lib
[23:08] <fake> that didn't work for me since 1.4.something
[23:09] <th> should i set JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.5.0_06 ?
[23:09] <th> it worked for me with 1.5
[23:09] <th> export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.5.0_06 
[23:09] <th> same error
[23:09] <th> Error occurred during initialization of VM
[23:09] <th> java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object
[23:09] <th> something else must be broken here
[23:09] <fake> is it a jdk or a jre?
[23:09] <fake> ah, jdk, ok
[23:09] <fake> well, exporting JAVA_HOME should be it
[23:10] <th> to the /opt/jdk1.5.0_06  path correct? (and not a subfolder of it)
[23:11] <fake> if there is /opt/jdk1.5.0_06/bin etc, yes
[23:11] <th> yes
[23:11] <th> thats where it gets the java executable from
[23:12] <th> java/lang/Object
[23:12] <th> hmm
[23:12] <th> in which jar file should this be?
[23:12] <fake> rt.jar
[23:12] <fake> usually
[23:13] <th> there is no rt.jar
[23:13] <th> that might be the issue
[23:13] <th> so the package might be broken
[23:13] <fake> yes. indeed.
[23:13] <fake> since 1.4.something one needs to postprocess some files
[23:13] <th>   inflating: jdk1.5.0_06/jre/lib/rt.pack  
[23:13] <fake> i have wokring packages for java at work
[23:14] <th> from /var/adm/logs/9-sun-jdk15.log
[23:14] <fake> including the /etc/profile.d entry
[23:14] <th> i dont want working packages - i want packages that work ;)
[23:14] <th> Hook preconf is still marked as dirty ...
[23:14] <th> Hook premake is still marked as dirty ...
[23:14] <th> Hook inmake is still marked as dirty ...
[23:14] <th> Hook postmake is still marked as dirty ...
[23:17] <th> there is a /opt/j*/bin/unpack200 which can make a .jar from a .pack
[23:19] <th> after using this tool on every .pack file it works.
[23:19] <th> without setting $JAVA_HOME
[23:21] ija (n=ija@ left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[23:24] Nick change: ija_ -> ija
[23:47] <stf^rocklinux> th: afaik the requirement to unpack those files was introduced with the new DLJ license. Is your Java download named jdk-1_5_0_06-distro-linux-i586.bin, by chance?
[23:48] <stf^rocklinux> (as stated in the desc file)
[23:48] <th> /usr/src/rock-src/download/nodist/j/jdk-1_5_0_06-distro-linux-i586.bin
[23:49] <th> so are we allowed to automate the unpacking?
[23:49] <stf^rocklinux> th: so you have 2006052317372439820 applied, I assume...
[23:50] <th> stf^rocklinux: no - i've installed ROCK3-r7770 and did ./scripts/Update-Src
[23:51] <stf^rocklinux> th: the patch is applied in trunk by now.
[23:51] <th> ok - so yes.
[23:51] <th> reading the patch... looks familiar. yea that's it
[23:51] <stf^rocklinux> hm, then better revert that patch, since I already noted that it does not work as is...
[23:52] <stf^rocklinux> or fix it.
[23:52] <fake> no
[23:52] <fake> the patch is in trunk, but not in ROCK3
[23:53] <fake> ah, ok, you did Update-Src, sorry
[23:53] <th> fake: but i did a Update-Src which brings me to trunk i think
[23:53] <fake> i overread
[23:53] <th> k
[23:53] Action: fake needs sleep
[23:53] <th> i just dont see the unpack anywhere
[23:55] <stf^rocklinux> I didn't know about the unpack when I sent that patch, I only noticed that it doesn't work, that's also why it doesn't have my pro-vote.
[23:55] <th> i see
[23:56] <stf^rocklinux> oh well, I need some sleep too, see you tomorrow.
[23:56] <th> same here ;)
[23:56] <th> cya
[23:56] stf^rocklinux (n=user@M1245P004.adsl.highway.telekom.at) left irc: "using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12"
[00:00] --- Tue Aug  8 2006