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Author: Benjamin Schieder
To: rock-devel, rock-user
Subject: Re: [rock-user] [rock-devel] Testversion of new Installer
On 25.01.2007 11:09:59, Benjamin Schieder wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have set up a BitTorrent tracker for the test version of the new intsaller
> I've been working on:
> Not 'much' has changed yet. Lots of infrastructure changes for the
> pre-packageselection part and a rewrite of said part. Also, the
> post-packageinstallation part has got some adaptions wrt. infrastructure. I
> haven't had time to test it myself yet, but will do it on the weekend. If
> someone wants to have a look before that, grab the torrent and tell me if it
> sucks or if it rocks.

Ah well, so far it sucks royally. Here's my TODO:

add smartctl to bootdisk
add cryptsetup to bootdisk
REREAD_INFORMATION after partitioning
mkdir mountpoint before mounting
fix umount'ing

Go away, or I will replace you with a very small shellscript!
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