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[08:02] <blindcoder> moin
[09:50] i_am_n0thing (n=root@d60-65-209-224.col.wideopenwest.com) joined #rocklinux.
[09:53] <i_am_n0thing> is there a way to manually set up netowrking in rock?
[09:53] <blindcoder> sure
[09:54] <blindcoder> for the easiest way you can creaty an init script containing the commands
[09:54] <i_am_n0thing> because for some reason the config script doesn't seem to set it up for me
[09:54] <blindcoder> do you use /etc/net/ or /etc/network/config?
[09:54] <i_am_n0thing> /etc/network/config
[09:54] <blindcoder> ah, okay
[09:55] <blindcoder> just a second
[09:55] <blindcoder> have a look at this: http://www.rocklinux.org/wiki/Network_Configuration
[09:57] <i_am_n0thing> no offense, but that contains nothing I havn't already tried
[09:57] <blindcoder> oh
[09:57] <blindcoder> wait
[09:57] <blindcoder> can you paste me the content of /etc/ROCK-VERSION please?
[09:57] <blindcoder> it's just one line
[09:58] <i_am_n0thing> ROCK Linux TRUNK (2006/07/26)
[09:58] <blindcoder> interesting
[09:58] <blindcoder> it should work, actually
[09:58] <blindcoder> anyway
[09:58] <i_am_n0thing> I know it should, It was working fine yesterday
[09:59] <i_am_n0thing> My friend had setup it all up, and it was running fine
[09:59] <i_am_n0thing> Until I rebooted the computer
[09:59] <blindcoder> okay, a bit more troubleshooting then
[09:59] <blindcoder> default runlevel is 3 or higher?
[09:59] <i_am_n0thing> 3 exactly
[10:00] <blindcoder> okay
[10:00] <i_am_n0thing> But, I do have netowrk setup to run in run level 2
[10:00] <i_am_n0thing> or, atleast, did
[10:00] <blindcoder> there's a S*network in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/ ?
[10:00] <i_am_n0thing> S15 to be exact
[10:00] <blindcoder> hrm
[10:01] <i_am_n0thing> I called him and he told me to do ifconfig -a
[10:01] <i_am_n0thing> Grab whatever ethernet card I have hooked up and then run ifconfig eth0 up
[10:01] <i_am_n0thing> then dhclient eth0
[10:01] <blindcoder> can you paste me the output of 'rc network start' into http://rafb.net/paste/ please?
[10:02] <i_am_n0thing> umm, how do you do that?
[10:02] <blindcoder> run "rc network start"
[10:02] <blindcoder> then copy the output
[10:02] <blindcoder> and paste it into the website
[10:02] <blindcoder> it then tells you a link where you can link to 
[10:03] <i_am_n0thing> I'm gonna have to chroot, really quick
[10:03] <i_am_n0thing> I'm running off a live disk
[10:03] <blindcoder> ah, okay
[10:04] <i_am_n0thing> ouch, that didn't work
[10:04] <i_am_n0thing> it can't find the device files
[10:04] <blindcoder> hrm
[10:04] <i_am_n0thing> But I have a feeling that's because i'm using Gentoo's LiveCD
[10:04] <blindcoder> it can't find /dev/fd/62 ?
[10:05] <i_am_n0thing> normally, it would
[10:05] <blindcoder> if that's the error, then it can be fixed
[10:05] <i_am_n0thing> But since i'm runnign the script from a chrooted evironment, it can't find any dynamic device files
[10:05] <blindcoder> ah, yeah
[10:05] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:05] <stf^rocklinux> hi
[10:05] <blindcoder> can you just paste me the content of /etc/network/config and /etc/rc.d/init.d/network?
