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Author: Stefan Fiedler
To: ROCK Development Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-devel] Printing setup script
Am Samstag, 11. August 2007 14:58:00 schrieb Terry Mackintosh:
> Hi all
> For me printing is one area of rock that has always been a pain in the
> ass. Maybe I just don't know how to do it, don't know.

Setting up printers on Linux has long been a complicated issue from what I've
heard. With a recent crystal build (or any other distro) all you need is to
enable the cups printer server (e.g. via stone) and add a new printer with
e.g. the KDE printer manager or the web administration interface built into
cups. Creating any symlinks to programs is not required.

> In any event it seemed to me that the logical place to configure
> printing from was stone. As I recall there used to be something there
> that did not work, but as of the latest 2.0.3 build that I did some time
> ago, there is nothing.

Do you really mean ROCK 2.0.3? It's age-old, and not supported anymore. I
recommend using trunk or at least ROCK 3.

> My understanding of setting up printing is weak, but I wrote the
> attached script to go in /etc/stone.d/ called
> It works for setting up cups, and may work for setting up lprng, see
> comments in script. Someone else can surely do better, I only offer
> this up because no one else has.

I just checked on one PC running a crystal build which is about as old as ROCK
3, and printing in KDE (3.5.3) works without any symlinks to *_cups binaries.
The printer is a Canon BJC 6200 and is known to cups, so to set it up I just
had to start the cups server as an init script (which comes with ROCK), and
add the printer via the KDE control center.

With best regards,
Stefan Fiedler
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