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[00:31] <docmur> Rock linux can be used to make a distro right
[00:31] <docmur> it's like a LFS if you want
[00:35] <th> sort of
[00:35] <docmur> okay
[00:35] <docmur> thats what I'm aiming for, I've had my LFS using LFS fail twice 
[00:36] <docmur> ummmm I'm reading the rock linux site but I'm confused
[00:36] <docmur> what is the difference between Cystal and a source build
[00:36] <docmur> I want to compile or build the system not just install it
[00:36] <th> u need a system to build a system
[00:37] <th> you can use our reference distro for it. its named crystal.
[00:37] <ripclaw> crystal is the output of any one source build where you selected to build a crystal image
[00:38] <docmur> oh okay
[00:38] <docmur> that makes perfect sence
[00:38] <docmur> I'm running ubuntu as my host
[00:38] <docmur> so I just need to download source's and then build that way right
[00:38] <docmur> kinda of like a alfs
[00:42] <ripclaw> dunno alfs, but its download source, configure source, start download of dependency packages, start build
[00:46] <docmur> okay I'm at the source site and if I click on http://www.rocklinux.net/svn.html
[00:47] <docmur> what should I download
[00:47] <docmur> the HTTP and HTTPS have a list of folders
[00:47] <th> read about what subversion (svn) ist
[00:47] <th> s/ist/is/
[00:47] <docmur> isn't like wget just for source branches
[00:47] <ripclaw> svn co command
[00:48] <ripclaw> you might want to checkout most current source tarball
[00:48] <docmur> is it on the same site
[00:49] <ripclaw> do you have subversion client installed ?
[00:49] <ripclaw> try the command "svn"
[00:50] <ripclaw> on the command line terminal window
[00:50] <docmur> I'm doing it now
[00:52] <ripclaw> th: i`ve run in problems trying build ppc (binutils fails) - is there any known issue ?
[00:52] <th> no clue
[00:53] <ripclaw> who is currently maintaining ppc or sparc anyway ?
[00:53] <th> you
[00:53] <ripclaw> me ?
[00:53] <th> yes
[00:53] <ripclaw> fsck
[00:54] <ripclaw> didn`t fake do that ?
[00:54] <ripclaw> must be kidding
[00:54] <ripclaw> ???
[00:55] <docmur> I have svn now
[00:55] <th> ripclaw: do you see fake here?
[00:55] <ripclaw> nope. but he was, last time i logged in here.
[00:55] <ripclaw> docmur:  you have the checkout or the svn client now ?
[00:56] <ripclaw> since when didnt fake show up here ?
[00:56] <th> let me look that up
[00:56] <ripclaw> he still has lent hardware that was for this project only.
[00:57] <ripclaw> gotta talk to him  >:-)
[00:58] <docmur> how big is the source package
[00:58] <docmur> 2MB
[00:58] <th> 04.10.2007-00:47 < th> fake totally disappeared as it seems
[00:58] <th> 04.10.2007-00:51 < ripclaw> ... still has my sgi hardware...
[00:58] <th> 04.10.2007-00:52 < th> i donated him a dozen indigo2.
[00:59] <ripclaw> docmur: dunno. been a while since i looked but seems ok
[00:59] <docmur> oaky
[00:59] <ripclaw> oh fck...   also gives a lot of hints on my frequency lately
[01:00] <ripclaw> docmur:   http://www.rocklinux.org/wiki/Building
[01:01] <docmur> ya thats where I started last night
[01:01] <docmur> I'm checking out the source as we speak
[01:01] <th> ripclaw: last word from him in here was august 2006
[01:02] <ripclaw> about when i last heard from him, he doesnt even answer icq
[01:03] <ripclaw> in that case i thin i could use some help with building current, since my only linux boxes are sparc and ppc, and the images on there don`t build the svn co
[01:04] <ripclaw> can you somehow provide a minimal cross compile ?
[01:04] <ripclaw> i have no intel hardware and that is the only images i found
[01:05] <ripclaw> docmur: ok, you should do ./scripts/Configure and ./scripts/Download -all after that.
[01:06] <ripclaw> btw th configure is a real pain in the neck when run on ppc
[01:06] <ripclaw> the ppc core is not the fastest ...
[01:07] <docmur> ya it's taking a while to check out
[01:07] <th> ripclaw: well you better get some intel then
[01:07] <th> ripclaw: it's cheap as hell
[01:07] <ripclaw> th i dont have money nor space for that - i need every cent
[01:08] <ripclaw> th: i cant get intel hardware this year.
[01:12] <th> turn of other hardware and buy intel stuff from the saved power
[01:12] <ripclaw> you want to tell me i can save power over my 600mhz ppc laptop ?  i no longer have running e10ks.
[01:13] <th> hehe ;)
[01:15] <ripclaw> btw, i use less than 1200kwh per year
[01:18] <th> oh
[01:19] <th> that's 10 days for me
[01:20] <ripclaw> owch.
[01:32] <docmur> how long is the check out going to take
[01:32] <th> depends on your machine and your network connection
[01:33] <th> do it twice so you have an estimated duration for the 2nd run.
[01:33] <docmur> do you know how large it is
[01:33] <th> i can update and du -hs
[01:35] <docmur> I'm at 88mb
[01:35] <th> 102MB for me
[01:36] <th> and i'm off for now.
[01:36] <th> ttyl
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[01:42] <ripclaw> cya - afk -> bett
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[01:58] <docmur> ummm I've been watching the check out and it keeps going though 2.0.0-* it's done a done of them, should I only sync say like 2.0.0-r4
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[08:23] <blindcoder> moin
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