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[09:09] <blindcoder> moin
[10:00] <blindcoder> esden: heise feed fixed
[10:00] <blindcoder> esden: I changed the call to wget which in turn caused urls to be rewritten for local viewing
[10:00] <blindcoder> esden: that resulted in the www.heise.de plugin to add another http://www.heise.de which was necessary before
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[12:48] <netrunner> good morning
[12:48] <blindcoder> moin moin
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[15:02] <daja77> this is a historic day
[15:03] <daja77> a patch from clifford on sm
[15:03] <netrunner> hossa
[16:32] <blindcoder> yeah :)
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[19:52] <owl> moin
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[21:19] <th> 108 errors in live target
[21:19] <th> most xorg packages
[21:19] <th> mplayer fails in crystal
[21:20] <daja77> oh
[21:21] <blindcoder> yes
[21:22] <blindcoder> you need gcc34 for mplayer
[21:22] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/5-mplayer.err
[21:22] <th> so we have a failing package in crystal?
[21:22] <blindcoder> I usually enable gcc34 for it, sorry
[21:22] <blindcoder> I thought this was common knowledge
[21:58] <th> mplayer homepage says that since 1.0pre8 mplayer has full gcc4 support. so this "common knowledge" you're talking about confuses me
[22:01] <blindcoder> well, it certainly doesn't work in ROCK
[22:01] <blindcoder> hasn't for a long time
[22:01] <th> that much is obvious. yes.
[22:05] <th> well - i i remove the -Os ... then mplayer just builds fine
[22:05] <th> s/i/if/
[22:06] <blindcoder> hmm
[22:06] <th> with gcc4
[22:06] <blindcoder> sounds acceptable to me
[22:09] <th> cat: build/boot-TRUNK-x86-bootdisk/ROCK/isofs.txt: No such file or directory
[22:09] <th> did you create ISOs of your last testbuilds?
[22:10] <blindcoder> yes
[22:10] <th> ./scripts/Create-ISO crystal-r8065 boot crystal
[22:10] <blindcoder> I installed the last one from CD
[22:10] <th> am i doing somethign wrong?
[22:10] <blindcoder> seems right
[22:10] <blindcoder> did bootdisk build?
[22:10] <th> 155 of 155 successfull
[22:11] <blindcoder> try Built-Target and check its output
[22:11] <blindcoder> what about that add-stone-to-bootdisk patches?
[22:11] <th> !> `- Program not found: stone
[22:11] <th> hehe
[22:11] <th> yepp
[22:11] <blindcoder> hehe
[22:12] <th> stf^rocklinux: so how could you build trunk with your journal and do all tests, if Create-ISO fails???
[22:19] <th> iso.rocklinux.de is gone, right?
[22:20] <blindcoder> right
[22:20] <th> so we lack official space for isos now?
[22:21] <blindcoder> correct
[22:21] <th> could sf.net offer such?
[22:21] <blindcoder> probably
[22:21] <blindcoder> I never really understood why we don't use it, btw.
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[22:31] <th> ok - crystal does not seem to fit on a single cd
[22:32] <blindcoder> well, we're in the DVD age now :)
[22:33] <blindcoder> th: will you be at CLT?
[22:33] <th> ok - so can we add :doc now?
[22:33] <th> that's a good question.
[22:33] <blindcoder> we can remove the hardcoded removal of :doc, at least
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[23:35] <stf^rocklinux> th: Create-ISO works here... what's the problem?
[23:35] <th> stf^rocklinux: bootdisk target was missing stone
[23:42] <stf^rocklinux> ah, sry. Didn't know that'd break Create-ISO... I should have added the patch for that to my journal. :/
[23:44] <stf^rocklinux> Regarding MPlayer, this is at the end of running MPlayer-1.0.8/configure:
[23:44] <stf^rocklinux> MPlayer compilation will use the CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS/LDFLAGS set by you, but:
[23:44] <stf^rocklinux>     *** ***  DO NOT REPORT BUGS IF IT DOES NOT COMPILE/WORK!  *** ***
[23:44] <stf^rocklinux> It is strongly recommended to let MPlayer choose the correct CFLAGS!
[23:44] <stf^rocklinux> To do so, execute 'CFLAGS= ./configure <options>'
[23:45] <stf^rocklinux> Maybe we should do just that (i.e. use configprefix="CFLAGS=" or similar).
[00:00] --- Mon Nov 20 2006