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Author: philippe florent
To: rock-user
Subject: [rock-user] How do I setup gnome or kde to programm a simple gui for X client

I have been looking through X explanations ands stuffs, but I still can't figure out how to create a simple & thin gui for my system administration.
I guess, 1st step is about the runlevel 5 for startup, so far it shows me an ugly ( :) ) login window, I want to be able to modify that to...

I installed gnome from the packages and I am not sure what is the bet thing to do afterward
I've read that creating a gui using c++ and libc something would be a pain
so, what to use ? tcl/tk? personaly I hate it
Is there a way to make a gui with python for instance ?

Is kde better than gnome ? what is the big diference ?

thx for hlp

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