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Author: Benjamin Schieder
To: ROCK Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-user] Need dig !
On 28.01.2007 12:53:13, Oliver Schneidewind wrote:
> Hi @ all
> I need dig or something like this. Which package I've to bild to get it

Last login: Sun Jan 28 16:30:11 2007 from
blindcoder@pallas:~$ mine -l | grep bin/dig
bind: usr/bin/dig
blindcoder@pallas:~$ mine -l bind | grep bin/
bind: usr/bin/dig
bind: usr/bin/host
bind: usr/bin/
bind: usr/bin/nslookup
bind: usr/bin/nsupdate

Benjamin 'blindCoder' Schieder
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