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[06:36] <blindcoder> moin
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[09:43] <Artumi> excuse me, is it possible to find a working link for rocklinux, perhaps crystal rock, for ppc?..
[09:43] <Artumi> or the kit neccesary to build rocklinux, from a ppc machine?
[09:48] <Artumi> "is everyone afk" ?
[09:49] <Artumi> ok thanks ill check back later.. going to try to find the lsf channel.
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[09:53] <Artumi> ah they have their own irc server.. i can wait here for a response, and fire up another session to ask them
[09:55] <th> Artumi: see topic
[09:56] <Artumi> th the tpic says to just ask and we will help you if we can.
[09:56] <Artumi> i did just ask.
[09:56] <th> Artumi: no it does not.
[09:56] <Artumi> th.. the topic in #rocklinux
[09:56] <th> "http://www.rocklinux.org/ || http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/rock-dist/r8344.iso : r8344 - crystal - vanilla - have fun testing" 
[09:56] <th> that is the topic
[09:57] <daja77> perhaps the welcome message
[09:57] <th> yea - he was referring to the welcome message
[09:57] <Artumi> ok the topic it shows me is Better than SEX: ROCK linux -- See also our homepage at http://www.rocklinux.org- If you have questions or problems with RockLinux, just ask and we will help you if we can
[09:57] <Artumi> oh. ok
[09:57] <Artumi> ok.. th , the topic is just that short uril w/ vanilla then?
[09:57] <th> Artumi: can you see the topic now?
[09:57] <Artumi> it shows me both
[09:58] <Artumi> but that url doesnt seem to work for me to get a ppc friendly iso image.
[09:58] <th> ahhh ppc
[09:58] <th> sorry i did not read that
[09:58] <Artumi> yes.. that was the question
[09:58] <Artumi> the links in the rocklinux website and wiki for ppc images seem broken too :(
[09:58] <th> i guess no one build ppc image for a long time
[09:59] <Artumi> ok.. so i would need to download instead a build kit, for my system now, ? to make an iso?
[09:59] <th> perhaps you can just grab any ppc distribution
[09:59] <th> and start building rock within it
[09:59] <Artumi> ok, right now i am in openbsd for ppc.
[09:59] <Artumi> is there ppc compatible rock linux build kit links somewhere?
[10:00] <Artumi> or do i just have to download source and use the systems own linkers and compilers?
[10:00] <th> no - we dont have such a list
[10:00] <Artumi> and is the ppc sources up to date, ?
[10:00] <th> i dont know how good it currently works on ppc. but it is svn trunk
[10:00] <Artumi> ok..
[10:01] <Artumi> i guess i can go install subversion then
[10:02] <th> thats a good start
[10:02] <Artumi> th then the next thing is, as long as i am having to compile it all anyways... is it not better to just compile for the build target?
[10:02] <Artumi> instead of for the system doing the build?
[10:02] <th> but i dont know anything about building rock on openbsd
[10:02] <th> i'm curious though
[10:03] <th> so that is a different machine for you?
[10:04] <Artumi> yes the final goal is to put linux onto my powerbook 1400c.
[10:04] <Artumi> i was thinking to use the crystal rock linux as a build system for that target.
[10:04] <Artumi> but if i would have to first compile crystal, maybe is easier to build from osx or openbsd.
[10:04] <Artumi> not to mention less processor cycles.
[10:05] <Artumi> subversion is requiring pythonwhich is requiring db.. -- groan.
[10:05] <th> stupid distribution then
[10:05] <Artumi> ok this might be a few minutes th.. do you know the svn command one might use to grab these source trunks, ?
[10:05] <Artumi> or should i go afw and read the man
[10:05] <Artumi> once it installs.
[10:05] <Artumi> :)
[10:06] <th> svn checkout svn://www.rocklinux.net/rock-linux/trunk
[10:06] <Artumi> alright.. so it's a lot like cvs then?
[10:06] <th> yes
[10:06] <th> like a drop in replacement
[10:06] <Artumi> so could i have just used cvs?
[10:06] <th> no
[10:07] <th> but i somehow doubt that you can build rock on these non-linux systems...
[10:07] <Artumi> k.. well ill wait for tcl then start that download
[10:07] <th> but let's see where it stops
[10:07] <Artumi> ok.
[10:07] <Artumi> it seems i need tcl for python for db for subversion-- groan
[10:07] <Artumi> th do you know the english childrens rhyme ' the house that jack built' ?
[10:08] <th> that's just stupidity of your openbsd then. sorry NOI
[10:08] <th> nope i dont
[10:08] <Artumi> grin.
[10:08] <Artumi> if you read it some time, it seems prophetic in terms of computer dependency checking
[10:08] <Artumi> :)
[10:10] <Artumi> noooo.
[10:10] <Artumi> i cant install subversion because openbsd's ports /usr/ports/devel/libtool fails to build because of invalid objects :-s.. thereby failing db.. failing python... failing subversion
[10:10] <Artumi> can i just download the trunk from somewhere?
[10:12] <th> you can just use svn anywhere else
[10:12] <th> some other linux box
[10:12] <Artumi> i have 1 boxen and 1 lappie.
[10:13] <Artumi> the lappie does not have linux, the boxen has obsd and osx..
[10:13] <Artumi> :-/ oh well.
[10:13] <Artumi> wish there was a tarball i could download instead.
[10:14] <th> leme create one for you
[10:14] <th> let me
[10:15] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/trunk-8345.tgz
[10:15] <Artumi> doh
[10:16] <Artumi> ok .. let me go install gzip
[10:16] <Artumi> growl .. and wget.
[10:16] <Artumi> hang on a second
[10:16] <th> you're kidding me?
[10:16] <th> ;-)
[10:16] <Artumi> im not.
[10:16] <th> i'm gone for a while
[10:17] <Artumi> k.
[10:17] <Artumi> argh.
[10:17] <Artumi> i hate my operating system bbiab.. gotta find an alternate for wget since it wants libtool
[10:19] <Artumi> lynx.. works.. 
[10:23] <Artumi> reading man tar :/
[10:25] <Artumi> ok im too tired to do this, i cant even find the part of obsds man tar that explains how to get it to extract locally instead of to rst0, so i'll try back in the morning
[10:28] <Artumi> should be in -C somewhere.. .. coffee.. 
[10:29] <Artumi> ah rofl.. i was doing -x instead of x :/.. i am exhausted
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[10:43] <Artumi> th ok.. it stopped at the first step in the documentation of CROSS-BUILD ,   sh ./Build-Target   ./Build-Target[87: .: scripts/parse-config: not found   so im gonna read through all the files and give it a shot on saturday, thanks for your help/ cya
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[11:18] <Artumi> th ah there we go.. a bit of fiddling and attempting scripts.. and it seems the reason it wont build from my openbsd-macppc --stable system, is that i do not have a /proc/swaps , nor a /dev/fd symlink to a /proc/self/fd and a mounted/proc , nor the bash shell.. nor sed that can handle the -i option :)..
[11:20] <Artumi> and from what i understand of bsd... that /proc part is gonna be the biggest hurdle.
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[11:32] <Artumi> so you think 466 mhz g3 , 40 gb hd and 290 mb ram is not capable?
[11:32] <Artumi> wait mistell
[11:32] <Artumi> i was using /msg and forgot it that time :)
[11:32] <Artumi> talk to you guys later
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[15:35] <owl> moin
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