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Author: Benjamin Schieder
To: ROCK Development Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-devel] Wikipedia article needs care
On 10.04.2007 10:33:47, Benjamin Schieder wrote:
> On 10.04.2007 09:45:32, Michael Obster wrote:
> > I've seen that we have a german wikipedia article at
> > As I can see this article needs
> > some more information than currently present. Can anybody have a look
> > at it and extend this article? At the moment there is a deletion request
> > present.
> I admit not being a big friend of wikipedia and being an even worse writer,
> but I'll have a look sometime today.

Okay, I worked on it, practically rewrote the entire article. If that's not
enough for it, then meh, so be it. WP is nothing one needs to be listed on.

Benjamin 'blindCoder' Schieder
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