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Author: Luca
To: ROCK Development Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-devel] Troubles in a multiple choice
Hi and good morning Stefan!

I tried with the examples you gave and by adding the """ after
SUPPORTED-LOCALES and inserting it in the last line provokes a file too
I tried the other option and it effectively displays the entries in
bash, but there are even the double identifications (I added a | cut -d/
-f1,2 after done):
it_CH.UTF-8/UTF-8 it_CH.UTF-8
it_CH/ISO-8859-1 it_CH
it_IT.UTF-8/UTF-8 it_IT.UTF-8
it_IT/ISO-8859-1 it_IT
it_IT@euro/ISO-8859-15 it_IT@euro

In this way (just tried) when choosing the locales it saves, example as
"it_IT.UTF-8.UTF-8" which obviously is not recognized.
Obvious question, how do I manage now to remove the double "/<code>"
from the first $x?
(The first part should look exactly as the second, so it should looks
like it_IT.UTF-8 it_IT.UTF-8)

Thanks for efforts, patience, etc...

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