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[07:12] <blindcoder> moin
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[08:01] <Gerhardt> Anyone here who could help me with a slight ethernet problem?
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[10:28] <stf^rock1inux> moin
[10:28] <daja77> hi stf
[10:29] <stf^rock1inux> Gerhardt: just ask and I'll try to help if I can
[10:29] <stf^rock1inux> hi daja77
[10:51] <Gerhardt> I can't seem to get my net setup
[10:51] <Gerhardt> I have a Realtek 8139 Card and it's not being detected by udev or something
[10:52] <Gerhardt> It;s not a problem i've encountered before, so i'm completely lost
[10:54] <stf^rock1inux> we fixed some bugs in the udev package some weeks ago
[10:54] <Gerhardt> Sorry for the long delay, BTW, I was checking out Linux for mein iPod
[10:55] <stf^rock1inux> hardware auto-detection with udev works now for much more cases
[10:55] <stf^rock1inux> you can also load the module manually for now
[10:56] <Gerhardt> I tried that, still nothing
[10:56] <Gerhardt> I looked around in /dev after insmoding the driver, but I can't seem to find eth0 anywhere
[10:57] <stf^rock1inux> network devices are not listed in /dev, try 'ifconfig'
[10:57] <Gerhardt> ok, give me a sec
[10:58] <Gerhardt> I have lo and that's it
[11:00] <th> `ifconfig -a` to be exact
[11:00] <stf^rock1inux> is the driver loaded (see 'lsmod' and 'dmesg')?
[11:01] <th> `ifconfig` without -a does not show inactive kinks
[11:01] <th> s/kinks/links/
[11:01] <stf^rock1inux> th: yes, I forgot that
[11:01] <Gerhardt> drivers are laoded, but not being used
[11:02] <th> Gerhardt: is it listed in `ifconfig -a` or `ip l` ?
[11:02] <Gerhardt> and ifconfig -a gives me 3 ethernet cards. Whee-hoo, i'm getting somewhere!
[11:02] <th> Gerhardt: so you have the eth0?
[11:02] <Gerhardt> I have it, but it's just not being used
[11:06] <stf^rock1inux> you can activate it with 'ifconfig eth0 up', and assign an IP with 'ifconfig eth0 <IP>', or use DHCP with 'dhclient eth0'
[11:07] <Gerhardt> Thank you
[11:07] <Gerhardt> It's working now
[11:07] <Gerhardt> But my next question is, how do I enable it at boot?
[11:08] <stf^rock1inux> in recent ROCK versions the etcnet package does this
[11:09] <stf^rock1inux> but you have to configure etcnet first, and make sure it's run during boot-up
[11:10] <stf^rock1inux> e.g. for DHCP on eth0, add the line 
[11:10] <stf^rock1inux> BOOTPROTO=dhcp-ipv4ll
[11:11] <stf^rock1inux> to /etc/net/ifaces/eth0/options
[11:11] <Gerhardt> Ok
[11:12] <Gerhardt> Last question is, why is it assigning it an IPv6 address?
[11:17] <Gerhardt> Well, allow me to clarify, when running ifconfig eth0 up, and then running ifconfig again, it's assigned an IPv6 address before I run Dhcp
[11:19] <stf^rock1inux> hm, 'ifconfig -a' shows IPv4 addresses, and 'ip l' shows IPv6, for the same devices
[11:20] <th> `ip l` does not show any addresses
[11:20] <th> `ip a` does.
[11:20] <th> ip l is a shortcut for ip link
[11:20] <stf^rock1inux> ah, yes
[11:21] <blindcoder> re
[11:21] <stf^rock1inux> Gerhardt: well, if the interface works now, I'd consider this IPv6 thing normal ;)
[11:22] <Gerhardt> I'm not complaining, I was just wondering if it was my router or what not, because last time I checked, I don't live in Japan
[11:22] <stf^rock1inux> wb blindcoder
[11:22] <blindcoder> Gerhardt: ipv6 is automatically assigned if the 'ipv6' module is loaded
[11:23] <Gerhardt> Hmm, shouldn't be
[11:23] <blindcoder> it's a kernel thing
[11:23] <blindcoder> the kernel does that automatically
[11:23] <blindcoder> note that I have no fscking clue about how ipv6 works
[11:23] <blindcoder> or is supposed to work
[11:24] <Gerhardt> It basically hex encodes all IP address's and somehow you get more IP's out of it
[11:24] <Gerhardt> I can't remember to be honest
[11:26] <Gerhardt> And a side note, i'd never thought I would say this, but thank god for Microcrap's RDP protocol
[11:26] <blindcoder> rdp?
