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[08:46] <esden> moin
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[14:05] <owl> moin
[14:14] <th> daja77: well - i used TRUNK so this is
[14:14] <daja77> yep
[14:14] <th> blindcoder: did you never test networking on you crystal tests?
[14:14] <daja77> i feared the consequences of patch adopting this week, that's why it isn't 2.6.19
[14:15] <th> i somehow doubt that a kernel update will fix the issue
[14:15] <th> but we'll see
[14:15] <daja77> hm yes but 2.6.19 runs quite smoothly at my work machine
[14:18] <esden> hi ho
[17:47] <owl> hi esden 
[18:54] <esden> woah ... that is what I call a lag!
[18:56] <th> no problems with 2.6.19 here neither...
[18:56] <th> but still:  # rc network start
[18:56] <th> error: "net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies" is an unknown key
[18:56] <blindcoder> th: etcnet worked fine for me
[18:59] <th> that is strange because my build is almost trunk only
[19:01] <blindcoder> what's your etcnet configuration?
[19:09] <th> the default
[19:09] <th> i did not change anything
[19:10] <th> and now please dont tell me that the default is not supposed to work
[19:11] <th> because in ETCNET(8) i read "/etc/net  ships  in  default  configuration, which is suitable for many cases."
[19:15] <th> anyways - that's not the fatal issue the net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies thing...
[19:15] <th> even if i disable it - in the sysctl.conf file. eth0 is not recognized at all
[19:15] <th> Computing interface groups: . 1 interfaces found
[19:15] <th> Starting group 0/virtual (1 interfaces) Starting lo: ....OK
[19:15] <th> Processing /etc/net/vlantab: empty.
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[19:16] <blindcoder> well, I needed to setup eth0
[19:16] <blindcoder> as I guess you also have to
[19:16] <blindcoder> only loopback is configured by default
[19:16] <giftnuss_> good evening all together
[19:17] <blindcoder> moin giftnuss_ 
[19:18] <giftnuss_> How about the preparation of Chemnitzer LT?
[19:18] <blindcoder> not done yet, sorry
[19:19] <blindcoder> couldn't find the submission for workshops
[19:19] <blindcoder> and then a quite stressful week came
[19:19] <blindcoder> so ROCK is not yet registered
[19:19] <blindcoder> clifford, giftnuss, praenti and me will be there from what I know so far
[19:19] <giftnuss_> its time until january
[19:20] <giftnuss_> The site to register is online now.
[19:20] <blindcoder> for booths, yeah
[19:20] <blindcoder> but I couldn't find workshops
[19:22] <giftnuss_> it is easy to find
[19:23] <giftnuss_> now
[19:23] <blindcoder> ah, good
[19:24] <blindcoder> remind me tomorrow :P
[19:25] <giftnuss_> I will come with a friend, / ok / so there is one person more for the booth.
[19:25] <th> blindcoder: well there is a /etc/net/ifaces/default/options-eth
[19:25] <th> blindcoder: that's not enough?
[19:25] <blindcoder> th: it wasn't here
[19:25] <blindcoder> th: I can't plug in the testing harddisk right now, though
[19:26] <th> i'm just playing to be a poor Crystal user...
[19:26] <th> and i cant get my network up
[19:26] <th> i wont talk about the installer - because it only starts vi on non-existing file /etc/network/config
[19:27] <blindcoder> yeah, that's from the old rocknet
[19:27] <blindcoder> there is a gui etcnet configurator
[19:27] <blindcoder> http://www.etcnet.org/files/etcnetconf-0.0.7.tar.gz
[19:29] <th> ahh i see
[19:29] <th> gui like in "x required"?
[19:30] <blindcoder> no idea, didn't use it
[19:30] <blindcoder> I read the fine manual :)
[19:31] <blindcoder> we should provide a stone module, though
[19:32] <th> yea that's what i did... "/etc/net  ships  in  default  configuration, which is suitable for many cases." ;-)
[19:32] <th> perhaps my requirement (just get dhcp address for my eth0) is not included in "the many cases"
[19:34] <blindcoder> the question is
[19:34] <blindcoder> is the configuration activated?
[19:34] <blindcoder> right now, I really don't kno
[19:34] <blindcoder> w
[19:34] <th> good question
[19:34] <blindcoder> I last tried it with my last build
[19:34] <blindcoder> been some time
[19:35] <blindcoder> I don't use it productively yet
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