[10:05] <blindcoder> hi stf^rocklinux :)
[10:06] <stf^rocklinux> i_am_n0thing: do the following _before_ the chroot: mount --rbind /dev /chroot-dir/dev ; mount --bind /proc /chroot-dir/proc ;
[10:07] <stf^rocklinux> that will fix the missing device files problem
[10:07] <i_am_n0thing> here's /etc/network/config
[10:07] <i_am_n0thing> http://rafb.net/p/9BJCiK66.html
[10:07] <rocklogbot> Nopaste - No description: http://rafb.net/p/9BJCiK66.html
[10:08] <blindcoder> well, that won't work
[10:08] <blindcoder> since every configuration is commented out
[10:09] <i_am_n0thing> actually, automatic configuration via dhcpd on eth0 should be uncommented
[10:09] <i_am_n0thing> and here's inti.d's netowrk
[10:09] <i_am_n0thing> http://rafb.net/p/MHOsfh38.html
[10:09] <rocklogbot> Nopaste - No description: http://rafb.net/p/MHOsfh38.html
[10:12] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:13] <blindcoder> the "my hacked up code" section won't work
[10:13] <blindcoder> but the section with dhcp really should
[10:13] <i_am_n0thing> I noticed
[10:13] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: got any clue?
[10:15] <i_am_n0thing> I'll give someone a 2 gig shell account, they figure it out
[10:16] <stf^rocklinux> the basic things to check: is the module loaded (see dmesg and lsmod)? is it active (see ifconfig -a)?
[10:17] <stf^rocklinux> if yes you can try 'dhclient eth0'
[10:17] <stf^rocklinux> udev should auto-load the module, and the network init script should active the interface and call dhclient...
[10:18] <i_am_n0thing> it shows up in lsmod, and dhclient eth0 says it can't get any dhcp leases
[10:19] <stf^rocklinux> did you do ifconfig eth0 up before dhclient eth0?
[10:19] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: dhclient ups the interface itself
[10:19] <i_am_n0thing> Yeah
[10:19] <stf^rocklinux> I see
[10:19] <blindcoder> not getting a lease means that there's no dhcp server answering
[10:20] <i_am_n0thing> well, here's where it gets wierd, Slackware 11 can get a lease, and so can Gentoo Live
[10:20] <i_am_n0thing> SO can Ubuntu 5.01
[10:20] <blindcoder> okay, that IS weird
[10:20] <i_am_n0thing> So can just about every distro I throw at it
[10:20] <blindcoder> i_am_n0thing: how many NICs do you have in that machine?
[10:20] <blindcoder> ieee1394 cards?
[10:21] <i_am_n0thing> no 1394 cards (freakin hate those) and I have 2 realtek 8139's in it
[10:21] <blindcoder> okay, stupid thought here
[10:21] <blindcoder> are you sure you run dhclient on the correct one?
[10:21] <i_am_n0thing> Yeah
[10:21] <blindcoder> maybe the numbering gets shuffled
[10:21] <i_am_n0thing> Not a stupid though, but a very valid point
[10:22] <i_am_n0thing> *thought
[10:23] <i_am_n0thing> I've run dhclient on both, and tried connecting both
[10:23] <i_am_n0thing> *connecting through both
[10:23] <blindcoder> can I take you up on the shell offer?
[10:23] <blindcoder> I don't think I can diagnose that effectively remotely
[10:24] <i_am_n0thing> blindcoder: sure
[10:24] <blindcoder> i_am_n0thing: http://scavenger.homeip.net/~blindcoder/id_rsa.pub
[10:24] <blindcoder> i_am_n0thing: there's my ssh public key
[10:26] <i_am_n0thing> How about I simplify this
[10:26] <i_am_n0thing> nvm, that wouldn't work
[10:27] <blindcoder> just copy this file to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
[10:27] <blindcoder> and tell me the IP address
[10:27] <i_am_n0thing> The thing I don't get is, if I give you the shell account, how are you supposed to ssh into the machine without it being connected to the LAN?
[10:27] <blindcoder> isn't it connected by the livecd?
