[01:08] <th> our mirrors are so much broken
[01:08] <th> i just cant get imagemagick source
[01:09] <th> -mirror auto makes the mirror "http://rock.inode.at/ROCK-2.1"
[01:09] <th> curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
[01:09] <th> if i try other mirrors:
[01:09] <th> INFO: Using download mirror:
[01:09] <th> INFO: ftp://linux.mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de/pub/linux/distributions/rocklinux/ROCK-2.1/
[01:09] <th> Finished downloading 0 bytes in 0.664 seconds (0.000 bytes/sec). 
[01:09] <th> curl: (19) RETR response: 550
[01:10] <th> same for ftp.gwdg.de
[01:10] <th> curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
[01:10] <th> for cvut.cz
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[01:19] <th> in current build krita (from koffice) is not build because missing libjpeg
[01:19] <th> aehm.
[01:19] <th> missing lcms
[01:19] <th> LittleCMS is missing, Krita will not be built.
[01:19] <th> If you want to compile Krita you should install:
[01:19] <th>   * lcms 1.15 or newer (http://www.littlecms.com/)
[01:19] <th>     and avoid 1.14 as it has a major bugs in CMYK
[01:23] <th> so this is a build-order problem
[01:23] <th> koffice: 201.200
[01:23] <th> lcms: 121.600
[01:23] <th> that is strange
[01:24] <th> btw - lcsm is CORE and in repo /sts/
[01:24] <th> btw - lcsm is CORE and in repo /stf/
[01:27] <th> checking for libjpeg6b... no
[01:27] <th> checking for libjpeg... -ljpeg
[01:27] <th> hmm
[01:28] <th> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     17 Dec  7 10:09 usr/lib/libjpeg.so -> libjpeg.so.62.0.0
[01:28] <th> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     17 Dec  7 10:09 usr/lib/libjpeg.so.62 -> libjpeg.so.62.0.0
[01:28] <th> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  99008 Dec  7 10:09 usr/lib/libjpeg.so.62.0.0
[01:29] <th> .62. ???
[01:29] <th> libjpeg.desc:
[01:29] <th> [V] 6b
[01:30] <th> that seems to be correct i think
[01:37] <stf^rocklinux> th: I think you just need to update lcms (1.14 currently); 
[01:37] <stf^rocklinux> If you want to compile Krita you should install:
[01:37] <stf^rocklinux>   * lcms 1.15 or newer (http://www.littlecms.com/)
[01:37] <stf^rocklinux>     and avoid 1.14 as it has a major bugs in CMYK
[01:37] <th> yea might be - i'm somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of "You're missing XXX" messages in the log
[01:55] <th> stf^rocklinux: 2006121301553918259 could you spend a vote please?
[01:56] <stf^rocklinux> sure
[01:57] <th> stf^rocklinux: thanks
[02:00] <th> checking for lcms >= 1.15... yes
[02:00] <th> nice
[02:01] <th> graphicsmagick. is that a general replacement for imagemagick?
[03:19] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/reboot.png
[03:19] <th> any idea how to fix this?
[03:19] <th> we have tons of -n '
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[03:42] <th> stf^rocklinux: koffice now builds krita...
[03:42] <th> so only the update was needed as you suspected
[03:57] <th> there is a serious issue in current testbuild
[03:57] <th> something with klauncher
[03:58] <th> starting konqueror by clicking on the desktop icons (home folder and "system") does not work
[04:00] <th> complains about some dcop thing
[04:04] <th> it might be that this only holds true when using "startx"
[04:08] <th> accessing cdrom from konqueror does not work
[04:10] <th> i cant believe that these bugs where introduced with my last journal only
[04:10] <th> so the lasts test where not good enough at all
[04:10] <th> we introduced obvious errors
[04:29] <daja77_> hi th :)
[04:29] <th> hi daja77_ 
[04:29] <th> all broke
[04:30] <daja77_> hm?
[04:30] <daja77_> the build?
[04:30] <th> the trunk
[04:31] <th> i cant even access a simple cdrom
[04:31] <th> from kde
[04:31] <th> some dbus/hald issue - but i know too few to debug this ATM
[04:32] <daja77_> have there been kde updates?
[04:32] <th> yes i think so
[04:33] <th> Stefan Fiedler:
[04:33] <th>         update kde (3.5.5), kdevelop (3.3.5)- rediffed
[04:33] <th>     remove kdelibs version hotfix
[04:33] <th> [2006111616421211322]
[04:36] <daja77_> hm what was that hotfix about
[04:37] <th> i cant see anything in the patch which is a hotfix removal
[04:38] blindcod1r (i=blindcod@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x384243C9) joined #rocklinux.
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[04:38] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
[04:39] <th> hmm kioslave shall be running
[04:39] <th> who should start this?
[04:39] <daja77_> well in the beginning there should be a udev event no?
[04:40] <th> i dont think so
[04:40] <th> i click in konqueror
[04:40] <th> on "storage devices"
[04:40] <daja77_> ah ok
[04:40] <th> then on "CDROM"
[04:40] <th> something should happen with dbus then
[04:40] <daja77_> and the links are all correct?
[04:41] <th> which links?
[04:41] <daja77_> that CDROM you click on should point to sth
[04:41] <th> i thought this would be some meta-something because it is in "storage devices"
[04:42] <daja77_> or at least kde should have a note somewhere what device the cdrom drive is
[04:42] <th> it's the same i can have on the desktop if i set it up to display CDROM and unmounted-cdrom
[04:42] <th> well it is named "CD-ROM (hdc)"
[04:42] <th> it IS hdc
[04:43] <daja77_> and the permissions of /dev/cdrom or /dev/hdc are ok too
[04:43] <th> and there is a tooltip displaying "device node: /dev/hdc"
[04:43] <daja77_> hm
[04:43] <th> 660 on root:cdrom
[04:43] <th> i'm member of cdrom
[04:44] <daja77_> ic
[04:45] <th> do i need a kernel module to be able to have a ide cdrom?
[04:46] <daja77_> should be already in
[04:46] <daja77_> the chipset support
[04:46] <th> well - if i do mount /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom as root - it works
[04:47] <th> and then media:/hdc displays the contents
[04:47] <daja77_> and as a user?
[04:47] <th> you cant mount as a user unless you have it in fstab with option user
[04:47] <th> the idea of dbus/hal is to give such access withou fstab
[04:47] <daja77_> so that hal stuff needs to run as user or at least with suid?
[04:48] <th> hald and dbus are started by /etc/init.d
[04:48] <daja77_> yes in the summer release which runs at my workplace this works nicely
[04:48] <th> The media kioslave can use HAL to list media and to listen to hotplug events. If HAL is not running, media:/ will fall back on fstab tracking.
[04:49] <th> i think kioslave is somehow not running
[04:50] <daja77_> sry i will now continue my interrupted sleep :)
[04:50] <th> hehe
[04:50] <th> perhaps i should start some sleep
[04:50] <daja77_> think so :)
[04:51] <daja77_> cu
[04:51] <th> cya
[07:58] <blindcoder> moin
[09:11] <daja77_> .
[09:12] <blindcoder> ,
[11:52] <th> .
[12:01] <blindcoder> !
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[15:36] ripclaw (n=DE43741@pD9E04CF4.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[15:37] <ripclaw> ehlo
[16:20] <owl> hi ripclaw 
[16:20] <ripclaw> hi owl
[16:20] <owl> how are you?
