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Author: Stefan Fiedler
To: ROCK Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-user] Crash with no syncing...
Am Mittwoch, 29. November 2006 08:45 schrieb philippe florent:
> Hello,
> I know I got a lot of question but I'm getting to like ROCK actualy :)
> although yesterday, I had a system cant sync , cannot find init or
> something and I don't change anything. I guess Linux is more stable than
> window but how come it keeps blocking like that every time I do something
> wrong. ie: I do a wrong config by mistake for my eth cards and I get a
> azx_message something, that keeps repeating cannot take the controll of the
> system so I reboot and as I reboot, it is f@#ked . it 's about the thousand
> time it happens, does any one knows if there is something to be carefull
> with for reboot no matter i user reboot or shutdown, i had that issue since
> I installed OpenSBD, years ago.. never new what it was
> regs


sounds like a hardware issue, maybe related to Power Management (ACPI or APM).
Failing RAM, hard disks or weak power supplies can also cause strange bugs ;)
Sometimes it helps to build a kernel tailored to your system's hardware; SMP
kernels on non-SMP systems can be a problem, as are buggy ACPI
implementations in the mainboard's BIOS.
To find out what causes a bug can be difficult, esp. if you cannot reproduce
it easily. One of the easier things is running memtest86+, available via the
grub boot menu. Reading the system logs, searching for exact error messages
on the Internet, systematically exchanging hardware components and the kernel
can also be helpful.
Sometimes the best answer you get is that a certain combination of hardware
components reliably crashes both Windows and Linux, even if the components
work with other hardware :(

        Stefan Fiedler
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