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[13:19] <n0yd> It's been a couple years since I messed with rock, the bootdisk/installer CD, that has the install scripts right on it, right?
[13:23] <th> yes.
[13:24] <th> whatever you call install-scripts.
[13:24] <n0yd> Actually, maybe you can answer a better question.
[13:24] <n0yd> Why is the bootdisk larger than the livecd?
[13:26] <n0yd> From the descriptions in the wiki, it appears that it would be the opposite
[13:27] <th> which bootdisk are you referring to?
[13:28] <n0yd> the ones on iso.rocklinux.org
[13:28] <th> can you give me the url?
[13:28] <th> Firefox can't find the server at iso.rocklinux.org.
[13:28] <th> isos
[13:28] <th> that is
[13:29] <n0yd> woops
[13:29] <n0yd> http://isos.rocklinux.org/
[13:29] <n0yd> I left out the s
[13:29] <th> you talking of bbs?
[13:29] <th> or installer 2 beta?
[13:29] <n0yd> http://isos.rocklinux.org/torrent.php/bootdisk2_20070422_cd1.iso.torrent
[13:29] <n0yd> why is that larger than the livecd?
[13:30] <th> i think it is only called bootdisk because it was made available for bootdisk-target testing and it includes whole crystal
[13:31] <n0yd> Basically I want to use the build kit to build another hobby distro, for kicks.  iirc though, I can just download the scripts and build it from within my current distro (ArchLinux).  Am I correct?
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[13:38] <th> n0yd: yes you are.
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[15:45] <n0yd> Where do I get the src tarballs so I can install from inside a existing distro?  The links on the wiki just lead to a 404
[15:45] <n0yd> Or do I have to use svn?
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[20:52] <th> n0yd: i made some snapshot thing
[20:54] <th> http://rocklinux.net/people/teha/snapshots/
[20:54] <rocklogbot> Index of /people/teha/snapshots: http://rocklinux.net/people/teha/snapshots/ 
[20:55] <th> rocklogbot: botsnack
[20:55] <th> n0yd: 8970 is HEAD so you can just use that tgz
[20:55] <th> `svn co http://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/trunk`  is as good.
[22:52] <n0yd> thanks th, I appreciate it
[22:53] <th> no problem
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