[16:21] <ripclaw> trying to compile rock-sparc :)  fine so far except for the meatware
[16:22] <ripclaw> me thinks my bones could use an upgrade :)
[16:25] <owl> why? :)
[16:26] <owl> .oO( might you should join me, when i'm mountainbiking... results are "3 hours of cleaning bike next day", but it was a fast ride ^^ )
[16:26] ripclaw (n=DE43741@pD9E04CF4.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[16:27] ripclaw (n=DE43741@pD9E04CF4.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[16:27] <ripclaw> stupidly used to pressing CRTL C to abort...
[16:27] <owl> *lol*
[16:27] <ripclaw> i recently got myself a new mtb
[16:27] <owl> oh, which one?
[16:27] <owl> what are you driving...?
[16:28] <ripclaw> but my spinal disk 4 is damaged and operating at 150%, and right leg is currently waiting to fsck .
[16:28] <owl> eeeeeeeerks. wtf did you do? O_o
[16:29] <ripclaw> i have an 1994 mars explorer (yes, its named that way) and a 2005 VOITL meIV with a VOITEC 2006 front air suspension.
[16:29] <ripclaw> spinal disk is broken since 2003 - work place accident - got a lot better, but still not really useful
[16:29] <ripclaw> thats why i got myself a fully susp. bike with 4-joint rear
[16:30] <ripclaw> the leg is another thin - i hit the pedal into my front lower leg while wheeling. 
[16:30] <owl> hrm. ok. do i need to know what a mars explorer ist? ^^
[16:31] <ripclaw> first idea of the doc was broken bone or thrombosis. now they "guess" its damaged muscle tissue
[16:31] <owl> oooooooouch. that's why i'm wearing protection
[16:31] <ripclaw> nay - its an old 18 kilo 10gear bike. but its the first thing i bought with own money. so its still used occasionally.
[16:31] <ripclaw> and i modded it a bit.
[16:31] <owl> hehe :)
[16:32] <ripclaw> i didnt wear any - i usually cowardly refuse to. 
[16:32] <owl> i want a hardtail, maybe... somewhen... ;) to be able to make some jumps etc. 
[16:32] <ripclaw> i havent broken anything when crashing motorcycles 4 times. so why on a bike ??
[16:32] <owl> tststs. nah, i have nice FUSE protection... had to meny pedal bites in the past, and - well... 
[16:32] <owl> pedal bites :)
[16:33] <owl> i dunno where you drive, but i'm doing a bit downhill, and it's not really fun to kiss a tree... :)
[16:33] <ripclaw> jo...   i only know kickerbites from old guzzi and xr500
[16:33] <owl> ^^
[16:34] <ripclaw> i originally rode felsenmeer downhill with my old hardtail, about 2-3 months between needing new wheels. but since i risc going qadruplegic on a crash in trees etc (if my torso should twist faster than the rest), i only do paved or unpaved roads.
[16:35] <ripclaw> the suspension is to protect the spinal nerves from getting pinched and HURTING.
[16:36] <ripclaw> i recently grew fond of going through freshly turned meadows - it takes about 1 hour to cover 12km of loose soil :) and its _dirty_  :D
[16:36] <ripclaw> plus should i fall, i get dirty 2 and wont ruin any spinal crap
[16:38] <owl> felsenmeer? urrrrrrks. you're one of those hard guys?! O_o - hrm. freshly turned meadows reminds me to the dyke i fell down last summer ^^
[16:38] <ripclaw> if you want, take a look :   www.voitl-bikes.de/produkte.html   - the meIV is bottom left.
[16:38] <ripclaw> i was doing hard - but now its no longer "downhill trial"...
[16:39] <ripclaw> i really thirst for the voitl mechanical drug bike... but the damper setup is too shaky.
[16:40] <ripclaw> they already had a helluva problem setting up the front suspension for me - i had 3 different fronts before i arrived at the current one. 105kg downhill weight is a bit hefty...
[16:40] <ripclaw> i still prefer to have it set up for DH should i decide to *whistle*
[16:41] <ripclaw> whatchu ride ?
[16:41] <owl> *cough*
[16:41] <ripclaw> coughing ?
[16:42] <owl> hrm. i have a bulls one (http://gallery.karnaya.de/v/user-alben/owl/snapshots/mountainbike/) but i'm not going into tooooo heavy parts if possible... 
[16:43] <owl> we have one nice DH-/trail-drift here... well... ;)
[16:44] <owl> i guess mostly i'm just driving trough the woods... 
[16:44] <ripclaw> nice. looks lightweight. but i think i would break stuff on that... i chose a 4-joint read because its more robust on lateral hits (left/right)
[16:45] <ripclaw> i usually produce double/triple 8`s in wheels ;)
[16:45] <owl> hmm. not that lightweight. about 15 kg. 
[16:45] <owl> wtf are you doing? :)
[16:45] <ripclaw> coming down hard at a weird angle ?
[16:46] <owl> ^^
[16:46] <ripclaw> bumping into stuff ? driving hillslopes sideways... ?
[16:46] <ripclaw> i dunno what my current one weights...  the old one is 18kg stripped, but its nearly indestructible.
[16:46] <owl> ok. obviously you're riding harder than me :)
[16:46] <ripclaw> steel frame, steel gears, steel-cover over gears and gearbox
[16:47] <ripclaw> i just do what i can to have fun while its still in warranty.
[16:47] <ripclaw> biggest problem is the 19inch frame is too small for my way of riding the bike.
[16:48] <ripclaw> i never saw a 20inch frame, though, or one with the right distance front-back.
[16:48] <owl> hirgs. well. i have fat wheels... even their weight is about 1,5 - 2 kg (HR: conti diesel, VR: conti gravity)
[16:49] <ripclaw> i have maxxis welter weight front and rear, front one turned against roll direction for breaking grip.
[16:49] <ripclaw> they are lots better then the original fly weights on it.
[16:49] <owl> 19 inch - i would die... *driving 21,5 inch bike*
[16:49] <ripclaw> on the old one i have some schwalbe superdick stugg...
[16:49] <ripclaw> stuff that is
[16:50] <ripclaw> my old one was 21 or 22 i think. probably going to get a voitl custom sized frame. thats just 100 euro upcharge.
[16:50] <owl> hrm. schwalbe... the only schwalbe wheels i know are the anti-ice-ones :)
[16:50] <ripclaw> i love spikes :)
[16:50] <ripclaw> no, they have some really nice hvy duty stuff...
[16:51] <ripclaw> where did you get the protection for the front discs ? 
[16:51] <ripclaw> i could use something like that in steel.
[16:53] <owl> aeh, at local bike shop... 
[16:53] <ripclaw> a former colleague of mine is a downhill crazee ! he rides downhill at night with helmet lamps.
[16:54] <owl> hehehehehe
[16:54] <ripclaw> any producer info on that ? i have the XT gears too... but i fear i would ruin mine in time.
[16:54] <owl> i just know a trial-crazy person
[16:54] <ripclaw> moto-trial ?
[16:55] <owl> nope... aeh. wait... i guess they were already on my bike, when i bought it? *not sure*
[16:55] <owl> nope. bike trial
[16:55] <owl> http://gallery.karnaya.de/v/events/trialND09102006/
[16:55] <ripclaw> hmmm... still searching such a thing. probably have to go to the steel cutter for it.
