[00:41] <th> ./scripts/Build-Pkg: line 24: EUID: readonly variable
[00:41] <th> ./scripts/Build-Pkg: line 101: unset: EUID: cannot unset: readonly variable
[00:41] <th> that last patch needs to be fixed.
[01:31] <th> gahhh kernel build fails if mkinitrd is not present
[01:31] <th> sucks
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[06:57] <blindcoder> moin
[08:36] <blindcoder> damn dependency order is b0rked
[08:36] <blindcoder> dbus is built after policykit which is needed by hal which is needed by pmount
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[12:30] <th> blindcoder: i think the 100MB is a bit too much.
[12:31] <th> a svn export of trunk is 37MB in size
[12:55] <th>         if [ "$default" ] ; then
[12:55] <th>                 if [ -z "$root" ]; then
[12:55] <th>                         mkinitrd empty ${lx_kernelrelease}
[12:55] <th>                         rm -f /boot/initrd.img
[12:55] <th>                         ln -s initrd-${lx_kernelrelease}.img /boot/initrd.img
[12:55] <th>                 fi
[12:55] <th>         fi
[12:55] <th> from linux.conf
[12:55] <th> can we discuss this a bit please?
[12:55] <th> i see two issues with it:
[12:55] <th> 1) i dont see why we should only do this for the default kernel
[12:55] <th> 2) we should be gracefull if `mkinitrd` does not exist
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[14:27] <blindcoder> th: the symlink should only exist for the default kernel, and at least a warning if mkinitrd doesn't exist should be issued
[14:28] <th> for the symlink i agree. but the initrd should be generated for non-default as well
[14:28] <th> right?
[14:28] <blindcoder> yeah
[15:21] <owl> moin
[15:36] <th> and is mkinitrd really not able to create results when [ ! -z "$root" ]  ??
[15:37] <blindcoder> th: that'd surprise me
[15:37] <blindcoder> OTOH
[15:37] <blindcoder> th: err, well, it would create a result
[15:37] <th> it would need an option like --root-dir of course
[15:37] <blindcoder> but in /boot of the host system
[15:37] <th> to find the correct /lib/modules/...
[15:38] <th> and use the correct binaries
[15:38] <blindcoder> th: yes, but since the initrd isn't necessary to create in stages < 2, the point is moot
[15:40] <th> well it depends - but ok - for linux.conf it would be necessary to NOT fail (but warn if you want to) if mkinitrd does not exist
[15:40] <th> but if [ ! -z "$root" ] there should be a warning as well
[15:41] <blindcoder> I'd change that to 
[15:42] <blindcoder> if [ "$default" -a -n "$root" -a -x "`which mkinitrd`" ] ; then
[15:42] <th> the "-z" is implzit right?
[15:42] <blindcoder> err, -a -z
[15:42] <blindcoder> the -n is implizit
[15:42] <th> i meant the first one
[15:42] <blindcoder> if [ -n "$default" -a -z "$root" -a -x "`which mkinitrd`" ] ; then
[15:42] <th> k
[15:43] <th> perhaps you should use exist status of "hash mkinitrd" instead
[15:43] <blindcoder> why?
[15:44] <th> does not make much difference... but no need to spawn a subshell for the which
[15:44] <th> and you would need which
[15:44] <th> hash is a bash shell builtin for this purpose
[15:48] <blindcoder> I see
[15:48] <blindcoder> blindcoder@ceres:~$ mine -l | grep bin/which
[15:48] <blindcoder> bash2: usr/bin/which
[15:48] <blindcoder> I guess everyone has which :-)
[15:49] <blindcoder> though I don't really mind if it does the same
[15:49] <blindcoder> if [  -n "$default" -a -z "$root" ] && hash mkinitrd ; then
[15:49] <blindcoder> should do that then
[15:49] <blindcoder> if [  -n "$default" -a -z "$root" ] && which mkinitrd > /dev/null ; then
[15:49] <blindcoder> would do the same
[15:50] <th> i still prepare the hash version because i remember situations in some stages where i had no which
[15:50] <blindcoder> interesting
[15:50] <th> but you always have your shell builtins
[15:50] <blindcoder> well, I don't mind
[15:50] <th> and...
[15:50] <th> you should >/dev/null   hash output as well ;)
[15:50] <blindcoder> blindcoder@ceres:~$ hash ls
[15:50] <blindcoder> blindcoder@ceres:~$
[15:51] <blindcoder> doesn't output anything
[15:51] <th> hash lkjlkjlk
[15:51] <blindcoder> oh
[15:51] <th> only troubles on failure
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[16:37] <stf^rocklinux_> hi
[16:37] <blindcoder> moin stf^rocklinux_ 
[16:38] <stf^rocklinux_> do we need the mkinitrd in linux.conf at all? we already have a postinstall script for that, and a stone module
[16:40] <blindcoder> I'm not sure
[16:40] <blindcoder> the postinstall scripts are run after installation anyway
[16:40] <blindcoder> so probably not
[16:43] <stf^rocklinux_> then I'll do my next test build with those lines disabled
[17:28] <th> also an interesting choice...
[17:28] <th> i was always somewhat against bundling the early stage with the kernel package
[17:30] <blindcoder> feel free to take it out, it should be safe
[17:31] <th> i worked a lot on the rockinitramfs package the last 3 days
[17:31] <th> and i updated the rescue target to use it
[17:31] <th> perhaps it's time to put it in rock trunk
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