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[06:37] <blindcod1r> moin
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[09:45] <esden> moin
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[09:46] <blindcoder> moin moin esden 
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[10:19] <owl> moin
[11:05] Nick change: ija_ -> ija
[11:07] <blindcoder> moin moin owl 
[11:08] <owl> hi blindcoder 
[11:27] <blindcoder> any american here willing to help me smuggle weapons to germany?
[11:28] <daja77> blindcoder: try poland or czech republic
[11:29] <blindcoder> daja77: ah, the seller only delivers USA and Canada
[11:37] <esden> blindcoder: why do you need american weapons?
[11:38] <blindcoder> esden: because I need something to decorate my wall with
[11:38] <esden> katana?
[11:38] <esden> a sharp katana?
[11:39] <blindcoder> http://www.trueswords.com/final-fantasy-sephiroth-masamune-sword-p-7.html
[11:41] <blindcoder> that's 172.72 centimeters of sword!
[11:41] <blindcoder> 127 centimeters blade!
[11:43] <blindcoder> that beast is almost as long as I am tall
[11:45] <blindcoder> and I want it to decorate my living room
[11:48] <esden> and you say I am crazy because I love lisp ... LOL
[11:48] <daja77> you definitely are :p
[11:49] <esden> daja77: he is more crazy than I am!!!1eleven
[11:49] <esden> and I am not really crazy
[11:49] <esden> lisp is really cool
[11:49] <daja77> that's what all crazy say ;)
[11:49] <blindcoder> it's not a matter who is more crazy
[11:49] <blindcoder> that doesn't affect the fact that you _are_ crlazy
[11:49] <esden> and you should first take a look at it before you tell me that I am crazy
[11:50] <daja77> why? it is more fun this way
[11:50] <esden> :P ... you are so mean!
[11:50] <daja77> yep i took your evil part, remember
[11:50] <esden> yes ... I know
[11:50] <owl> hi esden 
[11:50] <esden> hi owl
[11:51] <esden> owl: tell daja77 and blindcoder that they should stop picking on me!
[11:51] <blindcoder> anyway, now I need a trustworthy american or canadian to buy and send the sword to me
[11:51] <owl> blindcoder, daja77: continue hacking esden's eyes out :)
[11:51] <esden> blindcoder: you think the packet will survive the trip?
[11:52] <blindcoder> I hope so
[11:52] <esden> I think they will take a look in it ... and not you but the american/canadian will get a big problem for exporting weapons!
[11:52] <esden> you need someone that is really crazy and does not care about prison ;)
[11:52] <blindcoder> esden: not according to the information I received from the german customs office
[11:52] <esden> o_O?
[11:53] <esden> you also need a permit for that sword
[11:53] <esden> in germany
[11:53] <blindcoder> esden: I sent a mail to the german customs office yesterday
[11:53] <blindcoder> and got my information this morning
[11:53] <blindcoder> and I only need a permit to carry the sword in public
[11:53] <esden> ohh ok
[11:53] <blindcoder> I don't need a permit to own it
[11:53] <esden> ahh ok
[11:53] <esden> then you are on the safe side
[11:53] <th> but german customs office does not care about _export_ restrictions of the U.S.
[11:54] <esden> but first you have to get it oversees
[11:54] <blindcoder> yeah
[11:54] <blindcoder> I already own a sword, remember?
[11:54] <th> so there might be problems on their side
[11:54] <blindcoder> yeah, that remains to be checked
[11:55] <blindcoder> but first I need a 'merkin to do so
[11:55] <esden> and to be honest ... I would prefere a real katana ... not some toy that is too long to be usefull
[11:55] <blindcoder> esden: no problem. just shell out 500+ EUR
[11:55] <blindcoder> really, I'm just interested in wall decoration
[11:56] <esden> I think a real sword as wall decoration is still much cooler then a toy
[11:56] <th> blindcoder: perhaps you should search a japanese guy
[11:56] <th> blindcoder: if you find one... lemme know - i dont want a bokken as decoration neither
[11:56] <blindcoder> th: are their export restrictions easier?
[11:56] <th> blindcoder: i guess so
[11:57] <blindcoder> th: there are many german sword shops available
[11:57] <blindcoder> th: it's just that I want that specific one :)
[11:57] <th> ahh i see
[11:57] <th> picture?
[11:57] <blindcoder> http://www.trueswords.com/final-fantasy-sephiroth-masamune-sword-p-7.html
[11:58] <esden> blindcoder: you are gaming too much :P ;)
[11:58] <blindcoder> yes, yes I am
[11:59] <blindcoder> but... but...
[12:00] <blindcoder> 172.72 centimeters!
[12:00] <th> that's pretty exactly my size ;)
[12:00] <blindcoder> yeah, juts 6 centimeters below mine :)
[12:00] <blindcoder> 68 inch length
[12:00] <blindcoder> 50 inch blade
[12:04] <blindcoder> anyway, back to work
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[12:31] <muxx> hello everybody
[12:31] <daja77> hi muxx 
[12:31] <muxx> I got a question. again. 8)
[12:33] <muxx> I can't do `passwd` to change root password in a chrooted environment
[12:34] <muxx> I mount proc and dev, chroot, and when I do `passwd`, it says "passwd: Module is unknown". I suspect something is wrong with PAM but I thought I better ask you guys first
[12:36] <muxx> all libraries are present afaics
[12:38] <daja77> hm
[12:39] <muxx> the chrooted environment is my custom-built rock three. the host os is debian
[12:43] <blindcoder> check if every file listed in /etc/pam.d/passwd is present
[12:43] <blindcoder> also, run ldconfig
[12:43] Action: muxx is checking
[12:45] <muxx> there are three columns. sorry, I am not very familiar with PAM
[12:45] Action: blindcoder checks his install
[12:45] <blindcoder> check /lib/security/pam_unix.so and /lib/security/pam_cracklib.so
[12:45] <blindcoder> do those files exist?