[16:55] <ripclaw> wheeew ! sicko !
[16:57] <owl> yeah, especially this guy: http://gallery.karnaya.de/v/events/trialND09102006/10092006/DSC_1934-01.jpg.html IIRC he's in the german trial team etc. 
[16:57] <ripclaw> www.hibike.de -> preferred shop, except for the frame.
[16:57] <ripclaw> cool. 
[16:58] <owl> well, i ciould ask a friend, if he knows where to get those disc protetection thingies
[16:58] <ripclaw> i just look through hibike - maybe they have it - if you could get me pointers i`ld be happpy
[16:58] <ripclaw> hibike has the schwalbe stuff, too.
[16:58] <owl> hehe
[17:01] <ripclaw> die maxxis tires sind mittlerweile im "hotdeal" zu finden... 
[17:01] <owl> btw, do you know something about "ergometer-training"?
[17:02] <ripclaw> another thing - hands off from bikemaxx, they have no clue.
[17:02] <owl> hotdeal?
[17:02] <ripclaw> ergo-training ? heard that... 
[17:02] <ripclaw> hibike.de -> hot deals
[17:02] <ripclaw> specials -> hot deals
[17:02] <owl> yeah... i need a replacement for bicyle-training during winter... 
[17:02] <ripclaw> where do you live btw that you know felsenmeer ?
[17:02] <ripclaw> just go cycling in winter ?
[17:03] <ripclaw> get winter-tires, get goretex jacket and restless stormcap and go for it.
[17:03] <owl> nope... i would kill myself, if i need to clean my poor bike everytime for some hours :)
[17:04] <ripclaw> just go uphill on roads ?
[17:04] <owl> .oO( and my rucksack and myself... heh, even my hair was full of "schlamm && matsch" yesterday... )
[17:04] <ripclaw> or go to hein gericke and get some motocross gear.
[17:04] <owl> puh. no :) that's too boring for me
[17:05] <owl> hehe, no :)
[17:05] <ripclaw> i know that ergometer is the most boring thing to do in winter... i`ld rather jog.
[17:05] <ripclaw> maybe you should talk to tommy, he is downhilling the 5th or 6th winter.
[17:05] <ripclaw> which area do you live ? hessen ?
[17:05] <owl> *g* well... i guess i will set it up in front of the tv-set and insert some dvds or so
[17:05] <owl> nope. bavaria
[17:06] <ripclaw> ah... me i live southernmost hessen near bavarian/badenwuertembergian border.
[17:06] <ripclaw> "odenwald"
[17:06] <owl> hum? ^^ i thought you were in great britain? *looking completley confused*
[17:06] <ripclaw> i can still go dust-roads during winter.
[17:07] <ripclaw> no fscking way. i spent this year working in hamburg... i still live near heidelberg. like all the time in 29yrs
[17:08] <owl> O_o sry, sry, sry. my brain ... ;)
[17:08] <owl> .oO( ok. who am i mixing you up with? O_O )
[17:09] <ripclaw> i dunno... but no wookin furries on that one, matey ;)
[17:10] <owl> hrm, hrm ;)
[17:10] <owl> .oO( i am old. finally ^^ )
[17:11] <ripclaw> ask me... i even forget whom i shave in the morn
[17:11] <owl> *giggle* i guess that could cause problems if you shaved the bones of a women... ;)
[17:12] <ripclaw> didn`t get that - lost in translation ?  shaving the bones ?  or did you mean shaggin ?
[17:13] <owl> "wenn du vergisst, wen du morgens rasiert hast, könnte es problematisch werden, wenn du am morgen frauenbeine rasiert hast"... (wie in: welche frau war das) 
[17:14] <ripclaw> oh weia... bones !=legs
[17:14] <ripclaw> "wenn du am morgen frauenknochen rasierst ?"
[17:14] <owl> arghs. mist. yes. i 'm always mixing them
[17:15] <ripclaw> btw - rolling them bones (brit engl) = rolling dice
[17:15] <owl> .oO( shaving bones of a wife would be a bit toooo canibalistic for #rocklinux i guess )
[17:15] <ripclaw> anything caniballistic except canibal corpse music is too canibalistic for me
[17:16] <ripclaw> anyway - i think u should talk to tommy on the winter biking issue - he`s downhilling all winter. got some really good ideas how you avoid crashing...
[17:17] <owl> *har* so you're not one of those men, who say "i like children - when they're roasted in the oven"? :)
[17:18] <owl> whois tommy? 
[17:18] <ripclaw> our downhill freak at work
[17:18] <owl> aaah :)
[17:18] <owl> well. the dirt part for my bike is the most horrible thing in winter
[17:19] <ripclaw> use a water-hose and lots of water after your done ?
[17:19] <owl> the "schlamm" was about 10 cm high in the forsted
[17:19] <owl> yeah, but that's not that good for the bike i guess... especially for the 2kette"
[17:19] <ripclaw> schlamm=mud, but we can talk DE_de
[17:19] <owl> thx
[17:19] <ripclaw> fuer die kette (=chain) gibts im motorradhandel die scottoiler
[17:19] <owl> might you want to join #anarchy ? there shouldn't be the "please talk english in here"-issues... 
[17:20] <ripclaw> we`re offtopic anyway, so i wouldnt care if i talk non-english in her.
[17:20] <ripclaw> s/her/here/
[17:20] <owl> ok ;)
[17:20] <owl> hrm. kettenschmiersystem? ^^
[17:21] <ripclaw> jo... scottoiler= kettenschmier und buerstsystem. erspart dennoch nicht das putzen danach.
[17:22] <ripclaw> thomas baut da noch was dran um, damit das richtig taugt.
[17:22] <ripclaw> ich glaub es involviert 2 zahnbuersten und 2 holzschrauben.
[17:22] <owl> ^^ reinigungssystem hab ich... und halt normales wachs/öl
[17:23] <owl> aber der rest vom rad... 
[17:23] <owl> .oO( inkl. mir selbst...) 
[17:23] <owl> und ich hatte ja schutzbleche drauf
[17:23] <ripclaw> das ist fuer motorradfahrer :)  der rest ist duschbar...  ich wuerd kettenhaftoel nehmen. motorsaege oder sowas, das haelt auch bei dreck.
[17:23] <owl> urgs. 
[17:23] <owl> naja, die klamotten..... ohne worte.... :)
[17:24] <ripclaw> bleche hab ich runter... tut auch so. goretex klamotten und gartenschlauch
[17:24] <ripclaw> haix stiefel, motorradhose&jacke fuer schlechtwetter.
[17:24] <owl> ^.^ glaub danach hätte mich der foerster abgeknallt :)
[17:24] <owl> (also wenn schutzblech unten)
[17:25] <ripclaw> der kennt mich zu gut - bin im selben verein, wenns ums knallen geht.
[17:25] <ripclaw>  und ich bin besser ;-)
[17:25] kasc_ (n=kasc@dslb-084-061-126-154.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:25] <owl> *neid* meiner mag mich nicht. genauso wie die bullerei hier... (gab mal ne zeit lang im herbst und die zeit davor fallen im wald) 
[17:25] <ripclaw> wieso regt der sich ohne schutzbleche auf ?
[17:25] <owl> (also fallen fuer radfahrer... stricke in kopfhoehe usw. )
[17:26] <owl> des net, aber der haelt mich dann fuer ein wildschwein... :)
[17:26] <ripclaw> also radfahrerfallen sind unzulaessig. das ist fahrlaessig bis vorsaetzlich und kann richtig ins eingemachte gehen !!!!
