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Author: Clifford Wolf
To: ROCK Developers
Subject: [rock-devel] New Webpage
Hello everyone,

I've replaced the ROCK Linux Webpage (the MediaWiki on rocklinux.org) and
the ROCK Linux Portal (the script generated html file on rocklinux.net)
with a simple HTML file today summarying the most important topics on rock
linux (what is it, how to build it, where to gather more information).

especially important: this page now states that there are no releases but
someone who wants to use rock linux is supposed to use the svn head.

the wiki is still available but this new top page states that some
information in the wiki is youtdated, as it is in fact..

please let me know if you have some additional input for this new rock
linux startup page.

btw: this new page is almost just plain text and looks a bit 'old world'
for a webpage, but I think that in fact matches the project very well.. ;-)

 - clifford

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