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Author: Stefan Fiedler
To: ROCK Development Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-devel] Crystal is now bootable?

> Hello guys.
> I just built me a crystal and a bootdisk target and wanted to create an
> installable ISO from it:
> root@fortuna:/usr/src/ROCK-CHROOT/rock-trunk# ./scripts/Create-ISO iso bootdisk 9400
> [08:18:09 AM] Removing old files with same prefix ...
> [08:18:09 AM] Reading configs and creating ISO index ...
> Multiple boot options found!
> Since when is a crystal build bootable?
> Greetings,
> blindy


this has been included in trunk as part of the target-finish packages
several months ago. Target-finish packages (see
package/target-finish/...) are a replacement for target-specific code
(from target/.../ dirs) and behave much like other packages, except that
no binaries are created because they don't install files into the build
root hierarchy.
One advantage of this approach is that sharing code between targets is
easier, and also adding or replacing target-specific code. It can also
simplify debugging because you can individually rebuild each
target-finish package. Currently, the bootdisk, crystal and livecd
targets use these packages by default; other targets can easily enable
them using the package selection.
So the bootdisk target is no longer needed for creating bootable ISOs,
which results in faster builds and also makes sure that the software
booted from CD/DVD is the very same that is also installed (might be
important e.g. for initrd creation during installation or when using the
kernel from the CD for booting an installed system).
Here is a more detailed description of the implementation of
target-finish packages:
The patch that enables target-finish packages in crystal builds is here:

Stefan Fiedler

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