[17:26] <ripclaw> das wuerd ich bei der polizei anzeigen.
[17:26] <ripclaw> vor allem wenn keine warnschilder da sind.
[17:26] <owl> hab ich... 
[17:26] <ripclaw> und ?
[17:26] <owl> "anzeige gegen unbekannt"... 
[17:27] <owl> mir wollten die nen strick drauss drehen, dass ich die seile nicht sofort abgeschnitten habe... 
[17:27] <owl> (hab ja kein messer im rucksack)
[17:27] <ripclaw> immer wieder aufs neue, die muessen den aergern.
[17:27] <owl> 2 x bisher... 
[17:27] <ripclaw> klar hast du kein messer dabei. wiesodenn auch - du bist nur zum spass im wald.
[17:27] <owl> also zur pozilei marschiert... 
[17:28] <ripclaw> und du hast es gemeldet - mehr kannst du da nicht tun. ist auch nicht dein aufgabenbereich
[17:28] <owl> tja... da haette ich *sofort* anrufen muessen, oder *sofort* abschneiden muessen, oder nachts hinfahren und abschneiden
[17:28] <owl> laut den "herren in gruen"
[17:28] <ripclaw> du hast mit der meldung deine arbeit getan. nix - sofort danach wenn du bei einem telefon bist anrufen und melden. das reicht.
[17:28] <owl> hmm. ok. 
[17:28] <ripclaw> du musst da nicht nachts hinfahren, du musst kein messer mitfuehren (=verletzungsrisiko beim sturz !!!)
[17:29] <owl> gut, gut... (aus dem grund hab ich auch kein messer oder sonstige spitzige gegenstände dabei)
[17:29] <ripclaw> dein job ist melden, ggf. zur stelle fuehren. rest ist foerster oder polizeisache. der foerster ist da diensherr.
[17:29] <owl> tjo... 
[17:29] <ripclaw> ausserdem wuerdest du damit ja beweise zerstoeren und die ermittlung behindern.
[17:30] <ripclaw> wegen versuchter toetung oder so.
[17:30] <ripclaw> ;)
[17:30] <owl> naja... die hatten halt auch gemeint "die mehreren äste, die quer zwischen zwei baeumen senkrecht aufgestellt waren, waren bestimmt waldarbeiter"
[17:30] <owl> und die angelschnur haette ich abreissen muessen, sofort... 
[17:30] <ripclaw> ... haettest versuchen muessen. wenns nicht klappt weils in die finger schneidet, kannst du auch nix.
[17:30] <owl> ich musste die beknien (und zweimal hin), bis die ueberhaupt ne anzeige gegen unbekannt hingekriegt hatten.. 
[17:31] <ripclaw> wenns nicht geht, zum landratsamt gehen.
[17:32] <owl> naja, wenn du kurz vor nem abflug gegen einen baum der vor dir stand, warst, denkste nimmer so wirklich an "schnur abreissen", wobei die glaube ich gerissen ist, als ich mit dem hinterreifen hängenblieb. 
[17:32] <ripclaw> genauso wie ein jagdgebiet entlang bekannter wege abgesperrt sein muss !!! der jaeger _muss_ sicherstellen das er niemanden gefaehrdet wenn er schiesst.
[17:32] <owl> hmmm, erstmal beobachten, ob da nochmal sowas auftaucht... 
[17:32] <owl> ich fuhr ja oft genug da durch... 
[17:33] <ripclaw> ich wuerd einfach sagen du hast es versucht, aber die schnur hat den haenden nicht nachgegeben und du kriegst mit dem bordwerkzeug die knoten nicht auf. damit koennen sie dir nix.
[17:33] <owl> hrm. ok
[17:33] <owl> naja, das naechste mal bin ich eh schlauer :)
[17:33] <owl> handy hab ich dabei... 
[17:33] <owl> und: *wehe* die lassen mich ewig warten
[17:34] <owl> "normalerweise schicken wir ihnen jemanden vorbei, aber wenn wir wichtigeres zu tun haben, kann es vorkommen, dass auch niemand vorbeikommt"
[17:34] <ripclaw> du musst nur solang warten wie es bei den temperaturen zumutbar ist.
[17:34] <owl> d.h. halbe std?
[17:34] <ripclaw> du brauchst nichts zu tun was deine gesundheit gefaehrdet wenn die offiziellen das bei meldung auch koennen.
[17:35] <ripclaw> wuerd sagen je nach temperatur. regen im kalten 5 minuten, sonne und trocken im winter 15-30 minuten, sommer solang wie noetig.
[17:35] <ripclaw> das ist ermessenssache. wenns zu lang wird, rufst du an und sagst das du dich jetzt vom ort des geschehens wegbegibst, und wohin, weils dir kalt wird und du schon zu zittern anfaengst.
[17:36] <ripclaw> leben und gesundheit geht vor alles andere in der rechtsprechung.
[17:36] <owl> hmm. ok. wobei ich unserer lieben polizei eh nix mehr diesbezueglich zutrau... 
[17:36] <owl> ich meine - ne warnung in der zeitung hatten sie auch net gebracht... 
[17:36] <owl> usw. 
[17:36] <ripclaw> niemand muss sein leben gefaehrden. wenn du nicht schwimmen kannst springst du auch nicht als rettungsschwimmer ein ?
[17:37] <owl> jep. das net
[17:37] <ripclaw> das mit der zeitung kannst du ja selbst machen - dem reporter melden... der wird schon nachfragen.
[17:37] <owl> jetzt isses ja eh zu spät... aber naja.. 
[17:37] <ripclaw> auch wenn keine anzeige angenommen wird, muessen sie die meldung ins wachbuch eintragen.
[17:38] <ripclaw> besteh drauf den eintrag zu sehen. wenn sie dem nicht nachgehen, ist das dann ihr problem.
[17:38] <owl> ^^
[17:38] <ripclaw> heisst natuerlich wieder arbeit.
[17:38] <owl> polizisten kontrollieren... :/
[17:39] <ripclaw> jo. und ? mich moegen sie besonders gern... ich sag nur PDV810.3 und datenschutzgesetz §5
[17:39] <ripclaw> sowie fernmeldegesetz...
[17:39] <owl> -vvv 
[17:40] <ripclaw> hatten mal spass mit dem trachtenverein gruen-weiss als sie unser einsatzfahrzeug auf blaulichtfahrt angehalten haben.
[17:40] <ripclaw> (funk+fuehrung des landkreises)
[17:41] <ripclaw> uns ist dann natuerlich aufgefallen (nachdem sie fertig waren) das mit dem funk im streifenwagen was nicht stimmt... anruf bei der leitstelle, anweisung den wagen abzustellen und eine funkgeraete-ueberpruefung durchfuehren zu lassen.
[17:42] <ripclaw> folglich wurde das funkgeraet ohne gueltige betriebserlaubnis eingezogen und der nicht mehr ensatztaugliche streifenwagen von einer zweiten streife abgeschleppt.
[17:42] <owl> *rofl*
[17:42] <ripclaw> das funkgeraet gabs sonntags frueh um 7 wieder, inklusive einer grossen ueberpruefung aller funkgeraete, dienstbucheintrag und rueffel and die werkstatt der wache.