[10:27] <i_am_n0thing> Yeah
[10:28] <blindcoder> that'll do for now
[10:28] <i_am_n0thing> Gotta give me some leeway here, i'm dangling between the beginnner - intermediate area with Linux
[10:28] <blindcoder> heh, okay :)
[10:29] <blindcoder> first, copy the file linked above to the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys of the livecd
[10:29] <i_am_n0thing> Hmm, no .ssh directory found
[10:29] <blindcoder> mkdir /root/.ssh first
[10:30] <i_am_n0thing> ok, done
[10:30] <blindcoder> next make sure that ssh runs
[10:30] <blindcoder> /etc/init.d/sshd start
[10:30] <blindcoder> or /etc/init.d/openssh start
[10:31] <blindcoder> not sure how the file is called in gentoo
[10:31] <i_am_n0thing> I can't rememebr how to start it on the livecd, but I know the init.d way won't work
[10:31] <i_am_n0thing> So we look to the Install guide
[10:31] <i_am_n0thing> :)
[10:31] <blindcoder> hehe
[10:34] <i_am_n0thing> OK, got that running
[10:35] <i_am_n0thing> ok, ssh into
[10:36] <blindcoder> it doesn't accept my public key
[10:36] <i_am_n0thing> Yeah, I just realized I port forwarded ssh to the wrong computer
[10:36] <blindcoder> ah :)
[10:38] <i_am_n0thing> ok, try again
[10:38] <i_am_n0thing> I locked myself out, but ....
[10:38] <i_am_n0thing> lol
[10:39] <blindcoder> okay, it works
[10:39] <i_am_n0thing> rock is mounted to /mnt/rock
[10:41] <blindcoder> i_am_n0thing: yeah, found it
[10:43] <blindcoder> i_am_n0thing: I will try running the network script from the chroot
[10:43] <blindcoder> i_am_n0thing: I've started a screen for that
[10:43] <blindcoder> i_am_n0thing: if that fails, I'll need you to reconfigure the network
[10:44] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:44] <blindcoder> seems to have worked
[10:45] <blindcoder> hmm
[10:45] <blindcoder> I think I got it
[10:46] <i_am_n0thing> coo
[10:46] <blindcoder> those aren't two realtek cards
[10:46] <blindcoder> one is a broadcom card
[10:46] <i_am_n0thing> I'd really like to get this netowrk thing figured out, because I have hopes of replacing all my PC's OS's with Rock
[10:46] <i_am_n0thing> The broadcom should be disabled
[10:46] <blindcoder> I've adapted the configuration to automatically setup eth0 AND eth1
[10:46] <i_am_n0thing> And you should find a seconf Realtek
[10:47] <i_am_n0thing> nvm, i'm thinking of the worng computer
[10:47] <blindcoder> :)
[10:47] <blindcoder> okay, I've logged out
[10:47] <blindcoder> can you try booting the ROCK system now, please?
[10:48] <i_am_n0thing> Yup
[10:48] <blindcoder> I think it should come up now
[10:48] <i_am_n0thing> be back
[10:48] <i_am_n0thing> I hope
[10:48] Action: i_am_n0thing crosses fingers
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[10:55] <i_am_n0thing> And it works!
[10:56] <i_am_n0thing> What was the problem?
[10:56] <blindcoder> :)
[10:56] <blindcoder> look at the output of ifconfig -a
[10:56] <blindcoder> and tell me which device is configured
[10:56] <blindcoder> eth0 or eth1
[10:57] <blindcoder> then I can tell you what the problem was
[10:57] <blindcoder> because there were two
[10:57] <i_am_n0thing> oddly enough, eth1
[10:57] <blindcoder> okay, thought so
[10:57] Action: i_am_n0thing feels like a dumbass
[10:57] <blindcoder> it is actually two different kinds of cards
[10:58] <blindcoder> and that means that the order the modules are loaded matters for the numbering
[10:58] <i_am_n0thing> Normally, i'd be on top of that
[10:58] <blindcoder> :)
[10:58] <blindcoder> you should have a look at ifrename and /etc/iftab
[10:58] <blindcoder> that way you can give devices a name based on - for example - their mac address
[10:59] <blindcoder> I just added a second section for eth1 to /etc/network/config and configured both eth0 and eth1 to run a dhclient on
[10:59] <i_am_n0thing> Ill cp the config to config.old and remove the eth0
[11:00] <i_am_n0thing> SLows down boot
[11:00] <blindcoder> yeah
[11:00] <blindcoder> and do have a look at the iftab thing
[11:00] <blindcoder> because there's no guarantee that module loading order won't swap with the next kernel
[11:00] <blindcoder> I've seen that personally
[11:00] <i_am_n0thing> heh
[11:00] <blindcoder> only way to really control that is through iftab and ifrename
[11:01] <blindcoder> I gave my ethx device the names "lanx" based on their mac address
[11:01] <blindcoder> that way it's guaranteed they'll alway have the same name
[11:01] <blindcoder> cat /etc/iftab
[11:01] <blindcoder> lan0 mac 00:02:B3:4C:58:9B
[11:02] <i_am_n0thing> I tried that, it wasn't found
[11:02] <i_am_n0thing> But I take it I have to make it myself anyway
[11:02] <i_am_n0thing> like the .ssh directory
[11:02] <blindcoder> yes, ifrename has to be called. It's a userland thing, not a kernel thing
[11:03] <i_am_n0thing> Second question of the nihgt (or morning)
[11:03] <i_am_n0thing> Where can I find a repository that has .gem packages?