[11:26] <Gerhardt> Remote Desktop Protocol
[11:26] <blindcoder> *shrug*
[11:27] <Gerhardt> If you heard how I was setting all this up and talking to everyone here, you'd get a headache
[11:27] <blindcoder> try me
[11:29] <Gerhardt> Well, i'm runbnig my friends HDD partition through QEmu so I have Rock to work on, and at the same time I have an RDP connection going on to my computer at home, which has FreeNX connected to my home server, which is in turn running Gaim for the IRC connection
[11:29] <Gerhardt> With very little lag, might I add
[11:30] <blindcoder> Gerhardt: you know that qemu can run a vnc server natively?
[11:30] <th> yea - rdp rocks.
[11:30] <Gerhardt> VNC is too slow for my taste
[11:30] <th> exactly
[11:30] <th> rdp is superior
[11:31] <th> it's different
[11:31] <Gerhardt> If I could, i'd just put NX Client on his computer, but he won't let me
[11:31] <th> it does not poll images but does transfer logical commands.
[11:31] <th> perhaps like X11
[11:31] <blindcoder> I'm testing my current builds through qemus vnc forwarded through a ssh connection
[11:32] <th> blindcoder: perhaps you should compare vnc with rdp on some bigger resolutions and colours
[11:32] <Gerhardt> blindcoder has a point
[11:32] <Gerhardt> whoops, I meant th has a point
[11:32] <blindcoder> th: I've never used rdp, honestly
[11:33] <Gerhardt> Check out RDesktop, it'll give you a nice rundown of it for Linux
[11:33] <th> blindcoder: if you have some windows-xp box around... just do `rdesktop your_xp_box` that's rdp happening
[11:33] <Gerhardt> Well, it would have to be XP Pro and with Terminal Services setup and running
[11:34] <Gerhardt> Which they don't do by default
[11:34] <blindcoder> th: rdesktop: no such command
[11:34] <Gerhardt> www.rdesktop.org
[11:35] <blindcoder> th: tried 'start -> run -> rdesktop localhost'
[11:35] <th> blindcoder: you do rdesktop on the linux machine
[11:35] <blindcoder> oh
[11:35] <th> blindcoder: winxp is the rdp server
[11:35] <blindcoder> okay, then I can't do that right now
[11:36] <Gerhardt> IMHO, 1.4.1 is the better of the two releases out for it
[11:36] <th> blindcoder: a rdp client is also included in winxp zubehoer->kommunikation->remotedesktopverbindung
[11:39] <blindcoder> th: I'll try that some other day
[11:39] <blindcoder> th: only one computer here right now
[11:39] <blindcoder> btw ROCK_DEBUG_TOOLS_SKIP is great :-)
[11:39] <th> blindcoder: you have to enable the rdp server in you xp box in the property panel of "your computer"
[11:40] <blindcoder> th: yeah, but a connection to localhost doesn't work
[11:40] <blindcoder> luckily
[11:40] <Gerhardt> insta -lock out
[11:40] <blindcoder> I still remember what happened when I did a round-robin vnc connection from A to B, B to C, C to A
[11:42] <Gerhardt> blindcoder: if you'd like to check out RDP, you can connect to me
[11:42] <blindcoder> Gerhardt: I'm at work at the moment with a really evil firewall in front of me
[11:43] <blindcoder> well, a forced proxy, actually
[11:45] <Gerhardt> ouch
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[14:50] <_BoS_> moin
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[16:52] <daja77> Creating daja-easter_cd1.iso
[16:55] <daja77> 1,1G 
[16:55] <daja77> ^^
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