[17:43] <ripclaw> ergebnis: fuer uns musste am einsatztag ein 45km entfernter funk+fuehrungs wagen raus, und sonntags drauf gingen 7 funkgeraete baugruppen versiegelt nach wiesbaden bis zur klaerung der betriebserlaubnis.
[17:44] <ripclaw> macht bei 20 stueck ca. 30 %.
[17:44] <ripclaw> durften 1 jahr lang damit rechnen in zivil immer und mit absoluter sicherheit bis auf die hosen gefilzt zu werden... 
[17:44] <ripclaw> mit uniform und auto wurde aber freundlich gegruesst ;)
[17:45] kasc (n=kasc@dslb-084-061-246-103.pools.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[17:45] Nick change: kasc_ -> kasc
[17:45] <owl> *lol* oh mann
[17:46] <ripclaw> wir duerfen da keine ueberpruefung raushauen, aber wenn die leitstelle (der polizei) uns den auftrag gibt bei unklarer lage nachzuforschen und ggf. einzuziehen (die wussten nicht um welches kfz es sich handelte, keine angabe halter oder kennzeichen noetig)
[17:46] <ripclaw> dann koennen wir denen das auch nach erteilung des auftrags von ihrer eigenen leitstelle anweisen lassen. wenn sie wuessten wers ist, wuerden sie es nicht erlauben. aber so ists auf dem band und im protokol und sie muessen *pfeiff*
[17:47] <ripclaw> dann geht der papierkrieg los... und das liebt niemand.
[17:48] <ripclaw> so, ich configurier mir noch ne runde einen ab...
[17:49] <owl> *huestel* stimmt, papierkriebt hasst jeder. *mal den finanzamtkram ripclaw in die hand drueck* :P
[17:49] <owl> viel spass ;)
[17:49] <ripclaw> danke, da hab ich noch 2 ordner zu machen...
[17:50] <owl> ieeeeeeeh. mein beileid. 
[17:50] <ripclaw> bauarghs
[17:50] <owl> bauargs?
[17:50] <ripclaw> buarghs
[17:51] <owl> achso. das machut es natürlich verständlicher *gggg*
[17:52] <ripclaw> *GGG*
[17:52] <owl> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. sch... merke: keinen subwoofer auf voller lautstaerke am laptop haben, wenn eine website ton hat
[17:52] <ripclaw> hehe... das ist mit ner 4x10 zoll marshal box echt toedlich.
[17:53] <owl> marshall?! amp oder wie? 
[17:54] <ripclaw> Marshal DBS 7200 mit 2x200W sinus ausgangsleistung und 2x 4x10zoll box
[17:54] <ripclaw> fönt gut
[17:54] <ripclaw> hab auch die gitarre dazu  ^^
[17:55] <owl> *hüstel* welche denn? 
[17:55] <owl> .oO( jetzt steht hier bestimmt gleich "gibson" oder so )
[17:56] <ripclaw> hohner lion II, hohner viper II und irgend so ein yamaha bass..  ;)
[17:56] <owl> brav. keine gibson *fg* du darfst also weiterleben :P
[17:56] <ripclaw> www.rareguitar.de ist da geil
[17:56] <ripclaw> wieso das ?
[17:57] <ripclaw> fenderfan ? framusianer ?
[17:57] <owl> ne gibson LP custom ebony LH wäre mein traum :) 
[17:58] <owl> aber bisher bin ich ja klassiker ;)
[17:58] <ripclaw> gretsch LX250 G golden series... (mein traum) - leider unbezahlbar.
[17:58] <ripclaw> hab 2 klassische - eine fuer 50 euro vom lidl fuers lagerfeuer und die leyanda
[17:58] <owl> taugt die was?
[17:58] <owl> .oO( haben die auch lefthand-gitarren? )
[17:59] <owl> 'ne SG wäre auch niedlich *find*
[18:00] <ripclaw> weiss nicht ob die lefties haben... aber die waren frueher obersahne... 5000 DM+ eingebaute funk-tonabnehmer, hollowbody-semi-akkustik
[18:01] <owl> nice°
[18:01] <ripclaw> wikipedia: Gretsch
[18:03] <owl> hrm. ich braeuchte da klang zu ;)
[18:03] <ripclaw> also bo diddley hat eine, chris cornell von soundgarden, eddy duane, frusciante von den chilli peppers, gibbons von zz top, george harrison, chris isaak, brian setzer, stephen stills (crosby, stills nash), farin urlaub, malcom young ac/dc)
[18:03] <owl> btw, habe ich erwaehnt, dass ich fiddler's green liebe? 
[18:03] <ripclaw> nope ;) die sind aber gut.
[18:04] <ripclaw> also ne gretsch klingt super clean und breit... so fuer stuecke a la bbking oder so einfach genial
[18:04] <ripclaw> www.gretsch.com
[18:05] <owl> jep :) auf das neue album bin ich gespannt... hmmmmmmm, wie isses, wenn man sie verzerrt spielt? vom sound her eher warm, eher bissig...? 
[18:06] <ripclaw> 2 humbucker und ein dicker body - also eher brettig warm bis trocken
[18:06] <ripclaw> die white falcon scheint die neue 250 zu sein.
[18:06] <ripclaw> war frueher standardmaessig mit nem .012er saitensatz in vergoldet ;)
[18:06] <owl> tststs :)
[18:07] <owl> das ist, was mich an der LP custom etwas stoert, dass die eben nicht silbrig ist, sondern golden... 
[18:07] <ripclaw> schau dir das teil an, das gibt nen staender :)
[18:07] <owl> ich bin ne frau, ich kann keinen staender kriegen :D
[18:07] <ripclaw> bei gretsch: fragen, fuern kunden gibts alles...
[18:07] <ripclaw> nichma nen gitarrenstaender ?
[18:07] <owl> noe :D
[18:07] <ripclaw> mitten im wohnzimmer in der vitrine ?
[18:08] <owl> nene
[18:08] <owl> .oO( in meinem bett. in der tasche. aber ok )
[18:08] <ripclaw> :D
[18:08] <ripclaw> da ist bei mir die akkustische...
[18:09] <owl> ich hab bisher ja nur eine... ;) mag erstmal mit der klassik weiterkommen, einige soli spielen können, dann, wenn ich auch mal geld habe, kommt 'ne westerngitarre, dann ne e-gitarre (wird aber wohl ne ephiphone, oder mal gucken...) 
[18:09] <ripclaw> oh - da isses *seufz*  gretsch g6136-1958 stephen stills white falcon
[18:10] <ripclaw> schau mal nach framus - die sind klasse... ex-ostware, aber echt fett.
[18:10] <ripclaw> hab vor 3 jahren das ganze eingestellt, und bin wieder am einsteigen... al di meola hat mich in den wahnsinn getrieben.
[18:10] <owl>  wieso das? ^^
[18:10] <ripclaw> ja, sie haben auch lefties
[18:11] <ripclaw> nu ja, flamenco kram in 32teln.
[18:11] <owl> gut, gut :)
[18:11] <owl> hehe. ich glaub ich bin dann doch eher im mittelalter haengengeblieben oder so :)
[18:12] <owl> .oO( wobei - wenn ich flamenco kann, kann ich in spanien - wenn ich auswandere - mich als unterhaltungsmusiker engagieren lassen... )
[18:12] <ripclaw> heh... ich mach auch metal, rock, etc. aber die challenge ist einfach bb king und al di meola / paco de lucia
[18:12] <ripclaw> das heisst mariachi :)
[18:12] <owl> hmm?