[11:04] <blindcoder> stf^rocklinux: your cue :)
[11:04] <i_am_n0thing> Because i plan on running a very minimalistic version of rock on my Web server
[11:04] <blindcoder> I'm not familiar with gem repositories. stf^rocklinux has done this in the past
[11:04] <i_am_n0thing> Which is only 800Mhz
[11:05] <blindcoder> I see
[11:05] <blindcoder> well, I usually compile stuff myself, but I guess you don't want to wait that long
[11:06] <i_am_n0thing> It's not the waiting, it's just the computers an antique and I don't quite feel like blowing her up yet
[11:06] <i_am_n0thing> Plus, it's a sony Vaio, and it was expensive
[11:07] <blindcoder> hehe
[11:08] <i_am_n0thing> And the memory attached to her. I wanna keep her running as long as possible
[11:08] <blindcoder> well, best wait for stf^rocklinux, I can't help you with gem repositories, sorry :(
[11:08] <i_am_n0thing> it's ok, you've done more than enough
[11:08] <blindcoder> nevermind, glad to be of service :)
[11:08] <i_am_n0thing> Including teahc me some things I probably never would have learned otherwise
[11:09] <blindcoder> you live, you learn :)
[11:10] <blindcoder> so, anyway, I'm away for now. gotta get ready for the day :)
[11:10] <stf^rocklinux> re
[11:10] <blindcoder> see you later 
[11:10] <i_am_n0thing> bye
[11:10] <i_am_n0thing> And thanks again
[11:12] <stf^rocklinux> there's currently the official ROCK 3 package repository
[11:12] <stf^rocklinux> at http://gems.rocklinux.org/repo/ROCK3/
[11:13] <stf^rocklinux> it's from August, 2006
[11:14] <stf^rocklinux> and offers packages for bootdisk and crystal and crystal addons
[11:14] <i_am_n0thing> Yeah, i'm browsing through it now
[11:18] <i_am_n0thing> OK, I think I added that correctly to the rocket.conf
[11:19] <i_am_n0thing> Yup
[11:19] <i_am_n0thing> Have you guys used the name Crystal for anything yet?
[11:20] <i_am_n0thing> nvm
[11:20] <i_am_n0thing> I meant to say emerald
[11:21] <stf^rocklinux> no
[11:21] <i_am_n0thing> yay, so my idea is original
[11:21] <i_am_n0thing> well, semi-original
[11:21] <i_am_n0thing> Butcha gotta stick with a theme
[11:22] <i_am_n0thing> Reason i'm wondering, is because I was thinking about making a version of Rock Crystal for a few frineds of mine, and I was going to offer Emerald packages on my local server for them to downlaod
[11:23] <i_am_n0thing> An emerald package being essentially a nig bz2 of a gem and it's depends
[11:23] <i_am_n0thing> *big bz2
[11:24] <i_am_n0thing> I know it's redundant, but my friends like one big download over several small ones
[11:25] <i_am_n0thing> Any objections?
