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Author: Thomas "fake" Jakobi
To: rock-devel
Subject: [rock-devel] hardware

boy has it been long ;-)

i'm writing today because i have hardware to give away. i'm moving out
of a house and into a flat, so there is no space to keep all this
stuff anymore. please feel free to contact me with detailed questions
about the hardware. it is absolutely free, but given away only on 2

a) you have to get it yourself. i will neither ship it nor will i
bring it to you by other means. i live in ingolstadt, bavaria, germany.
b) you are not allowed to sell it. this is the same term i agreed to
when i got most of the hardware, it is and stays free!

here's the list:

- - 6x SGI Indigo2 (mixed green and black, no R10k unfortunately, one
has a pc-compatible serial port soldered to it)
- - 1x SGI Challenge S
- - 1x Cobalt CacheRaq 2
- - 1x Cobalt Qube

ripclaw also lended me these, so i guess he'll shout if he wants them
back personally:
- - 1x SGI Indy (with linux compatible graphics card, iirc. complete
with camera and monitor)
- - 1x SGI IRIS Indigo ("the coffee maker")

- - 1x UltraSPARC 30 complete with monitor, keyboard and mouse
- - 1x SparcStation 20 complete with monitor, keyboard and mouse
- - 1x SpacStation 5, keyboard and mouse included.

- - 1x PowerMac 7600/132
- - 1x PowerMac 7300/166

- - 1x Mac Performa 630
- - 1x Mac Quadrata 950
- - 1x Mac IIcx

- - 1x Compaq(!) ProLiant 3HE 2xPentium2 400 with 128 MB of ECC RAM and
some fat raid controller (this baby really needs a new home...)

of most interest to you might be the sun ultra30 i got from hannes,
there was a bit of a hurdle going on back then as to who should get
one and why, so if you missed it back then, hands up if you still want

i can not guarantee all this stuff is working, but it should. i'm
pretty sure one of the monitors was broken, so that info might be off
a bit.

please, respond soon, i will write to other open source developers
next (with the exclusion of ripclaw's hardware, of course).

be safe,

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