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[16:45] <chris_debian> Hi, all.
[16:45] <chris_debian> Really silly question....
[16:46] <chris_debian> Can I install Rock on Sparc 32-bit?
[16:48] <chris_debian> Back in a second...
[18:00] <chris_debian> Guys, can I install Rock on Sparc 32-bit?
[22:17] ringo (n=info@cc1101396-a.assen1.dr.home.nl) joined #rocklinux.
[22:20] <ringo> How is my fav distro doing ? 
[22:21] <th> depends on what that would be ;)
[22:21] <ringo> Rock ofcourse (not for the faint hearted) ;)
[22:22] <ringo> I am downloading it now I am really getting sick of Vista....
[22:23] <ringo> th: How are you doing ? I am coding some database (PHP / mYSql) at the moment.
[22:23] <th> poor you ;)
[22:23] <th> (not for downloading rock, and not for your vista experience...)
[22:24] <ringo> Yes I am poor that is correct have a bit pitty on me
[22:25] <ringo> Really big iso BTW 1.09 Gb NICE  !!! I tried the torrent a while ago did not work (must be vista)
[22:25] <th> the poor was regarding you hacking php/mysql
[22:26] <ringo> It is waht I do for a living, have to live of something.
[22:30] <ringo> What is better to do ? 
[22:30] <th> well
[22:30] <th> hmm
[22:31] <th> i dont consider it a poor decision to do that for a living. just that i really dont like doing these sort of things.
[22:32] <ringo> th: ok I can understand that, I like the human/machine interface I have to interface with a lot of woman
[22:32] <th> hmm that might make things more interesting ;-)
[22:33] <ringo> I like that 90% f @ work ;-)
[22:33] <ringo> oops logbot ... 
[22:34] <ringo> Luckely they can find the on switch
[22:34] <th> can or cant?
[22:37] <ringo> Can but more.
[22:37] <ringo> ....
[22:38] <ringo> I have to study linux again wanna do vim, emacs, csh, tsh, bash etc have to have input
[22:38] <ringo> I need a hobby.... 
[22:39] <th> uhh emacs ;)
[22:39] <th> hehe
[22:39] <ringo> why not emacs  ? It is very flexible and fast if you know it.
[22:40] <ringo> Maybe I stick first at vim 
[22:41] <th> oh well - thats a holy war
[22:42] <ringo> Yeah I know I'll see what I like best
[22:58] <ringo> Downloaded it, is it possible to bootstrap it from USB ? 
[22:59] <th> you propably downloaded an iso image?
[23:00] <ringo> yups 1.09 Gb  http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/rock-dist/r8344.iso 
[23:00] <th> oh
[23:00] <th> that's my last iso
[23:00] <ringo> Congrats ! I hope ;)
[23:00] <th> well at least you cant put an iso image on an usb stick and boot your bios from it
[23:01] <th> thats pretty old.
[23:02] <ringo> I just wann play a bit now I have Ubuntu
[23:02] <ringo> I wanna build rock on my laptop, just for the fun of it.
[23:02] <th> well you need to be tough
[23:02] <th> but that might be what you are seeking ;-)
[23:03] <th> just burn it on dvd or so
[23:03] <th> and boot from it
[23:03] <th> or play with it in qemu
[23:03] <th> no burning then
[23:03] <th> or virtualbox or something
[23:03] <th> vmplayer
[23:04] <ringo> Great Idea I'll do that now have to do siome codeing (deathline tomorrow) and clean up my hd for some space
[23:05] <ringo> I'll burn it boot it and play with vmware also a bit no weekend yet :(
[23:05] <ringo> Nice talking to U CUL
[23:07] ringo (n=info@cc1101396-a.assen1.dr.home.nl) left irc: 
[23:07] <th> cya later
[00:00] --- Wed Aug 20 2008