Re: [rock-devel] gcc 43 in current TRUNK (rev 9400)

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Author: Stefan Fiedler
To: ROCK Development Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-devel] gcc 43 in current TRUNK (rev 9400)
Benjamin Schieder schrieb:
> Hi list.
> I just tried building a crystal with current TRUNK (rev 9400).
> 0-gcc43 fails because it can't find mpfr, which is first built in stage
> 2.
> The current LiveCDs have been buildt wit gcc43 though. How did you do
> this?
> Greetings,
> blindcoder
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Hi Blindcoder,

it's actually very simple: just install mpfr onto your build system.
This is similar to e.g. requiring pre-installed bzip2 or patch tools,
although earlier gcc versions did not need mpfr in stage 0 afaik.
Another possible option I think would be to built a native mpfr in stage
0 before gcc, but this would (slightly) increase the complexity and
overhead of each build, while pre-installing mpfr is usually not a problem.

With best regards,
Stefan Fiedler

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