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[10:39] <RGD2> hello ppl.
[10:39] Action: RGD2 is a Rock linux newby
[10:52] <blindcoder> hey RGD2 
[10:53] <RGD2> Heya ^_^
[10:53] <RGD2> I'm trying to build a distro for an embedded arm system. The biggest gotcha is that it's an arm v4t not a v5te, which seems to be the lowest common demoninator :(
[10:54] <RGD2> i was about to bite the bullet and do a CLFS, when i happened upon ROCK ^_^
[10:56] <RGD2> anyhoo, i've got rock3 crystal installed, and have just started poking around with a custom config to cross build the bootdisk distro.
[10:57] <RGD2> I have a few newby questions - first of all, i'm in Australia, and the mirror select seems to always choose the slowest mirror... whereabout can i set the mirror to stop it choosing, and what mirrors are available?
[10:58] <RGD2> ultimately, i want x86 rock - cross -> armv4t rock - native -> armv4t specialised distro with very few packages.
[10:58] <blindcoder> it selects the fastest mirror
[10:59] <blindcoder> the numbers indicate transfer speed
[10:59] <blindcoder> not icmp-echo-reply times
[10:59] <RGD2> Ah that's interesting.
[10:59] <blindcoder> but you can select a mirror explicitly
[10:59] <blindcoder> try the following:
[10:59] <blindcoder> grep http src/Download-Mirror-List
[10:59] <blindcoder> then choose one and do
[11:00] <blindcoder> ./scripts/Download -mirror http://.../
[11:04] <RGD2> Thanks, that does the trick.
[11:09] <RGD2> or, does it... curl: (7) couldn't connect to host
[11:09] <RGD2> ERROR: CURL Returned Error 7. Please read the curl manpage.
[11:09] <RGD2> INFO: download from mirror failed, trying original URL.
[11:09] <RGD2> ... which then works fine anyway.
[11:10] <RGD2> ah well. side issue for now. Is there a way to stop a ./script/* whilst it's running safely? i've noticed ^C doesn't quite pull it off.
[11:11] <blindcoder> just a moment, phone
[11:12] <blindcoder> multiple times ^C
[11:12] <blindcoder> there are repetitive calls to different ./scripts/* files, that's why you have to press ^C multiple times
[11:13] <RGD2> ah, fair enough.
[11:14] <RGD2> Hmm, i was about to ask another question, then i noted that binutils hadn't downloaded passed it's checksum, so i guess i have the answer to that one..
[11:17] <RGD2> oh yes, these mirrors refer to ROCK-2.1, that's okay / appropriate for ROCK3?
[11:22] <blindcoder> that's fine
[11:22] <blindcoder> the directories weren't renamed last release
[11:22] <RGD2> fair enough
[11:23] <RGD2> same sources anyway.
[11:26] <RGD2> Now, if i wanted to add third party patches to the native toolchain (under arm, when i have it going) where abouts might i look to add such patches... considering that they're targeting particular toolchain version.
[11:27] <RGD2> you see, i'm stuck with a chip which had a third-party addon FPU, for which the original support in upstream gcc is b0rk3d...
[11:27] <blindcoder> that's rather easy
[11:27] <RGD2> excellent ^_^
[11:27] <blindcoder> just put a .patch file into package/base/binutils/
[11:27] <blindcoder> or whatever package you want to patch
[11:31] <RGD2> Excellent ^_^
[11:32] <RGD2> is there anywhere else the patches need to be selected?
[11:37] <blindcoder> no
[11:37] <blindcoder> just putting it there will get it applied
[11:37] <RGD2> okay, cool.
[11:37] <RGD2> i really need to poke at the vendor to submit them upstream anyway.
[11:39] <th> oh action in here.
[11:40] <blindcoder> hey th
[11:41] <th> hi blindy
[11:41] <RGD2> greetings th
[11:41] <th> hey RGD2 
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[13:23] <RGD2> Hey, i've just run a cross build - and i have an error message -> mv: cannot stat `boot/*': No such file or directory
[13:23] <RGD2> During the "Creating 2nd stage filesystem"
[13:30] <RGD2> any ideas?
[13:49] <RGD2> Um, what time is it where you guys are? It's 11:54 PM over here in Newcastle, Australia.
[13:50] <th> 1:54pm here
[13:51] <RGD2> Cool, whereabouts in europe are you?
[13:55] <th> me, i'm in germanuy
[13:56] <th> some are in austria
[13:56] <RGD2> Cool ^_^
[13:58] <RGD2> So, any idea with this prob? 
[13:59] <th> seems like something failed before that error
[13:59] <th> you should check the logs
[13:59] <RGD2> whereabouts do the logs save?
[14:00] <th> $buildroot/ROCK/logs/
[14:01] <RGD2> ah, cheers ^_^
[14:02] <RGD2> anyway, the mv error appears whist extracting stone.tar.gz
[14:02] <RGD2> *bz2 rather.
[14:03] <RGD2> ESC[32;1m->ESC[0m `- Extracting stone.tar.bz2 ...
[14:03] <RGD2> ESC[32;1m->ESC[0m Saving boot/* - we do not need this on the 2nd stage ...
[14:03] <RGD2> mv: cannot stat `boot/*': No such file or directory
[14:03] <RGD2> build_target_10959.log (END)              
[14:11] <RGD2> well, it just seems to be failing right at the beginning of the second stage, do you suggest a closer look at the first stage?
[14:12] <th> hmm
[14:12] <RGD2> i'm cross building for armv4t, targeting the bootdisk distribution, should i perhaps try generic instead?
[14:13] <th> perhaps you should first inspect build errors for essential packages
[14:15] <RGD2> hmm... okay, thanks.
[14:15] <th> looks like not even the kernel built correctyl
[14:18] <RGD2> Ah, that makes sense. I thought it was a bit quick.
[14:24] <RGD2> probably just that bootdisk doesn't work yet with arm. Changed target to generic and it seems to be going quite nicely now.
[14:29] <RGD2> Thanks ^_^
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[17:22] <RGD2> hello. Are there any gem archives for crystal containing athlon-xp optimised packages?
[17:26] <th> nothing recent
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