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[06:46] <blindcoder> moin
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[16:19] <owl> moin
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[20:07] <th> daja77: yes it does.
[20:09] <daja77> it claims it can't find gtk
[20:10] <th> r8276 | stf | 2007-03-16 12:55:05 +0100 (Fri, 16 Mar 2007) | 8 lines
[20:10] <th> Stefan Fiedler: xdialog: build against gtk+ 2.x if possible; add CORE flag
[20:10] <th> it does not have the core flag so long
[20:10] <th> stf^rock1inux: you around?
[20:10] <th> stf^rock1inux: you broke it
[20:10] <th> ;)
[20:10] <daja77> *gg*
[20:53] <stf^rock1inux> hi all
[20:55] <stf^rock1inux> th: not xdialog ;)
[20:56] <th> stf^rock1inux: no "crystal" by adding xdialog ;-)
[20:57] <stf^rock1inux> th: in my latest test build, both xdialog and gtk+ have a CORE flag 
[20:58] <th> gtk+ has CORE flag. but it does not provide gtk-config which xdialog asks for
[20:59] <stf^rock1inux> I guess the build priority is wrong, see 2007040523243029863
[20:59] <stf^rock1inux> this patch builds gtk+ before xdialog
[21:04] <stf^rock1inux> works in my test build without problems
[21:09] <stf^rock1inux> th: please apply 2007040523243029863 as a bugfix
[21:10] <th> i see thanks
[21:39] <th> anyone interested in rev8344 crystal? vanilla trunk?
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[21:59] <daja77> for testing?
[22:00] <blindcoder> gtk-config comes from gtk12
[22:00] <blindcoder> for gtk+20 it must be called pkg-config gtk+-2.0
[22:15] <th> oh
[22:15] <th> yes true - it cant be a matter of build order if gtk+ doe snot provide gtk-config
[22:15] <th> but still:
[22:15] <th> if gtk+ is available.
[22:16] <th> xdialog will use this instead of looking for gtk12
[22:22] <stf^rock1inux> yup, if gtk+ is not installed, xdialog will look for gtk+12, which is not in crystal
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