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Author: Clifford Wolf
To: ROCK Development Mailing List
Subject: Re: [rock-devel] Building packages with make -jX
Hi giftnuss,

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 05:26:09PM +0200, Sebastian Knapp wrote:
> for decreased build time I tried to use make with the -j switch to utilize all
> CPU cores of my new build host. Unfortunately not all all packages
> support this option. The list below is created simply by trial and error
> during a build which sets $MAKE in pkg-header.
> My question is what is or would be the recommended way to deal with this
> issue in ROCK. In my next build I plan to automate the task of determining
> compatibilty with a customized pkgloop_action.
> Are there plans to work around this in ROCK Linux core scripts? This would be
> nice.

well we could do something like the following in build_this_package():

        if [ "$makeopt" ]
                eval echo "Running: $MAKE ${makeopt//\"/\\\"}"
                if [ $makej -gt 1 ]; then
                        if ! eval "$MAKE -j$makej $makeopt"; then
                                # FIXME: somehow mark this pkg as not -j compatible in cache file
                                eval "$MAKE $makeopt"
                        # FIXME: somehow mark this pkg as not -j compatible in cache file
                        eval "$MAKE $makeopt"

$makej could default to '0', can be set to a different value using the build
configuration and may be overwritten by the package, when the package is
known to be problematic. especially it would be possible to use the cache files
to mark the packages as problematic and use this information to disable
make -j for those packages.

I'd vote against a simple static list of packages that do not support -j since
I have seen already in other projects that some packages turn out to have a
problem only once in 100 compile cycles. So a singe try-and-error cycle won't
be enough to show the problematic

even when building with make -j you won't get such a good distributed load as
with the cluster build. however - I'm not sure if the cluster build is working
atm and combining both methods will sure give even better results.

 - clifford

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