[18:13] <owl> also irgendwie ist die framus.de-site laaaaaaaaahm
[18:13] <ripclaw> mariachi - musiker fuer parties in spanien... siehe filme: el mariachi, desperado...
[18:13] <ripclaw> wie, die haben ne seite... ?
[18:13] <owl> jap. framus.de :)
[18:13] <ripclaw> *bookmark*
[18:14] <owl> gott. sieht die edel aus! panthera custom 
[18:15] <owl> .oO( nur will ich den preis glaube ich nie erfahren )
[18:16] <ripclaw> bei dem material wird der echt fett.
[18:16] <ripclaw> lefthand ohne aufpreis !
[18:16] <owl> lass mich raten: 10 000 ??
[18:17] <owl> na das will ich bei dem preis auch hoffen :D
[18:17] <ripclaw> so um die 2-3k wuerd ich tippen
[18:17] <owl> so günstig? ^^
[18:17] <ripclaw> so teuer sind die nu wieder auch nicht. da gibts teureres.
[18:18] <ripclaw> z.b. thc sunburst roehrenamps, oder glockenklang, oder orange...
[18:18] <ripclaw> etc.
[18:18] <ripclaw> schau mal auf rareguitars.de die haben auch framus
[18:18] <owl> oh gott... die suchen nen verkaufsleiter... wer kann so kalt sein und gitarren verkaufen? 
[18:19] <ripclaw> framus nashville 490 euro
[18:19] <owl> aber auch wieder nur echts... :/
[18:19] <owl> *noch wahnsinnig werd*
[18:19] <owl> ausserdem gefaellt mir die farbe net :)
[18:20] <owl> .oO( und: nein, ich bin nicht waehlerisch. das sieht nur so aus) 
[18:20] <ripclaw> :D
[18:20] <ripclaw> hab grad besuch, 5 minuten
[18:21] <owl> ok. dann schmeiss ich mich mal gleich auf die couch, bzw. raus aus dem büro. 
[18:24] <ripclaw> tu das... bistu aufm ccc congress ?
[18:39] <owl> re
[18:39] <owl> nope
[18:53] <owl> ripclaw: was du willst ist eine "bremsleitungsführung"... solltest du im nächsten radladen, gruschkiste bekommen... 
[19:17] ija_ (n=ija@ joined #rocklinux.
[19:20] <ripclaw> re
[19:21] <ripclaw> owl - was ich will ist ne schaltritzelschutz konstruktion ;)
[19:22] <owl> ^.^
[19:23] <ripclaw> www.rareguitar.de/images/137-3751_IMG.JPG
[19:23] <ripclaw> plexiglasbody :)
[19:24] <owl> neeee. die is nicht schick 
[19:24] <ripclaw> ich finds ne lustige idee... 
[19:24] <owl> y?
[19:25] stf^rocklinux (n=user@heim-034-235.raab-heim.uni-linz.ac.at) left #rocklinux ("Kopete 0.12.3 : http://kopete.kde.org").
[19:25] <ripclaw> ne ibanez kaufen und den body mit klarem plexi ersetzen, 2 roehren rein :)
[19:25] <ripclaw> und von hinten kunststoff verchromung... leuchtet...
[19:25] <ripclaw> *G*
[19:25] <owl> neeeee :)
[19:25] <ripclaw> da kommt der chopperfahrer durch
[19:25] <owl> hihi
[19:26] <ripclaw> oha ! bei den akkustiken ist ein echtes schnaeppchen dabei.
[19:26] <ripclaw> martin DM 950 eur
[19:26] <ripclaw> die ist bei 30-50%
[19:27] stf^rocklinux (n=user@heim-034-235.raab-heim.uni-linz.ac.at) joined #rocklinux.
[19:28] <ripclaw> gibson SG 590,-
[19:31] ija (n=ija@ left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[19:35] <owl> nur falschrum... shalalala
[19:39] <ripclaw> weia... stimmt ja.
[19:39] <ripclaw> gebraucht sind die recht selten in links.
[19:39] <owl> jep 
[19:39] <owl> ausserdem - ich glaub ich will ne neue... mag net, dass vor mir jemand mein schaetzchen angegrabscht hat 
[19:39] <owl> .oO( weia. ich bin bei gitarren waehlerischer als bei maenner. und das will was heissen )
[19:39] <owl> +n
[19:39] <ripclaw> der musikladen in eberstadt hat ne conde hermanos reingerkiegt... laeppsche 2300 uro *aaarg*
[19:40] <owl> sagt mir nix
[19:40] <ripclaw> ok - mir sagt das nichts, ich kenn deine maenner nich...
[19:40] <ripclaw> handgefertigte spanische gitarre, palisander & zedernholz, 65er mensur. todgeiler klang
[19:42] <ripclaw> bei gitarren bin ich da nicht ganz so waehlerisch - wenn das teil in ordnung ist, ist mir relativ egal wer vorbesitzer war - die lion  hab ich fuer 20% gekriegt, hat nen kratzer vom vorbesitzer. saiten runter, hals runter, lack druff, fertig. dafuer gibts gitarrenbauer.
[19:42] <owl> hrm. kann ich net beurteilen. 
[19:42] Nick change: ija_ -> ija
[19:42] <owl> neee. da bin ich extrem waehlerisch... k.a. ne gitarre ist irgendwie - ich weiss nicht... - mit der wachse ich zusammen oder so O_o
[19:42] <ripclaw> ich liebe die teile einfach - spanische handarbeit gitarren... leider unbezahlber...
[19:43] <owl> hehe :)
[19:43] <ripclaw> ich weiss - aber richtig klasse spielteilchen sind leide nur gebraucht bezahlbar... und da is mir lieber gebraucht als garnicht.
[19:43] <ripclaw> ausserdem sind die ruckzuck MEINS :)
[19:44] <ripclaw> die conde hermanos is bj 2000, d.h. 2. hand - neu geht die fuer 3500+
[19:44] <owl> *g*
[19:45] <ripclaw> ne antonio ariza gitarre fuer 2100 ist auch schon mordluestern - bj 1998 bei der preisklasse sind die alle gehaetschelt und gepflegt... hoechstens kaputtpoliert...
[19:45] <owl> *rofl* was ne vorstellung... :) 
[19:46] <ripclaw> oder zutodegeknuddelt
[19:46] <owl> .oO( oder zerdatscht, da zerlegen
[19:46] <owl> ) 
[19:47] <ripclaw> neee.... wie willst du das z.b. bei einer alten geige oder sowas machen... ? bj1900 oder aelter ?
[19:47] <ripclaw> die geht doch auch nur gebraucht...
[19:47] <ripclaw> :D
[19:48] <owl> k.a. :) ich bin kein geiger, auch wenn ich geigen toll finde, also vom klang her... :) 
[19:49] <ripclaw> ui ui ui.... die teuerste in der ausstellung ist 5800 euro.
[19:49] <owl> wer wie wo was? 
[19:49] <owl> *thomann wegklick* 
[19:49] <owl> oh mann.. 
[19:50] <ripclaw> und mit 4500 ist ne gebrauchte gitarre drin... www.musikladen-eberstadt.de
[19:50] <ripclaw> ne montero... das ist ausserhalb aller limits... sowas gehoert in panzerglas-schreine :)
[19:51] <owl> me_konzertgitarren.pdf oder welches guckst du an?
