[01:31] <mnemoc> th: it comes on iputils
[01:31] <th> yea
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[03:04] <some_idiot> hey ... is there anyway to download the iso w/o bit torrent?
[03:04] <some_idiot> (some of us are on university networks that don't like bit torrent)
[03:04] <th> one iso is in $topic
[03:04] <th> a real url
[03:05] <some_idiot> it's the snapshot right?
[03:05] <some_idiot> i was hoping to get the crystal iso
[03:05] <some_idiot> heard that is what I should use
[03:05] <some_idiot> (I'm also a newb when it comes to rock linux)
[03:05] <th> "the crystal iso" which one?
[03:05] <some_idiot> we just got a 50+ node cluster
[03:05] <some_idiot> and i have no idea how to set it up
[03:05] <some_idiot> http://linuxtracker.org/download.php?id=2522&name=ROCK3-crystal-r7770.iso.torrent
[03:05] <some_idiot> https://www.rocklinux.net/wiki/Download#CD.2FDVD_ISO_Images
[03:05] <some_idiot> 'Rock Linux 3 Crystal ISO Image'
[03:06] <th> oh well you can take the $topic then
[03:06] <some_idiot> what is it?
[03:06] <some_idiot> teha -- th ?
[03:06] <th> it's ROCK3-crystal-r8344.iso
[03:06] <some_idiot> teha == th ?
[03:06] <th> teha == th. yes.
[03:07] <some_idiot> lol
[03:07] <th> what/s up?
[03:07] <some_idiot> not that I don't trust you; but I don't trust random people on irc ... is there anywhere I can doanloda wn official iso from? (rather than someone's home dir?) :-)
[03:07] <th> oh
[03:07] <th> well
[03:07] <th> give me a second
[03:07] <some_idiot> sorry, paranoid when playing sys admin
[03:08] <th> let me set a symlinnk to /people/teha/rock-dist/r8344.iso on something that sounds official.
[03:08] <some_idiot> soudns good
[03:08] <some_idiot> atleast it'll prove that you have access to the rocklinux.org website
[03:08] <some_idiot> in which case you could own my cluster anyway
[03:08] <th> is that all you need?
[03:09] <some_idiot> yeah
[03:09] <th> than i save the symlink ;)
[03:09] <some_idiot> give me a url that starst with www.rocklinux.org/ and i'm convinced :-)
[03:10] <th> http://www.rocklinux.org/th/rock-dist/r8344.iso
[03:10] <th> # ln -s ../rocklinux.net/people/teha/ th
[03:10] <th> ;)
[03:11] <some_idiot> wgetting :-)
[03:11] <some_idiot> okay, so  anyway as my nick suggest
[03:11] <some_idiot> I'm an idiot
[03:11] <some_idiot> what my nick dodesn't suggest is that I'm an idiot that learns fast
[03:11] <th> i guessed so ;-p
[03:11] <some_idiot> yes yes
[03:11] <th> i love fast learning idiots ;)
[03:11] <some_idiot> so i have this 60 node cluster
[03:12] <th> you have hard disks
[03:12] <th> ?
[03:12] <some_idiot> each node is a blade that has a vga port, a network port, a couple usb ports
[03:12] <some_idiot> they are dual core 32-bit intel p4s
[03:12] <some_idiot> each have hard disk
[03:12] <some_idiot> and each has 2-4 GB of ram
[03:12] <th> stanford, CA?
[03:12] <some_idiot> I also have anothe rmachine (which i'm using right now) with a cdburner and linux and a shit ton of blank cds
[03:12] <some_idiot> damn, i need to get a mask from freenode
[03:13] <some_idiot> let's pretend I go to university of pot-heads instead
[03:13] <th> i just googled for your nick name and this was the first hit. ;-))
[03:13] <some_idiot> so I've never done this before, but am familiar with linux / kernel compiles / qemu fun / c / asesmbly / etc ...
[03:13] <th> what do you want to do with the hard disks?
