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[06:20] <blindcoder> moin
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[15:01] <daja77> should i build with gcc-4.1?
[15:05] <blindcoder> yes
[15:07] <daja77> grrr
[15:07] Action: daja77 pokes clifford
[15:07] <blindcoder> ?
[15:08] <daja77> i updated his kernel update, because of that security thing
[15:08] <daja77> just not sure if i should commit it through
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[17:06] <daja77> hm not nice
[17:06] <daja77> gcc 4.1.2 failed in stage 0 ^^
[17:10] <daja77> ok only a patch
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[17:25] <daja77> stf!
[17:25] <stf^rocklinux> btw. I've recently done a crystal build based on gcc 4.1.2, glibc25 and bash 3.2, and I am currently testing it with no problems so far :)
[17:25] <stf^rocklinux> daja77!
[17:25] <daja77> why isnt there an gcc update patch for 4.1.2 from you
[17:26] <stf^rocklinux> you didn't give me your account number yet 
[17:26] <stf^rocklinux> isn't there??
[17:26] <daja77> do i need these crazy patches that were in 4.1.1?
[17:26] <daja77> haven't found one
[17:26] <daja77> stf^rocklinux: ah right
[17:27] <daja77> stf@rock?
[17:27] <stf^rocklinux> ah, I haven't done a patch yet 
[17:27] <stf^rocklinux> some patches for gcc41 can be deleted 
[17:28] <daja77> done :)
[17:28] <stf^rocklinux> I'll create an update patch now, just a moment
[17:28] <daja77> i made some other updates in that build, will upload the patches later
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[17:57] <daja77> grrrr
[17:57] <daja77> libiberty is really in gcc and binutils?
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[17:59] <daja77> O_o
[18:00] <daja77> Extra test for adding files ...
[18:00] <daja77> Patch would create already existing file package/base/gcc/gcc.desc.
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[18:23] <daja77> -.
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[19:35] <elon> moin
[19:35] <blindcoder> hi elon 
[19:36] <elon> blindcoder, da du fuer das topic verantwortlich scheins haette ich mal ne frage zum installer.
[19:36] <blindcoder> schiess mal los
[19:37] <elon> ich hab nach der wiki Anleitung versucht ROCK-Crystal ueber "Insternetz" zu installieren. Stone sagt mir dann "Could not mount medium"
[19:38] <blindcoder> ueber _was_?
[19:38] <elon> Ich nehm ma an es ist http.
[19:39] <blindcoder> naja, http kann man nicht mounten
[19:39] <blindcoder> eine installation ausm internet hab ich noch nicht getestet
[19:39] <elon> right.. 
[19:39] <blindcoder> nur ueber nfs hab ich gemacht
[19:40] <elon> Dann scheint er wiki artikel wohl etwas fehl zu sein. Zumal stone wirklich versucht http zu mounten..
[19:40] <blindcoder> naja, man kann stone da alles vorwerfen ;)
[19:40] <blindcoder> stone schiebt das dann nur an mount weiter
[19:42] <elon> hab ich gemerkt.. im ersten moment dachte ich das wenn ROCK_INSTALL_SOURCE_URL vorhanden ist er dann nicht mounted sondern http macht..
[19:42] <elon> naja.. ich zieh mir das image..
[19:42] <elon> danke
[19:42] <blindcoder> viel erfolg
[19:42] <daja77> blindcoder: is your installer in sm?
[19:43] <blindcoder> daja77: it is in the wip branch
[19:43] <blindcoder> daja77: though not recently merged with trunk
[19:43] <daja77> ah ok
[19:43] <blindcoder> https://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/wip/installer/
[19:43] <daja77> well atm i'll watch this build and advancing afterwards ;)
[19:44] <blindcoder> better wait until after the weekend
[19:44] <blindcoder> with a bit of luck I'll find time to iron out a few more bugs
[19:44] <daja77> yeah sure
[19:44] <daja77> btw it feels great running builds again
[19:44] <blindcoder> hehe :)
[19:45] <daja77> it is an amd64, so i can try 64bit as well
[19:53] <blindcoder> heh
[19:53] <blindcoder> I tried that once
[19:53] <blindcoder> failed miserably
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