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Author: Terry Mackintosh
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Subject: Re: [rock-user] Crash with no syncing...
Hi again

philippe florent wrote:
> Hello,
> I know I got a lot of question but I'm getting to like ROCK actualy :)
> although yesterday, I had a system cant sync , cannot find init or something and I don't change anything. I guess Linux is more stable than window but how come it keeps blocking like that every time I do something wrong.

If you configured your boot loader to have a prompt, then before booting
give the kernel the string "init=/bin/bash" and this will boot into a
bash shell where you can fix things.

Or use your install CD as a rescue disk by boot it up to the point were
you can go to it's prompt (ALT-F2 I think) and mount your drive,
possible chroot into it, ect... and fix it.

Make it a great day

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