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Author: philippe florent
To: rock-user
Subject: [rock-user] Crash with no syncing...

I know I got a lot of question but I'm getting to like ROCK actualy :)
although yesterday, I had a system cant sync , cannot find init or something and I don't change anything. I guess Linux is more stable than window but how come it keeps blocking like that every time I do something wrong.
ie: I do a wrong config by mistake for my eth cards and I get a azx_message something, that keeps repeating
cannot take the controll of the system so I reboot and as I reboot, it is f@#ked .
it 's about the thousand time it happens, does any one knows if there is something to be carefull with for reboot
no matter i user reboot or shutdown, i had that issue since I installed OpenSBD, years ago..
never new what it was


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