[19:57] <ripclaw> ja :)
[20:06] <owl> aaaah, ok
[20:11] <ripclaw> geile teile...
[20:15] <owl> hmmm
[20:19] <ripclaw> ok, ich muss dann mal ausser haus :)
[20:19] <ripclaw> hab noch was draussen zu tun.
[20:19] <ripclaw> die montero will ich mal probespielen... mal schaun... nur anguggen... *lechz*
[20:23] Nick change: ripclaw -> ripclaw_away
[20:56] <owl> bye bye ripclaw_away 
[20:57] ringo (n=info@zorgmakelaar.xs4all.nl) joined #rocklinux.
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[21:41] Nick change: ripclaw_away -> ripclaw
[21:41] <ripclaw> re
[21:42] <blindcoder> re ripclaw 
[21:44] <ripclaw> whatsup ?
[21:44] <blindcoder> boozed geek is up here
[21:44] <blindcoder> over there?
[21:45] <ripclaw> nuttin much... training wasnt, so bored geek up here.
[21:45] <ripclaw> started downloading for -trunk
[21:45] <ripclaw> currently setting up crosscompile env
[21:45] <ripclaw> -->sparc
[21:45] <ripclaw> native platform was too old, ubuntu didnt install. 
[21:46] <ripclaw> rock 1.5.14-sparc is definitely tooo old.
[21:46] <blindcoder> hehe
[21:46] <ripclaw> but it works... and i still have images for it >:-P
[21:47] <blindcoder> MUAHAHAHAHA
[21:47] <blindcoder> nice :)
[21:47] <ripclaw> mwhaahahahahaa
[21:47] <ripclaw> x-mas is e10000 setupday. put on the lights-tree :)
[21:47] <ripclaw> then i can compile over ccc with "lotsa cpu"
[21:47] Action: blindcoder hands ripclaw some lametta for the box
[21:48] <ripclaw> ACTION bows and accepts precious gifts
[21:48] <ripclaw> i usually refer to my motorcycle when i say x-mas tree
[21:48] <ripclaw> lotsa lights and shiny stuff
[21:50] <blindcoder> hehe
[21:50] <blindcoder> my tower pc has ten leds on the front
[21:50] <blindcoder> programmable by parallel port
[21:50] <blindcoder> even got the program still lying around somewhere
[21:50] <ripclaw> :)  my sparc ultra5 has a red neon behind the front bezel - looks evilish steaming
[21:51] <ripclaw> "its just a sparc in the dark" 
[21:51] <ripclaw> too much listening to old metal music
[21:53] <ripclaw> whatcha boozed on ?
[21:54] <ripclaw> pilsken ?
[21:55] <blindcoder> actually, can only program 8 of them
[21:55] <blindcoder> one is on hdd act
[21:55] <blindcoder> the other used to be network act
[21:55] <blindcoder> until the soldered-around-on-nic died
[21:55] <blindcoder> sweet
[21:55] <ripclaw> nice.
[21:56] <blindcoder> not a glow in the sparc?
[21:56] <blindcoder> hrm
[21:56] <ripclaw> :)
[21:56] <blindcoder> beer, wine and something else I don't quite remember
[21:56] <blindcoder> weihenstephaner weissbier
[21:57] <ripclaw> i have st. nicolaus beer here.
[21:57] <blindcoder> what's that?
[21:58] <ripclaw> pfungstädter st. nikolaus bockbier schwarz
[21:58] <blindcoder> bockbier... yummy
[22:00] <ripclaw> yep :)
[22:03] <ripclaw> what the hell is a .extck-err file ?
[22:03] <blindcoder> a file where the extension doesn't match the file content
[22:04] <blindcoder> usually a 404-html-errordocument
[22:04] <blindcoder> instead of a .tar.gz
[22:04] <ripclaw> so all of db-* is non matching, gtk-perl is nonmatghin
[22:04] <ripclaw> mysql is too-
[22:05] <blindcoder> use another mirror
[22:05] <ripclaw> will have to see if we have mirrors - i used "none"
[22:06] <ripclaw> any idea which mirrors are still good ?
[22:07] <ripclaw> (=carry recent pkg)
[22:07] <blindcoder> don't know by heart, sorry
[22:07] <th> i noticed being the best mirror.
[22:08] <blindcoder> th: poser
[22:08] <ripclaw> th - i cant understand, its such a crappy mirror over here ;)
[22:08] <blindcoder> just because it's on the same net as you
[22:08] <th> blindcoder: no - i dont have packages there.
[22:09] <th> blindcoder: but it's still better
[22:09] <ripclaw> th - where can i download from your mirror ?
[22:10] <th> ripclaw: < th> blindcoder: no - i dont have packages there.
[22:10] <th> ripclaw: i was just saying that "none" is quite a good choice
[22:11] <ripclaw> none is a crappy choice with trunk afaik, with stable i no longer try...
[22:25] ringo (n=info@zorgmakelaar.xs4all.nl) left irc: 
[22:26] feistel (n=feistel@host112.190-30-10.telecom.net.ar) joined #rocklinux.
[22:30] <ripclaw> ok - bdb no longer is hostet on sleepycat.com -> its ORACLE now *vomits*
[22:30] <blindcoder> huh?
[22:30] <blindcoder> why's that?
[22:31] <ripclaw> bought ?
[22:31] <blindcoder> anyway, naptime
[22:31] <blindcoder> bye
[22:31] <ripclaw> www.freshmeat.net/projects/berkeleydb/
[22:32] <th> hmmm so how do we fix our dbus problems now?
[22:32] <ripclaw> v4 only now
[22:35] <ripclaw> doesnt download as wget http anymore either... http redirects suck.
[22:36] <ripclaw> we`re fsck`d with that i assume.
[22:36] <th> wget can follow redirects
[22:36] <th> and does it by default AFAIK
[22:36] <th> curl needs an option
[22:37] <ripclaw> ?
[22:37] <th> .
[22:37] <th> !
[22:37] <th>        -L/--location
[22:37] <th>               (HTTP/HTTPS) If the server reports that the requested page has moved to
[22:37] <th>               a different location (indicated with  a  Location:  header  and  a  3XX
[22:37] <th>               response  code)  this option will make curl redo the request on the new
[22:37] <th> ...
[22:38] <th> notimeout=0 ; curl_options='--disable-epsv --location'
[22:38] <th> we already pass this option
[22:38] feistel (n=feistel@host112.190-30-10.telecom.net.ar) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[22:39] <ripclaw> curl -L gives another borken 404...
[22:39] <th> but your webbrowser gets no 404?
[22:39] <ripclaw> yes
[22:39] <th> what's that url?
[22:40] <th> www.freshmeat.net/projects/berkeleydb ?
[22:40] <ripclaw> firefox just starts download.
[22:40] <ripclaw> follow the link to the bz2
[22:40] <th> k
[22:40] <th> gz i suppose
[22:40] <ripclaw> sorry tar.gz
[22:40] <th> wget http://freshmeat.net/redir/berkeleydb/694/url_tgz/db-4.5.20.tar.gz
[22:40] <th> works
[22:40] <ripclaw> they successfully broke it for others.
[22:41] <ripclaw> ok - lemme see...
[22:41] <th> curl -L http://freshmeat.net/redir/berkeleydb/694/url_tgz/db-4.5.20.tar.gz 
[22:41] <th> works
[22:41] <ripclaw> i tried the download.oracle.com/berkeley-db/* thing.
