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Author: Terry Mackintosh
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Subject: Re: [rock-user] SCSI

Most distributions of Linux, including general use ones based on Rock
AFAIK, have all or most all possible SCSI support already built as
modules. Therefore an entry in the /etc/modules.conf file is all that
is usually needed. It has been a wail sense I've setup a SCSI based
machine, so I don't remember the details but don't recall it being too hard.

Hope that helps


> You will need to know the type of SCSI controller card and compile
> the driver into the kernel or as a module. If you decide to compile
> the? driver as a module and are using the SCSI disk as the device
> with your operating system, then you will need to build a ramdisk
> (initrd). Hope this helps.
> Donald Froien.
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> 24 Jun 2007 7:21 pm Subject: [rock-user] SCSI
> hello,
> is it possible to have ROCK linux recognize my scsi drives ?
> should I path anything or add a driver ?
> thx

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