[03:13] <some_idiot> pretty much nothing
[03:13] <some_idiot> i just wnat to run massive simulations
[03:14] <some_idiot> the hard disks will be useful for ... swap files
[03:14] <th> ok - so i guess you would prefer to NOT have a operating system on the hard disks?
[03:14] <some_idiot> i woul dprefer that on boot up
[03:14] <some_idiot> each node gets an image from the head to boot off of
[03:14] <some_idiot> thus when i change the head, I just reboot all the machines, and viola
[03:15] <some_idiot> hmm, you gave me a 1.1G iso
[03:15] <th> i'm asking because i want to know if you want to install packages into a filesystem on disk. which i guess you dont/
[03:15] <some_idiot> I really want 8344_cd_cd1 and 8344_cd_cd2.iso ?
[03:15] <some_idiot> ideally, I want people to submit disk images as jobs
[03:15] <some_idiot> (and not have to deal with installing packages people need)
[03:15] <th> yea - you propably dont want crystal then
[03:15] <some_idiot> oh
[03:16] <th> (with Xorg and KDE and stuff)
[03:16] <some_idiot> what do I want?
[03:16] <th> you want a small system which boots from initramfs only
[03:16] <some_idiot> no, these machines most certainly need not xorg and kde
[03:16] <th> so you want a boot-loader on the heads.
[03:16] <th> and you throw a kernel and initramfs (cpio) to it
[03:16] <th> (either from hdd again or from network)
[03:17] <th> the kernel+cpio is what you called "image"
[03:17] <some_idiot> is it possible to create a bootable usb disk ... s.t. I can boot each of the 60 nodes with the usb disk ... and the usb disk will install the linuxbios like crap that will on bootup tell each node to query the head node for the image?
[03:17] <th> too bad you're in the US i'd asked if you need consultancy on this ;)
[03:17] <some_idiot> perhaps you help me with this
[03:17] <some_idiot> and when we do our startup, I'll pass your resumee in :-)
[03:17] <th> haha
[03:17] <some_idiot> not kidding
[03:18] <th> but as i said: your in the US
[03:18] <th> this sucks in some aspects
[03:18] <some_idiot> would it be better if I connected to irc.freenode.net from a shell account in europe or asia?
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[05:16] <some_idiot> th: still here? is the kernel image just a standard linux x86 build?
[05:16] <th> yea
[05:16] <th> yes it is
[05:16] <th> any kernel
[05:17] <some_idiot> anything in particular the .config must support?
[05:17] <th> yea
[05:17] <th> like with any recent distribtion
[05:17] <th> tmpfs
[05:17] <some_idiot> lol, i'm building one from scratch; anything I need to support other than ext2, initramfs, and network?
[05:17] <th> tmpfs
[05:18] <some_idiot> initramfs, ext2, tmpfs, network: anyting else that you can think of off the top of your head?
[05:19] <th> yea
[05:19] <th> wait
[05:19] <some_idiot> do you ahve the .config file stored somewhere? :-D
[05:19] <th> cp /proc/config.gz
[05:19] <th> somewhere
[05:20] <th> Unix domain sockets  of course
[05:20] <some_idiot> okay, I'll just boot up the image and look in /proc
[05:20] <some_idiot> thanks
[05:25] <some_idiot> hmm, is there any editor besides echo/cat on iro32.gz ? :-)
[05:26] <some_idiot> oh wait
[05:26] <some_idiot> ln -s busybox vi :-)
[05:29] <th> no need
[05:29] <th> busybox vi foo
[05:29] <th> and there is http://www.rocklinux.org/th/iro/20070809/ovl/small_rescue.iso
[05:29] <th> with more goodies
[05:29] <some_idiot> nah, I just need vi :-)
[05:30] <th> just put it on your usb and do deploy /mnt/iro/ovl-isos/small_rescue.iso
[05:31] <some_idiot> ls
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[08:29] <blindcoder> moin
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