[22:41] <th> well that's not the link target
[22:41] <th> that's only the text node of the <a/> node
[22:41] <ripclaw> works too... stupidity is a missing dash
[22:42] <th> ahh ok
[22:42] <th> fine
[22:42] <th> ;>
[22:42] <th> it's good to know that some things still work out there ;)
[22:43] <ripclaw> you mean like typos ;)
[22:43] <th> sure ;)
[22:44] <ripclaw> but bdb2 and bdb3 are missing.
[22:45] <th> wget ftp://sleepycat1.inetu.net/releases/db-3.3.11.tar.gz
[22:45] <th> works
[22:45] <ripclaw> hmm.. blind-guessing works...
[22:45] <th> that is the current [D] in trunk
[22:45] <ripclaw> inetu ?
[22:46] <th> ftp://sleepycat1.inetu.net/releases/
[22:46] <th> although this thing fakes empty directory
[22:46] <ripclaw> no trunk has sleepycat.com
[22:46] <th> https://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/trunk/package/base/bdb/bdb.desc
[22:46] <ripclaw> download-uk.oracle.com/berkeley-db/*
[22:46] <th> open your eyes ;)
[22:46] <th> [D] 3182502822 db-3.3.11.tar.gz ftp://sleepycat1.inetu.net/releases/
[22:47] <th> sleepycat only for v4
[22:47] <ripclaw> i did download 14h25 scn trunk current.
[22:47] <ripclaw> didnt get any of them.
[22:47] <th> 14h25?
[22:47] <th> scn?
[22:47] <th> current?
[22:47] <ripclaw> 14 hours 25 minutes today - svn co trunk
[22:47] <th> ahh
[22:47] <th> ok
[22:48] <th> https://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/trunk
[22:48] <th> right?
[22:48] <ripclaw> yes
[22:48] <th> or whatever url-scheme
[22:48] <th> good
[22:48] <th> grep inetu trunk/package/base/bdb/*desc ??
[22:49] <ripclaw> 3.3.11 is inetu, 4.x is sleepycat.  
[22:49] <th> true
[22:49] <th> 22:45:59 < th> sleepycat only for v4
[22:50] <ripclaw> download/irror/d/db-4.0.14.tar.gz.extchk-err
[22:51] <ripclaw> same for 4.1.2 and 4.2.52
[22:51] <th> yes - it moved.
[22:51] <th> only v3 is still available on the old url
[22:52] <th> we need to update the package to reflect the new urls
[22:52] <ripclaw> bloody filemovers :-P
[22:56] <ripclaw> Gtk-Perl did also fluke out, same for gkrellm-gnome, hddtemp-0.3, sane-backends
[22:57] <th> ripclaw: please add patches correcting the urls to smng
[22:57] <ripclaw> i still dont know how to use svn. who`s taking email patches ?
[22:57] <th> ripclaw: willing to take a small crash-course?
[22:58] <ripclaw> after i fix it, sure. gimme 45-60 minutes ?
[22:58] <th> ok
[23:02] <ripclaw> i can just edit the stuff, svn will sort out itself, right ?
[23:03] <th> "edit"?
[23:03] <th> yes.
[23:03] <ripclaw> desc file
[23:03] <th> sure
[23:03] <th> use "svn diff"
[23:03] <th> this will show the differences to your last checked out version
[23:03] <ripclaw> ok, just fixing.
[23:04] <th> after fixing it cd into the trunk dir (so not in the package/xyz/foo dir)
[23:04] <th> and do svn diff > my-ugly-fix.patch
[23:04] <ripclaw> gimme a sec :)  will do.
[23:04] <th> then edit the patch and write some comments what the patch does
[23:04] <ripclaw> i can fix all url i one patch
[23:04] <ripclaw> ?
[23:04] <th> would be better if everything what is related is in one patch only
[23:05] <th> but:
[23:05] <th> `svn diff package/xyz/foo` will only include this to the patch file
[23:05] <ripclaw> k
[23:22] <ripclaw> whats hddtemp-20060214.db !http://www.guzu.net/linux/hddtemp.db
[23:23] <ripclaw> the !http i don`t know. and the path is somehow unreachable.
[23:26] <ripclaw> oh - hddtempdb has probably changing value... i`ll set cksum to 0 ?
[23:27] ripclaw (n=DE43741@pD9E04CF4.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[23:27] ripclaw (n=DE43741@pD9E04CF4.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[23:28] <ripclaw> re
[23:31] <th> you should check with blindcoder for the hddtemp. it's his repository.
[23:31] <th> i'm not sure about the "!"
[23:31] <ripclaw> should i send him the diff
[23:32] <th> you should send all diffs to smng - this is possible either via http upload through the webinterface... or using curl
[23:32] <th> ripclaw: smng has a voting system and patterns for vote-checks
[23:32] <th> if all checks are ok - then it will be quickly applied
[23:32] <ripclaw> *confused*
[23:32] <th> if not - then it needs a full build-test-cylce
[23:33] <th> ripclaw: i think the "!" means that the following is not a directory but the file
[23:39] <ripclaw> gkrellm-gnome homepage doesnt exist any more...
[23:41] <th> ROCKs focus is on the CORE packages only anyways
[23:41] <th> we dont have enough manpower to do more
[23:42] <ripclaw> remove ?
[23:43] <th> not necessary - we can still "host" it. CORE packages are marked with a flag
[23:43] <th> and crystal only builds core packages
[23:50] <ripclaw> mysql 5.0.26 was removed from server tuwien.ac.at - current is 5.0.27
[23:50] <th> from the mysql mirror? or from the rock mirror?
[23:51] <ripclaw> gd.tuwien.ac.at/db/mysql-5.0/*
[23:51] <th> so the mysql mirror
[23:52] <ripclaw> not rock-mirror. last i looked at rockmirror on gdtuwien it was quite out of date.
[23:52] <ripclaw> but thats 2 months downline
[23:52] <th> propably not better as of now
[23:52] <th> but we dont seem to have the manpower to keep the mirrors checked
[23:53] <ripclaw> <owl> neeee. die is nicht schick 
[23:53] <ripclaw> > ich finds ne lustige idee... 
[23:53] <ripclaw> <owl> y?
[23:53] <ripclaw> *** stf^rocklinux (n=user@heim-034-235.raab-heim.uni-linz.ac.at) left #rocklinux
[23:53] <ripclaw> > ne ibanez kaufen und den body mit klarem plexi ersetzen, 2 roehren rein :)
[23:53] <ripclaw> > und von hinten kunststoff verchromung... leuchtet...
[23:53] <ripclaw> > *G*
[23:53] <ripclaw> <owl> neeeee :)
[23:53] <ripclaw> > da kommt der chopperfahrer durch
[23:53] <ripclaw> <owl> hihi
[23:53] <ripclaw> th:  why not script it ?
[23:54] <th> ripclaw: please do
[23:54] <ripclaw> can we execute a script on rocklinux.net ? where`s original packages ?
[23:54] <th> yes we can.
[23:54] <ripclaw> i mean for the mirror.
[23:54] <th> it's on the rl.net server
[23:55] <th> it's cliffords bx
[23:55] <th> box
[23:55] <ripclaw> ok - i dunno the server. but i dont think its that hard to have a script get a listing and compare.
[00:00] --- Thu Dec 14 2006