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Author: rock-devel@rocklinux.org
To: rock-sm
Subject: [SM-2011032821202810799] Added by stf
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Added by stf

On Patch [2011032821202810799]:

Stefan Fiedler:
        update aufs, boost, texinfo, bash, nfs-utils, grep
        add libmpc
        fix build for libcanberra, gst-plugins-base, nas, procmail
        change build priority of gconf,libidl, alsa-tools, alsa-firmware, perl5
        perl5: disable cross-build (does not work yet)
        1st-stage: add bash4
        2nd-stage: remove mktemp
        qt: compat symlinks only for qt3
        sysfiles: honour CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for compiling programs
        use is_stage function in packages
        set and use $config_cache_file
        other minor changes


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