[12:46] Action: muxx is checking
[12:46] <muxx> yes, they do
[12:46] <muxx> ldd on passwd does not show any missing libs
[12:47] <muxx> pam_tally seems to work
[12:47] <blindcoder> "Module is unknown" is a pam error message
[12:47] <muxx> at least it runs silently without arguments
[12:47] <blindcoder> pam_tally?
[12:48] <muxx> it's something to do with lockout. I referred to it because it also relies on PAM libs
[12:49] <muxx> what is "Module" ? I guess it has nothing to do with kernel modules
[12:49] <blindcoder> pam modules
[12:49] <blindcoder> the files /lib/security/pam_*.so
[12:49] <muxx> right...
[12:49] <blindcoder> usually it means that a module listed in /etc/pam.d/* is not present
[12:50] <muxx> there are lots of libs matching this path
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[12:52] <blindcoder> muxx: you can and should try building pam with debug mode enabled
[12:53] <blindcoder> so that you get useful error messages
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[12:53] <muxx> oh...
[12:53] <blindcoder> it's definately a problem with a pam module
[12:54] <blindcoder> probably pam_unix or a parameter thereof
[12:54] <muxx> maybe I better check the configuration in /etc/pam.d first
[12:54] <muxx> does it require modification after untarring the package ?
[12:55] <blindcoder> I'm not familiar with pam compilation, sory
[12:56] <muxx> maybe you could tell me what the relevant files in /etc/pam.d are and what should be there ?
[12:56] <blindcoder> it's /etc/pam.d/system-auth
[12:57] <blindcoder> and should look like this: http://scavenger.homeip.net/~blindcoder/system-auth
[12:58] <muxx> exactly the same
[12:58] <blindcoder> works fine here on a ROCK3 Crystal
[12:59] <blindcoder> maybe you forgot some packages?
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[12:59] <muxx> maybe.
[13:00] <blindcoder> anyway, gotta head back to work
[13:00] <blindcoder> bbl
[13:00] <muxx> anyway, all .sos that are listed in that file exist
[13:00] <muxx> and permissions seem fine
[13:00] <blindcoder> good luck, and tell us if you found the problem!
[13:00] <muxx> ok, have a good day at work
[13:00] <muxx> thanks for your help
[13:18] <muxx> strace rules. cracklib was missing.
[13:23] <blindcoder> great :)
[13:23] <blindcoder> so it works now?
[13:23] <blindcoder> ah, my error
[13:23] <muxx> yeah, changed the password and happily running in quemy right this very moment 8)
[13:23] <blindcoder> I thought pam_cracklib.so was provided by cracklib
[13:23] <blindcoder> but it's provided by pam
[13:23] <blindcoder> nice :-)
[13:24] <muxx> yeah, correct. a bit misleading. but strace showed it immediately
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[15:50] <th> my flash in ROCK3 has no sound
[15:50] <th> strange
[16:11] stf^rocklinux (n=user@M1211P019.adsl.highway.telekom.at) joined #rocklinux.
[16:13] <stf^rocklinux> hi all
[16:13] <stf^rocklinux> default bdb in trunk is broken...
[16:16] <stf^rocklinux> I wonder why this didn't show up in my test build :/
[16:20] <stf^rocklinux> bugfix is in 2006080916193243070
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[16:38] <madtux> moin
[16:39] <stf^rocklinux> fake: please revert 2006052317372439820 , the sun-jdk15 package in trunk is unusable atm. :(
[16:39] <stf^rocklinux> moin madtux
[16:43] <owl> hi madtux 
[16:49] <stf^rocklinux> bbl
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[16:56] <blindcoder> moin
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[20:32] <th> the sun-jdk15 package in trunk only needs something like "find -name \*.pack -exec unpack200 {} ... "
[20:33] <th> then it works
[21:41] Action: esden falls with a big band into the channel ... dead
[21:42] <esden> s/band/bang/
[21:42] Action: esden gets carried out of the channel because his family wants him to eat something ... even if he seems to be dead
[21:42] <blindcoder>  hehe
[21:43] <blindcoder> I just misread that... BADLY
[21:53] <esden> o_O?
[21:53] Action: esden back
[22:11] <owl> esden: *hug* ^^ :P
[22:38] <blindcoder> re esden 
[22:46] <esden> humm ... damn hedgehog ... >_<
[22:47] <blindcoder> hedgehog?
[22:58] <esden> yes a filthy embedded lisp like language interpreter and bytecode compiler
[22:58] <esden> but it seems to be really filthy
[22:58] <esden> I have big problems crosscompiling it for arm using ucilbc
[22:58] <esden> that sucks
[22:59] Action: blindcoder stops an obligatory comment dead in its tracks and goes to bed
[22:59] <blindcoder> bye
[22:59] <owl> gn8 blindcoder 
[22:59] <esden> cu blindcoder 
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[23:27] <esden> yeeeea baby yeeeea!!! hedgehog runs in arm-softmmu-qemu!!!
[23:27] <esden> muahaha!
[23:27] <esden> I am such a ruler! :)
[23:37] <esden> ok ... now I can go to bed
[23:37] <esden> good night everyone
[00:00] --- Thu Aug 10 2006