[00:06] <ripclaw_heisenbe> hi th
[00:06] <ripclaw_heisenbe> whats up ?
[00:06] <th> hi ripclaw
[00:06] <th> good question
[00:06] <th> not much here - as it seems
[00:07] <ripclaw_heisenbe> grml... i`m still to much burried in work and sports
[00:09] <ripclaw_heisenbe> still can`t put out any real work after hours. close to hating computers after what goes on at work
[00:10] <th> time to change your employer
[00:23] <ripclaw_heisenbe> i`m self employed, but the customers over here are all complete fuckups.
[00:23] <ripclaw_heisenbe> it is like "its ok to waste people"...
[00:24] <th> well - as i said: time to change your employer. still. ;-]
[00:24] <ripclaw_heisenbe> hey, my boss (=i) is a real asshole that makes me get out of bed at 10 and move to work by 12.
[00:26] <th> that's somewhat like what my boss does.
[00:26] <th> pretty much the same.
[00:27] <ripclaw_heisenbe> everything else is a contract thats running until 31.12. until then its bite teeth together and shut up when you are handed crap.
[00:27] <ripclaw_heisenbe> otherwise its contract fines.
[00:27] <ripclaw_heisenbe> didnt have enuff cash in stash for a good holiday in 6 yrs.
[00:27] <th> whew.
[00:28] <th> for sure now - time to change your employer. ;-p
[00:28] <ripclaw_heisenbe> no. time to up the price another 10 euro per hour.
[00:29] <ripclaw_heisenbe> pain in the pocket is the only pain they know.
[00:32] <ripclaw_heisenbe> plus that helps put some money on the bank... 10 euros charged will turn into 1,50 euros on my account
[00:32] <ripclaw_heisenbe> after that shitty financial office and everyone else like insurance had their share of raping my portmonais.
[00:33] <th> yea
[00:34] <ripclaw_heisenbe> i still consider it sick that the final company in the chain will get 1200 euros a day for me, and i can be glad to make 2k a month.
[00:35] <ripclaw_heisenbe> sick fsckers.
[00:35] <ripclaw_heisenbe> its not possible to get the feet in the first line customers door.
[00:35] <ripclaw_heisenbe> in that case i`ld move to working 2 months a year.
[00:37] <ripclaw_heisenbe> anyway... 
[00:37] <ripclaw_heisenbe> did clifford return ?
[00:37] <th> not really
[00:37] <ripclaw_heisenbe> or is he still ignoring the project
[00:37] <th> some activity
[00:37] <ripclaw_heisenbe> ok.
[00:37] <ripclaw_heisenbe> basically we`re back to 1999 then with a bit better codebase.
[00:38] <ripclaw_heisenbe> hand full of fulltimers.
[00:38] <ripclaw_heisenbe> bunch of supporters.
[00:38] <ripclaw_heisenbe> anyone already planning rock at CCC ?
[00:39] <th> not that i know of
[00:39] <ripclaw_heisenbe> ok, probably something i might look into.
[00:39] <ripclaw_heisenbe> don`t think i find the time for much code stuff.
[00:40] <ripclaw_heisenbe> still can`t get enough time for sports, so my spinal disc crap would improve
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[00:40] Nick change: heisenbergclaw -> ripclaw
[00:41] <ripclaw> anyone still maintaining any of the ports ? fake and mips ?
[00:43] <th> i dont think so
[00:43] <th> fake totally disappeared as it seems
[00:47] <ripclaw> ... still has my sgi hardware...
[00:48] <th> i donated him a dozen indigo2.
[00:48] <ripclaw> wow. i just had one of each thing.
[00:49] <ripclaw> my only one right now is a personal iris 3/35
[00:49] <th> i've octane2 available...
[00:49] <th> personal iris sounds so 80s ;)
[00:49] <ripclaw> do you have irix 5.x ?
[00:50] <th> might be.
[00:50] <ripclaw> the 80s box won`t run linux.
[00:50] <th> why dont you just get a pc? ;)
[00:50] <ripclaw> because i cant drop a running pc on someones left foot for asking stoopid stuff and continue working :)
[00:51] <th> why not?
[00:51] <ripclaw> because no other box is making such a sturdy platform for a work-desk ?
[00:51] <ripclaw> because the PC breaks ?
[00:51] <th> does it matter?
[00:51] <ripclaw> the iris is 15kg mostly steel frame ?
[00:51] <th> it's only a pc
[00:51] <th> buy a new one ;)
[00:52] <ripclaw> it wouldnt matter if its a PC, but i don`t care for them either. why buy a pc ?
[00:52] <th> because they are cheap ;)
[00:52] <ripclaw> thats no reason to buy a computer.
[00:52] <ripclaw> thats not even a reason to buy anything.
[00:52] <th> i thought that's the main reason for buying things ;)
[00:52] <ripclaw> i still have a working computer. it does emails and irc and stuff like that.
[00:53] <th> buying cheap - selling for more. ;)
[00:53] <ripclaw> it even has a spreadshit app
[00:53] <ripclaw> at the rate they are loosing money ? nay...
[00:53] <ripclaw> my e10k is still worth a lot more after its CPU power is worthless... in spare metals.
[00:54] <ripclaw> i bought 680 kilograms steel and other metals for 1 euro. try beat that investment return :D
[00:55] <ripclaw> plus show me the pc that does 64 cpu 64 gig ram and 64 4port-100mbit-network cards with bundling at the same time ?
[00:55] <ripclaw> if all else fails i still have a nice cabinet to mount my fridge in :)
[00:56] <ripclaw> anything like that a pc can do for me ? they still dont even do 64bit well... let alone 128bit memory paths with ecc...
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[00:57] <ripclaw> pc is faster... on the desk, off the desk :D
[00:57] <ripclaw> dinosaurs best stay with other dinos :D
[01:01] <ripclaw> well, its 1 past midnite... c u soon
[01:01] <ripclaw> gotta go catch something.
[01:01] <ripclaw> i think its called sleep :)
[01:02] <th> yea - ttyl
[01:02] <th> greetings to your dinos
[01:02] <ripclaw> thnks, the dinos echo (return).
[01:02] <ripclaw> n8
[01:03] <ripclaw> /sbin/shutdown -h now
[01:03] <ripclaw> oops wrong windo.
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[06:37] <blindcoder> moin
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