[11:25] <stf^rocklinux> no, sounds good :)
[11:25] <i_am_n0thing> I also plan on replacing KDE w/ Xfce4
[11:26] <i_am_n0thing> Use my idea if you want
[11:26] <stf^rocklinux> in custom builds, you can e.g. disable :doc and :dev packages and choose to build bz2 packages
[11:27] <i_am_n0thing> there worse noobs than I am, they'll need all the :doc they can get thier hands on, lol
[11:27] <stf^rocklinux> I mostly use the Crystal distro, with some adaptions
[11:28] <i_am_n0thing> Any recommendations?
[11:29] <stf^rocklinux> I usually build from svn trunk and test the build before installation
[11:30] <stf^rocklinux> and fix the things that don't work for me
[11:30] <i_am_n0thing> Hmm, I used to have to do that w/ Gentoo all the time
[11:31] <i_am_n0thing> Because everything I tried to emerge was blacklisted
[11:31] <i_am_n0thing> BTW, which version of the NVidia driver do you guys have?
[11:31] <i_am_n0thing> Or would you know off hand?
[11:32] <stf^rocklinux> not the latest
[11:32] <i_am_n0thing> SO i'm guessing you don't have any w/ Twin View support?
[11:32] <stf^rocklinux> the nvidia installer had changed, and since I don't have use an nvidia card anymore, there hasn't been an update yet
[11:33] <i_am_n0thing> Well, taking a long shot here
[11:33] <i_am_n0thing> If the repo was last updated on Aug of 2006, i'm gonna go with NVidia 8776, which would mean a def no
[11:34] <i_am_n0thing> Damn
[11:34] <i_am_n0thing> ohh, close
[11:34] <i_am_n0thing> 8762
[11:34] <stf^rocklinux> you can of course update single package
[11:34] <i_am_n0thing> meh, I had a feeling I was gonna have to grab the newest form the NVidia site anyway
[11:35] <stf^rocklinux> with e.g. rocket emerge nvidia
[11:36] <i_am_n0thing> atleast the nv insatllation isn't as bad as Ati
[11:36] <stf^rocklinux> this is also helpful for installing the nvidia driver: http://www.rocklinux.org/wiki/Adding_Third_Party_Software_to_the_ROCK_Linux_Package_Management
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[11:39] <i_am_n0thing> So, I would basically make a nv gem by sudo mkpkg ./nvidia-installer ?
[11:39] <stf^rocklinux> exactly
[11:39] <i_am_n0thing> coo
[11:40] <stf^rocklinux> you could then also create a .bz2 file from it with 'mine -T' and install that on another machine
[11:40] <i_am_n0thing> I am really starting to like Rock
[11:41] <i_am_n0thing> Funny thing is, I found it by accident
[11:41] <stf^rocklinux> to be precise, mkpkg does not create a gem file, it creates meta-data for an installed package
[11:41] <i_am_n0thing> ohh
[11:41] <stf^rocklinux> mine -T and mine -C create bz2 and gem packages
[11:42] <stf^rocklinux> ...from installed ones
[11:42] <i_am_n0thing> ahh, ok
[11:44] <i_am_n0thing> Well, armed with my new found knowledge, i'm off to create a new distrobution
[11:44] <i_am_n0thing> And install BitchX
[11:45] <i_am_n0thing> Completely unrelated I know
[11:45] <i_am_n0thing> But would anyone here know where I could get a cheap 1U rackmount server motherboard
[11:45] <i_am_n0thing> preferably something with a 800Mhz or less CPU?
[11:46] <stf^rocklinux> no idea
[11:47] <i_am_n0thing> I plan on converting it into a DVD-RW server
[11:47] <i_am_n0thing> ohh well
[11:47] <i_am_n0thing> Thanks for all the help
[11:47] <i_am_n0thing> And i'm off to bed
[11:48] <i_am_n0thing> seeing as to how it's 4 or so in the morning
[11:48] <stf^rocklinux> you're welcome
[11:48] <i_am_n0thing> correction, 5.36
[11:48] <stf^rocklinux> here it's high noon :)
[11:48] <i_am_n0thing> Tschuss, Dosvedanya, Adios
[11:48] <stf^rocklinux> well, good night then
[11:49] Action: i_am_n0thing salutes
[11:49] <i_am_n0thing> night ... err, day
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[13:41] <owl> moin
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