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Author: Benjamin Schieder
To: ROCK Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-user] IO Subsystems
On 21.12.2006 11:06:54, philippe florent wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I need to write a gameserver,
> and as far as I digged around the web, it seems Linux is the fastest system
> when it
> is about handling thousands of sockets and file descriptors.
> so question is, as I plan to deploy my soft on ROCK, does ROCK implement all
> the /dev/poll epoll kqueue, SIGIO, AIO, libevent, event ... ?
> Is it preferable to use a nw lib? did anyone already tested IO subsystems on
> ROCK ?

As far as actual gameserver implementation goes, you'd better ask on the
Linux GameTome:

As for the other stuff, ROCK doesn't implement that stuff itself, but uses
the implementations of those things to create an Operating System.

So, basically, the answer is yes. ROCK has all the common stuff from SDL
to libevent.
If somethings missing, adding it should be fairly easy.

Hope that helps,
Benjamin 'blindCoder' Schieder
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